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  1. Venemo

    Esterbrook 2550 Vs 9556

    After experiencing how pleasurable the Esterbrooks are, I'm buying a dark grey Esterbrook J. I have a choice of nibs. I can get the 2550, 9556 and 2556 for the same price or a 2048 for an additional ~$50. At the moment I don't have an additional $50 (and as a leftie, I wouldn't have much use for a flex nib anyway), and I think that the 2556 is just a weaker version of the 9556, so that's out of the question too. So I managed to narrow the choice down to the 2550 (firm extra fine for bookkeeping) and the 9556 (firm fine, for fine writing). I'm looking for opinions and experiences. Which one should I get? How well do they perform? Is either of them scratchy?
  2. betweenthelens

    Early Esterbrook Inkwell

    My husband spotted this in Sodus Bay, New York, on one of our antiquing forays. He said, "Is this anything?" I don't collect inkwells or should I saw I didn't collect inkwells. Thanks to Brian Anderson at Anderson Pens for his encyclopedic knowledge of Esterbrooks. I sent him these photos and he gave me quite a bit of information. It is much appreciated. http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_4479_zps581cf0cc.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_4480_zps18b96730.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_4483_zps9f4d4411.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_4481_zps638dc745.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_4482_zps09e072d8.jpg
  3. I just bought what I think is a cx100 at the flea market (it would be my very first Esterbrook). It is a solid blue lever filler, all soft plastic including the section. The cap is loose and the threads are worn out and it came with a 9550 nib. Cost me a little less than 5 dollars. Does it sound like a cx100? Is there any hope of fixing the threads? Did I pay too much? Thanks for your help guys!
  4. Hello all, I have a green Esterbrook SJ that I got of the bay and re-sacced and all. But it leaked from the base of the section. Looking closely there is a crack in the section (perhaps someone over-tightened the nib). So if someone has a replacement section they can sell me, please drop a note on this thread. I have no idea what a section should go for. Thanks! cheryl
  5. I put an Osmiroid M Italic on what of my Esties and will not take it off. It is smooth and soft and artsy... I am practicing my handwriting with it. But it is not entirely an Esterbrook that way, right? but I need the ease of use. Another one has the 1554 which I love, scratchy but not too much and great for drawing.That is the only purpose of that Esterbrook. Could be great for making notes in small areas of a document, like when I pay my bills and write it down on a special notebook. The third one has the best nib I have used which is the 2668. Soft, wet, medium, the average and perfect for everything. Not extraordinary, but almost as soft as my Lamy Safari What will I use on the fourth Esterbrook that is arriving this week? --- I wish I could say I have the 2048, seems like a nice to have. In my nibs inventory I also have a 9314 M that I think I don't know how to use. Super scratchy unless I tilt it. It's in its box, have to use it when I can dedicate time to it. Should I always tilt it to write? Is that how it is supposed to be? I also have a Medium Venus and Linton that I bought just to make sure I would always have nibs. Which one is better? I am very interested on having a verdict on the Venus and Linton. Future plans: On the mail is an Osmiroid pen that comes with a B6 nib and another package with several Osmiroid nibs. That will be a great experiment and experience. NOTE: I have not tried the Linton but the Venus M is similar to the 1554. I can use it as a substitute if I ever need it. I welcome any suggestions on nibs that are desirable for Esterbrooks. Thank you! BTW: My goal is to have a sample of all the colors that the SJ came in. That is the only organized collection I will ever have.
  6. KarenD

    New Member

    Hi: I've started collecting the Esterbrook J series to add to my mother's blue J from her high school years. However, this has now spread into the Waterman ink vue series (yikes!) as I have found two with a discount (an emerald ray and a Type two in a black and burgundy colour. I have no clue as to their condition and hear that they can be tricky to restore. Hopefully, the repair place I have found will have had some experience with them. What would be a good quality ink to use in my vintage pens? Many thanks for suggestions and I will post pictures of my pens when I receive them.
  7. Finally, I decided on my next pen and it is going to be a blue Esterbrook. Just a notch higher above my first acquisitions. The lure of thsi pen is remmebering it was coming when I was growing up, the nostalgia of it. The seller says says that the sac was replaced and the buyer has 100% good feedback (EB) in thousands of transactions so I expect I will not be disappointed. I read a little and I am also interested in the Osmiroid sketch nib. Hope there are some samples around here I can see and evaluate for the next move. Wish me luck and many writings! Now, what will be the next?
  8. white_lotus

    Standard J-Bar Too Long?

    Hello FPN repair gurus! I'm working on fixing up my first J with a sac tray. The old j-bar had rusted and broken. So I ground down the channel edges on a new j-bar, slip it into the barrel, install new section with sac. And the new j-bar can't be depressed. Apparently it's too long and it meets the section nibble. I've checked the depth to the end of the sac tray, and the depth of the installed j-bar, and it seems that it has gone fully to the back of the tray. I guess I can take the Dremel and saw off a bit of the j-bar. Is this usual to have to do this? Or should I have ordered smaller j-bars? I'm using 54mm j-bar. Thanks for advice! From what I've found searching, the j-bar goes within the sac tray, not behind it. And one result did seem to say they had to shorten the j-bar. Not sure if that's normal procedure though...
  9. The Esterbrook is a very popular pen among fp fans, but since they were already retailing at $35 when I first saw them, I have always kept away. For that price, I could get a Sheaffer with a 14k nib that needs an easy resac. I know that it's not hard to find cheaper ones, but I wasn't looking very hard I guess. Last week I placed a bid on a restored Estie on a whim - $23. Not cheap, considering it had the 1555 GREGG nib that comes with a bad reputation. The pen came today, and I am floored by its beauty. The 1555 nib is a bit harsh on the horizontal stroke, and perfect vertical stroke. It writes with a beautiful wet line. A Transitional J with the 'toaster top" in Red. A beautiful pen. I love the red so much, I gotta get all the reds, at least. So I am looking at the J, LJ and SJ right? And the transitional with the flat jewel? Please tell me there's no more! I don't need any more pens! http://i.imgur.com/C51vgOd.jpg
  10. So I've been around this site for a year now, and heard multiple times how wonderful Esterbrooks are, but haven't used one. The other day I happened across an Ebay auction, minimum bid of 10 bucks, and no bids. I figured I would low ball it, lose it, and move on. Except I won. Here's the auction. http://www.ebay.com/itm/360942433314?_trksid=p2059210.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT So I expect it needs a resac, but that's not a problem, I have a few other pens kicking around in the same condition, I can put an extra sac in my next order. I'm just a little worried I missed something. I didn't check the pics very carefully before bidding (my max was $13, expected to be outbid), but on closer examination this evening, I can't see any issues. No cracks, chips, or dings, and the jewels are in good shape. The nib is just a 2668, but seems to be in good shape. Is there some other reason that no one else bid on this pen, or did I just get it for what seems to me like a decent price, $17 shipped? JS
  11. ellenspn

    Do I Take It Apart Now...

    ...or wait until after the Chicago show? Have a cute little copper J that I picked up off of e(vil)Bay and was wondering if I should take the pen apart now and see how bad the insides are or just pick up all the parts I might need while at the show and take it apart after that?
  12. jaelkthompson

    She Finally Says, "hello"

    Hello, Everyone! I am about a year into my fountain pen habit, and while I've used The Fountain Pen Network extensively for research, I've only recently signed up for a user account, and I've never posted. Today, the silence comes to an end!!!!! About a year ago, I purchased my first fountain pen, a Pilot Metropolitan, and it has been all downhill, on a trail of Sargasso Sea blue, from there. I am in LOVE with collecting fountain pens and discovering which brands and designs pique my interest most. Until today, I've been all about Pilots (and my EDC which is a TWSBI Mini), and thanks to eBay's notable seller, speerbob, (who is the most AWESOME person that I've purchased anything from btw), I have been gradually feeding my addiction by amassing a small collection of Japanese and Korean Pilots, circa 1970-1990 (can that be considered "vintage"?). Nevertheless, thanks to The Atlanta Pen Show today and a wonderful experience that I had meeting an FPN moderator, who has a treasure trove of pen knowledge, a new obsession begins!!! Enter ESTERBROOK! Today I picked up two TWSBI Mini-sized Esterbrooks, a Copper SJ and a Pearl Gray H (Dollar Pen), and these pens are gorgeous! I love the compact size, the smooth pearl finish and the filing system. The 1555 nib is a dream writer for my F & EF-nib preferred style, though I am not so fond of the 2668 nib which writes rather scratchy. (I am taking a little micro mesh to this nib.) Most of all, I love how easily I can swap the nibs on these pens and the wide range of options available!! Needless to say, I am beaming with delight, and I owe my new analog love interest to an FPN contact! So I am very excited to be a part of this community, and I look forward to meeting more of the FPN family and obsessing with the uber-obsessed! Sincerely, Jael
  13. If only it weren't so small. I love writing with this pen.
  14. I picked up a new (to me) Esterbrook recently: a blue J with a 2668 nib in really great condition: no cracks or noticeable scratches, has a clear, strong imprint, good nib, new sac, etc. The grip section is very discolored though-- it goes from black, to off-black, to olive green. Is there any way to re-blacken the section safely? If not, where's a good source for replacement sections? I've done some cursory searches on Ebay but I'm not sure if I'm looking at the right items. Thanks!
  15. I am starting to wonder if these things are like wire clothes hangers - multiplying on their own while my back is turned. I got an Eight Ball. I think it came in with some other stuff I bought on ebay. I really do. And then I wanted one desk pen for it. I now have four Estie desk pens here on my desk, one plain black Estie that lacks a cap and might like to be thought of as a desk pen, and another bona fide desk pen coming in the mail. I have the Eight Ball. I have another Eight ball lacking the plastic part - I stuck a bead with a hole just the right size in there. I wrapped up a piece of black foam to fill in the neck of a very small vase for a third one. A fourth is in some other brand of pen holder - no, that's the Sengbush, I had to put it somewhere... Everywhere I turn there is an Estie desk pen... I am going to have to open a hotel. One on the desk in every room. It is my destiny.
  16. Gloucesterman

    Wow, An Ergonomic Estie On Ebay

    Saw this ad on eBay and thought to myself, was Uncle just blowing smoke or does this seller seriously believe? Of course, you can see that the jewel is hanging out a little, but I am sure that's just an adjustable counterweight to make the pen handle better when writing round letters or executing an analog "word-wrap"! http://www.ebay.com/itm/ESTERBROOK-CURVED-SHAFT-PEN-WEAREVER-FOUNTAIN-PEN-JOSEPH-GILLOTTS-LOT-RARE-/221354363762?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3389bf8b72 Your perspectives are welcome... I was going to attach a picture but thought that might be a copyright infringement. Would it be??
  17. Aray924

    Looking To Buy And Esterbrook

    I am looking to buy an Esterbrook and i am wondering what the average price of a J series is? what is a reputable website to buy them from? What are some things i should be wary of?
  18. Hey everyone! My first post on the forums. I've been lurking for a while, though In the beginning of November I purchased a red Esterbrook SJ on ebay. It's my first FP and I really do love it. However, I've noticed over time that hairline cracks are beginning to form at the section, and ink sometimes leaks from them. I know the pen is old and I treat it delicately, so I don't think I'm at particular fault for their formation. I don't rest my fingers near the section when writing now in fear of making them worse, but I really need to get this fixed before the cracks become worse and I'm out of my main writing instrument. What I'd really like is a replacement section, does anybody out there have one available or know where I can find one? I hope I made this post in the right place... please excuse me for being a newbie! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  19. http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3717/10480056673_7264bcb295_z.jpg , on Flickr
  20. Chiro75

    Photo Of Bhr Esterbrook Pencil

    For your enjoyment... used Instagram's contrast (or whatever the last button on the right does, LOL) feature and it brought out the imprint nicely but it is not this green in real life. The BHR is a nice vintage brown now. http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2840/10041957585_a72fc5e996_o.jpg
  21. Hi everyone, I recently acquired a 3-ribbed jewel transitional J. It worked just fine until I let the lever go too far while filling, it went all the way 180 degrees. Now the lever comes out a centimeter or so, did I break the J-bar?
  22. Scrawler

    Tiny Pens

    From time to time manufacturers produces some very small pens. here besides an Esterbrook SJ for comparison is an Eclipse Mary Jane and a Salz Bros Peter Pan. http://i751.photobucket.com/albums/xx153/FPWriter/threepens_zps4067ed73.jpg Popular history of the Eclipse brand tells us that the founder made pens named for his children, and this 1933 Mary Jane was intended for a small girl to use. It has tipped steel nib. The Peter Pan pen had an entirely different focus. The pan in inscribed with "The Green Room". It came from a 1935 New York hotel bar and would have been intended for signing bar bills. It has a spoon nib.
  23. Hi, After seeing some very nice penmanship video here and on the Internet I decided to try my first video. I tried it with my Esterbrook J with 9128 flex nib. Hope you enjoy... comments are welcome [video=youtube] Original post at my blog
  24. Hi everyone, This is my first post to FPN and I just have a quick question.... I just bought an Estie Dollar Pen H of Peyton Street which came with a 9550 nib which everyone says is Extra Fine and that is fine. I was looking at nibs and saw that the 9555 is also EF but specifically for Gregg shorthand; I was wondering what specifically was different between these two nibs. Thanks Teddy
  25. vnam43

    Rare? Esterbrook Feeds

    I haven't got a working camera at this moment - so bear with me. Anyway, I have a feed that has no external air (ink?) channel. It is similar is shape to other feeds - has combs, same diameter, and just over 31mm in length. The channel is internal, shaped like a "U" and at the rear there is a slot across the feed just below the channel. The feed face is conical and at the top near the front there are two very thin slits forming a cross. Is it rare or just not as common as the regular feeds. I also have two other feeds in which the front bottom half has been cut across and tapered to the tip. The reduced combs on the sides are supplemented with cut outs alongside the air channel, as in Waterman's spoon feed, probably to help with flow irregularities or as a marketing ploy. At first I thought this feed was unique to the 3XXX series until I came across a 2668 with a similar feed. Both of these feeds have retainer pins. Comments anyone?

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