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  1. Hi! I have recently gotten back to using fountain pens after having used them in middle school, where it was mandatory. I find some old lens lying around the house and though i could identify most of them, I have no clue about this one. Please help! Im new to FPN and this is my first post, so if there is some other thread where I should be posting this, please direct me to that. Thanks in advance.
  2. I recently bought A.W.Faber-Castell fountain pen, seller didin't know anything about pen. (especially price...) I have many Faber-Castells and Osmias, so I was excepting to find model number and nib grade in back of the pen, like all of them have. But this one, has nothing. There isn't any sign of marking there. Only markings in the pen are in cap band "A.W.Faber-Castell Germany" and in nib "Castell 14KARAT 585" Also, filling system is broken or it has some weird piston mechanism, or both. Any info about this filling system is welcome too. Piston filling knob retracts when unscrewed and then it operates the piston. It is closed by pressing and turning it, but then it don't operate the piston. Even if it looks broken, there is clearly some broken plastic underside of knob, it operates piston without any problem. Any help with dating this pen? I was guessing that I may be after dropping osmia in branding, but that A.W thing confuses me. So maybe its before Osmia? And here is the pics!
  3. My husband is a Mason, and a year ago I gave him a Masonic fountain pen I'd found in a shop that's since closed. There was no name or brand identification on either the pen or the box. A month ago the piston converter cracked, leaking ink (fun!), and I've been looking for a replacement. Without knowing which brand this is, I've been searching by images and can't find anything quite the same. I've seen similar ones with a longer connecting piece on the nib-end, but the end on this is quite short, similar issue on the 'back' end. This converter also has a steel ball inside. Closest I've found are Stipula international size, Pelikan, and Watermans. I'm hoping someone recognizes this and can pass on a name to me. He adores this pen, almost more than his other pricier pens (of course!).
  4. Hello, I'm about to buy a vintage Parker Vacumatic (streamlined end cap) that the seller is advertising as an Extra-Fine Flexible nib pen. His writing sampler certainly looks the part, but I understand there are some Vac pens that can be a bit flexible without necessarily being a flexible nib. Even heard about one that acted as such because of cracks near the breather hole. Are there any special markings? This will be my first Vac and my first Flexible nib, what should I need to be aware of? Also, I will be paying about $88 for an unrestored but functional pen. Is this high/ low/ average? Thanks for your help!
  5. Good evening fellow penners, Quickly wanted to ask if someone knew from the top of their head which Parker Pen this one is. Not a Parker expert and a colleague asked me to have a look at it and maybe tell him a thing or two about it. It's a CC, and that's pretty much all I know thus far. P.S. better pictures and pictures of the nib will follow as soon as I actually get my hands on it. Your knowledge would be much appreciated however.
  6. Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone could identify the fountain pen that Amitab Bachchan is using. I thought it was a Parker Sonnet Cisele but the barrel is not all metal, so not sure. Any help would be most welcome. Many thanks.
  7. Melinda

    What's My Pen? (Yt Video)

    Hi - I'm getting back into fountain pens and wanted to revisit a pen I bought in the 90s - a Sheaffer 18K gold electroplated fountain pen with black lacquer body. I'd like to know the name of it and also what sort of converter(s) would work in it so I can use bottled ink with it. I've posted a video on YouTube showing the pen, box, and what little documentation I saved: https://youtu.be/6mA8AmlDkx4 A YouTube commenter was kind enough to point me to this forum; the same commenter supposed it is the Sheaffer Crest (Reissue) Black w Gold Cap - Extra Fine 18k Nib. Note there is a '750' on the pen (and mine), which apparently is the nib ("conical Triumph nib. Extra fine"). Bonus question! What converter can I use with this pen? Would a Pilot Con 50 work? Or does Sheaffer only accept proprietary converters? I prefer piston converters, not the squeezy kind. Thanks so much.
  8. Hello, I bought the pen shown here at the Sharper Image in 1993, and it has been in my pocket ever since. I know it is not a true high-end pen, but I enjoy using it and nobody can mistakenly claim it’s theirs. Now, 23 years after throwing away the packaging, I'm curious about it and am wondering if anyone can give me any clues about its maker. I've been looking for old Sharper Image catalogs to see if I can find it listed and have been searching with all types of keywords, but I have never seen a reference to anything like it. This morning I came across the following forum thread and, even though the pen discussed is distinct from mine, it is also remarkable similar in construction and hardware. So, any clues about this other person's pen might lead me to some answers about my own: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/307118-help-identifying-this-pen/ It would be helpful to know where I might find parts, like the spring clip that makes the cap snug, so any expert insights would be appreciated. Thanks for your consideration, James http://www.jamesburger.com/new/pen2.jpg
  9. Some time ago I bought a vintage Sailor pen from a well-known auction site. The seller didn't know anything about it, including how to take it apart. It's not the most beautiful pen in the world, but it is interesting: I bought it because I'd never seen one before and at the price I paid, it was worth a punt. So, now I've managed to get the pen apart, and largely cleaned up and I'm more confused about what I have: Please help! Pictures follow: here are my questions... 1. What model is this? The barrel is marked "Sailor"; the cap, "Sailor - R14K C"; the nib, "14K" (plus a squiggle in a circle) 2. When was it made? I'm assuming 1970s from the size, but it has art deco elements and the filling system is definitely not standard, so it could be earlier. 3. Any ideas about how I can get spare parts, particularly of the filling unit? The filling unit is like a kind of 'converter': a tube with a rubber sac at one end and a screw-in rubber connector to attach to the section. I think the tube is plastic. Note that a standard Sailor converter does not fit. I can fill it using an ink syringe, and the pen writes reasonably well, but the breather tube inside the filling unit disintegrated with even gentle cleaning). Thank you! Photo 1: Pen uncapped Photo 2: Filling mechanism (the sac is rather smelly) Photo 3: Section plus connection-point for 'converter' Photo 4: Cap (it is spring-loaded and is quite stable, but doesn't open very much) Photo 5: First nib-shot Photo 6: Second nib-shot Photo 7 (of 7): Pen in profile
  10. astrojucar

    Could You Help Me Identify This Pen?

    Hi, I found an old pen sitting in a drawer, it was my father's. I cleaned it well, filled it with ink and it writes just amazingly smoothly. I would love to know what model it is. I know it's a Sheaffer and it has a 14k nib. Any help would be greatly appreciated. http://postimg.org/fpngallery/2idca6gaa/a65beca3/ Thanks! Juan Carlos
  11. sansenri

    Visconti Id Early Model

    I recently acquired this Visconti pen but cannot identify the model name, if it does have a name... it is evidently an early model, it is made of wrapped celluloid, black-brown flake, and has a steel two tone nib with Visconti written vertically, top down, such as I have already seen on a Visconti Classic the nib is steel I assume as it has no gold markings the pen is approx 13.5 cm capped, short of 12 cm uncapped, and it is rather fat. It is a cartridge-converter pen. The material used is surely celluloid, you can smell the distictive odour of canfor as you open the barrel, and it is wrapped celloloid you can see the seam by looking closely, the dark colour however masks the seam almost completely, in normal lighting conditions. There is an earlier post by fabri00 in another thead about this pen https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/260584-can-you-identify-this-pen/ where this pen is mentioned but no model name mentioned since I do not know the model name googling to find info so far has proven useless the colour of the celluloid is really nice, the nib is rather stiff, and smallish, but the pen is not so big either, and writes, now, reasonably smooth with a fine to medium line (I had to slighly adjust the tines because under the loope they were evidently misaligned) any information is welcome (eric47??) thanks Enrico next to a sheaffer balance II for comparison the celluloid picks up the light in certain conditions
  12. hereCan anyone help me identify the names of these pens by Deccan Pens Store. Also, if possible post pics of ur Deccan Pens here
  13. Hi! I bought two NOS Platinum Pocket Pens yesterday. I hope you could help me ID them. The Silver and Pink one has 18k stamped on the nib. The red one only has the P. Thanks very much!
  14. Someone lended me a thin Pilot cartridge/converter pen for today. It's thin (exactly 10mm at the thickest point of the barrel) and short (~123.5 mm long, or 5.15 inches long). I can't find anything like it online, even when I search "pilot fountain pen white" on Google Images. I included some pictures too. I know this isn't the repair section, but for some reason the pen writes very dry and is quite scratchy. I included a picture of the nib where the tines seem to be misaligned. I'm using Noodler's X-Feather with this pen if it matters. My friend doesn't know what kind of pen it is either. He found it at a rummage sale.
  15. I would greatly appreciate the community's help in definitely identifying this vintage Wearever ballpoint pen which I purchased on ebay a number of years ago. Somehow, I thought that I was ordering a fountain pen but I must have overlooked something because I received an interesting ballpoint instead. I've found practically no references to this pen on the internet and very few photos. The photos I have found are on ebay or other auction sites like here and here and here. In Speerbob's listing on ebay, he describes the pen as circa 1957 but gives no other info regarding the model or series. The closest I've come to identifying this pen so far is with the help of PenHero's site here. The cap on my pen is certainly the same style as the Wearever Supreme line of fountain pens albeit my cap is gold and the ones in PenHero's images are silver. Still, the lines at the base of the cap and the style of the clip are almost identical. As you can see from the photos attached, the pen must have had some kind of replaceable ballpoint/refill. Certainly those must be long gone by now, but I may try to syringe fill the one I have and cap it in some way with silicon grease, wax or some kind of small stopper. I realize that this pen isn't really especially valuable from a collector's standpoint, but like many of you I enjoy knowing as much of the history behind my collection of pens as possible. Thanks in advance for whatever insight you can offer! Regards, Chris
  16. About three years ago I went to Leeds to meet a friend I hadn't seen in a while, and we went shopping. In a shop called Pylones (which I believe is a French chain) I found a shelf of various fountain pens and since they were only about £5 each, I bought one. This pen became my favourite pen of all the pens I've used since. Only problem is, I dropped it a while ago, and the plastic piece inside the lid that seals it so the ink doesn't dry out cracked. The body of the pen is metal, so all I really need is a new lid, but as the bit you stick the cartridge on has started to detach from the grip, I thought that the easiest thing to do would be to buy a new pen. I have searched and searched, but I cannot find a trace of this pen's existence online. Pylones's website doesn't have any record of it, and a google of 'pylones fountain pen' doesn't return anything helpful. I'm not inclined to pop over to Leeds and find the shop again just on the offchance that they still sell them (because that's an expensive trip for a £6 pen that may not be there) so I thought I'd try this place and see if anyone could help me. The pen is light green and looks like enamel (but may not be) and has a pattern of golden lines and copper dots. The clip on the cap is golden. It used to have 'Personal Computer' printed near the bottom of the pen, but that rubbed off while ago. I think that may have been the name of the design as I remember there were about four or five different colours of this pen. The lid has 'R 310' printed on it. Both ends of the pen come to a rounded point. The whole thing is made of metal, and it's slightly wider and heavier than usual for pens. The grip and nib are both silver in colour, and the nib says 'IRIDIUM POINT GERMANY' on it. It takes universal cartridges and has room to fit a spare in the body. It's about 13.5 cm long with the lid on. If anyone knows or has this pen or one like it, please let me know. Photos below (sorry for bad quality)
  17. Hi All, Can anyone identify this Diplomat fountain pen purchased new in 1996? Note, the nib was originally gilded, but that wore off after about 10 years. It has been in heavy daily use and taken many knocks. I am so impressed by the value, considering it cost the equivalent of around $40-$50 at the time. Please see attached photos. It is the smoothest writer I have experienced so far. I have not tried any more expensive pens or solid gold nibs yet, but I honestly cannot imagine anything writing smoother than this nib. Put this to Claire Fontaine paper and away you go. Now, my quest is to find a new pen with this writing experience, since it is now leaky due to several drops on hard floors. Cheers, Marcus
  18. So, I acquired this nice looking pen. To my surprise, I am very satisfied with the way it writes. It is very smooth. The pen is on the heavy side, since it is made of some kind of metal (cant really identify the metal). Anyway, the reason I turned to the help of the fountain pen network is to identify it. At first I thought it was a chinese pen, but then I realized it had "ITALY" engraved on top of the clip. Therefore I hope you can help me to identify it (although I believe it will be some kind of entry level pen, since it has iridium point engraved on the nib). Thank you in advance, and here are few photos. P.S. Since I was forced to compress pictures, I doubt you will be able to see the "ITALY" on top of the clip.
  19. ProfChallenger

    Help Me With My C/f?

    I've been lurking on this forum for a couple of years, and have only now come across a pen I couldn't quite place. It fits most descriptions of a steel-nibbed Waterman's C/F, but there are a few discrepancies I can't quite resolve. Namely, the cap - the steel-nibbed C/F, in most examples I've been able to find online, has a chrome-plated clip attached with a single visible rivet. My cap doesn't have that rivet. It looks a lot like the higher end caps, which made me wonder if I had an unoriginal cap. However, I couldn't find any examples of pens other than the steel-nibbed version that had chrome-plated clips like mine does. My question to you all here is: does this change anything else about the pen? Were any C/F's issued with white-metal plated gold nibs? Have you seen anything like my description before?
  20. I bought this vintage Conway Stewart model at an antiques market late last year and have done some work on it since. I'm very pleased with the way it looks and writes now. But I have no idea of the model or dates of production. Can anyone help? I was going to upload some pictures using the Attach Files option at the bottom of the text box (as I have in previous posts), but when I try, I get the message, "uploading is not allowed". So I'm going to try using the Upload option instead. I hope this means that you'll be able to see pictures at the end of this post. Here is the description in the meantime (measurements are approximate, subject to measurement error). The nib has a heart-shaped breather and is marked, "Duro," "Conway Stewart" and "14ct gold." It puts down a fine line by modern standards and is very responsive to pressure, making for a pleasant and expressive writing experience. The feed looks like ebonite to me; whatever it is made of, it ensures a good flow of ink to make for a juicy (but not gushing) writer. The pen is a deep mottled green, lever-filler, with gold-coloured furniture (gold-plated, I presume). The extremities of the pen (end of barrel and finial) and the section are black. Capped it's 130mm long. Posted it's about 163mm long. The section is a tiny bit short for my liking, so I tend to hold the pen at or just below the threads (which are not sharp and do not bother me). The section has a lip at the end, which I like. Maximum section girth is 10.5mm. The base of the barrel is flat enough that I can stand the pen upright. The barrel itself is fairly straight, tapering off somewhat at either end. The imprint (which is still crisp), reads, "The Conway Stewart" along the length of the barrel. Horizontally, near the base of the barrel, you can also make out "Made in England" - this marking is not as crisp, and it is covered when you post the pen (it posts securely). The cap has one band, and the clip provides another band between the green of the cap and the black finial, which is dome-shaped. So that's it. Any help gratefully received. Pictures (I hope): Top of cap, showing finial Pen plus hand-written description End of barrel Cap with band Nib and section shown Imprint
  21. I just recently got into fountain pens and I'm looking to start getting some new pens. I've been searching classifieds looking for some used pens trying to maybe find a deal but people don't seem to put fountain pens on sites like craigslist often. I found a Parker fountain pen near me for $15 but the seller doesn't know what model parker it is and only knows that the pen doesn't say parker but the packaging does. Also that he received the pen as a gift about 10 years ago.. I know some Parker pens only cost about $15 new and not being very knowledgeable in fountain pens yet I'm not sure what model this pen is to gauge its worth. I found a website that lists all the different Parker fountain pens made but WOW I didn't realize Parker made so many models and variations of models over the years. Is it a Parker Frontier? If so, new I think they are under $15 http://images.craigslist.org/00E0E_cxRVa9Ii98F_600x450.jpghttp://images.craigslist.org/00D0D_jnC7y0r5YeP_600x450.jpghttp://images.craigslist.org/00C0C_iXEpaaFiCFk_600x450.jpg Thanks!
  22. Due to the placement of the white dot on the clip, I'm sure that's it's a post PFM pen at the very least. It seems thin enough to be an imperial, either I or II by my guess due to the nib style. What really throws me is the gold embellished band. I would really appreciate any assistance I could get in finding the model of the pen.
  23. This pen is coming up at the local auctions, and is listed in the catalogue as a "Dash Pen 14 Carat Nib", but I can't find anything about it. Might anyone be able to tell me what it is? http://www.scammellauctions.com.au/catalogue/shop_image/product/199/1e43fac74f16c8abf0b4d6e4270f1090.jpg
  24. I am New to fountain pens but after cleaning up and using some old Parkers that I found at an estate sale, I am totally hooked. I would, however, like to know more about the pens that I have. I have some Parkers and Sheaffer's as well as a waterman. I will be posting pics of the others in their appropriate threads. I would like to know what year they were made, if they're worth anything and also if the correct caps are on the correct pens. please let me know if you have any questions about any of the pens. Thank you!! This one is a parker 51 on the top of the barrel (nearest the cap) it has engraved; "MADE IN THE USA" and then the number "9"
  25. Sailor Kenshin

    Platinum Pocket Pen: Help!

    I have a Platinum pocket pen with a slight problem: it doesn't take either converters or the standard Platinum cartridges because the barrel opening is too small. Here's the full body: http://extras.ourpatioparty.com/files/9914/4486/3419/Platinum_-_Full-640p.jpg And the open barrel: http://extras.ourpatioparty.com/files/7214/4486/3420/Platinum-Open_Barrel1-640p.jpg You see the threaded end has a metal 'rim,' preventing a normal cart from fitting. As I got it secondhand, it didn't come with 'instructions.' Any help or information you can give me on how to fill this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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