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  1. Hello! I am new on the fountain pen hobby. Recently I purchased from a web store called lulustar.office, on ebay, a Lamy Safari Charcoal, fine nib, for a very good price (USD 14 + shipping). However, when it arrived, the pen came with no box, no cardboard, no cartridges, no instructions manual, just the pen itself with a converter inside of it, packaged in a cheap plastic bag that only fitted the pen at all, nothing else. I was really suspicious that I actually bought a conterfeit Lamy. However, the pen puts down a really fine line, much finer than my Parker Frontier made in India, which is supposed to have a fine nib, but looks more like a medium one. Also the pen produces a minimal feedback, which seem to be normal, considering the opinions from other Lamy Safari’s users. What bothers sometimes me is that the pen seems a litle dry and skips in very fast writing and traces, though. Can I be before a counterfeit Lamy Safari? I took some pictures from it and wanted to create a topic in this forum in the FPN site, in order to collect opinions from more experienced fountain pen users! Thank you all very much in advance! With my best regards!
  2. Dear Friends Kindly help in choosing one pen from below mentioned 2 fountain pens. Please note that its an appreciation award program hence I am not aware of Nib type etc. I have the option to see the pic and model name and that's all. A) CROSS AT0086-74MS Chrome Century Fountain PenB.) WATERMAN Hemisphere Deluxe Silk Black CT-Fountain Pen Kindly suggest which one I should choose. ThanksSarvesh Shekhar.
  3. What is the best Demonstrator pen for a budget of under 50 dollars?
  4. Hi From last few days I am reading all the topics on FPN and trying to make myself educated in fountain pen area. I am continuously giving problem also by asking for help like Vaibhav and a big thanks to him. Let me be clear that I am 100% beginner here but despite that I am trying to write few words about the experience of writing from a very nice pen called "Fellowship". Price wise its a very cheap pen but the writing experience is utterly smooth. (maybe I am yet to take the experience of other writers). A writing sample in my bad handwriting and few pictures are attached here for your visual feast. Thanks.
  5. KyleClapton

    Pen With Quote

    Hello, I always start my day with surfing my instagram feed to see new posts of fountain pens and handwriting. One type of posts which catches my eyes the most is inspirational quotes written by fountain pens. It always warm up my morning with fresh spirit. Let's share some pictures of your pens with inspirational quotes. I start with one of my favorite quote "The only way to make a friend is to be one" - Ralph W. Emerson
  6. Pencilcaseblog

    Sailor 1911 Large Review

    -This review is an adapted version of the one that can be found on my personal blog (www.pencilcaseblog.com). Visit my blog for more pictures, a copy of the written review and of course many other pen, pencil, paper and ink reviews. Enjoy the review! (Sailor 1911 Large review: http://www.pencilcaseblog.com/2014/02/sailor-1911-large-fountain-pen.html)- I don't own a Sailor myself (yet!), but my dad does, and I must say that after using it for a while, I have become a tad bit jealous! The 1911 Large from Sailor truly is a magnificent pen! The looks of this pen are quite straightforward, both simple and elegant at the same time. The cigar shape of the pen is nothing new, as it is seen on a variety of classic pens, like the montblanc meisterstuck 149. But it doesn't want to be refreshing or new, it just wants to look good, and it sure does! This one is the Rhodium trim version, which looks a bit more modern than the original gold trimmed model. I love the way the shiny silver colour contrast with the deep black resin, no doubt it is a gorgeous pen to look at! Sailor succeeds at making incredibly detailed pens, the fit and finish is top-notch (which should be expected for a pen of this price), the clip has a subtle, but striking design, and the center band is engraved gorgeously, though it doesn't ruin the elegant and simple form factor of the pen! It's a nicely balanced pen, that's very comfortable to hold. At 5.5 Inches (14cm), it's surprisingly long. Though because it's made of resin, it remains reasonably light (about 23-24 grams). Normally I'm not a huge fan of writing posted, but with this one, I have to make an exception! It's so perfectly balanced when posted, it just feels right! The large 21k nib is the main attribute of this pen, as great as the pen already is on the outside, it's the nib that distinguishes itself from the rest! Not only is this nib beautiful to look at, with it's amazingly detailed chasing. It also performs great! The almost solid gold nib (24k is solid gold, so 21k is 90% pure gold) does it's job perfectly, the Japanese Medium size is quite fine for European standards, but it is still buttery smooth! It has a great, balanced flow, which makes skipping impossible. Another thing I like about this nib, is the fact that the high concentration of gold (Gold is a soft metal) makes it a tiny bit springy, which makes it incredibly pleasant to use, and it is possible to achieve a slight bit of line width variation (don't overdo it though! It's still not a flex nib!) It retails for 300 USDollars/ 250 Euros, but if you plan on buying one, make sure to check some Japanese retailers, as they can be found much cheaper in the land of the rising sun! Dries ThePencilCaseBlog http://www.pencilcaseblog.com
  7. Hi, so, since most of us who love fountain pens can't really seem to stop buying pens, I thought it'd be cool to see how many pens you have in your pen collection. So, How many Fountain Pens do you have in your pen collection so far?
  8. FPRebel

    A Sentimental 'what's It'

    Recently I acquired my grandparents' writing desk from the late 1800s early 1900s. Along with a couple of tintypes and an old letter was a 1920s (?) Sheaffer fountain pen. No surprise there as I mostly knew of my grandparents writing with fountain pens. Almost always. Since finding the Sheaffer a few months ago I've spent time off and on looking online for a similar pen. No luck yet. The biggest difference I see between mine and all of the others I've seen is that mine has a black blind cap. The most helpful information came from http://newpentrace.net/article090701114.html If you can point me in the right direction and/or tell me more about this pen, I'll be eternally grateful. And, what are the chances of having it repaired and a correct cap located? Thank you so much! Imprinted information below the pics. This image most accurately shows the barrel's material and color. Imprinted: W.A.SHEAFFER PEN Co PAT.AUG.25-08-FORT MADISON,IA.U.S.A. DEC.10-12-JAN.27-OCT.20-NOV.24-14 Imprinted: SHEAFFER'S --------- LIFETIME REG. U.S. PAT. OFF. 815517 The flat, terminal end of the blind cap is chipped. Any thoughts on how / why that could happen. It seems like an odd place for a fountain pen to chip. The color is off in this photo, but the nib appears to be in good shape with no dents, dings, or bent tines. I've enjoyed and learned a lot from reading through many of your posts. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  9. I have these pens that I found in an old storage and would like to get some information on them i.e brand, model,price and production year..... if you could help I would very much appreciate it..Thank you in advance
  10. I have these pens that I found in an old storage and would like to get some information on them i.e brand, model,price and production year..... if you could help I would very much appreciate it..Thank you in advance
  11. Has any member taken the time to review the 'own brand' cartridge pen offerings from W.H. Smith Ltd the well - known stationary chain-store. Apart from the Parker range and Lamy pens they have their 'own brand' that are obviously made in China. They all look to take a short International cartridge. But I wondered if any would take a converter.
  12. I've recently begun purchasing fountain pens and have bought a few through ebay from china. They state that they are Parker Sonnet, and appear to be just that, but the prices are dramatically less than if I were to purchase from Amazon. For an example I bought a Blue Parker Sonnet pen, gold trim with a medium nib on ebay for $12.05 Cdn, but on Amazon the same pen is listed for around $45.20 Cdn. Are these pens truly a Parker Sonnet, or a 'knock off' and how would I be able to tell. The pen writes well and I have no complaints about it, but the pricing variance is a little unsettling.
  13. Write smoothly under the hand of justice with the newest creation by Grayson Tighe, the legendary pen creator! The Lady Justice encompasses the perfect balance of heat treatment and grade five Titanium, all hand made to produce the different effects of the coloration. Featuring a detailed carving of Lady Justice—the classical representation of the moral compass in history—it is truly a perfect gift for a Paralegal, Law School Student/Graduate, Attorney, and Judge. The heat treatment produces a transparent oxide on the surface. The oxide refracts the light spectrum, portraying similarly to a rainbow in the sky. This effect is created by allowing the barrel, cap and nib to be exposed to an open flame by hand, where the different degrees of heat create the varying colors. The lowest temperature reached is the golden color, reaching a purple shade transcending to medium dark medium and light blues which reach the highest temperatures. Since these masterpieces are created by hand, no two will be alike. Making each one a “one of a kind”. Draft and sign with precision under the knowledgeable hand of the Greek God Asclepius with Grayson Tighe's new Asclepius pen! Inspired by the Greek God of Medicine, Grayson Tighe has combined a harmony between varying levels of heat and grade five titanium depicting the image of the Greek God of Medicine, Asclepius to guide your writing to be as sharp as a scalpel—Got any surgeon friends? They would surely love this as a gift. Each of this pens is able to be customized with the engraving of a name, initials, or even a special date to make for a thoughtful present. The edition size on both of these pens: 88 Rollerball Pens, and 88 Fountain Pens. The Rollerball can accept Schmidt Ceramic, fine liner or felt tip. The other option is to design a refill accepting the Parker Style ballpoint refill, which allows the use of refills from Parker, Schmidt, Itoya, and Monteverde—among others. For all inquiries, please email us at orders@airlineintl.com or call us at (915) - 778 - 1234.
  14. Dear FPN, I recently started collecting fountain pens-- some are beautiful and I'd love to display them but I am concerned about UV damage. Does anyone have any advice to protect the pens from UV light other than covering them or storing them in a drawer? Better yet, can anyone recommend a pen case that has UV protective glass? Thank you so much! Maya
  15. I need some help identifying this pen. Sorry, no need anymore. I found it.
  16. I admit I do not use this pen the way it deserves to be and so I am moving it on to an appreciative FPN user IN THE UK ONLY. Sorry to raise my voice. Transatlantic postage is stupid expensive. The pen is from a Group Buy. It is entirely of polished black ebonite. It should have a Schmidt K5 converter, but the red rubber seal washer inside the converter failed. It has a Jinhao converter in there now. The pen has a 3 in 1 ink feed but i'd suggest you had a specific nib unit for that role as a Bock 250 nib unit writes very wet with 2.5ml of ink in the barrel. The pen has a Fine & Extra-Fine Bock 250 nib unit included. I am passing the pen on because my preference is towards Eyedropper pens with basic ebonite feeds for easy cleaning.
  17. Hi all, today I was in my local branch of the UK chain of discount stores ‘Home Bargains’. I chanced to walk past their stationery section, where my eye lit upon a sales pack that contained a cartridge-fill fountain pen and two cartridges, for the price of 59p For those of you who do not live in the UK, that bricks-and-mortar store price of £0.59 includes my country's sales tax of 20%. At today's exchange rate, £0.59 = 0.69€ = $0.77. As a ‘purchasing power’ comparison, at the time of typing this the price of a 2-pint bottle of whole milk in my local supermarket is 80p. The ‘huge’ investment outlay gets you a "MADE IN CHINA" transparent plastic pen that has a completely-unmarked nib (which I assume is steel and ‘medium’), and also two cartridges of ink that the packaging describes as black. The cartridges are slightly shorter than standard ‘Short International’ cartridges (I measured them at 34mm long, whereas an SIC is 38mm long), but their nipples look like they might be the same size as those on a SIC. The pen's grip section looks as though it might be slightly too-small for my paws (I am 6'1" tall), but I am certainly curious enough about it to ‘risk’ the sum of 59p to find out Bon; after I have run some dish-cleaning water through it to remove any manufacturing residue, I shall run one of its cartridges through it, and then some Waterman ‘Serenity Blue’ for comparison, and a SIC of ‘WH Smith’ branded black ink too. Once I have collected and collated all this ‘data’, I shall post a review of it on the relevant board here. After all, I wouldn't want to inadvertently be the cause of any FPN user ‘wasting’ their hard-earned 59p on one of these if it turns out that the thing doesn't write very well Cheers, M. [Repeatedly edited to correct FFE's ]
  18. Hi, I am Dinesh. I am using a Lamy Safari in Extra Fine nib from February 2018. Till then used Camlin 36 Fountain Pen which i am having as a treasure from the past as it gave me many memories. Now i am planning to purchase a Pelikan M1000 as i am exposed to many brands of fountain pen in our forum. I am from chennai and i have inquired WilliamPenn store at VR Mall, Chennai and got a quote of Rs.46000/- for M1000. Now chennai has around 70-75% humidity and it is just start of summer. It will increase as summer progresses. I am worried about buying Pelikan as i read a post which is way back in 2008 about barrel rupture may be due to humidity issues in our forum here. Ambient temperature will reach 40 oC. I plan to use it as a daily driver. Can i be confident about the pen holding up in a hot and humid chennai. It is going to be big chunk of money invested in a pen, i am worried since i like M1000 very much as it is highly praised in our forum. Is it ok to leap to M1000 which i think is a top of the line luxury pen? Your suggestions please.
  19. Dip n Scratch

    Indian Oem Nibs

    Who are the main players? I have seen that a lot of nibs bear no makers name that come as the OEM fit in a pen. You see IRIDIUM POINT and a five-petal flower or a circle with IRIDIUM & POINT above & below. That's what I have seen so far. No trademark to identify their origins. The OEM nib on a Indian pen is usually a Fine. You can get broader stuff as a after-market upgrade, though I suspect that has been driven by online sales to the rest of the world. I guess the Fine point is best suited for writing in languages native to India.
  20. I went to a vintage shop a few days ago, and I picked up this pen. Does anyone know what pen this is and when it was made? The only markings on the pen are the words "white feather", so I'm assuming it's a Chinese pen. But I'd like to get more info on the pen. It writes beautifully.
  21. Dear All, I think this is an age old debate. I just want to start it again. I am from Chennai. I am using FPs with Western Medium Nibs coupled with dry ink. Which are the fountain pen friendly papers / notebooks (minimum size: B5) made in india which can be bought online or may be in stores directly. Please share your views. Thanks in advance.
  22. Dear All, I emailed Rick Propas about buying vintage pelikan 400 and 400N series. He gave good offer for the pens. But i am confused and i am also new to vintage pens. Pelikan 400N is costlier and 400 is cheapest. I have seen no post (AFAIK) on buying 400N in FPN. What is special about 400N than that of 400 or a 400NN? Please advice on whether to get 400 or 400N. Thanks in advance.
  23. MyPenAndI


    Hello, everyone! My name is Bud Fields. I live just South and slightly left of Nashville, Tennessee in Columbia. I am not new to fountain pens, nor to journaling, but I am re-establishing my relationship with both. I look forward to learning, growing and sharing with you here. Writing Is FUN! Bud
  24. I haven't seen this being shared yet, but you can now buy Ranga pens on thepenworld.com (no affiliation). Just thought it would be helpful. Looking into it, there aren't many choices when it comes to model, material or nibs, but I see a lot of beautiful acrylic cracked ice which I hadn't seen offered earlier.
  25. essayfaire

    Nib For Music Composition

    Hi y'all, So my understanding is that music nibs are not actually best suited for writing music. Which relatively inexpensive pen (>$40) would have a nib that would be suitable for a budding composer who likes fountain pens but has small handwriting and does not do calligraphy? Would an italic be the most appropriate one to write notes and pauses? A broad? Before starting to research this I had naively thought that music nibs were for writing music.

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