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  1. Hello FPN members! Just made an account couple of days ago. Looking forward to meet awesome members and learning new stuff about fountain pens. Feels good to know I'm not alone who have an affection for pens. I own 2 fountain pens; Pilot Metropolitan M Vintage Tropen Scholar Iridium Nichroma an a free brandless stub pen Hope to stay and have a nice day
  2. goodnight


    Hello, I'm from the states but lived in France for a while where I first used a FP. Fast-forward 25 years and I was writing on the whiteboard at work and realized how atrocious my handwriting has become! So in my normal fashion, I created a game for myself. I have to write a bit daily and actively try to improve my penmanship. The school part is on hold waiting for the new release of Spencerian Handwriting book which will be my exercises. The quizzes, if you will, are writing letters each week (can't remember the last time I sent a personal letter snail-mail). Since I know myself I already bou
  3. Mryous

    Hello To All Fp Obsessives

    Hello Everyone Thought I should formally join and introduce myself, having loitered and picked the bones clean on many an occasion - from your expert knowledge I have managed to restore the ubiquitous Teal '51, replace an errant J bar on a Stephens, and come to the realisation that God wrote the Book of Life using a Doric! In truth, I love old (sorry, vintage) fountain pens! I can remember being given one as a child (an old Stephens) and covering myself in ink ... there must be a fetish somewhere that covers this! Anyway, I have fallen in and out of love with FPs since that time. I blame i
  4. ThePenBox

    New To The Forum, Hello.

    Hi, I am new to the forum and just wanted to say hello. I am a collector and seller of pens. I mostly deal with fountain pens. I love the look and feel of a well built pen and have a large collection. It all started when I was a young boy. My grandfather passed away when I was about two years old. So I never really got to know him. As I grew up I would stay with my grandmother in the house that my grandfather had built for them. I remember going through the drawers of a desk down in the basement and discovering some weird cigar shaped objects that were made of a plastic material. After looking
  5. FPbliss

    Hello From Texas!

    Greetings all, From sleepy river town between San Antonio & Austin. In full disclosure I've been lurking, learning & reading for a year. I've always "liked" fountain pens but don't remember ever owning one until the mid 90's, it's an inexpensive green Sheaffer Jr, M steel nib that writes like a dream. Well it did, until I broke the plastic barrel last year. That led to an Internet search on trying to figure out how to repair it, which led me to y'all, eBay, and lots of sites with loads of lovely fountain pens that I now had to own. Somehow. Oh and inks. Erm, lots of pens later...I'
  6. Hello, fountain pen network! I have been interested in Fountain Pens for around a year now and have decided to join the forums. The pens I have/ have used include: Pilot Varsity Panache Caligraphy Pen Lamy Safari And my most recent, the Monteverde Invincia (stealth black). It will be a pleasure to talk in further detail! -Nick
  7. Just joined the FPN and hoping to meet some more interesting people and perhaps find a few pen pals worldwide. Pen & Ink collection are a bit limited at the moment. Live in the south western bit of Virginia and currently enjoying getting into fountain pens. Current Pens: Jinhao: X450 (3x) 250 Black and red M nib 599 metal Black & Blue M nib 599A Blue Demonstrator M nib Baoer: 388 (2x) SS& Gold accent M nib Pilot: "Metropolitan" Black Matte F nib Noodlers: "Charlie" Heart of Darkness M nib "Ahab" Clear Demonstrator Flex
  8. AllieFromDevon

    Hello From Devon, England

    Hi everyone, I'm new here I have a Montblanc Meisterstuck 146 in burgundy resin, which my husband gave me 14 years ago so it's very dear to me! It's the first fountain pen I got since childhood many years ago when I had a Parker - can't remember which one, but it was brushed steel and I loved it to bits. I wandered on to this site when I googled what to do about my Montblanc which I discovered had serious cracks in the body and lid - not my fault. Anyway, that's all resolved now - I won't go into the whole story about that here! I live in Devon, England. I was astonished to discover how
  9. mr dodo

    Hello From Nottingham, Uk

    Hi everyone, I'm a student (studying Mathematical Physics) living in Nottingham, England. I got into pens about 6 months ago when I was sorting through a deceased family member's things and was given a load of Platignums, a couple of Parkers and a Sheaffer. After cleaning them and using them in classes I was hooked. I won't have the money to buy any extremely fancy pens any time soon, but I'm really enjoying the pens I was given, and a few Jinhao/Hero pens I subsequently found on eBay. As an absolute novice, I look forward to learning a lot here. Regards, Matt
  10. Hello lovely FPN people! Have been lurking here for so long but now I decided to finally join in the conversation! I am a lifelong user and admirer of fountain pens. My dad gave me my first pen, a Sheaffer 440 when I was 14 y.o. and I haven't looked back since! My actual favorite is a Platinum Izumo red which I got when I was living in Singapore. I hope that my son will inherit that pen at an adequate time. I just got a Noodler's Ahab (clear demo) and replaced the nib with a Zebra G as I am trying to work on my penmanship. All these years pounding on keyboards and not taking care of my han
  11. sparklingrabbits

    Hello From The Bay Area

    I'm a newbie and was lured by the classifieds. Lots of good info here that I need.
  12. northstar

    Hello From Iraq

    Hello all, Saying hello from Iraq, though very new here I have enjoyed what I read and have learnt a lot, and of course the "pens to buy" list multiplied by 10 suddenly. Though have admired fountain pens for long time, I have just recently decided to start a collection, it's not easy task specially in Iraq, but I will do my best, travelling in few days to another country so will try to get some new pens and inks.
  13. LocNLee

    Hello From China(Prc)

    Hello everyone, I am a senior high school student and will start my university entrance exam. I am sorry that my poor English may confuseing you.And ,I am a Chinese, living in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province,where not far from the Jinhao Factory and Hero Factory(There are in Shanghai) I like use fp because I dislike the ballpens' writing feeling, too smooth means I cannot control the pen well when I write Asian words.But maybe in today's lives ,the daily use of fountain pens maybe a little stubborn and odd;-) Because of my student's identity, I donnot have too much good pens, and most of my pens a
  14. mysterd

    Hello From London

    Hello from London, A relatively moderate fountain pen user but long time fan, I've been using fountain pens for the past ten years ever since they were mandatory in secondary school. I really like the forum and the pretty pictures, hope to post some of my own! Thank you, MysterD
  15. DQuartermane

    Greetings Programs!

    Hello Everyone! I'm Tommy from right near the gold vault here in Kentucky. Im a 33 year old wannabe writer who has begun exploring this new world of fountain pens. Fountain pens always looked amazing to me from movies and such. But they always looked very intimidating to me, with the bottled ink and all. But I was facinated by them but never really explored them until I saw a discussion on twitter. Ever since then I have begun slowly exploring more and more. Slowly because I don't think my wallet could take all the pens I want!
  16. I've had an account for a while but I've been mostly lurking up to now. I have a decent little fountain pen collection, mostly Pelikans (a couple of Toledos, a couple tortoiseshells, an M1000, etc.) plus some Nakaya, Sailor, Platinum, Namiki, and others. I love writing with fountain pens and have re-learned how to write in cursive since I started using them again (I owned a few in college, but I was active duty Army and deployed several times, so until retirement I needed things that held up well in sandy environments more than fine writing instruments). I'm now retired from the Army and a pro
  17. larsenproject


    Hi folks. I have been lurking around your forum for a while now, and I figured I'd finally join in on some conversation. Great information on this site. The coil reservoir is something I use all the time, and I found that post here. I use dip and fountain pens for a mix of drawing and hand lettering, so I may have more drawing and drafting based posts. Cheers!
  18. Taylor510ce

    Greetings From Portland, Or

    Hello everyone, and greetings from Portland, OR! I've been following the Goulets for a while, and since my fp collection has grown, I thought I'd join here to see if I could learn more. I got into fp'ing through a mentor who bought me one on a whim after teaching me the guitar. Since then I've expanded my interest to 6 pens, waxes, seals, and some beautiful inks. Currently my daily carry is a TWSBI Mini Clear Demonstrator inked up with Private Reserve's Electric DC Blue. Other pens in my collection: - Monteverde Invincia Deluxe in Rose Gold/Carbon Fiber - Jean Pierre Lepin Indigo in gre
  19. MiniMaupassant

    The Return Of Minimaupassant

    Hi everyone After a hiatus of a good few years, I am returning back to the forum. I've missed you. While I have been away, I have been using my FPs every single day, but things have changed a bit in my life. Over the last couple of years I have moved about four times (now living in central Manchester UK, which is very cool) and have set up my own business (which is also cool). You won't be surprised to learn that my business is around writing and my new logo incorporates a fountain pen. I'll post a picture when I get the image files back from the designer. I can see things have evolved a
  20. But it's a dry heat. I'm new to the forum. I have a small collection of fountain pens, which is unique since no one can read my penmanship. I have 1 Parker, which has decided to not write, 3 Baoer, several Jinhao, Sheaffer and a few no-name pens from ebay. <- Just because they look funny.
  21. How rare or special is this pen? Cannot believe this. Search for: Hello kitty ARITA YAKI Fountain pen On EBbay
  22. SirBagel_V

    Greetings From Oklahoma

    Hello everyone I am Alex but my nickname is Bagel, I am from Oklahoma and I am an avid fountain pen collector. I am new to the forum and I look forward to meeting a lot of new people!
  23. anujitroy

    Hello :)

    Hi, I'm very excited to say my first hello I'm from Calcutta, India and recently switched my city to Delhi. Professionaly I'm a director of design and a fashion editorial photographer by choice. I have been using fountain pens since I was kid, I remember, the first fountain pen I've ever used is a Parker 51. Now, I'm a Sailor man. Three things I can't live without; my Sailor Sapporo, my Moleskine and my Winsor & Newton watercolour. Greeting, AR
  24. diryrice

    Hello From Ogden Utah

    I am brand new to fountain pens. I am excited to try them and see what i can accomplish.
  25. A friend told me about FPN and thank you for allowing me to join. I love pens and fo-pens of course and love writing with them and writing letters with them and love paper that holds the ink beautifully. I'm a pennie (as my friends refer to me).

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