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Found 13 results

  1. WillieC

    ID Waterman Expert pen model???

    Hi All. Hoping someone can advise. My wife stumbled on a Waterman Expert for a whopping £1. After a good clean out it is actually in a pretty good condition. I'm confused by what model it is though. It has all the features of a Mk1, seems to have a plastic body and definitely a plastic cap, markings correspond most with a mk1 as well, however, it has a mk2 nib. It also came in a box that I believe was actually for a Le Man 100 as it has the word "ideal" in it with a picture of a globe. I suspect this might have been a very early mk2, that was essentially just a swap of nib from the mk1. Or someone replaced the mk1 Nib with a new one. Hoping someone has some insight. Adding some pics...
  2. Does anyone know of a site that lists the difference Waterman Pen models and their years of production? I'm particularly interested in the pens since the 1980s such as the Phileas, Kultur, Laureat, Expert (I,II,III), Carene, Hemisphere, etc. I can't seem to find a good source for when the regular Phileas started and ended production versus when the Kultur started and ended production. Their are also others that are more rare like the Maestro and the Master that sometimes get confused with the Laureat. Thanks Jim Bunch
  3. ProfCG

    Waterman Hemisphere Vs Expert

    Hey everyone, I am new to these forums and I have to say I have enjoyed reading thoroughly throughout the forums about Waterman pens, however I did not come across many topics about the kind of 'lower end' (if you might) Waterman Pens and I was wondering, what do you guys think about the Hemisphere and then the Expert, and is it worth the extra money for the Expert? I am not a beginner, I have been writing with fountain pens from the age of around 9, but I have not had chance to purchase a nice pen, and I LOVE watermen pens in general. So expert advice from people who may or may not have these pens would be nice What are your thoughts? And thanks
  4. As you may have guessed by the title, this is a review on the Waterman Expert Mk III. Its a pen that is near and dear to my heart, since it got me into this hobby. My parents gave it to me for Christmas. I had asked for a fountain pen because ever since primary school, I had prefered them over ballpoints. I was in my third year of law school, and just wanted a nice looking, high quality pen to use on exams and to accompany me when I would start my carreer. The one I was using before I would now call a Lamy Safari, but back than that name was meaningless to me. They spent hours in Leën, Hasselt trying out different pens and eventually settled on this one because of its business like, understated looks. It was way over budget for a Christmas present but they wanted to give me something that would last. In the end they most of all gave me a new hobby. The pen came packed in a typical Waterman blue clamshell box, which I still consider as one of the nicer fountain pen boxes I have. Its sturdy, with a good quality hinge, thick soft padded interior and a compartiment that contains the warranty information and a Waterman Serenity Blue refill. What it does not come with; a converter. A word of warning, dont get a Waterman converter as I did. They crack easily and operate difficultly. Get a Graf von Faber Castell converter for it, or alternatively a identical one from Pelikan. Being a 135 euro pen, it not shipping with a converter may seem difficult to understand, but as Ill try to demonstrate down below, actually really fits the pen. The design of the pen gets to you in waves. First you notice how bland and boring it looks. This is not a pen for people who want to get noticed. Its a mix of shiny black and matt black, with silver trim. Secondly, you notice just how well the design works. When capped, its a smooth continuous shape that reminds me of a submarine. When you take the cap off, it remains relatively smooth, looking as a pen that was designed not to have a cap at all. The pen can be posted and the cap even snaps on the little silver ring on the barrel. As much as I like the look and the balance of the pen when posted, the cap rotates while writing so I prefer to keep it unposted. Finally, you start noticing the little things that make this pen different. Theres the Waterman logo on the top of the cap, placed on a slope. Its odd, but it works. Theres the typical Waterman clip, with an opening in the middle. Theres the nib, thats small and does not even have a breather hole. Its very featureless, but it compliments the look of the pen brilliantly. Theres the material its made of: metal but with a matte lacquer. Perfect weight, strong and special to the touch. The size is ideal toom though this is of course highly subjective. Especially with slightly smaller hands like mine, it is just very comfortable to hold. I like holding it, uncapping it and in order not to look like an idiot, that means writing with it as well. I had some bad luck. Though I didnt know back then, the nib was overpolished and didnt start properly, ever. Two returns to Waterman and one nib exchange later, the problem was solved. The nib is as hard as a nail. Its ironic how the same company that is known for its old flex pens now makes this. Push as hard as you like, youll damage your table before you see any line variation. Though probaby if thats what youre after, few steel nibs are ideal. The pen behaves beautifully: no more hard starts, it glides over paper and the ink flow is as reliable as can be. One issue it seens to have with coverters (not with cartridges) is ink starvation. I have this same issue with my Van Gogh so maybe its just me but I can never empty a converter without forcing ink in the feed by twisting it halfway through. Apart from that minor nuisance, the pen is a true joy to write with. In the case of this pen, I think the main question is who it is for. The Community is used to demonstrator pens with a vacuum filling system and a replacable nib for half the price of this. You can also find a gold nibbed Platinum 3776 for that same half price. Even the Lamy 2000 is well whitin reach. How dare they ask 135 euros (about 155 dollars) for a cartridge-converter filled, steel nibbed pen? Shouldnt Waterman just stick to making their inks? Not quite. As bad a value as the pen might seem on paper, it is brilliant when you actually put it to paper. Its a design that is going to work for a lot of people who may not necessarily be in this Community, but buy fountain pens out of preference over a ballpoint. They want something that they can use alongside their coworker who has a Montblanc, without the price tag or the flashy look. It blends in a business setting or a clean desk like no other pen I know. Its inoffensive, chique and bland to the casual eye, yet a party for the lucky soul who bought it (or got it for Christmas). I highly doubt they will even notice the lack of a converter, because they will use cartridges anyway. If they show their pen in a pen shop asking which cartridges they need, the seller will likely give them Waterman cartridges. So they will end up with a Community favourite ink without knowing it and the ink starvation issue doesnt happen when using cartridges. I adore this pen, can you tell? As if this review didnt contain enough blasphemy yet, I even got the matching ballpoint and like that as well. It has a great twist mechanism and Watermans proprietary ballpoint refills are very smooth to write with. I hope you enjoyed this review of my gateway pen.
  5. bbs

    Amazon Prime Day

    There's a black gold-trim Waterman Expert on the UK site for £34.80 for any Amazon Prime members.
  6. I was gifted a Waterman expert. After a thorough cleaning, with pen flush, I was finally able to test it out with some Waterman Intense Black. It has trouble starting, consistent trouble, but once it gets going it's fine. I understand that baby's bottom might be the cause, but sometimes the same thing happens even when I'm bearing down with a fair amount of pressure. If something is wrong with the pen, how do I go about fixing it?
  7. Usernameistaken

    Offering Photography Advice

    Hello, I recently found this forum and posted for the first time asking about a pen I had that was very special to me, which, unfortunately, I lost mere weeks later, after having it in my pocket every day for over 20 years (still reeling). Anyway, this community has been very kind and insightful to me, and since I am the furthest thing from a pen expert here, I want to offer whatever expertise I can to support the community. I am a professional studio photographer, specializing in high-end watch photography, as well as jewelry, pens, and other pricey objects (I have also worked around the world on commercial and editorial sets with notable personalities, and just about every style of photography you can imagine). So, I intimately know the difficulties most people encounter when photographing their favorite items, whether for sale or personal gratification. I recently rebuilt the studio for my watch retailer client, and am shooing 20-30 watches per day, which all feature difficulties like domed crystals, mother of pearl, facets, angles, curves, different finishes, moving parts etc. - meaning nothing even the most complex pen can throw at me can trip me up. So, anyone here who has questions about photography, or other photography dilemmas, should please feel free to contact me directly or post your queries in this thread, and I'll gladly offer my expertise. I can virtually guarantee that my advice and techniques would improve your photography more than any expensive equipment purchase would (equipment is the trap many amateur photographers fall into). I can help perfect your technique, identify your problems, interpret your light, whatever you need. Next time you are photographing your pens and are struggling to capture the images you want, please just ask, If you'd like see a very small sampling of my work, you can visit my website at: http://www.jamesburger.com. I hope to be of help. Best, James
  8. jburchett

    Waterman Expert 1

    Hello, Does anyone know where I might be able to find a nib for a Waterman Expert I? A relative passed along one to me, and it is in like-new shape except for the nib. Thanks for any advice or recommendations.
  9. The "button" on top of the cap to my Waterman Expert fountain pen has been missing for so long I've given up trying to look for it. It is the portion at the very top of the cap that holds the metal clip in place. I e-mailed Waterman for a replacement and they apparently do not stock these parts. Does anyone know of a source in which I can buy this button or even a full replacement Cap for the Expert? Looking on EBay, no one is selling Caps or buttons - only full pens. thanks!
  10. alwayspete

    Black Lacquer On Waterman Pens?

    Hi guys, I like the pens designs by Waterman and Iove the black lacquer GT combination. I visited the Waterman website to see the models - Hémisphère, Expert & Carène in this color. Even though black lacquer, the pens color looked different in the photographs (different blacks!). This is what the color description (not title) on each model read. They were also different with the exception of Expert and Carène Essential! Hémisphère Black Fountain Pen GT ...the black and gold duo in superior smooth lacquer... Expert Black Fountain Pen GT ...the deep black of its lacquer... Carène Black Sea Fountain Pen GT ... high-gloss black lacquer... Carène Essential Black and Gold Fountain Pen GT ...deep black lacquer... As you can see the pens finishes in all the photographs looks different even though all of them are black lacquer. A lot of you must have seen and used these pens. Are they any different or is it just the photographs? I need your help. As I unfortunately don't have access to a retail shop to go try out pens and get to know them first hand before purchasing them. Do black lacquer pens more easily attract micro scratches than the rest of the finishes even when handled with care? If so how can I care for these pens so that the finish lasts? Thank you in advance guys & gals for all your input! Hope your answers help a whole lot of newbies. Pete :")
  11. jws437

    Replacement Nib For Laureat

    Hi thanks to FPN, I found out that my Laureat's nib is compatible with some other products. Now, I have to choose which nibs I will replace and I want FPN's suggestions. The nibs I can get is, Harmonie nibs for 35$, and Expert 2 nibs for 45$. I think this is quite expensive, but I couldn't figure out other compatible nibs (if someone could give me a site that sells any other compatible nibs at a cheaper price, that would be great.) I really liked my laureat nib which was smooth and flawless to write, so I want my replacement nibs to be just as good as the original one. Any suggestions are welcomed. Thanks in advance.
  12. Iguana Sell

    New Waterman Sets

    Waterman lovers, the brand has launched three new sets for this summer! All sets include a fountain pen or ballpoint plus an iconic Waterman blue leather case! The fountain pen set: Part of the Expert line, the fountain pen features the cigar-shaped silhouette and Parisian style. Made of blue and black laquer, trims are chrome and the nib available in F and M is stainless steal. Make sure to check out the elegant striped pattern on the cap! The ballpoint pen sets: Both are part of the famous Carène line, in Waterman's blue iconic laquer and feature the same elegant shape inspired on a luxury boat. The difference? You can check it out on trims and cap. While ref 1955313 has chrome trims and the same striped pattern on the cap as the fountain pen The more exclusive 1955316 is adorned with PVD trims and the iconic wavy Carène pattern. Waterman New 2016 Sets: https://www.iguanasell.com/search?type=product&q=waterman+set These sets make this summer's perfect gift! What do you think? Below you will find some pictures of this unique novelties!
  13. Rogi

    My Waterman Pens

    Hello Waterman Forum members! This is my first topic in the Waterman section (if anything needs changing like pictures need to be uploaded in a different format, please let me know ) , I hope for many more topics and many more pens in the near (or distant) future I recently went into my local shop and fell in love with these pens, I was looking for a fountain pen, but ended up buying a rollerball as well. (over a 2 day period! ) I love these Waterman pens, just amazing and such a nice feel in your hand. They write really good too I hope you enjoy the pictures. Here they are, enjoy the pictures: Stainless and Gold is an amazing combo http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v407/IgorOrao/DSCN7377_zps68cdf3c2.jpg Getting out of "bed" http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v407/IgorOrao/DSCN7379_zps350755f5.jpg Since this is a fountain pen forum, this is my first really nice fountain pen, so elegant and writes amazing The Expert is really elegent http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v407/IgorOrao/RSCN7386_zps6ce36993.jpg a close up shot: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v407/IgorOrao/RSCN7384_zpsb13c6066.jpg With some of my other pieces in my collection- Watches, specifically two Omegas http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v407/IgorOrao/DSCN7388_zps49244205.jpg and finally, http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v407/IgorOrao/DSCN7387_zps34275773.jpg

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