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  1. Hello everybody, I am pretty new to this site and don't post very often so please forgive me if this is a topic that has come up a time or two. I recently discovered Fountain Pen Revolution's website and with it the world of Indian ebonite pens. To say they intrigue me would be an understatement. I have been wanting an Ebonite pen forever and the prices really seem right on these. I was wondering if you had any particular recommendations, or warnings on picking a first pen. So far I have been looking at the Triveni by FPR, the Guider, and the Gama pens. The mottled ebonite really appeals t
  2. I've been a happy repeat customer of Fountain Pen Revolution for a couple of years now, and wanted to post a quick 'first-look' review of their latest new release: a 2-pen case made of leather. These are currently for sale on their website (www.fountainpenrevolution) for US$24 plus postage. In honor of the launch, they're including a FPR 'Indus' fountain pen, valued at US$17, for free - in a randomly-selected colour and nib size. I purchased two - one to keep, and one to give away. Onto the case itself, though - which conforms to a fairly standard design. The front of the pouch is made o
  3. mehandiratta

    Asa Spear Review

  4. SOME MORE PEN STORIES ( and models) Hi friends, Pen makers experiences and stories I find always interesting. When ever I go to Calicut town, I have a tendency to go to Kim and Co and Krishna to see what all are happening there. As the shops are always busy, I stick up there either buying some pens, or as a silent bystander or if lucky I can find some senior pen collectors and share their experiences. One fine morning, as usual I found myself ended at Kim shop. Asked for any new model pen, one man in the shop ( around 25 years old) say to my surprise say yes. Delighted! New model! Then o
  5. Kim Nova fountain pen. The barrel does not have threads. The cap slips on. Made of ebonite, so the 'slip on' isn't as good as with regular plastic barrel pens. I didn't think that a thread less barrel would make any difference, but I must say, it has a really good feel. The nib was modified as per my request by the ebay seller (krishnapens). Broad, wet and buttery smooth http://i1262.photobucket.com/albums/ii616/rakshitpai/20140426_122558.jpg http://i1262.photobucket.com/albums/ii616/rakshitpai/20140426_122747.jpg
  6. aswinsainarain

    The Asa Popsicle 3-In-1 Fp

    The ASA popsicle is the first non-eye dropper Indian handmade pen in my collection. Made in Chennai! It is a lot of fun, as the name suggests! [A copy of this here: https://fpensnme.wordpress.com/2016/02/14/the-asa-popsicle/]
  7. Hi All I have reviewed a custom made pen from ASA Pens on my blog. Below is an excerpt of the same _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ One fine day we, a group of fountain pen enthusiasts Vaibhav, Tervinder, Rakshit, Sulagno, Pradeep, Prithwijit, Kapil and myself were engaged in discussions to design a pen. The design was going through numerous iterations and me and a fellow fountain pen lover Sulagno liked one of the design prototypes very much. We approached ASA pens with the design and asked for help to make the desig
  8. Kim and Co. hand-make fountain pens in Calicut in God’s Own Country, the South Indian state of Kerala. This is a brief review of a stunner from their stables. [A copy here: https://fpensnme.wordpress.com/2016/02/21/a-handmade-fp-from-gods-own-country/]
  9. Well we have an interesting review today. It is a review of a pen brand unheard of by me at least. But before beginning, i would like to mention that I Have Uploaded a VIDEO REVIEW for the same pen, on YouTube. And as it is usually, Videos are always better! So CLICK for the video review HERE. http://youtu.be/jp8LG1BUhd0 P.S: It is also more detailed. Okay so that out of the way. Lets start with the review here. K-Nine is a new Indian company which, it claims, specializes in manufacturing of high precision writing instruments. Their product range includes Ball points, Roller Balls, Fou
  10. Moderators- if this post is in the wrong forum, please move it to the correct one. Thank you! After using my Gama Raja for a little over a day, I've formed some tentative opinions of it. With the somewhat scarce information on this pen here on FPN, I'm hoping that my thoughts will help someone that's undecided about it. First off, I'll comment about the seller and experience I had with them. I ordered from ASA Pens, and being new to the Indian pen game I didn't know what to expect with my order (again, not too terribly much information that I could find). I couldn't be happier. The order to
  11. The Ranga Pen Model 4C Spurred by the excellent reviews that FPN member Vaibhav Mehandiratta has provided of various handmade Ranga pens, Empty of Clouds took the decision to acquire at least one Indian ebonite pen, and it turned out to be a model 4C. Here is a far poorer quality review by a man with no talent for either words or photography. Please forgive. The 4C is a big pen by the standards of early to mid 20th century pens, and is a classic cigar shape. Measurements (approx.) Capped length – 15 cm Nib tip to barrel end – 13.5 cm Maximum diameter – 16 mm Most of the pens EoC
  12. I've been a repeat customer of the Fountain Pen Revolution website for maybe a year now, and have purchased a number of their pens and nibs in that time. One of my frustrations with their earlier offerings was the #5 "Fine Stub" nib - I bought two or three pens with this nib on board, and always found it scratchy. When the new #5.5 nibs came out - a significant improvement in almost every way - my question of Kevin (the proprietor of FPR) was when he would be adding a stub nib to the line-up. I didn't get an answer at first - but in the past few weeks they've been listed as on their way,
  13. rkpai

    Asa Rainbow

    A few weeks ago ASA's Mr. Subramaniam [NAYY] sent me and few other FPN members a picture of a pen that was made of acrylic. Upon seeing those pictures, a land grab style blood bath ensued with fellow fountain pen lovers trying to get their ink stained fingers on as many pens as possible. I came away with 4 pieces which I want to share with you today. I got these a few days ago and so I am still in the process of reviewing them, I will be updating this review in the coming weeks. Every fountain pen user has that one pen that he/she wants, that one pen which is their 'grail'. An acryl
  14. I finally received my FPR Guru Flex today in the mail and it is a very interesting pen. Interesting in the sense that I can't make up my mind about it. Here are my thoughts from the first time using it. http://i.imgur.com/kWKuieKl.jpg Aesthetics: 5/10 I don't think this is an ugly pen, however, it isn't pretty. I like demonstrators, especially when they are well done. This, unfortunately, isn't the most refined of demonstrators. The points where the plastic is joined looks very sloppy and the threads suffer from the same problem. The pocket clip works well, but looks very very cheap. This
  15. As you all know Dr. Sreekumar is a nibmeister extraordinaire from Kerala, India. I saw some of his works here in FPN and was introduced to him by an Indian FPNer. I had bought a bunch of pens from him earlier. S-K generally sells Kim pens with tuned nibs, but occasionally turns some beauties. I had already reviewed one of them- the vaib pen (https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/293684-sreekumars-vaib-pen/) This is another one of his creations, which he calls the EVO . The Evo pen is a minimalistic design in Black ebonite. It is a ED pen, fitted with a Bock/Conklin B nib. The desig
  16. cvk

    Camel Red-Black Ink

    More like, Red-black derived from Camel. I have used fountain pens all my life, but never once did I change my Ink. Have always been using Camel's Royal Blue and it is my favourite. Recently, I started wondering what it would be to use a different ink. But I was stunned to see the prices of the inks. I love Camel, and thought that I should get their Scarlet Red. But that red was a bit too bold for me (plus it reminded me of errors (as it is a colour my teachers used to correct.)). I wanted something like Oxblood or Havana brown that could be used for writing, and not just editing. Thanks to
  17. Introduction and History. When it comes to handmade pens, there is always a "human vibe" attached to them that i cherish. There is so much history behind each pen you purchase. History; Because anything handmade requires art, requires skills and an eye for detail to be consistent in each product that is put out in the market. And those qualities do not come overnight. It requires years of experience. The companies that manufacture hand-crafted items are usually small-scale and the people who are involved in running such companies have to go through many ups and downs contantly to keep the co
  18. ASA Pens from India seem to have launched a new product, the ASA Swan! Its a smart pocket sized white acrylic pen with a 3-in-1 filler system sporting a Schmidt M Nib available in two variants, a Flat ended option and a rounded one. Seems to be based on their ASA Genius line. Available currently at a limited period introductory price of $31 for International Customers and ₹ 950/- for Indian Customers, quite a good price for a 3-in-1 system pen with a German nib, IMHO. Check out the ASA Swan at http://asapens.in/eshop/asa-swan-3-in-1-filling-fully-handmade-acylic-fountain-pen-india
  19. thatotherguy1

    Thoughts On Gama Raja

    Before I start this review, let me say that I am unable to post pictures, but my Raja looks just the same as the one that ASA sells, so you aren't missing anything super different. Also, I'm no professional reviewer, just a hobbyist. There are relatively few reviews on this pen aside from Hari's excellent posts, so I'm hoping to help someone that is interested in Indian pens, particularly Gamas, decide whether or not to take the plunge (or, given the price, the dip). I have, for full transparency, posted a thread on this pen after a few days of use in the India forum, but I've used this pen ex
  20. Hello dear FPNers!, Today I received my much awaited Oliver F27 Fountain Pen in the post from our trustworthy Mr. Subramaniam of ASApens.in. I had requested the Blue acrylic variant of the pen because i love the colour. It was not listed on the site but dear Mr. subramaniam arranged it for me and shipped it. Now, although our fellow FPN member, Mr Mohit has excellently reviewed the pen; I am reviewing it because mine is a different colour and I just felt like sharing.Okay, so when i opened the package, i just stared at the pen in awe...for a while! And here's why... The acrylic on this p
  21. Hi everyone, This is my first post to fpn. I found this in some old stuff from my mother's school days. Have any of you seen this before? I think the cap has Clove written on it and the nib has a Gothic c and beneath that platinum written on it. It's pretty roughed up.
  22. First I would like to thank Hari for sharing details about his bespoke Sandalwood Fosfor. His post was the push I need to go ahead and take the plunge. I have been an avid follower of Manoj's work from the beginning and now this pen is a thumping confirmation for me that Fosfor pens have arrived! I received it today and here are a few pictures made in receding light; cannot wait to ink it up.... http://i.imgur.com/Mlbybvx.jpg?1http://i.imgur.com/16rVQ42.jpg?1http://i.imgur.com/AfxEasS.jpg?1http://i.imgur.com/1aZ9gJE.jpg?1http://i.imgur.com/52lF4qN.jpg?1
  23. A pen or a stick? A Seaman's 'stick' pen that belonged to my wife's grandfather. At least 50 years old. Compared with a 'tiny' M200 Opened up to reveal 2 pens Nib has the following - "M?HATRE", "WRITE" & "TIPPED 1CP????" The brand name faintly inked on the body Body is in good condition. One of the nibs is in excellent condition but the feed is damaged. The other, mostly the black ink side is badly corroded and the feed is also damaged. Any idea of the feeds that may fit this?
  24. mehandiratta

    Click Majestic Pen Review

    Unique Pens recently came out with new fountain pen which is a quite subtle design. I quickly grabbed the pen as soon as Mr. Subramanian of ASA Pens shared the image of the same with me. Below is my review of the pen which i have been using for past 2 weeks. Click Piston Filler Design & Built: I purely bought this pen for its looks and after my first demonstrator which was Galactic, i wanted to explore the territory of demonstrator pens. This pen is a small sized sleek piston filler pen. It comes in 5 translucent colors, Clear, Blue, Red, Green, & Brown. Out of al
  25. Hello everyone. I am a young fountain pen user from Mumbai, India, and this is my first post. Being in Mumbai, my first encounter was with the Airmail pen company, already well documented here, especially by Hari317. Their factory is my second home-I am there every week, looking at how stuff is made and going through all the pens they have. Although I now know everyone there, I am closest to Mr. Nirmal, who humbly tells me he knows less than half of what his brother does! Very often, we talk for hours over 'chaai'. Recently, while we were discussing Deccan pens, he removed a very old box of

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