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  1. Hi, I am Dinesh. I am using a Lamy Safari from last year. Till then used Camlin 36. Now i am going to purchase a Pelikan M1000. I have asked about it in the introductory post itself. Sorry for this. I am from chennai and i have inquired WilliamPenn store at VR Mall, Chennai and got a quote of Rs.46000/- for M1000. Now chennai has around 70-75% humidity and it is just start of summer. It will increase as summer progresses. I am worried about buying Pelikan as i read a post which is way back in 2008 about barrel rupture may be due to humidity in our forum here. Can i be confident about the pen holding up in a hot and humid chennai. It is going to be big chunk of money invested in a pen, i am worried since i like M1000. Is it ok to leap to M1000 which i think is a top of the line luxury pen? Your suggestions please.
  2. Can you imagine which of your pens may still be in use or rotation in five years time? What may be like your relation with fountain pens in general in the future? What is it like now? Is it likely to change or evolve significantly? A bigger or more defined collection or just a few selected pens you may fall in love with on your way? I hope you don't mind me asking.
  3. Where can I buy nib Tuning Supplies like micro-mesh and mylar paper in India?
  4. Hi all - would love to have a pen meetup in the Beverly Hills area. We don't necessarily need to meet in a classroom and do a calligraphy class or something like that but it would be great to hang with fellow fountain pen enthusiasts and talk collections, etc. We could go to a bar or something similar, unless someone wants to host. Where are my Beverly Hills area pen fans at? Cheers, Jeremy
  5. Hi, I was thinking about buying my first TWSBI pen and I'm confused about which one I should buy. I've shortlisted the TWSBI Eco, TWSBI 580 and TWSBI Vac 700. If it were up to you, which pen would you buy and recommend?
  6. Before I embarked on my trip to Avenue Road, I had two places in mind - the highly suggested Meenakshi Pen Mart, and R. V Nadam and Co, which I had read an article about. I tried to start my trip by finding Meenakshi Pen Mart but it proved too difficult to find. Google Maps showed an incorrect location, and when I asked other shopkeepers, they were unable to direct me either. After about thirty minutes of searching, I decided to abandon, and hunt for R.V Nadam and Co. This shop was ten minutes away, and it was quite easy to find. The nearby landmark is Vijayalakshmi Theatre. It’s also easy to miss since it’s a small shop. The store owner, whose name I unfortunately did not get, was extremely helpful in showing us his collection. The store has a wide array of pens, ranging from ball points to gel pens to of course, fountain pens. They sell the Lamy Safari and the Lamy 2000 for lesser than the actual price. Their collection is remarkable, they sold a lot of beautiful Indian ebonites, as well as foreign brands. The pictures shown don’t do justice to how the actual pens looked. The owner was kind enough to let me handle the Lamy 2000. It was surreal, since I consider it my dream pen (yes, I’m a nerd). They also stocked inks, from bril, to quinks to waterman. I bought the Bril Laurel Rose, Green and Red. I will post my review of these inks when I get around to using them. Unfortunately, the reason I went there was for second hand pens, and specifically flex nibs, and they had neither, but it’s definitely a shop that every Bangalorean FP enthusiast should go to.
  7. RudraDev

    Help! Robert Oster Inks

    Hi, I am in love with the Robert Oster signature inks and I want to them. I live in India. Where can I get Robert Oster inks in India?
  8. Hi fountain pen frends. My name is Martin and I began my fountain pen journey in elementary school, then i lost the connection with fountain pen for many many years. But in 2013 I found accidentally FPN website, and the "sparkle" come back to me I started to write with different fountain pens at least for 4 hours a day. I read a lot of interesting post here, seen many videos on youtube ... I simply love writing with fountain pen, so I decited to make a foutain pen, that will be very special for me. Well, I went to 9 CNC "gurus" and they say that they dont have time for things like this. I was prepare to pay them ofcorse, but their time was much more precious. Then I went to a factory, where they make fountain pens for other brands. They were wery polite and give me some good inforamation, but they say, that the mould for FP is +xxxxeuros and the MOQ is at least 20.000 pieces. At that time, I thougt, that my dreams of having my own fountain pen will never gonna happen. But I did'nt sleep. I write to mr. Bock, who send me test nibs and ink feed sistems with housing. That was my extra motivation. And I reply to him, that when I will have my own brand, I will use only his nibs, and triple sistems. In that time was 3D printing something new, I found an "architect" in London, who make me 3D file from my scatches. And then I ordered my first 3D pen. It came in very bad condition. After approx. 14 updates, I finnaly recive a working prototipe. I was so proud, that I say to myself, that I will make a fountain pen brand. I think is time to say, that I am not special FP master, or guru, and I have a loooot more to learn about fountain pens, but my love or addiction to fountain pen is much stronger than that. So i decited, to give my project on Kickstarter, witch ends on 28th of febraury. (well I don't know if I can post link here, so that admin don't say I am advertisting for free) If you are interested, I will be happy to send you KS link for my Storyteller fountain pens in message. I will apriciate any comment, good or bad. Bad even more, becose, I will have extra reason, to make it evan better. In case, that KS project will be not successful, that will not stop me. In any way, I will make my own brand of fountain pens. I know, that I just did a small step, but I did it. And that is what matters to me. I invested a lot of my time, money and nerves, but if I have had another chance I would do it all the same. I think I learned in this process much more than just tehnical aspect, this experience make my life better in a special way Well, that is my short story If you were wondering, where is the sunny side of Alps, That is small country sLOVEnija. (neighbor of Italy, Austria, Croatia, nad Hungary) P. S. I must ask you - did you ever thought of having your own brand of fountain pen? P.P.S. (Sorry for my "broken" english)
  9. Hi everyone! I'm a newbie, so please forgive me if I ask a question that has been laboured to death already... I recently received my Yiren 878 and am blown away by the pen; it is amazing! But I cannot find any info on the maker/company. Anyone have any information?
  10. TonyFycus

    What Is My Pen?

    Hello! I don't know what this fountain pen is. Could I please get some help? I don't expect it to be something special. My friend just found this and it says on the nib "IRIDIUM POINT". Thanks in advance! http://imgur.com/60PzwEX http://imgur.com/xuNB9RC
  11. I am not a lefty but have a friend who is, and is intrigued, I'm not sure if by fountain pens or just worried about my sanity with (only) 25 inks and pens. I have read and watched videos about lefties and writing, pushing vs pulling, my sincere commiserations, I didn't know it could be such an ordeal. I have some specific questions, in particular for lefty overwriters: What is your favorite pen (fountain or other)? Why? I've read about the advantages of quicker drying inks; do you prefer rollerballs? Gel pens? Are there more comfortable pens for lefty overwriters? What aspects to look for? Cushioned sections? More expensive pens seem to be fountain pen variants: do these make sense ergonomically for lefties? For instance a Pelikan Souverain or Parker Sonnet rollerball. Any lefties using Sheaffer Triumhps or Pilots with WA nibs ("upturned"or "Waverly type" nibs)? Do these work for you? Strictly stick to quickly drying paper? No Clairefontaine for you? Is it worth the hassle? Just get a cheap gel pen and forget about it? Any other aspects I should look into? I am doing this as if it were an analysis of consumer experiences, following specific goals (design, comfort, practicality, statement pen). Budget is $100 USD. Thanks!
  12. We are happy to announce another addition to the fascinating Pelikan M101N series. The Pelikan Special Edition M101N Grey-Blue fountain pen will be available by mid March 2019. The 14-K gold nib is fully rhodinized and comes in four nib sizes (EF, F, M and . The clip and the rings are palladium coated. As usual for the M101N Pelikan delivers the Pelikan Special Edition M101N Grey-Blue fountain pen in a special gift box, which includes a glas bottle of the 4001 royal blue ink. We offer this pen for pre-order for € 332,77 without VAT for the F, M and B nib sizes. Pelikan still charges an extra for the EF nib, our price for EF therefore is € 359,66 without VAT. Please find here the link to our offer: https://www.fritz-schimpf.de/Neuheiten/Pelikan-Special-Edition-M101N-Grey-Blue-Kolbenfuellhalter.html Best regards Fritz Schimpf
  13. Hi everyone!! I'm new here and I’m hoping someone can help me identify this pen and/or get more information on it. What I’ve figured out so far is that it’s definitely of Czech origin based on the 14 carat gold nib saying “CZECHOSL”. The cap also has a Czech silver mark of a goat head with a 3 underneath plus the US mark of 900 indicating that it’s 90% silver. There’s another mark that I’m assuming is a makers mark but I haven’t been able to pull up info on it. It appears to say K1P but I’m not sure if it really is a “1”. This was recently given to me after it was found in a desk. It was likely sitting unused for roughly 10 years but it cleaned up and polished up beautifully. Unfortunately the person who owned it has passed away and no one else knows its history. Larger pictures of it can be found in the imgur album link below. It includes the full pen and close-ups of the cap's markers marks and the nib. https://imgur.com/a/F5CPXvp Thank you!!!
  14. Hello, I'm looking for some advice about a Montblanc I've had since 2007. I received a StarWalker ballpoint as a company gift and exchanged it (plus some amount more) for the fountain pen version at the shop where the pen was purchased. I've recently decided to sell it and in looking at to list I noticed that the white paper box it came in has the manufacturer's bar codes obscured on it, and the service guide has no information about the purchase or serial number in it. Speaking on a serial number, I've looked for one, but can't find it. There are the "Germany" and Pix marks inside the clip, but no serial number that I can find. Does anyone know where the serial number might be located? I also wonder how I should proceed with the shop who sold me the pen without the appropriate paperwork? Thank you all so much for your help!
  15. Hi, I am planning on buying the pilot custom 74 and I am confused as to what nib I should get. I'm tied between the Fine and the Soft fine nibs. I like line variation on my pens, but I don't want something like the conventional "flex" pen and I want the nib to be fairly smooth. I will mostly use it for sketching and writing notes. Which nib should I go for?
  16. Good evening! I'm a fountainpen lover. However, I'm seldom satisfied (I feel "heavy" while writing) and my writing can look very confused and messy according to the "instrument" (= pencil, roller, fountain pen with F nib, etc). I discovered two months ago the pleasure of writing with a pen holder...! The nib is so thin, it is a real pleasure. My writing remains clear and elegant, it is just perfect... So perfect that I would like to transport this sensation everywhere with me, and not only at home with my ink bottle!! So I searched if I could find a very very fine nib for my Waterman hemisphere (which has currently a F nib) but reading the comments I see that the Waterman EF nib isn't excessively fine anyway... So I started searching a bit and found this: https://www.rotring.com/fr/stylo-plumes-calligraphiques/9-artpen-4006856250213.html#/largeur_de_la_mine-pointe_extra_fine I definitely prefer pens with a metal body, but I'm afraid I can't spend much money on this little extra fine nib "folie"... My little preoccupation is also that the nib I currently use with my penholder can't be used on every kind of paper - I noticed that on some papers the nib "scratched" it and then... the ink was doing a big mess...! So I'm also looking for a pen I can write with wherever I am (so fountain pen) on whichever paper (during lessons, etc, so a pen I could actually write fastly with without harming the paper)! Please forgive my frenchy english ^^ Thanks for any answer! =)
  17. Hello! I live in India and I am looking to buy the Pilot custom 74. Is there a good website where I can buy Pilot pens and Inks for a reasonable price? Amazon sells some of them, but I was wondering if there is better, more direct way of buying them?
  18. So, I'm going to use the Pilot Metal Falcon as the example for this considering it's by far my favorite fountain pen. About 6 months ago I purchased a used one off of Ebay for 158.00$. They are about 240.00$ brand new. Whoever previously owned the pen either didn't use it very much at all, or they took excellent care of it. If i were to show it to you when it arrived (and even now) and told you I bought it brand new, you would have been lying if you could claim to tell me you knew for a fact it was used (without *extremely thorough* visual evaluation). When I bought this pen there were only 3 colors available but now there are about triple that, so I decided that eventually I want to have one in every color. The thing is, I'm not rich by any stretch of the imagination, and it's a rather expensive pen especially for myself, and had I purchased the pen brand new and then decided to sell it on Ebay or elsewhere 6 weeks later I wouldn't get anywhere close to the 240$ I would've had to pay for it even if I never even touched it (other than opening it). So, I'm almost wondering why I'm even asking the question considering that the answer seems rather obvious to me, but....... If I want to collect these pens not only as a hobby but as a sort of asset, should I always search high and low for the best price and ***ALWAYS*** buy used fountain pens? Also, if the answer to that question is as obvious as I assume it is, I have an additional question that I could use some advice on: Is there a way to know what a good deal is when buying a used fountain pen? The example pen I used I purchased for ~66% of the price I would have paid had I purchased a brand new one. That sounds like a good deal, but I had absolutely nothing to compare it to as it was literally the only use Pilot Metal Falcon on Ebay at the time. Thanks in advance for any input. =)
  19. Hi, I've been involved with foulntain pens for the last six months, and so far I have one Metropolitan, one Vista, a few Jinhao pens and a Parker Frontier. I am looking to expand my collection. I prefer fine nibs that write moderately wet and give a little bit of feedback, I don't care much for the body of the pen as long as it's comfortable. What pen would you recommend under $45?
  20. Hi I am in the middle of writing a new chapter on fountain pen caps. I have a photo of a pen section with nib and I would like to identify it. The original info got lost in the belly of my computer. Search on Google image for hours and couldn't find it. Your help is appreciated. Thanks.
  21. Lazard 20

    Waterman´s Old Overlay Photo Thread

    This is a eye-dropper c. 1908 gold filled mod. 0314.
  22. Lazard 20

    Waterman´s Old Ads Photo Thread

    Lewis Edson Waterman, as a child he came with his mother and younger brother and settled in Kankakee and it was in the little old wagon shop, conducted by his brother Elisha S. Waterman, where the first model of Waterman's Ideal Fountain Pen was turned out in wood. With ads we will try to illustrate the history of this early beginning in the little wagon-making shop in Kankakee, and the equally insignificant work-bench at the back of a cigar store on Fulton Street, NY, where pen were made by hand –and the total output then was 200 in a year- to 5,000,000 Waterman´s Ideal sold during 1919.
  23. evaisnotonline

    New Twsbi Eco-T Piston Problems

    Hi all, This is my first post - it's so great to finally make an account after lurking for so long! I bought my third beginner fountain pen recently, a clear TWSBI Eco-T, which I have been lusting after for a long time, and finally arrived yesterday! I've already used one ink fill, and was screwing the barrel down to the refill it, and now it won't screw back up. the piston is at the bottom of the pen, near the nib, however there is no gap at the top of the pen where you should insert the wrench to unscrew the top. When I turn the top one way, it tried to press the piston further down into the pen (and it can't move any farther) and when I twist it the other way, it simply tightens the end cap! I've tried taking out the nib and using a thin crochet hook to push the piston up from the nib end of the pen, but it isn't moving and I don't want to force it. Attached is a picture of the pen body, nib attached but cap off. Any advice would be helpful, I'm new to piston pens and don't want to damage it! Thank you for your time! Eva.
  24. Karas Kustoms

    Dc Pen Show Release

    We're coinciding the release of our latest fountain pen with our first trip to the DC Pen Show. Our latest release in our Signature Series, the Vertex fountain pen will be available for purchase exclusively at the DC Pen Show August 3-5. This new release is a pocket fountain pen machined from U.S. made acrylic acetate. It is designed as an eyedropper but can also accept standard international cartridges. It features a non-standard grip section that widens to the width of the barrel and when machined out of translucent material provides an "ink window" that is visible with the cap on or off. The Vertex utilizes two o-rings in the section and barrel, one below the section threads in the barrel and the other at the base of the nib; these two o-rings eliminate the need for silicone grease to seal the grip section and barrel. A third o-ring in the cap provides for an airtight cap seal as well as a snap cap design. Designed with a torpedo shaped body, soft curves, a concave upper cap design; the features are comfortable and provide a unique look to a traditional design. The Vertex fountain pen retails for $120 dollars with a Bock polished steel nib, is available in Black or Green, with grip sections in Translucent Orange, Red, Blue, Amber, and Smoke. It comes with a custom fit, black with grey stitching Rickshaw Bagworks pen sleeve. The full production run expected release is late September 2018. For more information check out the pictures or our video introducing the pen.
  25. Just in... The Conklin Duraflex 120th Anniversary Fountain Pen. This is a limited edition pen with only 1898 made. Each pen has been individually numbered on the barrel. Made with a blue and black marbled resin and rose gold trim. Each pen comes in a gift box and a 30ml bottle of Conklin blue fountain pen ink.

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