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  1. Bighow1100

    Cross Disney Gold Pen@ 1990

    I'm trying to find a value on a cross gold pen with Mickey Mouse on the clip. I appreciate any assistance.
  2. Hi all! This is my first post on the Montblanc forum. I'm interested in the white lacquer Solitaire Classique in either the rose gold or rhodium finish. However, as I've read that rose gold is not sturdy and wears easily, I'm concerned that the pen would lose its plating, not just on the nib but on the entire section. Is this something I should be concerned about given how expensive the pen is? And would the rhodium/platinum plating be sturdier and less prone to wear? I really love this pen's finish, but am concerned about how well it would hold up. Thanks for your help!
  3. I have happened across, what I have discovered to be a #35 Lucky Curve, with gold-plated floral relief. I have been unable to find its orginal cost and have only been able to find pictures of it (fortunately!), to determine what it is. It was purchased in 1907, as indicated by the engraving on the indecia states: "Glennie Biggs Feb 12, 07". I have not been able to find any relevant current values, despite it, on other sites, being referred to as "very rare". The nib is broken but other than that the pen has very little wear. Kind people please help me!
  4. Nillermon

    Wat Sheaffer Pen Is Theis?

    I got this old Sheaffer from my mom. I cant find this pen anywhere om the webs. It is gold plated, the lower part is gold plated silver and top is gold plated brass. The ring says: SHEAFFER "Crown" U.S.A. D.L. My mom got about 40 years ago.
  5. VaderStarlight

    Parker 45 Insignia

    My dad gave me this Parker 45 Insignia and its a very good writer,i know its a rare pen but i want to know more about it. Also i want to know what is the best ink tho use in it,i use Parker Quink Solv-X and it good but i know that there are better inks out there.
  6. The Good Captain

    Diamine Shimmer Inks - First Impressions!

    Having had samples of some of these amazing inks since May, it has taken a lot self-control not to leak any images of them. So it was great to get the go-ahead from Diamine earlier this week, and we're allowed to put up some more detailed information on Friday 28th August, 2015. That's TODAY! Now, there have some changes over the last few months and some colours have been altered and decisions made about whether there should be gold or silver particles in any particular one but the people at Diamine did listen to those of us who passed comments and opinions and the resultant ten colou
  7. There is a wise catch-phrase coined by the seminal 90s British sitcom Spaced. "Skip to the end." And so I will: This is the single best pen I have ever owned, ever held, ever used. It is so good that it has made me believe - maybe just a little bit - in the old, oft-told myth of The One Pen. There. Good. I uttered the sacrilegious words. Now that they are free and I am free too we can backtrack a bit (as I take a deep breath) and I can attempt to explain how this little cylinder of rosewood, ebonite and gold caused the furnaces of hell to freeze to ice. As some of you will remember, th
  8. We read a lot about gold nibs being more flexible, but a steel nib can be just as flexible as a gold nib, if it's thin. Flex: It's true that 18k gold metal is about half as stiff as steel. So for identical dimensions an 18k gold nib is about twice as flexible as steel. But dimensions are very important too. For a given metal, the nib stiffness is proportional to width multiplied times the cube of thickness. The cube here means than reducing thickness by only twenty percent will double the flexibility of the nib. In other words, a steel nib can have the same flex as a gold nib
  9. The Good Captain

    Diamine Shimmer Inks - First Impressions!

    Having had samples of some of these amazing inks since May, it has taken a lot self-control not to leak any images of them. So it was great to get the go-ahead from Diamine earlier this week, and we're allowed to put up some more detailed information on Friday 28th August, 2015. That's TODAY! Now, there have some changes over the last few months and some colours have been altered and decisions made about whether there should be gold or silver particles in any particular one but the people at Diamine did listen to those of us who passed comments and opinions and the resultant ten colou
  10. I've got a number of vintage Watermans, and I notice that the nibs labeled "New York" (and one "Canada") are turning rainbow-colored. This doesn't seem to have happened with the newer nibs, but I wondered if anyone's seen this before. More importantly, would a scrub with baking soda restore the color? I'm mostly using Sailor Bungbox Eel in these pens - it's a great color. I'd hate to have to abandon it.
  11. Hi everyone, I am looking for a gold toned ink that won't be too light on paper. I have seen someone using a nice golden metallic-looking ink but I wasn't courageous enough to ask I have seen the swatches for golden brown by Noodler's and Diamine and love these colors! But I was wondering if you could recommend some gold inks that are not so brown, and maybe easily available? Any thoughts? Thanks!
  12. Hi Guys, I'd like to start playing around with some "home-made maki-e", i.e., experimenting with shellac lacquer and some metal dust to see if I can get some basic maki-e style patterns. Problem is, I have no idea where to get metal powder. A google search gives only providers of metal powders for industries. It's especially hard to find reliable sites that sell gold dust. But I'd like to experiment with silver, copper and bronze dust as well. Any ideas? thanks, Fabio
  13. I am returning to fountain pens after a thirty year absence and have just fallen for a Parker Sonnet with a gold plated nib. It is smooth and easy straight off the bat whereas the solid gold nib Sonnet I tried was somewhat scratchy on first blush. I’m still thinking of getting the solid gold nib as I’m under the impression that after some use the solid gold will write smoother than the gold plated. Am I mistaken thinking that fountain pens like shoes where the best shoe is a little more uncomfortable at the beginning (a pair that fits just right at the beginning will be too large once they are
  14. First, If this is in the wrong forum or considered advertising, please, by all means remove it. I have no affiliation with the seller, I was just wondering if anybody had found any pen with a solid gold nib for cheaper. Anyway, the pen is a Hero 711 with a 10k solid gold nib. Yes, it is only 10k, but still, it is solid gold. And the price??? $16. $16!!!!!!! Has anybody seen a solid gold nibbed pen for cheaper than this one? Ebay link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Hero-711-Black-Chrome-Cap-Fountain-Pen-New-In-Box-10kt-Solid-Gold-Nib-/230799200250?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item35bcb44ff
  15. DominikIsAdictedToFountainPens

    How Rare Is This Waterman Hemisphere Finish?

    Not long ago as a present, my grandfather gave me his old(at least 12 years old) Waterman Hemisphere fountain pen.After doing some research I found out that the finish I got is unenviable on the official site.The pen's barrel and cap are a dark blue colour and the clip and other finishes are golden.In addition on the box it says Leganza. Can someone tell me more about how rare the finish is and a bit of backup information?
  16. One of my favorite inks is R&K Alt Goldgruen. It is a moderately wet ink, but even though it is wet, I found that it does not have good lubrication and does not seem to flow freely. I generally use Japanese and Indian F and M nibs on generic paper and notebooks (75 gsm). I have cleaned the pens and found the problem in a few other pens. I want to ask whether others face the same problem or whether it happens only to me
  17. Hello , Can you help me to identify this french model in massive gold ? greetings from France.
  18. I'm somewhat new to non-student fountain pens, so I had done a bit of research before hand before picking a 'vintage' pen to go with, and as per the recommendation of two friends of mine (one of which being the one that restored mine) I went with a Sheaffer Snorkel. It's a nice American made pen that's older than either of my parents. The one I got here is a Sheaffer Snorkel Admiral (circa 1953 based on some of the insides), won it for $41 when there was only a minute left and I was already annoyed at being out bidded for all the other snorkels (I wanted to get something like the burgundy r
  19. coyot51

    Jotter Identification, Please!

    Hi, there. Jotter fan here. Please, may you help me indentifying those 3 ones? Like name of the edition, the year(s) and maybe price if I want to buy/sell it on eBay Should be very nice of you, fellaz. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7Twgug_wJFVbmdnWUlsWnkyVFU/edit?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7Twgug_wJFVT0RjWWR2U055VkE/edit?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7Twgug_wJFVYWRVd3ZkeHkxejQ/edit?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7Twgug_wJFVQlJRcnFyZkx3bTg/edit?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7Twgug_wJFVdkFXc2lQRGRRXzA/edit?usp=sharing ht
  20. Hello! Please, I need your expertise to identify those 2 patterns. Need name of the edition (or pattern), maybe year and estimated price of sale (I may sell on eBay, not here). Thanks you very much for your concern (and sorry for my bad English).
  21. I used a dip nib with Stormy Grey this morning for the first time. Its a very very wet ink! It also feathered on Rhodia as a result. Based on experiments here https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/283167-glitteratipearlmica-and-e415/page-2 I trialled the Experiment 6 concentrate in J Herbin Stormy Grey. Here are the results. Pics of vial bases are just 1 min after shaking. In cases of direct comparison, the first pic is Stormy Grey a la naturel, the second pic is Stormy Grey x Xanthan concentrate blend. The Xanthan blend feathers less and offers far better gold distribut
  22. I've been bitten by the fountain pen bug. It started when I lost my parker Jotter, and bought a Parker IM to replace it, and then continued to search for that perfect pen with the perfect feel. During my journey into the world of pens, I became convinced that if I find the right pen (Pelikan or TWSBI), the right paper (Rhodia or Ampad Gold Fiber), the right ink (J. Herbin Lierre Sauvage or Waterman Green), and right nib (still unknown), I'll become proficient in any foreign language I intend to study, maybe I'll even become a famous author....therefore I have a vested interest in finding t
  23. I have a Pelikan Demonstrator which came with the M200 Fine nib. This nib is steel with gold plate. I decided to see what the M400 nib would be like and ordered an Extra Fine nib knowing that gold nibs write slightly broader. I have been extremely disappointed to say the least. The 14c M400 EF nib writes like a broad nib. The lines are wide and it is annoying since it is suppose to be an EF nib. I contacted Chartpak and did a nib exchange and the replacement seems to be as broad. (which makes me sceptical if it was actually replaced). My question is, has anyone else had similar experiences
  24. jasonchickerson

    Rohrer & Klingner - Alt-Goldgrün

    Here's another of my favorites. It is incredibly difficult to capture this incredible ink in photos. Forgive the comparison to Verdigris; I have too few green inks. Reasonable care was taken to ensure color accuracy. The Warbler was done with Alt-Goldgrün, J. Herbin Cacao du Bresil and a touch of J. Herbin Terre de Feu in a Stillman and Birn Gamma sketchbook. Any resemblance between the ink swab and le decolletage (or any other anatomical feature) was purely accidental.
  25. Hey guys! So, I have 6 or 7 pens on the $30 range and of course, they dont come with a gold nib. I like drawing with my FP and I also like flex nibs. What is your experience with a gold nib? Do they right better or just different than steel? Any recommendations for a gold nib under 150? Best!

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