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  1. http://i57.tinypic.com/dztoj5.jpg http://i61.tinypic.com/14uus68.jpg http://i62.tinypic.com/352ekao.jpg http://i57.tinypic.com/2dkk2me.jpg http://i61.tinypic.com/246uyqq.jpg
  2. Dear All I purchased a pen long time back on insistence of my wife, yeah there are certain things in life you cant say no to. The pen is Golden Dragon - "Jinhao 1200". I am actually very happy with the pen that i bought for Rs. 350 ( US $6) only thing that sometimes bothers me is the color but yeah it actually wants attention from people some positive some negative. But if you talk about the pen writing experience its a killer. Following is my handwritten review along with some images. The coverter supplied with the pen hold okay amount of ink not great but acceptable. Following are
  3. I was recently looking through my stationary and stumbled across a fancy-looking pen. Since I have no clue what the pen is other than it's a ballpoint I was wondering if some kind person could identify it.. Here Are Some Details: It's mainly back with gold rings at the top and center, it has a gold tip and clip with a blue ocean-like background in the middle which then fades back into black. On the clip it reads L'Plume which I can only guess is the brand. But when I search that on the internet all I find is fountain pens by that brand and can't find any information or pictures of this pen.
  4. jandbmac


    I have my fathers parker pen with Morrison engrafed on the clip and lever There is also a Capitol M with filaree engraved around the M. Morrison was not my fathers name. The pen is also gold covered as shown on the page when you first log on to FPN. I have attached photos Any ideas as to the value of something like this?
  5. khris210

    Hello From Norfolk, England

    I've had a Parker 65 fountain pen for more than 30 years (12ct rolled gold, English made) I recently aquired a matching ball pen and pencil for £20 each and almost instantly lost the ball pen. On looking for a replacement, I found a gold 180 fountain pen and ball pen set (made in the USA) for £40. Is this the beginning of the end? I seem to have paid a very reasonable price for the 180 set, looking at Ebay. I also have an elderly Platignum which actually writes very nicely. I can upload some pics if that would be of any interest.
  6. Hi everybody, I'm new here so I am not very sure whether I've placed this topic correctly. I hope I have, if not, please accept my apologies. Here goes the question: Would you choose a Kaweco Sport or a Hero 200? Provided (obviously) you have at least tried both. Both pens are pretty cheap (I know Jinhaos and Some Noodler's are cheaper). I've heard good things about both and I want to try some gold (or gold plate). Thanks a lot in advance for your attention. Cheers
  7. I visited a flea market a few days ago and bought a Cross Century set for $43. The price in my opinion was really good and the case and mechanical pencil was a bonus. After a little inspection I found some interesting markings on both of them. Both the fountain pen and the pencil were made in Ireland. I found on the net that if the fountain pen was made in Ireland it is from around 1982. Obviously they are the gold filled versions but there is not inscription like on my USA made ballpoint "-1/20 12kt gold filled". I checked the hallmarks used in Ireland but found nothing similar to these. O
  8. Hi, I'm am new to this forum but have been a regular follower with help to my small collection. I've just added to it today with the purchase of the 18ct Parker 51 pen/pencil set. After purchasing it, I took it to a pen expert who informed me that the pen looks exactly like a 51, with an authentic 51 nib/filler/ all plastic parts. One of the reasons I thought about before buying the set is that it didnt make since for it to be faked. The gold scrap would be about £300, and the costs to manufacture a one off gold fake would outnumber the cost that I paid for the pen. However, he informed
  9. james choi

    Repairing A Gold Filled Metal Wahl

    Hi, I have Gold Filled Wahl. I got this vintage pen and tried to disassemble it, but the section doesn't come off. I tried soaking in warm water and heating the section before trying to pull it, however, none of that worked. How do I disassemble this all metal pen? Is it harder to disassemble a fountain pen with metal sections?
  10. emileh

    Parker 45 Pen Won't Flow

    So recently my father gave me his old Parker 45 (with gold nib) as he thought I needed a "decent pen". Unfortunately though, despite many attempts- cold water, various cartridges,etc- we can't get it to flow very well. Admittedly, it's not the newest of pens and has sat unused in a drawer for the past few years. Whenever I try to use it it cuts out mid flow or just doesn't write at all- the ink's just not flowing right. Any ideas on how to get it 'running' again? Thanks, Emily p.s sorry if this is in the wrong place, I'm new here
  11. Hi! Need your help here to identify this Parker ballpen... name of the edition, maybe year and price. Thanks a lot, you guys!
  12. yogalarva

    Private Reserve Shoreline Gold

    I thought it would be nice to start the week with a review of a bright, sunshiny color: I like Private Reserve inks as a whole. They have some really nice, saturated colors and are quite similar to Diamine in terms of overall good behavior. This one, though, I am just not excited about at all. It was a bit dry (though that could have been my pen - the stub for my Lamy Safari is overall dry), it’s a light color that I would never have a use for, and it just wasn’t spectacular enough to wow me. On the plus side, it did have a touch of water resistance, which I did not expect for such a
  13. Thanks to Ben, an excellent FPN member who responded to my classified, I was finally able to upgrade my workhorse Vista with a 14 kt bicolor nib. The nib is solid gold with platinum coating and was originally installed on a Dialog 3. My first impressions are very positive: the nib is both springy and flexible and for some reason is much wetter (even with R&K iron gall) than my steel nibs. I will provide a fuller update after I have used the pen a few weeks,but I really like this combination and have not even touched my Lamy 2000 since my new nib arrived. I also upgraded to a z-26 converter
  14. Hello Followers! Although these pieces are usually only available upon request and take about 3 months, until July the 4th you will be able to receive them in 2-3 days! Here are the Limited and Exclusive Editions we are going to count with these two weeks! St Dupont Horse Prestige Limited Edition Fountain Pen http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0204/1770/products/ST-Dupont-Horse-Lim.-Edition-Fountain-Pen-Chinese-lacquer-Gold-5_1024x1024.jpeg?v=1403648356 St Dupont Metropolis Limited Edition Fountain Pen http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0204/1770/products/S.T.-Dupont-Fountain
  15. Hello people, I am now chasing nibs (since I'm too poor to afford another pen). I have a Pelikan M200 which writes smoothly, never skips or hard starting (albeit underlining stuffs is the equivalent of asking someone to jump off a bridge, can't do it without major skippings but I /don't really/ mind for now). A man in the shop in which I bought this pen recommended me the Pelikan M600, if one day I would like to upgrade to something more classy, it has the right size and all... BUT, that would also mean that I'd have to spend ~$400 for one! So since I know that Pelikan's Souverän serie
  16. Zoe

    Broken Lever, Vintage Pen

    I have a pen, very small, that is probably best described as a ring top. Someone played with it and broke off the lever. Under a magnifier, I also noticed the 14k nib is misaligned. The body may also be gold. Can a lever be replaced? And if so, who could do work like this? Many thanks.
  17. Hello there people! First of all, this is not a formal review, but i try and provide the needed information with suitable pictures! Its a light read sprinkled with just the right amount of information! So, I bring to you the review of my Parker Frontier fountain pen! I know that it's too old a model to interest many of you but hey! Old is gold right?? Every pen becomes one with its user! So I've heard...well, that's too much intimacy now! But, i decided to write a review of mine for two reasons: 1) I like this pen so much that while i was writing with it, i thought i should give it the testi
  18. Jamerelbe

    Toucan Gold Ink

    The Toucan ink with the most auspicious sounding name - but sadly not the most auspicious looking ink. Sitting somewhere between orange and yellow (I suspect it's a combination of the two), it's dark enough to be legible - just barely - but wouldn't make for the most comfortable reading. You'll notice I've deliberately used wetter pens to get a darker, more visible line (especially the Noodler's Nib Creaper) - but still it's not the most saturated of inks!! This scan probably does the ink some favours - it's a little lighter in real life - but I think it gives a reasonable impression of th
  19. Alexcat

    Help With Identification

    Hi, Im pretty new to the collection bug but it as bitten me.....hard.... I got two Watermans(Watermen?) on eBay, new, and have no idea what the models are. One ...the blue one....came in a set with a rollerball, the other silver one single. Both have medium nibs and write beautifully but I'd like to change to a fine nib. I've taken a couple of photos....any suggestions very welcome, and apologies if Im asking something obvious....be gentle, Im new....
  20. Hi everybody ! I recently bought a montblanc 144 on ebay and I wanted to be sure It is a real one. The seller have a few positive reviews but not for selling pens. I paid 120 $ for it. I think it is genuine but I would like the confirmstion of you community experts ! -The nib passes the magnet test ( so it is likely solid gold but not 100% sure ) - THERE IS NO PIX ENGRAVEMENTS. -There is a serial number - it writes OK. - Came with a threaded converter - BROAD nib ( supposed to be ) - Two tone nib Here are the pictures :
  21. Guest

    Waterman 512 Psf 14K Overlay

    I have made posts about this pen before mainly for repair information. In the research I have done for the pen I have not found a definite date. I find dates of between 1908 and the late 1920s. I never got a reply from Waterman when I emailed them about it. Might anyone have definite documentation on this pen which can be seen in the link below? This is not my pen but a better picture of the pen in question. Mine is apart right now for sac replacement. http://www-personal.umich.edu/~him/Wat14K/Wat14k_3.jpg
  22. I was unable to edit my other posting about this so I made this one. Basically I am in need of the clip shown in the image I have attached. This is the same exact cap as on my pen. I also need suggestions on where to go to have the cap returned to its original round shape as it was evidently slightly damaged somehow and is slightly out of round.
  23. aytri

    Dunhill Ad2000 Repair

    Hi all, I've recently acquired what I believe to be a Dunhill AD2000. It wasn't the best writer, so I flushed it with water and took it apart for a good soaking. Whilst flushing, I noticed the converter seemed to "stick" a little and was reluctant to take up water. It also has a medium gold nib, which is slightly bent. The pen WILL write - I just get the feeling it could be a lot better if I could fix these little niggles So two questions really: 1. Where can I buy a new converter? I'm sure they'll only be a couple of quid so I figure it's worth replacing. 2. Is it possible to b
  24. Appelboompen

    Help Me Identify This Cross Inkwell!

    Hi fellow FPN'ers, Does anyone of you guys know what kind of model this Cross inkwell is, and probably the history? I think the cap is made of 18ct (14ct?) gold and the bottle of glass (?) The weight of the inkwell is 700 grams, so very heavy! The inkwell had a price tag of 395 euro and was found in a closet in our office, nobody knows how its ended up there! Thanks for the comments!
  25. Has anyone seen a Dutch Netherlands 18 carat (750) gold hallmark on a recently made solid gold Montblanc pen? I am used to seeing the 750, STOD, and the two smaller stamps on solid gold examples online. I am also familiar with the similar vermeil and silver hallmarks (Ag 925, STOD, and two smaller stamps) on two Montblanc pens I own (75th pinstripe, and a vermeil). However, the example I am considering has STOD and Au 750, but instead of the two smaller stamps I see a larger stamped rectangular box, with cropped corners, with a rose and the number 750 inside, as depicte

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