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  1. Welcome to my first fountain pen review. This is of a waterman carene in contemporary blue and gunmetal with an XF nib. This pen was purchased (and tuned) from nibs.com. For now I will not post any pictures (as I can't be fussed to pull out the SLR) but pictures can be found from the offical website: http://www.waterman.com/en/carene/212-contemporary-blue-and-gunmetal-fountain-pen-st-3501179045580.html I think it looks better in person though! Forgive my hand writing, this is a hand written review. I did it quite hastily, the scanner didn't quite capture the ink's colour properly, it's a bit darker, but my screen isn't 100% calibrated either. enjoy! http://www.overclockers.com.au/pix/image.php?id=yayzc&f=1 Click to view full size!
  2. I've read a lot on here regarding the perceived scratchiness of extra fine nibs. It appears to be a very real phenomenon. What I haven't come across so much are the theories and facts as to why this occurs. I understand how it can and does occur in flex nibs, ie the inside edge of tine can only be smoothed a tiny amount before causing ink to lose connection with the paper. I don't understand how it happens with nails. I understand the difference between feedback and scratchiness. In the main it is scratchiness I am concerned about. However, if you've come across a particular nib made of a particular material that offers reduced vibratory feedback when compared to other nibs in the extra fine (or finer) category, I'm keen to know about it. I'm seeking a nail nib in extra fine for everyday use as my most frequently used note taking pen (possibly a Platinum 3776 Century - maybe even ultra extra fine). I naturally write small. The Lamy fine is too wide with the wet inks I prefer to use. I do understand the stepped difference between Western and Japanese fines. Could people please offer a dash or two of experiential wisdom? Subjective/objective comparisons between nibs you've tried or own, based on the above info, would be most helpful. Alternative pen/nib suggestions are welcome, as are threads on the topic that I may not have come across yet. I don't have access to brick and mortar stores locally that sell a reasonable range of pens.
  3. Hi, I got a Hero 9296 last year, first chinese extra fine nib pen I have tried that is truly smooth, nothing about "satisfying tooth" that some reviews say when they want to defend a pen which is not quite smooth. Great price too. Well, I went to order another one, come to find a few surprises I did not see the first time: 1-Wide price variation, some sellers seem to have prices quite a bit higher than just 6 months ago, some for quite a bit less. 2-Some reviews describe the pen as a total loss, quite scratchy, nothing like my experience. So the question is, are there some Hero 9296 pens that are fake? Any way of knowing before buying? Perhaps some sellers are more reputable for this than others? Are the higher prices actually worth it? Something I did not know before buying, according to reviews, the converter is highly unreliable, proprietary (again, I am guessing the fakes use different converters than the "real" ones? No problems with my first one) Thanks for some clue.
  4. Hi everyone, I've decided to buy a Blue Kaweco Classic Sport with a Gold Deluxe clip and Diamine Blue Velvet but , I was just wondering what nib is smoother the fine or extra fine and is the fine fine enough to use on crappy paper ? Thank everyone
  5. Sadieprater

    Edison Glenmont 2014 Lea #1

    My shipment from Edison with the 2014 LEA Glenmont has finally arrived and it was well worth the wait. Not only is it a stunning pen, but I managed to snag #1 of 63. The wine color was a richer burgundy than I was expecting and it screamed to be filled up with BSER. I am still in awe over the beauty of this pen and the extra fine nib is a dream to write with. A bit of tooth and wet enough to glide effortlessly on clairefontaine or copy paper. I could go on and on, but I know you want to see the pictures. Thank you to Clockspot for the outstanding photography. http://i.imgur.com/CUJ2bNj.jpg http://i.imgur.com/25zlCot.jpg http://i.imgur.com/9y7Vd5d.jpg http://i.imgur.com/IdD7Gzd.jpg http://i.imgur.com/44S7V7Y.jpg http://i.imgur.com/tVGw7mg.jpg http://i.imgur.com/rdNGEF7.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Wa5nLzh.jpg
  6. Pincel

    Extra Find, Extra Fine.

    About a two weeks ago spotted this at eBay: item 400762388844 A Balance II Classic Black fountain pen with a BIN price of $79.95 and even the squeeze converter is included! Looks like a steal, but wait, the shipping charge to Canada is $35.25. That's too much and will push the price up to $115.00. Well, it's still a good price but not a real deal. Shall I or shall I not? Then, I noticed that the nib is NOT the originally supplied 14 ct solid gold Lifetime--it is substitute! A gold plated NoNonsense. Bummer. Shall I or shall I not Last Thursday, the thingie arrived. Here it is: No, I didn't buy the whole thingie. I just made an offer to buy the nib and it was accepted, I now own a rare NoNonsense Extra Fine gold plated nib! Never seen that before,
  7. Kuhataparunks

    Help! Heritage 912. Ef Or Po Nib?

    My search for a good needle-thin line continues. My favorite pen to write with so far is a Penmanship nib(EF by Pilot's standard)on a Metro and Prera. I got an elite 95S with a 14K EF nib once, thinking it'd be like a penmanship, but it was exactly like a Metro's Fine. Very disappointed. Then I found a 1960s vintage elite with 18K Posting nib, and it doesn't write very satisfactorily. Maybe that's because I am using Pilot Cartridges in it? But I just don't like it, it writes thin, hollow lines on sidestrokes and bold ones on downstrokes. And the line isn't what many say a PO line is (finer than EF) It makes for a very inconsistent writing experience. BUT now I've felt the difference between 14/18K and steel nibs. Now I want a 14K nib that writes as thin as a Penmanship. (Any suggestions there?) QUESTION: How is the PO nib on a Heritage 912? is it a hair-thin line that writes solid lines in every direction(that's what I want)? And how does it compare to the EF nib on the same pen, a Heritage 912? I'm assuming the finer line will be on a PO nib. Thanks if you've gotten this far, and I'm planning to get a Heritage 912, but am very conflicted over which nib. Thanks again for your help!
  8. TheAkwardNinja

    Diamine Ink For Students?

    So I just found out that it is more economical to buy Diamine ink than the usual Parker ink I buy. I ordered Eau de Nil based on well reviews and I enjoy the color. Are there any other inks that could suit a student's standards. I am using a Lamy Al-Star with an Extra Fine nib. Paper, well, it's paper. Suggestions?
  9. Kuhataparunks

    Pilot Penmanship Vs. Pilot Falcon Ef?

    Hi guys, I have a simple question that I hope someone can answer. Please, allow me to explain: I am interested almost exclusively in fine point nibs, and I mean really fine; I considered the pilot metro F too thick for me, so I was elated to find the Penmanship with its truly extra-fine nib, being able to simply switch the nibs! The penmanship-metropolitan mod is currently my favorite pen, even over a pen for which I paid literally 10 times the price Thinking it would be comparable, I got a Pilot Elite with a 14K EF nib, and it writes an even thicker line than the F Metropolitan! Grrrrr! I've had my eyes on a Falcon EF for many weeks now, but I cannot use it pleasurably if it is not TRULY extra-fine. MY QUESTION is, How does the penmanship EF nib compare to the Falcon EF nib? Unflexed(minimum pressure to achieve a line), does the Falcon's EF write as finely as the Penmanship's EF? I want a gold nib that's TRULY extra-fine. I'm so mad the pilot elite skimmed me on that Also, I actually do want lots of line variation, so the flex of the Falcon would be well appreciated. Eventually I'll plan on getting the Heritage 912 with a posting nib, but I'd like to have a pen below that before dropping $200 on one. Thanks if you have the knowledge to answer this!
  10. Hello, I have recently been interested in fountain pens and wanted one, but with so many options i don't know what to pick. I usually use gel pens and have to use .38 pilots because my writing is extremely small. I am also a student who takes a lot of notes. So I was wondering what was a good fountain pen that writes well, is extra fine ( how does it compare to .38 gel pens?), looks nice (mainly the reason for the fountain pen along with the smooth writing haha), and is pretty cheap since this is my first time with a fountain pen (price range < 30ish) Thanks!
  11. Nate_Emmi

    Xxf Nib

    After three years of using fountain pens, I'm searching high and low for my ideal pen. In order of importance, I'd like it to have 1) An EF/F (by Japanese standards, 0.35 or less) nib that is FIRM, like a nail, and smooth as can be. 2) A body size comparable to the Noodler's Konrad or Pelikan M200. 3) Ideally a Piston filling system, C/C is tolerable. 4) Less than $100USD. The Pelikan M200 is so very close, but it still writes a bit wide for me. I was looking at the Sailor Young Profit or Sailor 3776 Century, based off the reputation of the company. Any other pens that I should take a look at?
  12. Subadaga

    Lamy Extra Fine Nib Pens

    Just wondering how "fine", an Extra Fine Lamy nib can write, and if there's other brand who has finer nibs; this because I like to write in a very small letter, I'm currently interested in the Bluegreen Al-Star pen and the Safari Neon Coral one. Also, is there a 0.1 mm nib, is that even possible? Thank you.
  13. Hi all, I'm new to fountain pens and new here... I started with a Safari F nib, then quickly bought another, then an Al-Star. I've been doing some BulletJournal stuff in a moleskine and quickly found out how bad that paper is for FPs. Being honest, I spend a lot of my time with substandard paper, so I decided to get a Lamy Vista with an EF nib. First the set-up, then the questions: The Al-Star is a F nib, loaded with Noodler's Liberty Elysium, and writes fatter than all the others by a noticeable amount The 2 Safari Fines are pretty close to the Vista EF The Vista EF line is just a shade less than the fines, but just puts down less ink, although is a shade more scratchy. 1) I've heard that the Lamy EF and F can often be the same or even swapped due to consistency. Part of me wants to buy new nibs and make all my pens EF, but that consistency scares me that it might be a waste of money - thoughts? 2) How much effect can the ink have on the line/amount of ink? Is that what they mean by "wet" ink"? This Liberty Elysium is WET, evidently... 3) I do like the feel of the F nibs a bit more. Are there notebooks that are similar to moleskines that are more friendly so it just won't be an issue? I could maybe then use my EF when I'm around bad paper and use the other 3 F in my journals, too. I'm guessing a lot of you will say Rhodia Webnotebooks... are they THAT much better? I read about them all the time but DAGGONE $25 each is STEEP. Thanks for any help you can offer! Brody
  14. Hello! I am fairly recent to fountain pens, but developing what I believe will be a lifelong obsession. I have a TWSBI Mini EF and love the little fellow. I'm looking primarily for a permanent professional black, black/blue, or dark blue for school and work, where the majority of paper I deal with is fairly cheap. My benchmark so far is Noodler's 54th Mass, which has performed flawlessly on everything! I really love it. However, I don't want to miss out on some spectacular ink I just haven't tried. The problem is that the TWSBI EF seems to run kinda dry, so dry that the original Noodler's black doesn't run smoothly through it on nice paper (which I use when not at the office.) Note, Mass 54 does perform well on both cheap through 90 gsm in this pen, but the original Noodler's black doesn't like nicer paper in this pen/ink combo. In short, does anyone have any suggestions for a permanent black, blue/black, blue that'll run well through a drier nib, particularly if you use it in your TWSBI ef?
  15. ohcnim

    Wet Ef's On Noodler's?

    Hello, just recently joined and I have a question that hopefully you can help with. I like how Noodler's 54 Massachusetts looks when I use a Konrad with a flex nib, but usually I write with EF of F nibs and since this aren't as wet the color looks more pale. So, it might not make much sense, but are there any suggestions on wet EF nibs or pens? or something that can be done to achieve the darker, wetter look? something that doesn't involve changing ink brand or color (changing the ink itself by diluting or similar would be ok, I do like the color and the ink properties)
  16. Hey guys! So after much consideration and saving up, I finally bit the bullet yesterday and got my first expensive pen- the Pilot Vanishing Point with an xf nib. I picked it up from my local B&M store, and they were great, really helpful. I love it, and I was just wondering if anyone has any stories or tidbits of advice for a first "nice" pen (my other pen, really my first, is a Lamy safari xf). So, tips? Stories? Horror stories, perhaps? Thanks! -Rumbleroar
  17. Hello all, A while back I purchased a NOS M100 (the white and black version). It had an M nib, but was EXTREMELY broad so I quickly sold it. I normally use EF pens and have started getting into flex pens just a bit for some special writing (they can't ALL be daily writers, right? ). Anyway... I recently purchased an M205 in black and chrome and I absolutely LOVE everything about the pen (size, weight, color, etc.), but the nib is driving me CRAZY. It's VERY broad. The Pelikan EF is significantly broader than any of my other EF nibs (I've included a photo comparing it to a Lamy, Edison and TWSBI because they are all steel nibs and are all German, like the Pelikan) and is actually more similar to my wife's Lamy Broad nibs. Is it normal for Pelikan nibs to be this much more broad than their other German counterparts? It also exhibits a surprising amount of flex with just slight pressure (which is where the broad line is coming from, I think). I'm wondering if I should just part with it and get something else or if I should maybe send it to a nibmeister and see if I can't get it ground to an actual EF. Since I don't have other Pelikans to compare it to, I'd love your input here. If this doesn't seem to be normal, then I may contact Pelikan and see what they suggest (I've heard they have great customer service so I'm hoping maybe I can just swap the nib or something). Thanks in advance for any insight you can offer. I want to love this pen, but if it's going to write this broad, I don't think I'll be able to make a spot for it in the case. Best, Matthew http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7398/9584235179_ac29b5d37d_h.jpg
  18. Hey guys! So I'm looking for a second pen, I'm a newbie, I know. I'm looking for a nicer pen (I have a Lamy Safari XF now), and I want one with a bit of heft, a good FINE nib, and a nice sleek design. It can't be that flashy, I'm going to bring it with me back to college, but a nice pen between 100-150 would be great. Below 100 would be ideal, but I'm willing to pay more. The only requirement I have, and this is why I need all of your help, is that the nib has to write REALLY finely. I know those can be a tad scratchy, but I just need a really fine nib. Finer than a Lamy XF, if that helps. My handwriting just cannot take even medium nibs and still be legible, so please help guys! Thank you!
  19. GabrielleDuVent

    Extra-Fine Smackdown: Japan Vs Germany

    So I decided to compare the EF nibs I possess right now, with inks on hand, since I got a replacement Lamy EF nib. I wrote out both Japanese vertically and horizontally, and English, to compare alphabet and oriental script. Here are the combinations: MontBlanc Meisterstuck LeGrand, 14K EF nib, with Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue Lamy Safari EF nib with Lamy Blue Platinum Plaisir with J Herbin Encre Violette Platinum Preppy with Platinum Black Vertical Verdict: Platinum Plaisir wrote the smoothest, then Preppy, and the grand loser was MB. Lamy did fine, but not spectacularly. MB was VERY scratchy. Also, the MB width is so thicker than the other three that it looks like a medium. What gives?! Order: Plaisir, Preppy, Lamy, MB. Horizontal verdict: Platinum Plaisir wins again. Preppy lost out to Lamy; MB is a little smoother, but still scratchy. MB must hate this paper. Order: Plaisir, Lamy, Preppy, MB. English: MB wins, hands down, despite the "this is so not EF" thickness, then Plaisir, then Lamy, and Preppy decided to scratch. Order: MB, Plaisir, Lamy, Preppy. Conclusion: Lamy can do fine vertically and horizontally, but fares better with loops and curves. MontBlanc abhors vertical strokes and corners, period. Plaisir is smooth both ways, but loses an oomph when writing in English, and tends to glide too much. Preppy is acceptable in all situations, but will never, ever stand out. Considering that Japanese has a lot of vertical and horizontal strokes, as well as angles, and significantly less loops than English, it makes sense for Platinum to make pens suited for that purpose, rather than Lamy or MB making nibs that suite cursive loops more. Also, thinner the nib, easier to write Japanese, because we have sudden upward strokes. The red? Pilot VRAZOR EF point. The pink is Varsity (nib is bent for some reason). http://i1332.photobucket.com/albums/w614/GabrielleduVent/DSC_02562_zpsd09521e5.jpg

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