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  1. Dear Fellow FP users Over the years We have successfully organized many group buys. We had tremendous response for our Acrylic Group Buy on last month We are happy to introduce these :RANGA HANDMADE PREMIUM AND REGULAR ACRYLIC PENS SERIES" to FPN'ers in our Model 9B and Bamboo. These Acrylics are simply Visual stunner's. It is very ideal for Daily use, Collection and Gifting There are lot of Reviews for these Models in various FPN threads. The Highlights of these Group buy are 1. Attractive 26 colours in Acrylics 2. Wide Variety of Nib Choices 3. Two beautiful Popular Mode
  2. Dear Fellow FP users Over the years We have successfully organized many group buys. There are lot of frequent inquiries for Acrylic Versions of our Various Ranga Handmade Pens in the recent days. We are very happy to introduce these :RANGA HANDMADE PREMIUM ACRYLIC PENS SERIES" to FPN'ers in our Model 4, Model 4C and Model 5 There are lot of Reviews for these Models in various FPN threads. The Highlights of these Group buy are 1. Attractive 10 colours in Acrylics 2. Wide Variety of Nib Choices 3. Three beautiful Popular Models (4, 4C, 5) This Group Buy is Valid till 31-Ju
  3. Dear Fellow FP users Over the years We have successfully organized many group buys. We are happy to introduce these New Solid Ebonite Colours to FPN'ers . There are lot of Reviews for these Models in various FPN threads. The Highlights of these Group buy are 1. Seven solid Ebonite Colours 2. Famous Bock Titanium Nibs are included 3. Bock #8 Size 18K gold nibs are available 4. Bock Black and Red Lcquered Nibs are available 5. Various Nib Choices (German Bock / Jowo /Schmidt screw in nibs) and Various Filling Mechanism (Eyedropper/ CC Filling ) This Group Buy is Valid til
  4. Dear Fellow FP users We are happy to introduce these :RANGA HANDMADE PREMIUM ACRYLIC PENS SERIES" to FPN'ers in our Model 4, Model 4C and Model 5 The Highlights of these Introduction are 1. Attractive 26 colours in Acrylics 2. Wide Variety of Nib Choices 3. Three beautiful Popular Models (4, 4C, 5) 4. Offer Price till 31st Aug-19 Available Colours are as Below -------------------------------------------------- A.Regular Acrylic Colours (RE Series) R1. Red R2. Blue R3. Orange R4. Yellow R5. White Red Swirl R6. Green R7. Ivory R9. Blue Pearl R10.Red
  5. Dear FPN'ers, Greetings!!!! Over the years We at Ranga Pens have successfully organized many group buys. FPNer's frequently ask us to offer Famous Bock Titanium nibs for their flexible nature . We at Ranga Pens offers these nibs with our popular twelve Ranga models in 50 Ebonite Colours So this is a good time to buy our Various 12 different popular Models with Bock titanium Nibs( @ Discounted Price) in this Group Buy. There are lot of Reviews for these Models in various FPN threads. The Highlights of these Group buy are 1. Various Popular Ranga Pens (12 Models) in Various beau
  6. Dear All FPN'ers, RANGA HANDMADE PENS Introducing Premium Acrylic Pen Series in the India Pen Show with Infinite colours and Models. Please Visit us at Table number 26 in India Pen show on 2nd and 3rd Feb-19. Venue- Nehru Hall, Mumbai , India. Many more are coming. Regards, Kandan.M.P Ranga Pen Company Email: mpkandan@yahoo.co.in
  7. Hello all! I’m fifty aged, master of goldsmith from Poland. I used to make handmade weeding rings, but few months ago I started to interest in fountains pens and I found this forum. I live in unique region – Silesia and it influenced me and my work. Silesia is usually known from coal mines, but this region has changed to business and high industry center, nonetheless coal is still deep in our culture. This prompted me to make my own fountain pen - Silesia. The pen refers to the industrial tradition of the region, where I've been living for 50 years. The pen illustrates the transformati
  8. Dear FPN'ers , Good Morning!!!! We had participated in the First India Pen Show on 2nd and 3rd February-19 with tremendous response. We are happy to launch these New Limited Edition Handmade Ebonite Pens dedicating to the India Pen Show All these Ebonites are very unique , beautiful and different. We will not be making it for production run. You will be getting the same pens in the picture. We have just made 50 Pens in different Models all together. We wanted to introduce to FPN'ers first Please contact me in mpkandan@yahoo.co.in for any interest Payment : Paypal
  9. Dear All, We have made these Pens for Holi- (Festival of Colours - being celebrated in India on today) in Acrylics. The pens are awesome in hand. Hope these colour would add meaning to the festival Presenting the pictures here for our beloved FPN'ers. Comments are welcome Regards, Kandan.M.P Ranga Pen Company
  10. Dear All, Greetings!!! We are happy in introducing Ranga Handmade Acrylics Model 4C Pens with German Bock/Jowo/Schmidt Screw in Nib and German Converter to FPN'ers It comes in Two colours 1. Blue Mother of Pearl 2. Red Mother of Pearl These pens will also be available at Peytonstreetpens soon Dimension: Capped Length -App 6 Inches. Cp and Barrel dia : 16mm Our Price: 79$ Per Pen Nibs : Lot of Nib Choices in Jowo/ Bock/ Schmidt Converter: Schmidt K5 Clip: White or Gold or Clipless Payment: Paypal id mpkandan@gmail.com Making time : 2 weeks Regards, Kandan.M.P Ranga Pen Co
  11. The term 'Handmade' seems to be very loosely used by manufacturers these days. Many Italian manufacturers use the term even though their pens are turned on a CNC machine. The nibs are mostly outsourced with exceptions. The only things I understand to be done by hand are polishing, assembly and QC (if any). Handmade to me is something that is turned on a manual lathe. A few pen makers like Shawn Newton, Scriptorium pens, Ranga Pens, ASA Pens and some Japanese makers turn the pens by hand. So there is human artistry and skill involved, making each pen unique. I do understand that there is so
  12. Dear fellow FP users Here is Sweet News for FPN'ers . We have launched Sugarcane Model before 2-3 years which has created great interest among our Customer's . So we decided to do Group buy for this Sugarcane Model in two different sizes 1. Giant Sugarcane 2.Regular Sugarcane . The specialty of this Group Buy is 1. Less than 1 turn to Cap/ Uncap the pen. So Capping / Uncapping would be easier . We have put lot of efforts to do it. 2. Lot of Ebonite colours (Beautiful 39 colours) and unlimited Nib Choices (Bock/Jowo/Schmidt/Indian nib) than ever before 3. We have worked very hard for las
  13. Dear fellow FP users We have launched Ranga Model 4S & 4CS Group Buy in lots of beautiful ebonite colours. It is Slender version of our famous Models Model 4 & 4C . The specialty of this Group Buy is 1. Lot of colours as usual. It is the first group buy from us for Slender versions. 2. Price range starts from 29$ -59$. This is the great opportunity to buy these pens at great prices Capped Length -App 5.75 Inches Cap dia & Barrel Dia-14mm Section Dia- 11mm dia at Maximum thickness Model 4S- Both ends are Flat Shaped Model 4CS- Both ends are Round Shaped R
  14. KiwiPens offer up to 15% discount for all pens. This offer is valid for all handmade Indian Pens and other pens and accessories. The offer valid till 19 October 2018. https://www.kiwipens.com/
  15. Here's an YouTube Review of KIM ACR Jumbo Double ended pen by Bryan Marsh
  16. Introducing the Canada Day Limited Edition holder. This holder will be available from July 01 to July 07 (Saturday). Only 18 will be made (please limit 2 per order). (Buy Now) A certificate of authenticity will accompany each holder. Holders will be shipped 1 week from the day of the order. There are still a couple of days left to order one if you want one. They are only $38 CAD each. This holder is hand carved from laminated Pine that is then dyed red. The grip area is wrapped with white nylon string. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. - Salman
  17. Syahiindia

    Syahi Pens-India

    Hello FPN! This is only me second FPN post, so I am going to reintroduce myself- My name is Sanay Shah, and I am a 21 year old mechanical engineer and the co founder of a brand called Syahi, that handcrafts wooden fountain pens(from scratch-these are NOT kit pens. The brass parts, section, rings etc are all made in house). We are only a year old, and have released a few models in this year, taking feedback from customers each time and implementing the same. We have now arrived at a few models that we are very excited about.. there are no pictures anywhere though-they will be shown at the DC
  18. Dear Fellow FP Addicts We welcome you all to the Group-Buy of Ranga Majestic Model. Majestic is a new model of Ranga Pens. To Participate in this Group Buy. Please fill out the form in the below link and Reply to the thread with “Form Submitted” or just repost the choices in thread https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfgJyR0Qbttf8qfucTPTFaJydJDVFSaM1yqyFIBPqNYY-br6Q/viewform?c=0&w=1 MODEL: Ranga Majestic is a Handmade Giant Size pen and is available in various beautiful ebonite rod colors. The pen has a band around the cap and has black ebonite finials at the bott
  19. Hello everyone! Today I’d like to share with you a very big book I made last month. The style chosen was German Springback. It had to be A4 size and 4 cm of thickness of the paper. My first thought was: “oh my, this is going to be heavy!”. The paper chosen was Fedrigoni. This was the stack of paper I used, after cutting it to A3 size to fold it. The sheets were folded and sewn. Glue on the spine and some trimming done, it was rounded. Then I applied some backing cloth to reinforce the spine. I finished the spine by applying a couple of bookmarks, some headbands I sew off the book and
  20. Dear All, We are planning to make Matte finish finish in all of our available colours for long time. But we made it in this month only. We know there are many fans for Matte/ Bakul finish including me . We are presenting these pictures to Matte finish lovers. The pens in the picture is Model 8B. We can make any models and colours in Matte finish. Please reach us at mpkandan@yahoo.co.in for any requirements Thanks for your support Regards, Kandan.M.P Ranga Pen Company
  21. Sakura FP Gallery

    Sakura's Red Notebook !

    Our Sakura's Red Notebook arrived ! Handmade by Anna Bach and she did an excellent job ! Red leather covers, lokta end papers and 200 pages Tomoe River 52gsm. https://www.sakurafountainpengallery.com/en/boutique/new-gatzbcn-notaboekjes-amp-papier Up to something more ? The Sakura Red Springback Notebook holds 400 pages Tomoe River and opens flat in a second. A masterpiece ! https://www.sakurafountainpengallery.com/en/boutique/detail/sakura-red-springback-notebook-a5-tomoe-river-crème-gatzbcn
  22. Hi Fellow FP Addicts Welcome to Mega Group-Buy 2 of Ranga Pens This is an effort for Ranga Handmade Pens with Bock Nibs. For those who missed out on earlier group buys this is the right opportunity to buy various models from the past Groupbuy with the Bock nibs.. This Group Buy is Valid till 28-Feb-18 In order to participate in the group buy just fill the Google Form (Link Below) and Reply in the thread with "Form Submitted or just repost the choices in thread LINK: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScF0Hcwm7A8idJoGCfrj3av-c_QIdg6PLI1dWx8NBhnfNtLFQ/viewform?c=0&w=1&usp=m
  23. My first try at a notebook cover (I'm more used to bigger pieces, or knife sheaths). I have done a number of errors, and the leather I used to make the border was not thin enough, but still, I'm quite happy with it ! You can see more pictures in this gallery. I've added a steel bar in the discs to rigidify the notebook's spine, and replaced the paper by Clairefontaine's Clairing.
  24. Hello people from FPN! Recently (December 29th to be exact) I was browsing aimlessly online and ended up buying a Lamy Safari in Petrol. And that got me back into fountain pens. I was put off from fountain pens after my Sheaffer Agio was stolen at an Archaeology meeting, at that time I was writing on cheap paper that feathered and bled a lot. Because of that I didn't really enjoy the experience. After I impulsively bought the Safari I started to look for good paper here in Brazil (We can't get the normal fancy papers that everyone talks about) to fix the problem I had with the Agio. So, af
  25. Hi to all, I'm an artisan specialised in hand-crafted watches and leather accessories from Barcelona and I'l like to introduce my new series of Traveler Fountain Pen Pouches. As a keen traveller I've always carried in my bag the travel journal along a bottle of Iroshizuku ink and a Lamy. For a while I just had both the pen and the ink inside a plastic, zip bag but started to wonder how could I keep my pen in a more stylish way, specially if I took with me not the Safari but the M1000 or the Falcon... So after few iterations and thousands of km travelled I'm really happy with the result: The

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