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  1. I would greatly appreciate the community's help in definitely identifying this vintage Wearever ballpoint pen which I purchased on ebay a number of years ago. Somehow, I thought that I was ordering a fountain pen but I must have overlooked something because I received an interesting ballpoint instead. I've found practically no references to this pen on the internet and very few photos. The photos I have found are on ebay or other auction sites like here and here and here. In Speerbob's listing on ebay, he describes the pen as circa 1957 but gives no other info regarding the model or series. The closest I've come to identifying this pen so far is with the help of PenHero's site here. The cap on my pen is certainly the same style as the Wearever Supreme line of fountain pens albeit my cap is gold and the ones in PenHero's images are silver. Still, the lines at the base of the cap and the style of the clip are almost identical. As you can see from the photos attached, the pen must have had some kind of replaceable ballpoint/refill. Certainly those must be long gone by now, but I may try to syringe fill the one I have and cap it in some way with silicon grease, wax or some kind of small stopper. I realize that this pen isn't really especially valuable from a collector's standpoint, but like many of you I enjoy knowing as much of the history behind my collection of pens as possible. Thanks in advance for whatever insight you can offer! Regards, Chris
  2. I inherited this pen when my father passed last year I cant seem to find out exactly which pen model it is or its value. Any help is appreciated thank you.
  3. Bought this from a store in India, along with some Jinhao 3001 Pink ink. No clue what brand it is. Anyone here know? By the way, I'm pretty sure it's Chinese but I could be wrong.
  4. Hi, I was hoping some of you will be able to help me. My father had a collection of fountain pens which are now in my possession. His collection includes a few very prestige pens (from what I gather), including a Danitrio. I know nothing about fountain pens, so I need some help identifying the model of this pen (pics attached). I'd like to sell this pen, however knowing nothing about it, this is pretty difficult! I'm looking for the specific name & model, and perhaps even an estimate of how much this pen was purchased for so I can gauge the price I should sell at. Saying that, should anyone be interested in purchasing, do let me know. Many thanks in advance! J
  5. Greetings enthusiastic FP network community! I am new here, began collecting from around 3-4 years ago. Ever since I didn't really put much thought into taking my hobby up a notch until now. I recently just got a Parker 51 vacumatic from an antiques store for the equivalent of about $70. But what really weirded me out was me not being able to identify it's variant, as I couldn't find any similar pen to it on google so far. I thought maybe someone can help me out and give me more information about it and if I had a good deal? Information about the FP : It's vacumatic, 14K gold filled, and has ".7." written on the barrel. I am not sure which colour it's in, but I am assuming it's either Mustard, Yellowstone or Buckskin beige.
  6. Liuna

    A Catch To Identify

    So, in an another antique shop in Budapest, I found this one. The nib reminds me of 21 or 75 a little bit, but it's shorter than a 75. It had IIIN engravement in it, which could be either 1979 or 1989. Had the original logo on it, so it can't be 1999 (the new one started that year).
  7. Does anyone know the name of this fountain pen and the name of the color? Thanks!
  8. Hello my name is Barb McAllister and I am very new to this. My husband recently passed away leaving an extensive fountain pen collection. I am trying to identify some of the pens with the idea of selling them to someone who has the same passion as my late husband. If anyone can help with this endeavour, I would really appreciate it. Where do I start? Should I take pics of the pens and post them here?
  9. Can someone please help me identify this nib? Or this type of nib? The pictures are from a Maped Poivre Blanc mini fountain pen. Apologies I could not get a closer shot. My camera is terrible and wasn't focusing.
  10. Hi!! Two days ago I bougth at Mexico city (where I live) a faceted fountain pen, wich looks as a Parker Vacumatic oversize. I was searching in the web in orden to confirm if it is an authentic Parker, but I didn't get any information or images about faceted Parkers. The pen description is: Barrel engraved: "Parker Vacumatic USA" (the "V" is engraved on the "R") Long with cap: 13.5 centimeters (5 1/4") Barrel diameter: 1.6 centimeters (5/8") Color: Borgoña Faceted barrel and cap Apparently, the original nib was replaced with a "Harley Davidson" nib (!!!). Can you help me to confirm if it is an authentic Parker? If it's an authentic pen, what is the correct nib for it? I'm attaching some pictures. Thanks! Jorge.
  11. Hi everyone, I've found a pen in my grandma's drawer. It has a montblanc logo on the cap, the nib also has a montblanc logo and below that there's a caption that says "750" and then "18K / ct". It has a converter which says "Mont Blanc Germany". Other than these, there are no other markings or branding of any kind on it. Can you please help me figure out which model it is?
  12. Hi! I have recently gotten back to using fountain pens after having used them in middle school, where it was mandatory. I find some old lens lying around the house and though i could identify most of them, I have no clue about this one. Please help! Im new to FPN and this is my first post, so if there is some other thread where I should be posting this, please direct me to that. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi everyone! I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with the pen that Nino uses to write with in "Amelie." It looks like it is a felt tip, but I am still really new to the world of pens and have not been able to find so much as the brand. Does anyone recognize this? (for reference, this screenshot is at 1:41 in the movie) Thanks for any help you can provide!
  14. Hello Everyone, First I have to admit. I am not necessarily a Pen Enthusiast however I am needing some help identifying this pen. I've scoured the internet and I can't find this model. It was my Dad's who recently passed away from Cancer. It appears to be from 2006 as it has the 100 year anniversary marker towards the top of the cap and has the Mont Blanc Diamond. I can't quite place the material on the body of the barrel and honestly I am having a hard time determining if I should call it yellow or green. Does anyone recognize this pen? Thank you all in Advance.
  15. I have a pen that belonged to my brother that I would like more information about. There are no brand markings on the pen itself; the only clue is on the clip, on the bend where it attaches to the cap, is the word "METALL", which I understand is German for metal. So I assume this is a German pen. The nib is gold in color. It has a circle in the center with the word "IRIDIUM" above it and "POINT" below it. My guess is that the circle is some sort of logo, but I haven't found a similar looking design in any of my searches. I'm including pictures below. Thanks for any information anyone has.
  16. A few years ago, I bought a pen very similar to these pens (almost identical to the first one, but it had one color bubble, not three): - https://www.amazon.de/Wedo-256126-Vierfarb-Kugelschreiber-Sichtwahl-Druckmechanik-auswechselbaren/dp/B002K8X43K/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1500814383&sr=8-13&keywords=vierfarbkugelschreiber - http://www.ebay.de/itm/PELIKAN-4-1-Vierfarb-Kugelschreiber-4-Color-Ballpoint-Red-Chrome-1972-VINTAGE-/272734985022?hash=item3f80459b3e:g:MPgAAOSw4CFYnE46&autorefresh=true At a flea market. I LOVED it and used it every day... until it was stolen off my desk. I have been searching for it ever since, and only recently had the bright idea of asking my family for help. They searched for it in german terms (bought it at a german flea market with german family members) and my uncle found the above results. I can't seem to purchase it on Amazon, as it says it's out of stock and the last purchase was in 2016, and I can't even find it for sale anywhere else. To me it's really special because it's not one of those slider-pens, but instead uses gravity to choose the color it sends out. I've had bad experiences with the slider type getting stuck all the time. As I am still in school, I take a LOT of notes and like to color code for clarity, and I loved having this type of pen, and really miss it. Does anyone know what it is called? Or how I could possibly find it and buy it somewhere? Or even maybe have one they're willing to sell? I am rather poor but I'd like to at least give it a try. Thank you and I hope I didn't do anything wrong! This is my first post here, though I've read posts here for a while.
  17. Hi all! These are a couple of pens someone is selling on my country's version of craigslist. He describes them as "Merlin 14k gold fountainpens. Old. Warrented iridium on one and osmi-irid on the other." (I assume he means on the nibs.) Unfortunately these are the only pics I have. I can see that it says Merlin on the pictured nibs, but the clips don't look like the Merlin 33's at all! Does anyone have a clue what these could be? http://i.imgur.com/n1q8gyo.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/U2qXWjl.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/doqbOG2.jpg
  18. These 2 fountain pens were my dads. He passed 20 years ago so I know they are old. I am looking for help identifying both of these pens and finding out their value. Thank you for your help!
  19. Came across this pen at a conference and my wife loves the way it writes. Anyone able to identify the manufacturer so I can order more? Thanks
  20. The pen was given to me by someone recently and i want to identify the model. The nib has "CROSS 18K 750" written on it. Thanks in advance.
  21. Hello! This is my first post in the forums, so please excuse any mistakes! I was at an antique market today and my mother picked up a yellow Esterbrook for $15. I thought this was a steal, until I asked her if I could look at it. There's actually no ink sac in the pen at all, and the nib is fit with a "Venus" nib. (From my understanding, Venus is a third-tier vintage company here in Canada.) Whoever did this to the pen didn't factor in the size difference between the feed and the nib, because the nib cannot fit over the entire feed. As a result, about 1/5 of the feed is exposed on one side (reference first picture). Capped, the pen measured 11 cm. It's a pretty mini pen. Without the cap, the pen measures 9.5 cm (excluding the nib). I'm able to unscrew the feed section out, but the nib is slid in so tightly that I can't get it out with my bare hands. What should I do; and how do I install a new ink sac?
  22. I found this pen at an estate sale recently. I picked it up because I'd never seen anything quite like it. It appears to fill using some kind of piston mechanism and might be described as "hooded?" I cannot find any distinguishing markings either on the clip or body. A complete mystery to me. I'd like to get it in working order if possible, and identifying it seemed like the logical first step.
  23. Copy-20170328-1318.pdfI have recently purchased an unusual black and gold Sheaffer cartridge pen. It has a black nib inscribed MADE IN U.S.A. and black plastic? clip inscribed SHEAFFER. It came in a marroon plastic box with clear lid and a grey/silver insert. Has anyone any idea of date and model? Copy-20170328-1318.pdf
  24. I bought a pen last weekend at the BWI fountain pen show, but I'm not sure exactly which Chinese company made it. It looks similar to the JinHao 126, but with a few differences. The clip is different, there are four rings on the section, the finial is longer, and it uses a plunger converter (forgot to photograph, sorry). Also, the cap design is different. (Edit: The mysterious pen has been identified: it's a Baoer 801). Anyways, I thought I'd play with my new flash units and take some pictures to share. Oh, and photographing shiny objects is hard. http://cdn.jnash.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/20170306-0024-100x150.jpg http://cdn.jnash.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/20170306-0027-150x100.jpg http://cdn.jnash.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/20170306-0061-150x100.jpg
  25. I recently bought A.W.Faber-Castell fountain pen, seller didin't know anything about pen. (especially price...) I have many Faber-Castells and Osmias, so I was excepting to find model number and nib grade in back of the pen, like all of them have. But this one, has nothing. There isn't any sign of marking there. Only markings in the pen are in cap band "A.W.Faber-Castell Germany" and in nib "Castell 14KARAT 585" Also, filling system is broken or it has some weird piston mechanism, or both. Any info about this filling system is welcome too. Piston filling knob retracts when unscrewed and then it operates the piston. It is closed by pressing and turning it, but then it don't operate the piston. Even if it looks broken, there is clearly some broken plastic underside of knob, it operates piston without any problem. Any help with dating this pen? I was guessing that I may be after dropping osmia in branding, but that A.W thing confuses me. So maybe its before Osmia? And here is the pics!

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