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  1. I have seen several mentions of Venus nibs on Esterbrook pens, but I have not seen the reverse, and since the price of Esties on ebay seems to be going up lately, I am thinking of getting a Venus pen to use with an Estie nib I wish to buy. Any problems with assuming it will be fine? Thanks in advance.
  2. AAAndrew

    Pens For Sale 1918

    Two pages of the May, 1918 catalog for Chicago stationers Cameron, Amberg & Co. Oh, and I guess they were selling fountain pens as well.
  3. jabberwock11

    Just Received My First Esterbrook

    I have been a fan of Esterbrook dip pen nibs for a long time now, but have avoided buying an Esetrbrook fountain pen mostly due to ignorance as to what to look for when buying a vintage pen. After ogling some Esterbrooks and doing some research I finally decided to dive in. After debating between a blue J and a copper SJ, I pulled the trigger on the SJ in copper with a 9314-M nib. I inked the pen up with some Lamy Blue-Black and have been using it all day. After some experimentation and work I have come up with a few conclusions: 1) The SJ is about the same length as a TWSBI Mini (one of my favorite pens), but it is much thinner...making it a bit more difficult to handle. I will probably buy a standard J next. 2) I have used plenty of stub, italic, and right oblique nibs without any issues, but a left foot oblique is an entirely different creature. The 9314-M is smooth as butter, but it is difficult to angle properly. I am having some trouble adapting to this nib and this in turn is causing some discomfort. 3) Esterbrooks are addictive. I am having some difficulty adapting to this little pen and yet I am unwilling to give up on it and am looking at getting another (albeit larger) Esterbrook soon. I have a feeling that part of the issue that I am having finding the sweet spot on the 9314-M is due to the SJ's small size, so I am hopeful that this nib will be easier to use when I manage to pick up a J. I have a fine and medium Venus nib coming in the mail, so I will try those out on the SJ to see if the pen is more comfortable with a standard nib. I'll also continue to work at getting used to the 9314-M because when I do get it right it feels like I am writing on glass. In any event, I like the simple, hardy design of Esterbrook pens and the tons of available nib options. I look forward to trying out more Esterbrooks and getting to know some of the different nibs.
  4. Hello, in searching for a manifold nib, I realize I know nothing about Esterbrook pens. Basically, if I go to ebay and buy a manifold nib, will it fit any Esterbrook pen? If not, how do I find out? Even though this topic is simply a newbie Esterbrook topic, I don't mind if it diverges into a manifold discussion, since that is my only reason for being interested in an Esterbrook pen.
  5. Since I no longer study regularly and changed jobs I spend my life hammering a keyboard, writing only numbers with some printed letters in a notebook in the lab which I then type up and never look at the hand written version again. It has been a while since I wrote anything cursive with even a biro nevermind a fp. So today I picked up my esterbrook and inked it up, bought this lovely pen off a lovely lady on here many years ago. The only paper I found was a pukka pad 80gsm wide rule, I prefer seyes or narrow rule as my writing is small but nvm. I also have arthritis in my hands so I didn't expect much. Attached are some of my doodles, it could have gone much worse!
  6. Here is my newly completed Esterbrook Icicle collection! But notice the odd, pointed shape of the jewels on the silver one, both jewels are like that, with no evidence of anything ever being replaced. And to make it even more strange, there is no Esterbrook barrel imprint of any kind on the silver one. The only marking at all is the Esterbrook on the clip. ??? Anyone ever come across this before?
  7. Having decided that my next pen will be an Esterbrook, I've been doing some online research to narrow it down to the right model. There is a fair (read: overwhelming) amount of good info out there, but input from Estie users and experts would be invaluable to me. Currently, my favorite pen is the Pilot Prera with a fine nib. Its weight, size, and smooth-writing nib are just right. I prefer smaller, lighter pens with a grip section that isn't terribly wide. I've been looking at the J lineup and think that an SJ might fit the bill nicely, but they made a ton of other pens and it's hard to dig up specs on any of them. So, my questions: - Which other Esterbrook models are on the smaller/lighter side? Of the Js, the SJ is obviously a bit shorter and slimmer. The CH and H "purse pen" models are adorable, but I don't like the colors much aside from the gray--would it be hard to find? Others? - Finest nibs that aren't scratchy? (9550 or 9556 maybe?) - Reputable sellers online? - Fair price for an SJ--or whatever else you might recommend--in decent shape and working order? - How often do the sacs need to be replaced? How long-lived does the lever tend do be? Any other special maintenance/care I should know about going in? - Do they handle most inks well? Any brands to avoid in an Esterbrook? I mainly use Noodler's Black and Bad Black Moccasin. Anything else you could tell me would be great. Thanks!
  8. I have one black Estie Deluxe LK (but the section is a bit loose, I'll finish that repair, it's an easy fix), and 3 Estie Deluxe SM's. All pens are lever fill, the SM's are all double jewel with no chipped or broken jewels, and in restored condition ready to write. The SM's I've got are a black, a burgundy with matching pencil (sadly no box though), and an olive green colored one. The burgundy and olive colored ones both have dark red jewels, while the black one has black jewels. The burgundy and olive ones both have snap on caps, and the black one is a threaded on cap, as is the black LK. All of these pens were bought as part of a larger group, or lot of pens bought for something else in the group/lot, so I just tossed them aside until I needed a project and one by one they eventually all got restored. So now I'm wondering if these are as popular with certain Estie collectors as some of the other Esties? I've spent most of my short time in this hobby focusing on J family pens, transitionals, and Dollar pens, so I've never paid much attention to these. They seem like nice pens, but I have no idea of value, if there's any at all. I've tried to research going prices but there just aren't many comps out there that I can find for some reason. So are there collectors for these later model Estie lever fillers? And if so what sort of price range do they bring? Here are some pics I borrowed from the interwebs that show identical Estie SM's to the ones I have, including the pen & pencil set. And here's a pic of an LK identical to mine. *Pics borrowed from Esterbrook.net* (I Hope that's ok)
  9. Having acquired a small handful of Esterbrooks (4 + 3 that were given away) over the last year, most recently for sticking Osmiroid nibs in, EoC has a thought about the design decision that Esterbrook Co. took. Although this is obviously subjective, EoC opines that the earlier dollar pens are far more aesthetically pleasing than any of the later models. The dollar pen has unbroken material around the blind end of the barrel, and the clip has a certain style to it where it wraps over the end of the cap protecting it. In the transitional, the barrel stayed the same but the clip was changed and a jewel added. In the later J models both barrel end and cap end were changed to accomodate a jewel. Now, correct EoC if he is wrong (as is often the case), but does anyone else feel that calling a piece of molded (and frankly ugly) plastic a 'jewel' has got to be about as Barnum & Bailey as Montblanc and their 'precious resin'? Personally, EoC thinks that the addition of these bits of plastic that serve no real purpose actually makes the later pens look cheap and tacky. A contentious opinion? Perhaps.
  10. I'm was betting that the bad description and poor quality photos would barely get noticed. Turned out to be a good bet! I blew the photos up as I like to do in auctions that are poorly described, and instantly recognized it as a grey icicle, the only color icicle I was missing! So I laid low, and sniped it for a mere $26 (+ shipping). http://www.ebay.com/itm/SILVER-ESTERBROOK-FOUNTAIN-PEN-/151912349842?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&nma=true&si=C9YRKLUeQHhE4EBnnwxwfo1Pl5Q%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc I'll post a family photo when it arrives! I wonder what nib it has?
  11. Mob Mentality

    Nos Dip-Less

    Hello all. I recently purchased 2 NOS Esterbrook Dip-less pens. I have desk fountain pens but these are my first dip-less pens. I got the two pens for $27 with free S&H. I think I got a great deal but have no idea what dip-less pens go for in this condition. I already have several dip-less bases and plenty of nibs. I was originally planning on using them but considering their condition now I'm hesitant. Any thoughts? Enjoy the pictures! http://i1377.photobucket.com/albums/ah48/Davide_Borrelli/EsterbrookDipless_01_zpsrbb1uejk.jpg http://i1377.photobucket.com/albums/ah48/Davide_Borrelli/EsterbrookDipless_03_zpszwsn7heg.jpg http://i1377.photobucket.com/albums/ah48/Davide_Borrelli/EsterbrookDipless_04_zps93pjohr1.jpg
  12. I have a Pelikan M200 that I never use, and I would like to change this. Right now I am working on my italic cursive and Spencerian handwriting, so unless a pen has a flex or italic/stub nib I am just not that interested. Wandering around the web I have found a few discussions about using Osmiroid nibs in Esterbrook pens, which made me curious. Looking at the screw in Esterbrook and Osmoroid nibs it seems that they are fairly similar to Pelikan's m200 nibs. I know that Pelikan does not make an italic nib for the m200, so I began to wonder about what nibs may be compatible. Does anyone know what italic nibs will fit into a Pelikan m200? I would prefer a vintage nib section, but any modern italic nib that works with a Pelikan would be fine, if it is crisp. I have seen threads about fitting Pelikan nibs into TWSBI pens, does this work in reverse too (can a TWSBI 530/540 or 580 or mini nib fit into a Pelikan m200)? Any information that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I currently do not own any Esterbrooks, so I'm not familiar with their values. Saw this very clean Esterbrook Feed-Matic Base (green base) desk set this weekend at an antique store for $60. Seems like a good deal to me, but I am not certain. Just might become my first Esterbrook.
  14. PaperQueen

    Sacs: Silicone Vs. Rubber?

    Has anyone tried silicone sacs in an Estie? http://www.vintagepens.com/catill_sacs_seals.shtml From the description, it sounds like they'd have a bit more longevity, but then again, I'm a complete newbie at this whole "take it apart and put it together" thing. Also, as long as I have your attention.... What's the best resource for purchasing sacs, talc, shellac, etc.? My newest Estie just arrived with a loose nib section (so loose it falls out). From what I've gleaned in other posts, the solution is to apply a thin coat of shellac, let it dry overnight, then try to pressure fit the section into the body, so....gotta get my hands on shellac. Esterbrooks = Tinker Toys for pen junkies
  15. TimCasey13

    What To Look For In A Desk Set

    I don't know if this has been asked before, but what should I look for when buying an Esterbrook desk set? Either a 444 or 407 and the variations upon them.
  16. It is Back-to-School Season! And I have an Esterbrook J-series pen available for a student. You are eligible if: -You are a student (at any level! of any topic!), and -You have not won a PIF from the Fountain Pen Network in the past 3 months, and -You have a US mailing address. You'll receive: -The pen, with a 1551 nib. -Three ink samples of your choice. Options are: Noodler's: Air Corp Blue-Black, Red Rattler, Blue, Diamine: Pumpkin, Onyx Waterman: Purple Pilot: Iroshizuku Yama-Budo This is a pen that I previously won as a PIF. I'm not using it as much as I'd like, primarily because I use a different Esterbrook SJ more frequently, so I'd like this to go to another good home. I'm going to the post office tomorrow. If you're eligible and interested, please PM me and include your name, mailing address, what 3 inks you'd like, and what you're studying.
  17. http://goo.gl/OOcOJ7 Please take a closer look at this "Double Jewel Ivory Colored" Esty I just won, especially the pic that shows both jewels. I'm guessing a lot of people passed right over it because of its poor description. Never judge a book by its cover! And since I already have a black jeweled nurses pen, now I only need to find the green one!
  18. ISW_Kaputnik

    8-Ball Desk Pen. Loose In Holder?

    I just got my first Esterbrook desk pen. It's the kind with a lever-filler fountain pen and an "8-ball" holder. For now I'll assume that a picture would not help, as my question would be for people who are already familiar with this style.. The pen is apparently ready to go, new sac, good condition 2668 nib. I notice, however, that it sits loosely in the holder. Not ridiculously so, but there's none of the secure feeling I'm used to with a typical slip cap fountain pen. I also notice that there is no "inner cap" equivalent inside the pen holder. Is this normal? I don't have any other desk pens of this style, and I haven't inked this one yet. I'm just wondering if it will tend to dry out because there isn't a tight enough seal. Or maybe the fact that it's nib down will be enough. For those who have used these, do they fit tightly into the base, or is there some play?
  19. Chiro75

    My Engraved Esties

    Here are mine...
  20. Hello, I've heard rumblings here and there that some modern and more available converters may fit old Esterbrook cartridge pens, for which cartridges are no longer available and aeromatic fillers are hard to find. So I'm curious to see if any of it is true. If you have any of the following converters and an old Estie cartridge pen, can you check to see if they might fit? Converters to test for fit: -Lamy -Platinum -Pilot -Sheaffer Any others?. Other brands are worth a try if you have them. Supposedly large-mouthed ones may offer some hope for those of us wanting to see if there's a better way than refilling also hard to find Esterbrook cartridges or adjusting Sheaffer ones.
  21. Hi, Greetings from Brazil. Since this post is my introduction but it will be lengthier than the usual introductions, I post it here. 1. Of How I Grew to Hate Fountain Pens I've been fond of calligraphy from the time I learnt to read. I remember distictively a recipe notebook my grandmother had, with perfect Spencerian calligraphy, which I tried to imitate for a long time, but I didn't have quite the motor coordination needed when I was 8 years old or so : o ). Anyhow, when I was 10 or thereabouts I got my first fountain pen, which worked quite ok. I don't remember what happened to it, but i don't have it anymore... it was a really cheap one. Some two years after I got a Crown pen as a gift, and for some reason it never wrote properly... way too scratchy and skipped a lot. I got rid of it and gave up on fountain pens for 18 years ; ), until last week. In this short hiatus I've studied calligraphy, on my own and also on a calligraphy school here in São Paulo. It was founded on the beginning of the 1900s, and it had all the overscientific approach one would expect. For instance, this precious image from their manual, self-eulogizing the contraptions the founder of that school invented: Here the poor boy is being forced not to incline over the table, and to hold the pen correctly with some wires in his hand. I suspect this might be "inspired" in something from abroad, but I never saw anything like that apart from this book. My teacher was the grandson of the founder of this school, and he said they had hoarded dip pens from 1930 to last for at least a century, and that after they had used everything they wouldn't have any way to continue doing business. He flourished his tales way too much, but indeed he only used old dip pens. 2. Of How Much Laziness (and Some Learning) Made Me Overcome Hate Now being thirty I grew quite tired of dip pens, and also wished to be able to write decently away from home : o ). I've chased fountain pens that were similar to dip pens in being able to exchange the nibs easily, and so last week I discovered all about the Esterbrook J pens, mostly thanks to members of this forum. It so happens that Esterbrooks were sold in decent quantities here in Brazil in the 1950s and 60s, apparently. I've been able to buy, so far, just one model J, black, that came with one nib 1550 and a 2668. In fact in the afternoon I was to receive it at home, I went foraging for other nibs here in São Paulo, with my father for moral support. In the old downtown there are three small stores dedicated to fountain pens. In the first one I asked if the owner, who works there in the same store since the 1950s, if he had any Esterbrook pens. He said he didn't, and only that, which sounded like "no, just go away". And so I went. In the next one other venerably old gentleman looked at me with some amazement... it seemed he hadn't heard that name in quite some time. He had just some 9460 nibs, curiously with a green but translucid base; is this common? In the last one I got lucky, they had many: 9461, 9550, 9556, 9668, and the 9968. Bought all of them, and a Waterman Inspired Blue. At last, as I had seen some Pilot Parallels in the first store I went, I forgot the way-too-short talk we had and went again to the first store, and asked for the Parallel and if he had Esterbrook nibs, this time. He asked which one I wanted, and I said I wanted an italic nib. He said he might have one, but took a long while to fix a ballpoint pen some lady had asked him to reassemble, and some fifteen minutes (I checked...) later he went in search of the nib, and some ten minutes more or so he emerged with an 2312 nib, the italic one. Lo that the calligraphy gods smiled to me that day. I asked him if he had just that one, and he said it was his "sole son". I paid the equivalent of 10 dollars for it :-O. After one way to spicy acarajé we came home, the pen had arrived. At first I tested it with the nib it came with, the 2668 one. I liked it a lot. I forgot to clean the pen first, so my blue is tainted with black, apparently... but beautifully so, I think. Then I put the italic one and wrote, and I'm quite shocked to see how easy life can be. Oh dear. A very modest sample is here (Where do I edit my signature?): Now I don't know what exactly to do... if collect every variation of pen and nib, or just get one or two red ones that are really gorgeous, so I can write like normal people too : o ).
  22. Cryptos

    Changing Nibs.

    Hi, I have a question for Esterbrook experts. Q. Is it okay to change the nib on an Esterbrook J while the pen is still inked?
  23. Lovely_Pen

    Inks For Esties?

    So I'm still pretty new to vintage pens and I was just wondering if there were any types of ink I should avoid using in my Esterbrooks (due to the sacs)? So far, I've only inked up my Esties with Mont Blanc Daniel Defoe Palm Green and Organics Studio Foggy Bottom--both of which seemed like safe bets. I have some Sailor Jentle ink though which I'd love to use too, but because they have such a chemical smell to them, I wasn't sure how safe they would be in a sac/lever filler pen. I have a bottle of J. Herbin Stormy Gray but I couldn't imagine trying to clean out all the bits of sparkles... Many thanks for your advice!
  24. I got an old Esterbrook, with no nib, to try out as a dip pen. It's just an experiment Any suggestions on how to know which size/kind of nib would slide on? Alex....and Spock, just because.
  25. Appears to be a lovely Mexican made green one. This will be my first Icicle! I'm kinda excited! http://goo.gl/ed7bqV

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