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  1. Goulet Pens announced today that they are reducing prices on de Atramentis and Rohrer & Klingner inks by 20% during the month of July. No affiliation, just a satisfied customer.
  2. Hey everyone. I'm in a bit of a quandary. I've been looking at the Pilot Custom 74 demonstrator in blue, fine nib, for quite some time. I know it has been mentioned multiple times by Brian Goulet (I'm not affiliated with any supplier/retail company) as being one of his favorite pens. I like how they bundle it with the blue Noodler's ink, which after sampling I really want. So here's the deal. I can buy the pen on Amazon/ebay for about half the price. Money is an extremely important factor in my decision or I wouldn't even hesitate. Am I better off going through a trusted and known store or is spending almost half worthwhile? I need to add that the Japanese imports either don't have a converter or only come with the con-50, and I would buy a con-70 to add to the pen. The con-70 is $11.00 on Amazon. Please help me.
  3. Last February I placed an order at Goulet Pens for a couple of bottles of Bernanke Blue. Two months passed and I have not received the order. The Brazilian post tracking system informs the package never reached Brazil, what I don’t believe, since they provide such an awful service. I contacted Goulet Pens that sent a new package (no questions asked) which was delivered 28 days later. The package came with the bottles, two ink samples, a very kind letter and… a lollipop! Far exceeded expectations – that’s how a company make loyal customers! Marcelo
  4. Good day FPN, This event literally just happened a few minutes ago and I wanted to recount the details. Before I go further, I will say at the very beginning that the issues occurred in transit after leaving Goulet, this is a review of their customer service in dealing with such an incident. I'm also not affiliated with Goulet Pens in any way other than a customer who spends way too much on fountain pen supplies, but that's all of us right? So I've been ordering from Goulet Pens for a pretty long time, since before the Noodler's Ahab came out, and I've made more than a couple of orders so I know their shipping habits by now. Over the weekend I ordered a shiny new TWSBI Diamond 580 in Rose Gold (buy one here, if you like), as usual I got my shipping confirmation from Goulet first thing Monday morning when they opened. The first odd thing I noticed is USPS tracking said the item would take several days to be delivered, I live about 1.5-2 hours north of their office (in the DC area) so I'm used to my packages from them arriving within 24 hours even with regular shipping. No big deal, something must be going on with the post office. The day of delivery (according to the tracking number) arrives, and the pen does not. I check the tracking number again after receiving the rest of my mail, and see they misrouted my package to the wrong city; again, post office issue. The next day they've sent it where it needs to go and this is where things go from curiously irritating to bad. My box arrives and I open it up to find... nothing. The TWSBI box inside has the plastic case with the wrench and the booklet (you know the one I mean), but no pen. I was as crestfallen as a child without a puppy: http://i.imgur.com/W2l2zEC.jpg So I contacted Goulet Pens with a few pictures, and this is where the review starts. In less than 5 minutes I received two emails; one was an order confirmation for a replacement, the other was an email from Jeremy in customer service expressing his concern and he wanted to know more about the situation. I was also contacted by Jessica (who is a personal friend of my girlfriend, so we met each other quite recently) who recognized the order immediately. Between the three of us we discussed the state of the package, the outer box was banged up and retaped where torn, the TWSBI booklet was loose inside, there was no bubblewrap or cellophane (anyone who orders from Goulet understands this is a red flag), the TWSBI box itself was torn and taped over, and the TWSBI casing was missing tape on one side. We very quickly determined that something must have happened with the postal service, which I would not say is Goulet staff saying "oh it isn't our problem", this is a conclusion which I came to on my own from my personal inspection and past experiences and I fully believe the problem happened during transit: http://i.imgur.com/Khx5dSy.jpg http://i.imgur.com/7eMa8oI.jpg At this point, they've already packed my replacement, they even made sure the pen was inside the package and sent me a photo of it. If it arrives without my pen again, of course I must challenge USPS to a duel. I'm confident in my abilities, I'm a trained rapier fencer and a biter. I can't express enough the atmosphere of this company, it was a very human experience, no form letters or customer service templates, the interest and concern was sincere, you aren't getting the "jaded customer service rep punching a timecard" from Goulet Pens. This is also the only bad experience I've had while ordering from them, and clearly at no fault of their own. I'm preaching to the choir here for veteran Goulet customers, but this sort of personal touch is what put Brian and Rachel Goulet on the map in the first place; I think it's important to recognize that in 8 years since the company started, that core value has not changed. Goulet Pens has expanded and evolved over the years quite a bit, however they are no less personal and organic than when they were shipping out of their garage. I don't think that will ever change, because it's deeply ingrained into the company culture. I hope that the US Postal Service can do something to mitigate the damage, but regardless I am sad that this incident may have caused them a loss of profit because of the lost merchandise, that being said I appreciate them taking care of me so throughly and quickly. I can only hope that this testimonial will steer more business towards them in the future, and the potential customer base will outweigh the cost of one misappropriated package. A big thanks to Jeremy and Jessica at The Goulet Pen Company for giving 120% to taking care of the issue! Cheers.
  5. Good Morning, Everyone (well, morning in the CST anyway)! Before I start my review, allow me to preface it by saying: My handwriting is horrible. It's bad. It's horrid. It's not good. I've been told many times that I missed my calling as a Doctor based solely on my penmanship. Please do not expect my letters to be flowing, evenly spaced, in neat parallel lines. In fact, this was my biggest barrier to posting my first review, being self-conscious about my ability to write in block letters or cursive. So, on we go to the review. I ordered this pen from Goulet Pens. My path to this pen was as follows: I had a fountain pen as a child (which I lost), and later received a MontBlanc as a gift (which the gifter lost, so I married her). At the tender age of 43 I decided to buy a new one. After extensive and detailed research lasting all of 5 minutes, I ordered a Conklin Duragraph and after using it realized that I wanted something better (and also reminded myself to slow down, smell the roses and do a little more research before making a purchase). That's when I ordered the Edison Herald in Copper Flake acrylic. My Duragraph has a fine nib, which I did not like, so I bumped up to a medium nib. The pen arrived well packaged (with a Tootsie pop!) and inside was the Edison box. Comparing the giant sloppy "trying to be really nice but failing miserably" box that the Duragraph arrived in, the Edison box was right-sized, had an attractive appearance inside and out (including this for those who care about the boxes). Inside was this beauty. What a gorgeous colored pen. I had ordered a set of ink samples in dark red, and ended up buying a bottle of Noodler's Antietam to match the color of the pen. My second choice would be Diamine Red Dragon, which also matches nicely (a bit redder, a bit darker). The cap is a nice fit and the threads match up nicely (not so tight that you worry about cracking the cap). The clip is well proportioned to the pen, and is positioned so that a small bit of the top peaks out of your pocket (if you carry one in the chest pocket). I like that, as it's a conversation starter. The pen is smooth, and is lightly engraved "Edison Pen Co." over "Herald". I'm guessing it's a laser engraving. I filled the pen using the included converter, although I could set it up as an eyedropper, too. Since I was trying different inks, I stuck with the converter. I wrote with the pen posted, and unposted. I prefer unposted, because it seems to "snuggle" into my hand a little more comfortably. The ink flowed smoothly and right at the 7/10 wetness that Edison promises. The nib is smooth, and writes with a light touch (you know when you've hit the pressure sweet spot because the pen just floats across the paper). No scratchiness, not "toothy", just a wonderful nib that wants to move faster than my hand (and brain!) can write. Summary: Appearance 10/10 - Absolutely gorgeous. For full effect, get it outside in full sunlight. WOW! Wetness: 7/10 Smoothness of nib: 9/10 - It's not a slippery nib, and it's far, far nicer than the Conklin nib that I had been using. Ergonomics: 10/10 - This pen just feels nice in the hand. Warm, light, comfortable curves, the nib section is nicely contoured and fits my short, thick fingers nicely Sealing (how well the cap seals against drying out): 9/10 - I get the occasional dry start, but I think that's more the ink than it is the pen. I think the Red Dragon ink would make this a 10/10. Weight: 10/10 - I prefer a lighter weight pen because I get hand cramps on a regular basis (always have, since a small child). Overall: 9.5/10 - Not rating it a 10/10 because someday, I may find a better pen. Possibly. I'll revisit this in 10 years and maybe change it to a 10/10 :-)
  6. Hello all, I think that chinese pens can give a good writing experience for not that much money, and as considering a new pen to underline, I looked first to the Jinhaos x750 + Goulet EF nib. I don't know a lot about other chinese ones that would be suitable, but I can tell that I like the look of the Jinhao 500, even if I'm afraid by its size/weight. Does it accepts goulet/#6 nibs ? Does the nib is swappable or not ? I really have to know more about these kind of FP, I heard about Baoer, Kaigelu etc but there are surely more.. For ~20-25€ (all included), I don't know yet what to choose and I'm still searching for what would the more pleaseable to use, first to underline and then also to write some definitions, notes (at school). → I think I will use a red ink like PR fiesta red. Recommandations ? Thank you !
  7. Hi folks, this is my first post on FPN. I would like to thank everyone who has posted reviews as it made my life so much easier in selecting new pens. Here is a letter I wrote using a Noodler's Konrad Pen with Noodler's Black. I changed the flex nib out for a Goulet 1.1mm stub. The letter is not technically a review, but more my reaction to an interview of Nathan Tardif by David Goulet. However it may give you an idea on how the pen writes. I used cheap printer paper and was pleasently surprised by the results. Anyway, if you appriciciate what Noodler's stand for and enjoy there products, please post your gratification on this post. I think Nathan Tardif is an inspirational person. I hope you enjoy my letter and Long live Noodler's. P.S Please excuse my handwriting, grammer and spelling. I have to write, but I am not good at it.
  8. I was wondering if anyone has tried one of the new Goulet #6 nibs in a TWSBI Micarta. I am thinking of ordering a new 1.1 stub for my quite dry M nib on my Micarta. Anyone have any issues with this combination. Thanks all.
  9. For my first fountain pen, I am debating between a lamy vista (F/EF) or a Jinhao X450/X750 with a Goulet #6 (F or EF) nib. I like the looks of both pens, so it is a matter of performance. I will be using this pen mainly for school notes. How do the two pens compare in terms of performance, comfort, etc.? Also, how does the stock jinhao nib compare to the goulet nib? -Thanks
  10. MrsGouletPens

    Inksamplepalooza At Goulet Pens!

    Spring has a newness to it that we just can't resist! And who doesn't need some fresh, new inks for their pens? Enter the code "inkshowers14" at checkout and get 20% off individual ink samples on all purchases over $20 at gouletpens.com. Now through Tuesday, April 15. http://distilleryimage10.ak.instagram.com/8fafbd42c02a11e39f300002c9ce50c6_8.jpg
  11. Quick review on my Goulet nib: Assuming that my nib is a good representative of all the others, I think these nibs are a great value for the money. I put mine on a Nemosine Singularity that was otherwise a great pen but had a super scratchy nib. Now it is beautiful, writes really smooth, and is a total joy to use. And, that two-tone is really classy looking. :-) I say that if you are looking to replace a #6 nib, this would be my first recommendation. Also, I really like the Goulets and I would rather have their logo on my pen than any other company. A few more writing examples: And some poorly done pictures of the nib itself: Btw, I bought this nib with my own money and I am in no way affiliated with Goulet Pens. All opinions expressed above are strictly my own and you are totally allowed to respectfully disagree with them.
  12. Recently I placed an order from iSellPens.com. I opted for isellpens over Goulet Pens, and I don't regret it one bit. No, I may not have gotten a Tootsie pop – even better. I managed to get some money after selling one of my old textbooks on eBay, so I decided I would treat myself to a bottle of Diamine Denim, Noodler's Black, a Pilot Metropolitan and a few other small things for school. Not a big order by any means, but it got to me quicker than I could believe. I placed my order on a Friday, and it was here Monday morning without my spending a small fortune on shipping, unless $3 is considered a small fortune. (5% off my order, too!) Being a student just starting off, I was incredibly excited to open up my order when it arrived. I opened up the box and...."did Todd mess up my order?" Nope! Without requesting anything, he was so incredibly kind as to include a few ink samples with a 17 year old guy's order! – Now – as you can imagine, I was excited to get a Metropolitan and two bottles of ink, but receiving those on the side absolutely made my day. ––– That's not all though. The way in which Todd packaged my order was unbelievable. He included a hand-written note inside of the Fort-Knox-tough package –– a great added touch. I e-mailed back and forth with Todd a bit and soon realized what an outstanding guy he is. He is a man of great integrity, faith, and honesty with an interest in his customers. It's a small family-run business, but that's what I really like about it. He truly cares about his customers and runs an honest business where he does his best to provide great prices and service. I just want to encourage those on this awesome community to check his website out and support small businesses like his that may not always have the same benefits as the larger ones on the block. He truly is a great guy. Those are my thoughts, anyway. Thanks!
  13. Guest

    Ink Drop Exchange

    This thread is for GouletPens.com Ink Drop subscribers to exchange inks between themselves. I dip tested all 5 of the Chocolates from this month and ended up liking the Diamine Rustic Brown and have used most of it so I am keeping it but the other four are full since I only dipped a clean pen into each to try a few sentences. The four available are: Noodler's Polar Brown, Pilot Iroshizuko Ina-Ho, Pelikan Brown, and Pelican Absolute Brown. What I am interested in is: Blacks, Blues, Purples, Reds, and Diamine Rustic Brown. If you have a full bottle of Diamine Rustic Brown and could part with a couple sample size goulet vials worth or even the entire bottle if you bought it and don't like it and would be interested in trading that for the four samples that would be preferred.
  14. Let me preface this by saying that I have no idea if this is the correct forum to post this in, but none of the others seemed to fit exactly. I recently received a gift card for Levenger Pens, worth $75. I want to use this to buy a pen, but Levenger does not carry any of the brands I prefer. For those who do enjoy the products sold at Levenger's site, I wondered if you would like to swap a gift card for a website I can use, mainly gouletpens.com or nibs.com, for the levenger gift card I have. Or even if you do not have a gift card for those places and are simply looking to buy something from Levenger's, I would much appreciate it if we could arrange for you to purchase a card from one of those sites in exchange for the Levenger card, just to help me out. I know that this is an odd request, but I would very much appreciate it if anybody could help me out here. I don't want to waste $75 on a pen I do not need.
  15. TheAkwardNinja

    Goulet Sales?

    Does anyone know about future sales from gouletpens.com this cyber Monday or near Christmas time? Thanks!!
  16. archi77

    Goulet Ink Drop ?

    Just curious if anyone here subscribes to the Goulet Ink Drop? http://www.gouletpens.com/Ink_Drop_s/795.htm For those that don't know, it's a subscription where you get (5) 2ml vials of ink mailed to you every month. They select the colors, based on the season, the holidays, etc. There's also some "perks" to membership, I guess, like some deals that nobody else sees, advanced notice of sales, and such. The reason I ask is that individually priced, I can buy (5) 2ml vials for less than this subscription (although I would have to pay shipping, too)... more work on my part, yes, but money is money. Just curious if others have participated, if you thought it was worth the money, and what your general thoughts were on the whole experience. I am intrigued by the amount of inks I could aquire very quickly, that's for sure!
  17. So I just bought a Lamy Safari and converter - first FP ever. The first ink up was with an ink sample I got from Goulet - Sargasso Sea. Beautiful! But, when filling the pen up I absolutely could not figure out how to get much ink in at all. In my attempts to do so I spilled a good bit down the ol' sink. I'm wondering if there is a "method" to filling these babies up from the sample vials. I did a forum search for this and there appears to be solutions,but not ones that work for my Lamy Safari. I don't believe I could do the eye dropper thing since it has to go through the little hole on the feed. I doubt I could be so accurate - I have a vision of it splattering everywhere!
  18. Hey FPN'ers, I just made a post over on the G+ fountain page about making a case for carrying around four ink bottles to gage response, and one of the users made a really interesting suggestion. He said he wouldn't want anything the size of a actual glass bottle, but would want something more like the Goulet ink sample vials. I think his suggestion is awesome and would work with the design I already make for my pen cases. What I would like to know is how many ink vials would people want to be able to carry around with them? Also, if you would want a different type of marterial from the fleece/raw silk combo? I also think it would be worth while, if there are more than two ink vials, to include a strip of vynal type material above the ink vials so that users could write the ink name on a small label and place it there and easily remove/apply a new label when they change their regular inks. What do people think? Would anyone be interested in that? Cheers, Phil
  19. InkedQuills

    Ink Case Creation

    Hey FPN'ers, I just made a post over on the G+ fountain page about making a case for carrying around four ink bottles to gage response, and one of the users made a really interesting suggestion. He said he wouldn't want anything the size of a actual glass bottle, but would want something more like the Goulet ink sample vials. I think his suggestion is awesome and would work with the design I already make for my pen cases. What I would like to know is how many ink vials would people want to be able to carry around with them? Also, if you would want a different type of marterial from the fleece/raw silk combo? I also think it would be worth while, if there are more than two ink vials, to include a strip of vynal type material above the ink vials so that users could write the ink name on a small label and place it there and easily remove/apply a new label when they change their regular inks. What do people think? Would anyone be interested in that? Cheers, Phil

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