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Found 7 results

  1. Usernameistaken

    Part Name

    I know this is a very basic question for you all, but can someone please tell me what this part for a rollerpoint is called? Thanks very much, James http://www.jamesburger.com/new/pen-tip.jpg
  2. Hello, Everyone. I just returned from an Easter visit with my parents. My father handed me a cardboard box and said "Here's some stuff I'd like for you to have." There was a box full o' family history with correspondences to and from my Grandfather who was killed in WWII, and his wife (my grandmother, who passed away a few years ago). Also, there is a diary, an address book, war memorabilia, postcards, and (the main reason for me posting here today!) some fountain pens. One of them is a greenish grey plastic/celluloid with a clip that is fairly rusty and reads "Eve.......", which I believe will be Eversharp, if I clean the rust off and it's not too far gone. The nib reads 'Gilbert" in script over "Kromex" over "205". It looks to be a gold plated nib. The pen body has 2 sections, threaded together. When you remove the back half, there is a little "plunger" plastic piece that moves up and down. I'm fairly new to fountain pens, so please bear with me on the descriptions! I am familiar with lever fillers (there were 3 of those in the box in rough shape), cartridge/converter fillers and the one piston filler that I have (from Bexley). I've never had plunger filler (is that what it is called?) before. Can someone help ID the model of the pen (if there is one) and maybe the approximate year (should be prior to 1947). Also, sorry for the cruddy photos. Just got home from a 2 hour drive and my back is killing me.
  3. Hello for the THIRD time, o mighty experts on fountain pens Today, in my newbie buying frenzy, I spent $8.00 on this Epenco lever filler. It's DEFINITELY a gold plated nib The ink sac came out in 1 piece (well, two if you include the "collar" attached to the nib/feed section). The clip has "EPENCO" on it (along with some corrosion), and the band on the cap is faceted (kind of cool! Also a little corrosion). Lever is gold plated, also with a little corrosion. I really like the color and condition of the celluloid body, which is why I purchased it. The nib is losing some of it's gold plating and is stamped "EPENCO" over "NEW YORK" over "US PATS" over "2054306" and "25054307" over "MADE IN USA" I have only two questions for this one. Question #1: Any idea how to remove the "collar" of the old in sac shellaced into place on the nib/feed section? Question #2: What's the best way to determine the sac size for this one? The old sack is as hard as a rock, and I'd like to keep this pen as a writer.
  4. Hi everybody, I'm new here so I am not very sure whether I've placed this topic correctly. I hope I have, if not, please accept my apologies. Here goes the question: Would you choose a Kaweco Sport or a Hero 200? Provided (obviously) you have at least tried both. Both pens are pretty cheap (I know Jinhaos and Some Noodler's are cheaper). I've heard good things about both and I want to try some gold (or gold plate). Thanks a lot in advance for your attention. Cheers
  5. Okay, so today I hit an Estate Sale and snagged a Pacific Pen and Pencil set. Both cleaned up quite nicely and the brass looks good also, but I've never heard of this .....what ....9th tier, lol, company? I have not been able to find one single reference to either pen or pencil and nothing for Pacific. I'm at a complete loss. The nib is the basic Supreme 14K Gold Plate and the pen needs a new sack. Pencil needs lead, lol. The color is beautiful and the emblem looks to be a laurel with a P in the middle. Can't find any info anywhere on this!! Has anyone ever heard of such an animal? The nib says nothing of the size, so no clue what size it is. I may have gotten taken on this grouping, but hoping it writes well. Not a real flexible nib, but in good shape. Any thought would be be appreciated!! (The dark clip is on the pencil.) Attached Images
  6. I would like to know if there is a way to tell if a nib is solid gold or just gold-plated (without scratching the nib)?
  7. Hello there people! First of all, this is not a formal review, but i try and provide the needed information with suitable pictures! Its a light read sprinkled with just the right amount of information! So, I bring to you the review of my Parker Frontier fountain pen! I know that it's too old a model to interest many of you but hey! Old is gold right?? Every pen becomes one with its user! So I've heard...well, that's too much intimacy now! But, i decided to write a review of mine for two reasons: 1) I like this pen so much that while i was writing with it, i thought i should give it the testimony it deserves on my part! and 2) It has got a damaged nib and still it writes perfectly without a scratch! I know its not a very special pen. It is available readily and easily, and is quite inexpensive too, but, beauty (and performance!) in simplicity is THE thing about this pen! Many of you who own this pen and like it, must know what i am talking about! As mentioned in the title, my pen has a gold plated fine-turned-medium nib with other features, also mentioned. But of course the pen comes in a variety of nib sizes and body finishes such as Matt-black, brushed chrome with silver accents e.t.c. LOOKS AND FEEL: This baby is a solid metal pen! With the sleek brushed chrome design and the golden colored arrow-head metal clip and other golden accents..it has got pretty much everything going on for it in the matters of looks and feel! The chrome body has a nice rounded-off feel with just the right amount of texture of brushed chrome that feels silky but not slippery! Its juicy! The Head to toe view! http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2874/9340080017_7593947d90_z.jpg C360_2013-07-22-15-15-31-690 by deathadder_44, on Flickr The toe to head view! http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7444/9340085169_d78952d395_z.jpg C360_2013-07-22-15-15-20-124 by deathadder_44, on Flickr UPON REMOVING THE CAP, a friendly looking gold-plated nib smiles at you! It lies along with the feed in a plastic grip section. The feed is a screw-fitted one, so be careful not to pull it out just like that! You might break it and thus, ending your beautiful relationship with the pen! You can unscrew it like a normal screw and it will come out easily. The nib is sort of "attached" to the feed by two "hooks" on each side into which the nib clicks in place, which also makes aligning the nib and feed very easy because once you properly "hook" the nib in the feed, it will stay there in a way it is meant to stay! Now, is it sweet or is it sweet?! The pen; Uncapped! http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5449/9342869402_1e819eab0d_z.jpg C360_2013-07-22-15-10-08-955 by deathadder_44, on Flickr The nib and feed! Sorry i did not separate the nib and the feed as the pen was already inked up and i did not want things to get messy by separating the nib and letting the ink flow around the cloth rag! http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5349/9340127445_ef359bcca6_z.jpg C360_2013-07-22-15-13-53-301 by deathadder_44, on Flickr THE NIB that i had in this pen was a "fine" one, but now it writes medium. Here's how it happened. One fine day while writing with it, i kept it aside for a moment to get to a book, but, the luck had its way and the pen rolled off my desk hitting the edge of the drawer on its way down. Praise be to the heavens that the pen did not hit the ground with the nib facing down! (it hit sideways). But, when i picked it up, i saw that the damage had been done by the drawer. Which pinched my heart. The writing end of the nib had bent a little with the tines being displaced away from each other. I applied some pressure and carefully straightened the bent part and pushed the tines toward each other to be aligned and fortunately they snapped in place with a satisfying click! But, when i wrote with it..the nib had changed! It was more wetter and drew a broader line than earlier by which i was actually happy! However, it did loose a bit of its smoothness but it does not bother at all because the difference is very minute. THE NIB THAT WAS ONCE A "F" http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3712/9340125361_10047ee0c1_z.jpg C360_2013-07-22-15-11-22-764 by deathadder_44, on Flickr As you can see, the tines are not "normal" but it still writes perfectly! THE INK FILLING MECHANISM is a standard Parker converter which is included with the pen and holds about 0.5 to 1ml of ink. http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2878/9342916954_330f0e333c_z.jpg C360_2013-07-22-15-14-25-416 by deathadder_44, on Flickr The pen without the body barrel http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7426/9342920606_df4a586b32_z.jpg C360_2013-07-22-15-14-52-020 by deathadder_44, on Flickr THE WRITING SAMPLE (Warning! The handwriting and the pen are not a good couple! But, i am working toward betterment of our relationship! ) I am posting this picture under natural window-light conditions to give a natural view. The paper is 70 GSM off-white. http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7299/9342864414_295fe48eff_z.jpg C360_2013-07-22-15-03-44-182 by deathadder_44, on Flickr This one is just for fun and a close-up view! In Hindi http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2860/9342931792_8be304ae03_z.jpg C360_2013-07-22-15-34-20-280 by deathadder_44, on Flickr So, this marks the end of my review, please do share any comments, suggestions or your experiences or ask questions! Thanks for reading! Have a good day with your beloved pens! Enjoy!

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