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  1. Alexcat

    Yard-O-Led Nib Unit

    Firstly, I know I made a huge mistake/boo boo...am daft, etc. insert word if choice. Trust me, Ive used them all, and then some. I bought this: "The plain version of the Viceroy style. Purchased in 1988. The nib is a medium point and the original. On the pen cap there is a tiny dent, barely visible. Pen number 4635 YOL 925 . Hallmarked. Wooden box and YOD guarantee" When I got it, it wouldn't write...I tried soaking, gently(no chemicals whatsoever, not even Fairy) patience, multiple flushing s etc. still wouldn't write. Long story short, contacted seller, who was adamant it wrote when he sold it, and he thought I may have damaged it in my attempts to fix. He offered a return, but conditional on him sending it to a repairer(and I had no way of knowing whethervId be named/charged for repair etc) Got myself so upset( lot of life stuff going on, recently widowed, am very fragile right now, can cope with very little) and wondering if I had in fact damaged it, that I closed the eBay case and Sid I'd get it fixed myself. I know that sounds stupid, buI really couldn't cope with the hassle. So. Asked my friendly penman if he'd look at it, explained it all, upshot is that it has a crack; this is what he said(and he also said that there was very little chance that I had done the damage): "have just taken a good look at the forward part of the section, and there is definitely a spiral shaped crack in it that extends for about 5 or 6 mm. As such, you are unlikely to ever get a decent ink flow from the nib. You would need a replacement section. Your pen is quite an old model, and YOL no longer make sections of this type, so i don't really know where you'd get one from. " Does anyone have any suggestions(other than trying to contact the seller on eBay....already did, no response, and as I was stupid enough to close the vase, he is in the right) Is there any other nib unit which would fit, or anywhere I could get a replacement without spending a fortune? Hope this makes sense.... Alex
  2. I found a 139 on eBay for $1500,and it is supposedly near mint. Is this a good price?
  3. penmanila

    A Semi-Sumgai

    So maybe it's not a real "sumgai" find (would've been if I'd gotten these for like $20), but while the Western world was sleeping, I picked these up on eBay yesterday for $80 total--two matching sets of Vacumatic pens and pencils in the desirable blue pearl. Note that they sport the less-common "stacked-coin" cap bands, and that, intriguingly, one pen seems longer than the other--a single-jewel long Major? I'm semi-retired from collecting and these are the first Vacs I've acquired in more than a couple of years but I look forward to receiving and fixing them up (one pen's tines are bent, the other's section may need replacement; thankfully I have parts).
  4. Hello all! These questions come from my recent frustration ... basically Recently (few days ago) I tried to bid on three pens on eBay. I am a newb on eBay, and I thought it will go smoothly. I know how much specific pen is worth, I know how much I'm willing to pay and overpay (in this case). However, I lost on all bids. In the last seconds!!!! Now, since it is about vintage Waterman's pens, I consider this to be pen related topic/question. Question 1: How do you win in an auction??? It cannot be that I'm that slow. Question 2: if there is an auction going on for a pen, and there is like... 5 days left - can I offer $$$ to seller directly and forgo the bidding drama? If she/he accepts ok, if not - ok too. Question 3: I've noticed that some of the auctions on eBay bring the price of certain pens at least 1/3 if not 2/3... 100% higher than conventional value of the pen (on the market) is. Does this affects the market price? Reason I'm asking Question 3 is - if a precedent is set for ... let say Waterman 52 (common pen around) with decent flex, and pen gets sold in an auction for 100 USD or 200 USD more than price floating around the interweb, will this mean all Waterman's are slowly (or quickly) going up in prices? Thank you !
  5. I recently bought a hero 901 on ebay, but when it arrived I found rust in the lining of the nib. What should I do?
  6. Most of the Chinese pens I own have been purchased on eBay. There are a few sellers I use most frequently because they've been extremely reliable. One seller, "jewelrymathematics", used to contribute to FPN. But almost all of my Chinese pen transactions on eBay have been positive, regardless of seller, and particularly when they have extremely high satisfaction ratings. During the last year I've become more comfortable with Rakuten when purchasing inks from Japan. But I have had a difficult time understanding Taobao, and have not yet tried to experiment with Alipay. Even with an English-language intermediary, such as Mr. Taobao, the Taobao service seems difficult to navigate. What has been your experience with the purchase of Chinese pens? Who has a high comfort level with Taobao? Advice? What about Alipay? I'm placing the thread on this forum because the question focuses specifically on the Chinese pen purchasing experience, not on all marketplaces in general.
  7. phillieskjk

    $30-$40 Off Fireblue Kaweco On Ebay

    There are Fireblue Kaweco Liliputs on Ebay for $144, around $30 cheaper than the price at most other websites. No affiliation with the seller, just thought I'd pass along the deal if anyone is interested in buying the pen. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Kaweco-Liliput-Fountain-Pen-Fireblue-Fine-Point-New-In-Box-/391475663542?hash=item5b25c492b6:g:k8wAAOSw8w1X5Ema
  8. I found this lot on Ebay and it had a few things I could use, so made a bid. Within two hours it was up to $180??? What am I not seeing here?? or am I just cheap? HA! Thanks... http://www.ebay.com/itm/VTG-Waterman-Ideal-Fountain-Pen-Lot-For-Parts-or-Repair-AS-IS-14K-Art-Deco-40s-/112222481926?hash=item1a20fb2e06:g:ohsAAOSwj85YQD64
  9. After browsing tons of topics here on FPN and watching a metric butt ton of youtube videos from the major FP channels I am thinking about trying to locate some vintage pens. I know many suggest Pen Shows as a good place to start searching for vintage pens. I don't know of any in MN and can't really afford making the trip to others outside of the state since I am finishing up my college degree and don't have a ton of money for travel. I know people recommend ebay as a good place to search for vintage pens; however I kind of don't know where to begin as far as making sure I don't have one pulled over on me. For instance If I were searching for a Parker 51 or a vintage Waterman I would want to make sure I was getting the real deal. I watched an SBREbrown vid where he was explaining about someone in his community bought a Montblanc 149 and it ended up being a fake. Now I do know that is a bit of a different situation as a Montblanc 149 is a substantially more expensive pen and I would assume is one of those pens that those type of people would try and knock off. I've been doing my own research and I know with part of my search is going to be learning the ins and outs of what to look for, I however would appreciate any advice or tips in terms of ebay. Maybe even ebay sellers that many people here on FPN trust to sell the real deal.
  10. Deep_Adhikary

    Montblac 149 New At Throw Away Price

    How come MB is available such a throw away price(Rs 3400 i.e. $50.74 aprx.). Please refer to following link for details. http://www.ebay.in/itm/New-Mont-Blanc-149-fountain-pen-Imported-/252556997897?hash=item3acd91f509:g:ajoAAOSwIgNXn1Zd
  11. sidthecat

    Ebay And The Limits Of Desire

    There's been a Waterman 52 up on eBay this week: an average pen with what looks like an incredible nib. Impossibly flexy, and accompanied with a page of calligraphy that I couldn't reproduce if I sat in a scriptorium for a decade. I dropped out at $400.00 and the bidding has only gotten fiercer - it'll probably go for at least six bills. I've made many stupid purchases in my time, but I couldn't make myself step over that threshold. HOWEVER... There was another pen on eBay, with a very similar nib. It didn't have the gorgeous writing sample, but I got curious and asked the seller (who's in Spain...how did this thing get there?) if he could produce a writing sample. He did one, blobby and feathered on cheap paper, but the nib! I'm not saying it's as good as the one that's currently rising to the monetary stratosphere, but it looks awfully close and It's going to cost me half as much. It's an old 42 Safety, and I'm probably going to vandalize it by swapping nibs with one of my ringtops so I can make it useful. I can do it for that price and not feel bad about it, as I might otherwise. Moral: be a pest. Ask the guy in Spain to write a bit and send you some snaps.
  12. capillaryAction

    Help Me Id This Vintage Waterman

    Pictures from an eBay auction I'm eying http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/NQgAAOSwtnpXo6no/s-l1600.jpg http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/7bgAAOSw3xJXo6nf/s-l1600.jpg http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/QucAAOSwt7ZXo6nF/s-l1600.jpg Potential clues Thin band on capSemi translucent red with streaks of greenLever in 1 pieceBlack sectionFeed with fins Could someone give me some hints as to what Waterman it is, esp. its age and likelihood for flex nib? Thanks
  13. Recently there's been a lot of talk about Hero 616s here and so I wanted to share my experience with you. Not going to go into too much detail, I'm leaving for vacation in two days but wanted to get this out there in case someone would find it helpful. I ordered 3 616 Doctors from ebay seller 'mentag'. Three pens for US $12.90. When they finally arrived the first interesting thing was the packaging itself. See that there is no 'Doctor' mentioned anywhere on the package. I've contacted the seller and he explained that this is new packaging and that it does say Doctor on the back. I have translated what it says on the back and it does say, right above the barcode: "Big Hero 616 High Yijin Bi". So I guess that means it is a Jumbo. I was also assured that these indeed are genuine. Don't know if you heard but for example my Hero 9018 with fude nib that I got earlier this year had a QR code that redirected me to a Hero verification site that checks whether the pen is genuine. There is also a secret code which you can get to by scraping a little film or layer of protective paint (similar to that used on lottery tickets). My 9018 is genuine according to this Hero site. This one, though it does have a QR code on the back of the package and it does have the secret code couldn't be verified, because it redirected me to a nonsense site. When I typed the 616 code to where I verified my 9018 it wouldn't verify it either. The next images are of the pen itself. It does look OK. There are scratches on the pens straight out of the box but what can you do. The plastic is super cheap, not substantial in any way. Does have a hole in the back of the body. Filling system is ok, this is the bigger one, the 'Jumbo' size. It operates well, I was able to fill it easily, no problems there. Lastly the cap. It looks worse in real life than on the photos I think. There is not that much definition in the engraving/stamping. It's shallower than looks here and also there is less shine, much less shine than it seems to be the case here. That being said, writing is very nice, surprisingly so. I have only tried the black one so far with Noodler's Black (will test the others when I return from my vacation and post an update) but it writes beautifully and smoothly, it's wet enough and there are no issues with scratchiness or dripping, etc. There is just a tiny bit of line variation but I won't be pushing it at all so my tines remain aligned. All in all, it writes really well. No issues whatsoever. At least so far. Here is a quick writing sample. Make of it what you will but my impressions are that these are as genuine as they get and yet they are not great, aside from the writing itself - which admittedly is indeed great. The build quality is sub-par in my opinion and for example Jinhao X750 is far superior to these pens. Feel free to ask any questions, etc. and I hope some of you will find this post helpful. edit: scroll down to reply #8 for more pics and further facts
  14. Fellow Desi FPN'ers, I am looking for experience with Indian customs handling of pen orders from ebay (Japan, Germany, USA, Israel) I am looking to take the plunge on a $100+ pen and want to make sure it is safe to order on ebay.com Have any of you ordered from Japan? Assuming I choose the cheapest shipping option via regular sarkari post, will our fraternal comrades in the customs and post office look for these "luxury" items and hold them back for customs duty and/or other "fees" Do pens in the $100-$150 range fall under the category of dutiable goods? Last time I ordered some stuff from mainland china, it took more than a month and port of entry was Kolkata - package was sent via China Post/India Post and came through clean (then again it was cheap stuff like 616 and some Jinhao's)
  15. found this while browsing around: http://www.ebay.in/sch/deepak380790/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Those pics seem genuine - have the chinese faked MB's pens this well nowadays? Are there well known fakes of MB products like Hero and Jinhao clones?
  16. So I was checking out ebay today and found the following Parker Sonnet gold plated which at first glance looked interesting http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Parker-Sonnet-Gold-Plated-Fountain-Pen-W-Box-/162131401724? But now i wonder if it is not a fake .... This pen has been listed by this seller more than once and in my research on internet i have not been able to find anything from Parker that looks like it. The photos shown in the listing reflext the nib, etc... And i wonder if this just looks all too new to be real. Tks for feedback
  17. I found this Caran d'Ache FP and BP set on ebay. The pricing seems low. http://www.ebay.com/itm/CARAN-dACHE-CdA-GENEVE-Marble-Brown-and-gold-pen-set-/122001742915 I wrote to the seller asking for focused photos so I could see the nib and any writings on the pen. I said that I wanted to be able to see if the nib was original or a replacement. He wrote back that he only had his cell phone camera and would find his camera and take better photos and update the listing. No answer regarding the nib being original or not. Nothing happened. Now someone who bids only and mostly on collectible pens has opened the bidding. Since then he has listed a Pelikan 140 for considerably under what I imagine this pen should sell for. Do you think that there is any chance that this is a real, functioning Caran d'Ache? Any ideas of what this set should sell for?
  18. I'm in a bit of a conundrum here, and I'm looking for some help. My pen history is basically nil. I've only owned Varsities, a Lamy Safari EF, and a couple of 78Gs. I'd like to graduate someday to actual fountain pens like the MYU 701 or custom 74, but as a poor college student, I cannot do so in the near future. With that in mind, which should I purchase? A White Tiger Pilot Metropolitan, or a NOS Pilot Elite Short/Long FP? I've been intending to get the Elite for awhile now, but the seller is currently away and won't be back until 1-15-2014 (one can still view the item in question here:http://www.ebay.com/itm/350810855581). I've got some Diamine Red Dragon ink burning a hole in my desk drawer, but I don't want to spoil its 'new factor' by putting it in my well-used 78G or recalcitrant safari. I imagine that a japanese extra fine nib would probably be too litte for my use, and I've read on https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/182020-clean-out-my-office-sale-round-1/ that another user purchased this pen from the same seller, but "It was a firehose with ink" I'll stop rambling now, but I think I've become fixated on a pen which seems to have a good chance of dissapointing me (the Elite S/L, that is). Can anyone help me make sense of the situation and if needed talk me out of my fixation?
  19. I've been reminded today why I avoid ebay. The gods of Olympus were not smiling on me as I made a hasty purchase from a seller with good feedback (bar one). It was a Montblanc (my Achilles heel); in this case a little 242. The pen was described as being in excellent condition, working and having no dents, dings, cracks or any other problems. Said pen arrived and to my great dismay does not draw ink, has loose cap rings (which I could live with) and a crack in the cap. None of these issues are mentioned in the ebay ad nor visible in the photographs. I sent an email to ask for either a significant partial refund or a refund and return. They replied first of all with an offer of a refund that was frankly insulting and an accusation that what I was saying about the pen was not true. I rejected the offer and asked for a refund of half of the cost (not necessarily expecting to get that!), explaining why I thought this was fair considering what work would need to be done to the pen. I then get a response asking me to send the pen after 11th March (he says he is heading off on holiday) and on receipt he will issue a refund. Everything about this seems like a bad move to me, so I'm hoping that I might get some much needed advice here as to how to proceed. For those of you who have been through this process before, can you give me some advice as to the best and correct way to proceed?
  20. Hi all I noticed that for many Jinhao and other Chinese makes, for the same model, the price can be $1,$3 ... $10. For those who sampled the offerings at various price points, does the price correlates with quality/defects/etc? Cheers, Erez
  21. Hello, Lamy newbie here. I wanted to get a Safari and saw the Neon Coral is still available on eBay for around $25 from different sellers. That seems a little strange, since the Coral was a 2014 LE and I figured there'd be none left to sell in 2016. I bought one there anyway, but I'm already suspicious that it may be a fake. However, JetPens is also still selling it, in Medium only, for $28.50, and they're an authorized retailer. Again, we're talking about a 2014 Limited Edition here. Has anybody happened to see something like this before?
  22. Venemo

    Is This Legit?

    There is a guy here that sells Sonnets for a suspiciously low price. Is this legit or are his pens fake?
  23. Hello friends, I have been following some of the offerings recently from ebay seller Lokoenjopon (yes, spelled that way). I have placed several bids on several different items with him, and invariably there have been bid retractions. The last experience is even more curious: there is a Sailor pen that was up for auction several weeks ago for auction again…I guess he has more than one in stock. There have so far been two bid retractions on this one, and I am again the high bidder. One of the retractions was by someone with no rating. Zero. I am beginning to get suspicious. Has anyone had good experience with Lokoenjopon?
  24. i've been building up a small stash of ebay finds in my daughter's place in san diego these past few months (i live and work in the philippines, and so i tend to collect my ebay stuff in the US when i visit once or twice a year). among my most recent pickups was this burgundy vac which, at the time i bought it, seemed to me to be either a senior or slender maxima. it's still hard for me to tell one from the other just from a picture, but i was hoping for a senior max, because i already have the slender in burgundy, among other colors except blue). thankfully, it did turn out to be a senior maxima in very fine condition, from 1939, with striped jewels and section, needing just a new diaphragm, which i'll install as soon as i fly back to manila. the price wasn't too bad, either: http://www.ebay.com/itm/191712327935?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT and the others? the best ones include a huge, near-mint morrison's overlay which i picked up for $80, a moore L-94 in RHR, a sweet, very clean GF wahl, and a plain but also very clean BHR waterman 54. many have super-flex nibs now i can't wait to get home so i can resac and refurbish these babies.
  25. Dearest Members of the Fountain Pen Network, One of our ad agencies just gave us a nice surprise: 20% off Flash Sale for all eBay buyers for the UK, with a caveat: The code is only valid until 22:00 hrs today, October 22 2015, and as mentioned, only for UK buyers on eBay. And the che code is: CUKFLASH To go to eBay UK: Click to visit eBay UK Enjoy! Warm regards, Wim On behalf of the FPN Moderator and Admin Team

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