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  1. white_lotus

    J Herbin Emerald Of Chivor 1670

    I recently received a sample of this ink. I don't normally go for glitter inks and I wouldn't get this one. It's not bad at all, and the flow is very good. Since this was a sample I can't say whether I received the proper amount of glitter bits. It sheens amazingly on Tomoe River. Pen: Edison Premiere (M-steel) Papers: MvL=Mohawk via Linen, TR=Tomoe River, Hij=Hammermill 28 lb inkjet, Rhodia=Rhodia 90g ivory. Camera: iPhone 7 No sheen on MvL or Hij. A feeble attempt to capture the sheen. It's much more dramatic in the flesh.
  2. I got a Vintage Sheaffer Fineline Lever Fill Fountain Pen in that's section wont come off. It doesn't look like it's meant to. Is there a type of Fineline that the section doesn't come off?
  3. white_lotus

    Robert Oster Spearmint

    The third of the Robert Oster ink samples I received is this green. When it comes to green, normally I like muted greens, so I was a bit surprised when I worked this review of a non-murky green and decided I liked it quite a bit. This isn't a bright green, and it leans distinctly blue. I keep thinking of it a summer grass green, the color of American grass in the warmth of summer. Spearmint is certainly another good name as the color is probably fairly close to that of the leaves of that plant. Pen: Pelikan M400 (14kt-F) Papers: MvL=Mohawk via Linen, TR=Tomoe River, Hij=Hammermill 28 lb inkj
  4. white_lotus

    Franklin-Christoph Midnight Emerald

    A while back Franklin-Christoph added some inks to their "special color" line. I'm not sure how the "special color" line relates to their "regular" line of inks. Their Midnight Emerald seems to be a darker version of the Emerald (bright green) ink. I tend to like murky greens, so I picked this one up a while back. The Midnight Emerald is a moderate valued, fairly pure green that leans strongly to blue. It's no where near as dark as Diamine Deep Dark Green or even F-C's own Loden, which is great. There's nothing really wrong with the handling, but the color is just not so interesting for me p
  5. My guess is that Cult Pens has quite a cult following in the UK. They apparently stock nearly everything they can get their hands on in the way of pens of all kinds, many inks. I have a feeling that if I spent much time on their website I'd end up with a fairly expensive cart of booty. Well they have Cult Pens ink made by Diamine. These are the "Deep Dark" inks, and they are not rebranded standard Diamine inks. The Deep Dark Brown has been rated by those in the know as the closest to the long-discontinued Parker Penman Mocha. But I personally could never justify to myself to order just a coupl
  6. Thanks to a wonderful FPN inky friend I have a very generous sample of the limited edition Noodler's ink from the 2015 Commonwealth Pen Show. Sadly, not available at all, probably for any price. I didn't find any even on ebay, but there never was much of this available in the first place. This is a nice grass green ink, with some water resistance, very fast drying especially on absorbent papers. Drier pens might be better for this ink as experienced some show through using my M-nibbed, wet, Edison Premiere. It wasn't terrible, but for those writing on both sides of the paper, to minimize a
  7. white_lotus

    Seitz-Kreuznach Palm Green

    I received some samples, and some of this ink was included. Based on comments in some other reviews most people seem to hate this color. I can't say it's a favorite of mine, but the shading isn't half bad, and there's some subtle red sheen outlining going on on TR paper. Definitely not the color of a palm tree. The handling for the ink is perfectly fine. It's not water-resistant at all. The ink was fine on better papers, but on the inkjet paper there was quite a bit of spread, and a fine wrote like more than a medium. The ink is quite bright and luminously green. It makes Ishida bungu's Ha
  8. FayeV

    Sea Foam Green Color Ink

    Do you have any recommendations for a sea foam green colored ink? My 11 yr old daughter's favorite color is sea foam green and she has asked to fill her fountain pen with a sea foam green colored ink. I don't have any in my stash and would like to pick one up for her. I poked around and have stumbled upon Diamine Soft Mint as a possibility. Would you say this is a good match for sea foam green? Or is there some other bottled ink that more closely resembles sea foam green? Another one I stumbled upon was J Herbin Diabolo Menthe, however on my computer screen, I thought this one seemed a bit t
  9. white_lotus

    Kwzi Midnight Green

    Well I don't know exactly when Midnight Green made it over to Vanness, or it became part of the generally available lineup of KWZ inks. visvamitra posted a thread in November 2015 about this ink, but it didn't have a name yet. I know I saw it at Vanness in the fall of this year. I was ordering some KWZ ink anyway, so I saw a new murky green, and of course I had to have it! When I was writing the review sheets initially it didn't seem as dark as KWZ Foggy Green, but that's not really true. It's fairly dark, and definitely darker than Rotten Green or Foggy Green, but not as dark as Sailor M
  10. white_lotus

    Kwzi Green Gold

    Well in case you don't know I'm a partisan of KWZ Polish ink. I'm usually quite happy with their inks, being wet, and I like many of the colors. KWZ has two "Green Gold" named inks, this one, and "Green Gold 2". This ink is the murky one, the one that broods but still has an inner light. I originally did this review back in April but then never took images or uploaded them. Well after a long delay, here they are. This ink is not as murky as the Rotten Green, Foggy Green, Midnight Green collection in the KWZ line. It has some similarity to the Sailor Kingdom Note Tanna japonesis "Evening cic
  11. white_lotus

    Noodler's Colorado Spruce 2016 Le

    At the 2016 Colorado Pen Show, Noodler's presented a show exclusive "Colorado Spruce". Anderson Pens acquired whatever stock remained and that is how I obtained a bottle. The ink sold out quickly and is now unobtanium. So this is for historical reference only. This is a rich dark green, fairly muted, but not like KWZ Foggy Green or Rotten Green. Distinctly green though fairly dark, so it's not like Sailor Miruai or BB Dandyism. Has perfectly decent flow and handling, some shading, and some show through on papers that don't have that as an issue. It wasn't a real problem, but bears mentioning
  12. white_lotus

    Anderson Green Bay

    Well, at last I'm getting to uploading my review of the Anderson Pens ink "Green Bay". There had been retorts that these were "dry" inks. But that doesn't seem to be the case with this ink. Good normal pen wetness I think. It was said that this ink resembles the discontinued Sailor Epinard. I only recently received a sample of the latter so can't say for certain, but this is a "spinach-y" colored green. I quite like it. It's unclear how much longer these inks will be available, probably until stocks run out. The maker of these Anderson Pens inks has discontinued operations from what I unde
  13. white_lotus

    Noodler's Army Green

    I had ordered some inks, and the shop included a free sample of this ink, Noodler's Army Green. While I usually like green inks, this one didn't capture my fancy. Nothing really wrong with it, just not my color. It shades quite well. I'm sure there are folks that will enjoy this color. A fairly interesting color drop. Not water resistant.
  14. errantmarginalia

    Kwz Hunter (Rifle) Green

    Close-up: Another close-up. I had a hard time capturing the ink's shininess. [/url] This is another ink that's very paper-dependent. Here it is on more absorbent paper:
  15. white_lotus

    Kwzi Foggy Green

    As we know, KWZ makes excellent ink in Poland and thankfully Cyber6 went to great efforts to let everyone know about this ink, arrange group purchases, and with ink lovers frothing at the mouth to the retailers, Vanness carries these inks in the US. I believe there is also a shop in Belgium as well, but I don't know the name. Other shops in the US have tried to obtain these inks, but Konrad is a very busy professor at university so his time is somewhat limited. You should seriously consider these inks if you haven't already. Foggy Green is a wonderful dark, muted green. Not as dark as Sailor
  16. white_lotus

    Sailor Tokiwa-Matsu (Evergreen Pine)

    As nearly everyone knows Sailor, a Japanese company, makes very fine pens and very fine inks. This ink came out with the most recent issue of "Four Seasons" inks a few years back. (A new release is coming soon, perhaps October 2016.) I've had this ink a while, and I'm sure I've used it, but it appears I never actually reviewed this ink. Some folks prefer their greens to lean either towards blue or towards yellow. This one leans towards blue as you might expect from being called "Evergreen Pine". Not as dark as Miruai, Tokiwa-matsu definitely shows as a green ink. So chances are you can't che
  17. "They're coming..." This time it is a good announcement of more Sailor "Four Seasons" inks. Back in February it was announced in Japan that Sailor would re-issue eight inks in the Four Season line from the past in March of this year. Everyone wondered whether these inks would be released to North America, the EU, and other places where Sailor inks are available. But initially it was "Japan-only". But at the Washington DC Pen Show Sailor reps announced that these inks would also be available in the fall. Now I don't know if this means world-wide, the US, or what. My guess is wherever the ex
  18. errantmarginalia

    Style Dee Delta Doujima Ryokkin

    Love, love, love this ink. I'm not at all sure about the translation - Chapel Island Green Gold is what showed up in Google Translate.This is an ink made by Sailor for the Style Dee shop: http://styledee.jp Close-up: Comparison: On Rhodia and Life: On Graphilo:
  19. visvamitra

    Brilliant Green - Pelikan 4001

    The 4001 ink is a well-established brand by Pelikan from the very first beginning of the company. It was first mentioned in a price-list from 1897 and proved its worth within all the years. Ink 4001 was registered as a number only, during years there was plenty of colors on the market. However in recent years the line didn't change at all. Happily Pelikan decided to invest not only in Edelstein line but also in 4001 (much cheaper) line and introduced new ink (Dark Green) in January 2016. You may find it interesting that Pelikan 4001s are the only inks that can be bought practically in every B&
  20. jasonchickerson

    Sailor — Pen And Message Cigar

    http://i900.photobucket.com/albums/ac209/jasonchickerson/_FUJ0043-Edit.jpg http://i900.photobucket.com/albums/ac209/jasonchickerson/_FUJ0041-Edit-Edit.jpg Original Crown Mill Pure Cotton Paper, dipped (top) and Lamy 2000 F/M (bottom) http://i900.photobucket.com/albums/ac209/jasonchickerson/_FUJ0046.jpg Quick wash on Original Crown Mill Classic Laid Paper (envelope) This is the brown I've been looking for. Cigar is not perfect. It looks its best on high quality, absorbent paper and looks flat and everything else, including high-end vellum (sorry, Clairfontaine Triomphe lovers). It beh
  21. errantmarginalia

    Joyful-2 Hotaka Olive

    Another lovely green: Close-up - nice shading, but no sheen: Swatch: On Rhodia and Life: If someone has this on and Tanna Japonensis, I'd be interested to see a comparison.
  22. errantmarginalia

    Maruzen Nihombashi Midori

    Oh boy. Thanks to a very generous member of FP, I'm fortunate to have been able to try a sample, and I think I've found a new grail ink. Amazing. Close up: Swatch: On Rhodia: Comparison between Graphilo (similar to Tomoe River) and Rhodia. This is one of those Sailor inks that are extremely paper-dependent. I love both versions.
  23. errantmarginalia

    Kobe #34 Sourakuen Tea Green

    I'm discovering that I like my greens complex and murky. This one definitely fits the bill! Up close: I tried to capture the 'shininess' of the ink: Swatch: On Rhodia and Life:
  24. Amirography

    Which Green?

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of getting a green ink, which I really want to be dark, have some shading going and have a good flow. But there are not much good quality video reviews on green inks that I can check out. The other problem is that I have brand limitation. I only can get one of these brands: Parker, Sheaffer, Waterman, Lamy, Caran D'ach, Mont blanc, Diplomat, Cross. I'm currently using waterman absolute brown which I really love and my pen is sheaffer 300. What do you think?
  25. errantmarginalia

    (Sailor) Ishida Bungu Hakodate Gagome

    Close-up: Compared to Cigar: Compared to Cigar on Maruman Mnemosyne: On Rhodia: Swatch:

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