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  1. Hello, Today I found a listing for a variant of what I believe is a 616 Jumbo (hard to exactly say, the seller just calls it 'big size', but I did spend a bit of time looking from the picture to my current Jumbo and the sections seem about the same length in ratio to the overall length of the pen, so I'm pretty sure it's a Jumbo), and with a new gold cap. I have never seen the Jumbo with a gold cap, and as far as I can tell it looks like the clutch's two metal rings don't stick out past the body of the pen, something that always bothers me about my current Jumbos. The nib also looks to be at
  2. fi88r

    Hello From New York

    Hello, everyone. I'm Marcus. I am new to FPN. I have enjoyed fine writing instruments since I was in college - I'm not in my mid-thirties. I'm not an expert by any means. I'm not even a collector. I just enjoy handwriting. I have a little bit of graphomania. I really enjoy writing with fountain pens. My current inventory include Waterman Carene, Parker Sonnet, Pilot Kakuno and Hero 007. My ink of choice right now is Pilot. I am not particular about paper as long as it doesn't bleed. I don't mind writing on regular printer paper, as long as I have something behind it for the bleeding. I pref
  3. Hello everyone! I bought a Platinum Century 3776 in a medium nib and I am really liking the size of the nib. I found it to be much finer than my other japanese mediums though, such as the Pilot Metropolitan and the Pilot Kakuno. I also quite like the nib on Hero 616. However, I found the Century 3776 nib to be a bit toothy for my liking, while my 616 is fairly smooth I would say. How do the fine Pilot fine nibs compare? I was thinking of buying a Metropolitan in a fine nib but just wanted to check in, before I regret a purchase that will simply lie on my desk!
  4. i've had my copy of this pen for a little while now, and on the whole i'm not unhappy with it. it still leaves me a bit conflicted --- it's not a bad pen, far from it, i just think it's overpriced for what it is. (i can't believe i paid $40 for a pen! this hobby is getting to me.) i bought it because i wanted a good, hooded nib pen, and the online retailer i trust was out of Hero 110's; i got a good, hooded nib pen, but still wish i'd ordered a 110 instead while he still had them. the good: perfectly good quality, better fit and finish than on my other Hero pens, works without issue on the f
  5. I broke down a Hero 616 the other day (In the most literal sense, seeing as the section cracked.) and I found that the nib unit is the same size as an Esterbrook Lithographic crows quill nib. I tried in an a couple Hero 616 feed/collector units, and the fit seems to vary just a bit, some were really snug, while others were were loose enough to fall out. The crowsquill is too long to have the feed reach it correctly, but removing about a cm off made it the right length. Use the existing Hero's nib to scale it. I used a fine hacksaw and cleaned it up with a diamond pad. The Hero, being a hood
  6. melodiousb

    Hero 237-1 Accountant Pen

    Just started a pen blog, and my first review is of my favorite Chinese pen, the Hero 237-1. Full text here, full text + pictures at the blog. A couple of months ago I tried out some cheap Chinese pens for the first time. One of them was a Hero 007, the cheapest of their hooded nib Parker lookalikes. I didn’t like it all that much, but for $0.99, it got me interested in what else Hero might have to offer. What I found was this: the Hero 237-1 “Accountant’s pen,” so called because of its extra, extra fine nib. It’s NOS (New Old Stock), bought from an eBay seller for $7, free shipping, and it m
  7. Hello there, It's been a long time since I've made a review, but yesterday I picked up a new pen. The packaging was inconspicuous, it was at the local supermarket, on the bottom most shelf. It looked like a cheap (well... it was cheap ) no-name, brown fountain pen in a little plastic bag. When I took a closer look at it, I saw four numbers printed on the side, and when I bought it and took it home, the converter that came with it (a piston, Parker like converter, but with a standard tip) had Hero embossed on the back. I washed it, inked it up with Parker Quink black, and tried it out. It's a
  8. So... poking about on eBay, looking for something with a flex nib to try since the Noodler's Konrad seem to be out of stock everywhere. Came across a very cheap HERO brand pen with a flex nib. Problem... can't seem to find info if the nib is replaceable? and if so, is it a #6? If so, maybe try it, maybe grab a Noodler's flex nib and try with that? and still an option for a normal nib like a Goulet #6 Medium, or if the pen flat out blows, no big loss. Can't find the info online, and the eBay sellers are from China so, the responses rarely ever make sense due to the language barrier. P
  9. First, If this is in the wrong forum or considered advertising, please, by all means remove it. I have no affiliation with the seller, I was just wondering if anybody had found any pen with a solid gold nib for cheaper. Anyway, the pen is a Hero 711 with a 10k solid gold nib. Yes, it is only 10k, but still, it is solid gold. And the price??? $16. $16!!!!!!! Has anybody seen a solid gold nibbed pen for cheaper than this one? Ebay link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Hero-711-Black-Chrome-Cap-Fountain-Pen-New-In-Box-10kt-Solid-Gold-Nib-/230799200250?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item35bcb44ff
  10. Hi, I got a Hero 9296 last year, first chinese extra fine nib pen I have tried that is truly smooth, nothing about "satisfying tooth" that some reviews say when they want to defend a pen which is not quite smooth. Great price too. Well, I went to order another one, come to find a few surprises I did not see the first time: 1-Wide price variation, some sellers seem to have prices quite a bit higher than just 6 months ago, some for quite a bit less. 2-Some reviews describe the pen as a total loss, quite scratchy, nothing like my experience. So the question is, are there some Hero 9296 p
  11. While a nearby stationery shop was closing, I was just going through their archives. I came across a bottle of 59ml of Hero washable Blue ink. Since I was needing blue ink for professional work and the shopkeeper was keen to rid off it because it had stayed in the shop for round about 8 years, he gave me for about 30 INR(~0.5 USD). The ink was fairly vanilla in nature, royal blue nothing home to talk about. It is a fairly dry ink having flow properties of Pelikan 4001 inks. The one good thing was it didnt show through or bleed through in any of the copier papers I used. What was curious was
  12. HERO - 336 Over the period of past 4-5 months i have started collecting Chinese Fountain pens which i will be reviewing one by one. This review is about the pen which was recommended to me by Mr. Subramaniam of ASA Pens after i have collected lot of Chinese Fountain Pens from local market of Old Delhi (Nai Sadak & Sadar Bazaar). And I am surely not disappointed at all. Lets see what are the goods and not so goods about this HERO 336. Hero 336 Design & Built: As far as design is concerned it is a decent, simple, sleek looking pen and you surely might see lot of iterations
  13. nujnay

    Hero Blue Black No.62

    Hi everybody, Firstly I would like to apologize as this would not be a thorough review. Just sharing my experience with an ink I just bought earlier. I got this ink from a local store for RM1.50 (~$0.40). My first impression of this ink is that this is more towards a grey ink than a blue black. However, the flow and wetness of the ink is quite good especially at this price. The ink is also surprisingly water resistant! I've read some reviews that it might be an IG ink, can anyone confirm this? These are written on rhodia lined pad with sheaffer agio M. Here are some pictures: Pictures
  14. HERO - 336 Over the period of past 4-5 months i have started collecting Chinese Fountain pens which i will be reviewing one by one. This review is about the pen which was recommended to me by Mr. Subramaniam of ASA Pens after i have collected lot of Chinese Fountain Pens from local market of Old Delhi (Nai Sadak & Sadar Bazaar). And I am surely not disappointed at all. Hero 336 I have review the pen here in detail .....https://mehandiratta.wordpress.com/2015/02/20/pen-review-hero-336-hooded-nib/ I LOVE THE PEN
  15. I used to have a Hero 338. That is until it fell off my desk and broke into two halves. Of course I didn't pay too much for it, and to be honest, I never quite liked the pen (it was too scratchy and dry for my taste), but now I'm wondering. Is it worth a try to glue the two halves together? Or would I just be wasting my time with it?
  16. phillieskjk

    Converting To Eyedropper...

    I have a Hero 329 (New Version- Not Star Trek). I love it. It always writes smoothly, it has never broken, I love the design (It's a Parker "51" clone) and it was 1 USD! I only have one issue with it. The ink sac is TINY! So, I want to increase the ink capacity by turning it into an eyedropper. I was planning to cut off the sack (it cannot be removed otherwise) and then proceed as if it was a cartridge pen. My only concern is the screw at the bottom of the pen. If I seal that screw with silicone grease as well, will it be watertight? Will there be any negative effect on the ink if it
  17. Well, thought I'd try my hand at a review. I've bought (and used) countless pens from different manufacturers and recently have been on a kick of buying Chinese pens. I decided to dedicated a small amount ($20 CDN) to see how many inexpensive Chinese pens I can buy and just what you can get for your dollar these days. I'm up to 7 pens purchased and I've got $3 left, so, well, you can at least get bulk. Of the pens that have arrived so far (Jinhao 599, Jinhao 250, Baoer 517, Hero 369), the Hero 369 has easily been the most surprising, as not only is it the cheapest of the lot at the prince
  18. Hi everyone…I have several fountain pens but consider myself a newbie to the fountain pen world. While window shopping on Ebay I have found a few brands of fountain pens that are very cheap. I am referring to Hero, Jinhao and Picasso to name just a few. I looked at the forum for info but am still a bit confused. Are these brands worth trying? If so, are there particular ones that are better than others? For example, the Jinhao 599 and x750 look good but are they? Thanks in advance for your help.
  19. Figured what better way to get into fountain pens than to start inexpensive, fortunately had a couple friends who were able to get me some recommendations on favorable ones. Most were about 10USD or less, the most expensive 'single' pen was the Uranus KSF-301 w/ Box for about 17USD. My favorite of the pack is the Jinhao X750 with the Goulet Extra Fine nib, followed by the Jinhao X450 which I replaced with a Goulet 1.5mm Stub Nib (I put the 2-tone Jinhao M nib from the X450 onto my Nemosine Singularity). On the thin side it's a toss up between the Kaigelu 363 and Jinhao 611. The Hero 616 is
  20. We have all heard the saying 'Cheep and Nasty'. Question; is this true when it come to fountain pens. Well yes, in a lot of cases it's easy to say just that. At this point your waiting for a BUT! well I'm not going to disappoint you. Yes in a lot of case, but the 397A is a exception. It true to say as fountain pens go with the 397 you don't get a lot for your money at only 130mm long and 9mm at the widest point, we are not talk big fat Mont Blanc style here, what you do get is a great little pen. http://fountain-pens.co.uk/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/2014-11-11-12.35.15-300x225.jpg ht
  21. Recently my mother gifted me a pen that she used to use in her school days.It is a hooded wing-sung of the 1970's.It has a metal golden cap and a green plastic body. It has wing sung engraved on the bottom edge of the cap along with the words "Made in China". Can any of you identify the exact model.I have attached a few pictures. Well i am completely new here but not to fountain pens.I admire everyone here for there great knowledge on fountain pens. So i signed up and i hope to be active.This is my first post.
  22. Hi everybody, I'm new here so I am not very sure whether I've placed this topic correctly. I hope I have, if not, please accept my apologies. Here goes the question: Would you choose a Kaweco Sport or a Hero 200? Provided (obviously) you have at least tried both. Both pens are pretty cheap (I know Jinhaos and Some Noodler's are cheaper). I've heard good things about both and I want to try some gold (or gold plate). Thanks a lot in advance for your attention. Cheers
  23. akszugor

    Hero - Blue-Black

    http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/Hero-Blue-Black-nazwa.png I present to test the ink Hero Blue-Black, or traditional blue-black. For this cheap and ubiquitous. It has its supporters and opponents. Looking at the advantages and disadvantages can be seen that for a long time to dry, slightly dry, but the pen writes rustling after page without a problem. I blot, which is wet (as of this writing) and not yet dry - not penetrated to the other side !. I think I liked ... Producent: Hero Series, colour: Blue-Black Pen: Waterman Hemisphere "F" Paper: Image Volume 80 g / cm2 1. A d
  24. Executive summary The Hero 801A is a delightful chinatown find, coupled with the factory hero ink makes a fine writing combination. Appearance & Design (5/10)What can I say, it’s a black pen with gold accents. Body is metal, I assume brass with black paint/enamel. Not too thick not too thin the body has a slight taper. Cap is clear plastic lined and pulls off with a firm grip and caps neatly to the top of the body and stays there. The grip (for lack of terminology) is matte aluminum and is slightly jarring in contrast to the gold accents. The second, and smaller detractor is t

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