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  1. Cyber6

    Hero Inks

    I happened to be around Chinatown..and walked into a Bookstore... Couldn't resist buying the whole series... it was cheap as chips... Overall they are easy, free flowing inks... with a real nice shade.... (I do like the Blue Black).. The red is more like a strong pink.... and surprise.. surprise... they actually have some sheen.... All of them... So, when you get tired of spending $20, $30 or even $40/bottle of some extremely hard to find ink..... Go get some Hero ink... you'll be gladly surprised..
  2. Hi. I love the nib on the Hero 329 old version, but really hate the rubber ink reservoir, it is annoying on a number of levels, and depending on the ink (noodler's bulletproof black in particular), it can be quite problematic at times. I was going to post a topic on whether the Hero 329 can be fitted with a slide/piston converter, but I figure that might too involved, if even possible at all. Instead, anyone knows whether there is a Hero pen with the same exact nib as the 329 old version, but which can take a converter? P.S. I read before that the new 329 is not as good as the ol
  3. Hello, I just discovered that the Hero 9296 pen often comes bundled with the Hero 234 Carbon ink. Does anyone know if this pen is especially designed for carbon inks? I cannot confirm because all the information I have found so far is in chinese. I ask because I would rather not take any especial precautions when dealing with carbon ink, I would use a pen designed to deal with it. Other pens I have seen bundled with the Hero carbon ink include the DUKE Drawing Fountain Pen, Hero 68, and Hero 6062, all pens I had not seen before till recently.
  4. Does anyone know of a simple and reliable way to increase the forward weight of a Hero 616 Jumbo? Specifically I find the pen a little back heavy when it is posted - it's a light pen already. The balance doesn't feel quite right unposted either. Many thanks.
  5. Full disclosure up-front: I received these pens for free, from Kevin of JustWrite Pens. He’d unexpectedly received a consignment of these pens from one of his suppliers, and wasn’t sure what to make of them. I’d mentioned I was trying to get my kids into fountain pens, so he asked me to have a look at them, to see what my kids thought of them – and let him know if I thought they were marketable. I wasn’t asked to review the pens – but figure they’re not going to be at the top of anyone else’s list of priorities… So I figured I’d do my best to make an honest assessment of them. I’m not
  6. Hi Guys, My first post here and I am looking to buy some of the following pens. Can someone point me to any shop in Delhi or Noida which might have these stocked? Parker Sonnet GT Parker 51 Parker 45 Flighter Parker 61 Flighter Hero 850 Steel Grey Hero 616 Hero 329 Pilot Vanishing Point Best Regards, Chander
  7. http://thefrugalfountainpen.blogspot.com/2014/04/hero-100-fountain-pen.html
  8. Once I'd gotten over the original shock and disappointment of Flounder's April foolery, I started to think about how I could turn the H616 Flighter trick into a treat. I realized that if I sawed off the barrel of a 616 at about an inch, I could file it down a bit and tap a smaller (fake? or just regular size?) Hero cap onto the stub. I was searching all over the workshop for an appropriate barrel finial, when I realized the 616's ink sac guard (which I had previously removed) would fit almost perfectly. The sac itself does not stick out at all. http://i1102.photobucket.com/albums/g456/rezwrr
  9. http://thefrugalfountainpen.blogspot.com/2014/04/hero-382-fountain-pen.html
  10. ztt2

    Hero 160

    As a relatively new fountain pen user who happens to go to university, I really like Chinese fountain pens. They're cheap, they're fun, and sometimes I feel like I get pretty lucky. While I feel like Hero gets a pretty bad rap for the blatant copying they do of designs (such as Lamy or Parker), I ended up buying this 160 on eBay. I mostly dabbled in Jinhao, and while I like them, I decided to spend a bit more and see if I liked these better. This is my first review, and I'm by no means a photographer, so I apologize if some of the pictures aren't quite as good as what you're used to seeing!
  11. We're having a Christmas Sale and we've reduced prices by up to 50% on selected Jinhao, Baoer, Duke, Hero and some lesser known Chinese fountain pens. We'll be progressively adding specials over the weekend and into next week so if you don't see anything you like, please check again in a few days. I'm sorry but we only ship to Australia and New Zealand at present.
  12. This is a short review of the HERO 725. To begin, I need to say that it is a very cheap pen (about 14 USD). But not only expensive pens are worth reviewing... Fountain pens are for everone after all ! Look: For a 14 USD pen, it is, I would say very very nice. Look very classy, simple... especially the two tone nib that is very well crafted. Nib performance: The nib on this pen performs very decently for such a inexpensive pen. However, if you like very expensive solid gold flexible nibs, there are chances that you're gonna be disapointed! What I mean is that it is a fonctionnal nib ther
  13. The Hero comes in various numbers 100, 329, 616 etc etc and in pics on internet - all seems similar. I want to have a hooded nib Hero FP. Plz suggest an FP that has section width at least 11 to 12 mm thanks
  14. dxing97

    Hero Nib Adjustment

    Recently, by dad brought back two Hero fountain pens, a 7018, and a 7029, both medium nibs (did not actually say on the pen or packaging, my estimate) from china. Both were about 15 USD. The 7018 went to my brother and I got the 29. Within a week, by brother had dropped it nib-first. The strangest thing was that the nib tip did not sustain serious damage. The tines were misaligned, but that was corrected. However, the nib had been pushed into the pen, and since then, I haven't been able to get it out back to where it was (and have been unwilling to try). Top is the 7029, bottom is the
  15. mohit agrawal

    Hero 829-1

    After a long time recently I started using Fountain Pen once again and my love for it rose once again. I brought this pen from ebay and the price it was being offered i didn't think twice and placed an order. It came in a ebay seller packaging (no company packing) of plastic case covered by bubble wrap. Appearance and design - The first thing you notice about it is a pen with footprints of popular Hero 616 or Parker 51 but with a modern twist specially in the Cap design which is different than traditional Hero pens. The body is black lacquered plastic body with chrome colored metal cap. B
  16. mohit agrawal

    Hero 958 Review

    Introduction – I normally don’t buy a pen with this much of gold trims but the interesting nib and low cost made me buy it from a local retailer. Appearance, Design, Build Quality – It is a all metal pen with body black in color (which started to come off after a week use and inside it is the ugly gold color). Grip Section is smooth metal with groove at end for cap locking (again in gold color which is also fading slowly). Cap and its clip is also in gold color, but the texture on the cap is really nice making it somewhat attractive. Hero logo is embossed in the clip and model number near
  17. Hello. I have been running a pen store on eBay and have been wanting to get my chinese pens directly from the companies or a licensed distributer, Has anyone done this? Thanks Pace
  18. I just bought a set of 4 Hero 3106Bs from Ebay (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lot-4-HERO-3106B-Fountain-Pen-Extra-Fine-Nib-Hooded-Nibs-Cartoon-Students-Pens-/180932388777?hash=item2a206927a9). (They were cheap, what can I say.) I had previously searched both Google and FPN for any information or reviews regarding this specific pen model, but didn't come across anything. Most places only carry the Hero 100, 616, etc. Does anyone have any experience with these pens? They are billed as being for students, but I don't know if that's because of the color scheme, or the funny indents in the barrel
  19. Here's a link to my illustrated field test review of the Hero M86 calligraphy pen as both a sketching and journaling tool. http://earnestward.blogspot.com/2013/06/my-hero-tools-of-trade-11.html
  20. HisNibs.com update -- Re-stocking from China Greetings all, As it does periodically, Monteverde is retiring some pens to make way for new models. Unfortunately, two of my personal favorites are being effected, the Regatta and the Prima, and I question the wisdom of the decision. We've also just received a large re-stocking of models from China. A few of our favorites were not available this time, but the vast majority were. I'll only mention a couple of the models in this newsletter, but please just go to the homepage http://www.hisnibs.com to see them all listed as 'back in stock'. As th
  21. I recently acquired a Hero 308 fountain pen and 10 Hero 616. These pens are very risky, they are both from the same company but one is comparatively more expensive (308) than the other (616) by about 30 times. I just wanted to show that cheap pens sometimes can outperform noticeably and can make for a better starter. The 308 has a very cool looking nib, it writes OK and feels very expensive. However upon inspection, not so good. The nib and feed on mine is noticeably misaligned. The tines on the nib aren't parallel, the right tine is slightly bending up. The cap loosened after a few weeks an
  22. Hi folks. Long time lurker here. I recently acquired the Hero pen shown below. In the past, some of my Hero pens have taken either Parker (mostly) or international standard sized ink cartridges. But for whatever reason, the pen below seems to have a size that seems cartridge incompatible. Does this mean I can only use "regular" ink with my pen? The number on the pen says it's Hero 386-1. I have included pictures of other cartridges for size comparison. Any thoughts/pointers would be great!
  23. Hi! I am hoping you can help me out with a puzzle of a pen I have. I inherited a few fountain pens from my mom, and I have identified almost all of them. One pen, which I am sure she picked up at a garage sale, came in a Hero box. It has MX marked on the clip, and Star, along with some Chinese characters, marked on the nib. I am attaching photos to show these three things. The pen is 5 1/4 inches long capped. It has a squeeze filler. I have tried to google info on the pen as well as using the search function here, but I have had no luck. If anyone can shed some light on this pen, I w
  24. hsianloon

    Hero 7022

    Price:11 USD plus shipping to Ireland from Hong Kong Very decent packaging for a 11 dollar pen inclusive of delivery. I mean, could you ask for more? A simple box with both the cover and the container has a nice embossed feel to it, red at the top and grey at the bottom, with the Hero brand splashed across the top. Nice smooth velvety plastic cushion for the pen to rest on. No complaints here. (considering some 3 digit pens have been received in PVC pipes, stuffed with toilet paper...) Comparisons with some common pens, eg the Lamy ( which everyone probably has ) and TWSBI VAC 700. Didn't

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