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  1. Just bought vintage Singapore Hero 12K nib at eBay. Searches on Google and Fountain Pen Network no ret. urn. If you own one or know anything at all about them, I'd enjoy boosting my learning curve
  2. I'm interested in playing with my first Chinese pens. One of the ones that interests me is the Hero 616, but I've been told by a few people that there are different variants, of varying quality or writing smoothness. Which are the better variants? And is there any way to tell which is which?
  3. visvamitra

    Hero 233 Blue Ink

    Shanghai Hero Light Industrial Imp & Exp. Co., LTD is the owner of “HERO” and “DOCTOR” brands of fountain pens in China. The brand is well known in China and around the world. You may find it interesting to know that in Poland in seventies and eighties of the last century Hero fountain pens were ones of very few available on the market. Therefore a lot of people in Poland, especially senior ones, share sentiment for this company and it’s products. Apart from pens and other products company offers also inks. It seems the colors available at the moment are Red, Blue, Blue/Black and Bla
  4. Dear all, Boring backstory... I've got a Parker 51 that works wonderfully. It's an heirloom pen and as it writes so wonderfully I no longer take it out and about. As such I'm in the market for a new 51 copy, a pen that I won't be fussed about loosing, breaking, nib down dropping, loaning... you get the picture Question: Can you wonderful folks list any 51 copies, and your experiences with them for me? If so I'd really appreciate it! I've heard the Hero 100 is a good imitation, one comment on fpn even suggested that the Hero 100 is a "slight improvement" on the 51. Could this be so!
  5. I've always wanted a real bamboo pen--not just the bamboo-styled ebonite ones--but the susutake ones run to over $1,000 and seem too large and unwieldy besides. So a month ago, I ordered this pen from China through eBay, and it finally arrived today. I'm happy to report that it exceeded all my expectations--in size, finish, and general quality. It even writes well! (And did I say it cost just $20, shipped?) The section has threads, but it's actually just a pull-off cap. (I'm sure they already had these sections for other pens and didn't want to remanufacture unthreaded ones--or maybe the th
  6. Hello again to all my FPN friends, Here is just a quick write up I did of my impressions on this lovely pen that I've been enjoying for the past few weeks. I found out about it from the hot tips here: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/295491-chinese-pens-show-and-tell/page-50?do=findComment&comment=3957350 and here: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/304037-hero-haifu-186-any-one-might-tell-me-how-is-the-pen/?hl=huafu&do=findComment&comment=3565597 Dimensions: - Capped = 137mm - Capless = 122mm - Posted = 152mm - Weight = 23g Photos
  7. Well... Today, my aunt flew from Beijing to Australia and brought with her the largest expansion to my collection,ever. I had asked for a Kaigelu 316,Hero 616 and a presentation case. A rather modest request,but boy oh boy,did she give more than that... I will be reviewing all 30ish of the items she bought for me today, in reasonable detail. Hers is a list of all the items: 5 Hero 616s (Parker 51 replica) 2 Wing Sung 233s (Sheaffer Triumph replica) 1 Wing Sung 380 1 Baoer unidentified model (Sheaffer Legacy replica but WITH A HOODED NIB?!?) 1 Jinhao 599 Hooded nib variant (Lamy Safari replica
  8. antichresis

    Hero #202 Blue-Black Review

    The full review can be found here. I'm also still figuring out a better way to make reviews (more comprehensive), and share them (better photos), but I'm sharing these photos now because they are colour-accurate, which I think is the most important part of an ink review. nb. I got this bottle years ago and I've hardly used it. It was way too green for me then but now the teal-black colour comes off quite well to my eyes. Unusual and visually interesting. Great performance too!
  9. Hero has made a new pen but has attached a sac filler to it. I may be in the minority here but I prefer c/c fillers (easier to clean, easier to replace due to limited parts availability here). I guess the use of a sac filler follows the vintage aesthetic it's trying to achieve: short waisted section, screw cap, double jewels, "ink window". I do quite like the aesthetics though. Parker Vacumatic? Also comes in a fude nib. I can't find the photo again but the "ink window" can be removed.
  10. Hello, guys. I have just joined fountainpennetwork since I have a deep attraction towards them from my childhood days. Yesterday I have placed an order on Ebay for a Hero 616. I have heard that it is the model that has a lot of fakes. I am providing the link to the page and need some expert advice regarding the identification of the real one. This is the link- http://www.ebay.in/itm/161196539446?aff_source=Sok-Goog Is it real? please reply. If it's a fake then I will have to cancel the order and get my refund.
  11. I've gone over the reviews and Google even gave me a notice that they were getting unusually heavy traffic from my IP. I'm still on the fence and eBay seller laonan123 having them on sale is not helping me move on. EDIT: Two things to clarify what I need help on: I own a couple of Chinese pens (both the "vintage" aerometric fillers and the "modern" piston converter pens) with more coming in the mail. I've never bought one though at this price. Is the leap in price (3x or more) commensurate with a leap in performance and construction? Problems I have noted from research are a. section crack
  12. Hi all, I was just about to hit buy on a lot of Hero 616 pens, which would render each pen a mere 50p each. Why do I want them? I don't know. I've been looking at cheap Chinese pens for 4 weeks, it's time I bought something already. Buying a lot of this style of pen would: - allow me to test several ink mixes in the same nib - use a fine nib, which I prefer in the mean time - feel old-schooly. My sister, who is 10 years my senior, probably used a Hero pen of the same appearance when she was in school. That was a long time ago, and I was pretty young. I remember buying those pens from the n
  13. I was not intending to get this pen, the Hero 9215, but seeing that if I got a couple I can get free shipping on my lot I put them into the shopping cart and well that's the history, so any way , with some free time on hand I take this pen out to have a try and I found something very particular about this particular pen or pen model. Admitting; I have only two samples, one black and one white but they show the same, a very dry feed. By dry I do not mean it had problem delivering ink, in fact its the reverse it deliver ink in very consistent and controlled manner , the pens had Hero's no.5 nib
  14. Review of the Hero 711 A gold nibbed offering from the brand behind all the Parker Clones you know and love… or hate. The Shanghai Hero Pen Company is, in my opinion, one of the most interesting fountain pen brands in the world. They do not make the highest quality pens, and they are almost never recommended as a “first” pen for beginners. They make gold nibbed offerings which are compared only to steel nibbed cousins. Hero pens are either loved or hated, and their discussion always brings some who believe they are a great value for the cost and some who believe they are foolish, low quali
  15. I was looking for a marble for my Ranga eyedropper pen and I found this (nowhere near my pen drawer). Can anybody identify the model? http://imgur.com/a/VnYEP
  16. I am aware that there are a few threads on this pen, but could not rresist posting my own review. I purchased a Hero 359 aka, Summer Color, Passion Fruit Yellow fountain pen. This is a Lamy Safari lookalike and made by the Chinese pen Company, Hero. I have used Hero pens extensively in my school days in the Early Sixties and have fond memories of that brand. Lamy is my all time favourite fountain pen and when Hero makes an imitation of it, how can I resist buying? Especially whern it costs Rs.575 ( Just about US $ 9)! You may find the detailed review on my blog http://mypenaffair.blogspot
  17. visvamitra

    Ten Red Inks

    I like red inks and I use them on every day basis. I'd like to present you short comparison of ten colors. Of course it would be great to compare more reds but then my samples of Oxblood and Monaco Red are empty. Next time. So the inks I've compared are (in alphabetical order): BRILLIANT RED - Diamine http://imageshack.com/a/img834/7010/tg6s.jpg BRILLIANT RED - Pelikan http://imageshack.com/a/img842/8815/x797.jpg BURGUNDY RED - Montblanc http://imageshack.com/a/img843/6245/qxoy.jpg CIEMNY CZERWONY (Dark Red) - Nicpoń* *Nicpoń is chemistry PhD Student that's active on Poli
  18. Hi guys! I've recently bought a Hero 372-2 and 382 for a friend. As I'm giving it as a gift, I intend to give her an ink cartridge as well. However, I've been searching for a while and can't seem to figure out what cartridges should work Does anyone know what cartridges fit these pens, and will I be able to purchase them in shops in Singapore? Thanks a ton!
  19. Recently there's been a lot of talk about Hero 616s here and so I wanted to share my experience with you. Not going to go into too much detail, I'm leaving for vacation in two days but wanted to get this out there in case someone would find it helpful. I ordered 3 616 Doctors from ebay seller 'mentag'. Three pens for US $12.90. When they finally arrived the first interesting thing was the packaging itself. See that there is no 'Doctor' mentioned anywhere on the package. I've contacted the seller and he explained that this is new packaging and that it does say Doctor on the back. I have transla
  20. visvamitra

    Red (231) - Hero Ink

    SHANGHAI HERO LIGHT INDUSTRIAL IMP. & EXP. CO., LTD is the owner of “HERO” and “DOCTOR” brands of fountain pens in China. The brand is well known in China and around the world. You may find it interesting to know that in Poland in seventies and eighties of the last century Hero fountain pens were ones of very few available on the market. Therefore a lot of people in Poland, especially senior ones, share sentiment for this company and it’s products. Apart from pens and other products company offers also inks. It seems the colors available at the moment are Red, Blue, Blue/Black and Black
  21. Does anyone have those new replacement sacs? Is it similar as those on the Hero 616/338/007 replacement sacs? For those who are interested there are 2 sizes; larger ones for the Hero 100/616 doctor and the smaller ones for the 616 normal/007/338: https://world.taobao.com/item/36251733375.htm BE WARNED it is in Mandarin so probably google translate? Many Thanks
  22. I am a very new collector and interested in Chinese and Japanese pens but at the moment wanting to learn as much as I can about pens and Hero pens in particular. So two questions; (1) Any recommendations for good information sites, (other than this network) for Chinese and Japanese pens? (2) What online dealers would people recommend as reliable? Cheers, Andrew-Bede
  23. I've been reading many helpful reviews here on FPN as I get on my collecting journal, this is the first time I'm posting with a question. Anyone have experience with the Hero 100 "Emperor" 2016 model?, as shown in this ebay posting: http://www.ebay.com/itm/2016-Model-Hero-Emperor-100-Fountain-Pen-12K-Gold-Fine-Nib-With-Box-/331719526737?hash=item4d3c064951:g:nswAAOSwAKxWWcfJ I know that the standard Hero 100's Achilles heel is the plastic hood, which can crack, but it doesn't seem to be an issue with the 2016 model's exposed nib. Also this is a converter pen, which might (?) prolong the lo
  24. I bought this pen a few days ago ( http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Hero-100-Vintage-Classic-Design-Black-14K-Gold-Nib-Fountain-Pen/32320663063.html ) to be told by our friends at reddit that it is indeed a fake. Does anyone know of a legit retailer from the United Kingdom to buy this pen. Perhaps this seller on ebay? ( http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Original-Hero-100-Black-Fountain-Pen-14K-Gold-Fine-Nib-Classic-Series-/390847448859?hash=item5b0052c71b:g:IGIAAOSwEetWBPUl ) Thanks.
  25. Introduction Why would anyone be mad enough to splurge $49 on a Hero 100 fountain pen, especially a Hero 100 variant that you have neither seen nor heard of? You do so because Soumitra Sanyal (@sanyalsoumitra) himself recommends it and offers to buy it for you from China during his visit there. For those of you who aren't familiar with his exploits, Soumitra-da is our resident walking and talking encyclopaedia on Chinese fountain pen matters. Just refer to his thread here to get a glimpse of his expertise and experience with the oriental pen makers and their instruments. That is how one fine

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