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  1. theitalianguy

    Dry Ink Flow

    Dear community, for sure this issue has been discussed somewhere in the 89 pages of this forum. I apologize if I re-propose it again. My "brand" pens, with original unit (feeder and nib), work flawlessly. Great, generous and just the right amount of ink. My "restored" ones don't. Basically they all suffer from poor ink flow. As a user, I buy old pens and I put new feeder and nib. Nibs are the good ones, Knox, Artisan State. Feeders, I never paid too much attention, but I'm now since they all have just one tiny ink drain, and that could possibly cause the dryness. I checked a feeder from a good "brand" pen, and it had 3 drains instead of one. If this is the case, should I look for these multi-drain feeders? I haven't seen them around, where do they sell? Is this "the" solution? I can tell I adjust my nibs, I align the tines, with the correct separation, correct tiny space between nib and feeder for a good ink flow, etc.. so I think I'm ok on that side. Ink wise, I've tried all kind of brands, Montblanc, Private Reserve, Parker, Sheaffer, none gives the flow I need. So it's not an ink problem. Suggestions and help are very welcome. Thank you very much. Vieri
  2. SteveLTN

    Pilot Custom 74 Being Very Dry

    Hi, I received my Pilot Custom 74 (Fine) today. I found that it is very dry without applying pressure, in other words the pen doesn't write on it's own weight. In order to write with it, I need to apply more pressure than I usually do (in comparison with Metropolitan & Sailor 1911, I generally write without applying much pressure on the paper). Since the ink flows well when the two tines are apart under pressure, I suppose the feed works well. I wonder if it is my bad luck or all Pilot #5 fine nibs are like that? Thank you in advance.
  3. lyonlover

    Sheaffer Legacy 2...is This Normal?

    Hello everyone, About a month ago, I bought a Sheaffer Snorkel Valiant and promptly returned it. That was the first fountain pen I'd ever bought for myself. It wasn't a very good experience (and I'm not whining about it either) and I was pretty disappointed. Then, fast-forward to three hours ago, the mailman rings my doorbell, I sign the receipt paper, and I whip out a box knife to unpackage my newest purchase. I'd bought it from a reputable fountain pen dealer in Wisconsin as a New Old Stock pen, and made sure that I had good communication with the seller. I play with the snazzy touchdown mechanism with water for five minutes, then fill it with Waterman Mysterious Blue... Without delay, the pen lays ink, but it is quite dry. The line is a faint shade of blue, and has gotten darker over the past two hours, but is also quite scratchy. I read that Waterman inks are supposed to be lubricating, but this pen is nowhere as smooth or as wet as my friend's $15 Pilot Metropolitan using the same ink. There doesn't look to be anything wrong with the pen, visibly I mean. Is this normal for a brand-new fountain pen to be scratchy and dry? I've only tested various fountain pens in stores and used vintage pens. Please help. I like this pen a lot and I hope to be able to use it for at least decades. By the way, it's a fine nib pen.
  4. Ladies and gentlemen, I checked the repair Q&A forum but my questions are a bit more general I think so I decided to post here. Background: I'm new to "proper" fountain pens, used a fountain pen for decades as a kid and young adult, always liked that smoothness and speed featherweight pressure facilitates. Now I use Pilot Metropolitan - Fine nib. I was using Pilot black ink (see picture attached) that I got with it. Works like a charm. Extremely light pressure, high speed writing is a breeze and smooth. I saw the Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue which I used for decades is still made and around so I promptly got a bottle and to my surprise, it caused a lot of problems. Issue: Pen required a lot more pressure all of a sudden. Really heavy pressure to the point of severly slowing down my writing. Even having to repeat some characters because they just got lost. Terrible to the point of uselessness. With medium pressure it would manage extremely thin lines or none at all. It would work okay if I flush it (with a drop of water still in the system) and a refill. I use a rubber bladder converter that came with the pen. Nib is fine. I checked it, it's fine and changed ink back to pilot black and everything is smooth again.Is this normal, is the Pelikan 4001 ink just so "dry"/thick it just won't work with this type of pen?Is this pen generally known to be so sensitive? (because I doubt products like this Pelikan ink would stay on the market if most pens didn't work with it)or do I have a different problem with the pen that I haven't addressed?If's this pen being fussy, any recommendations on more ink-tolerant pens?If I have to limit my choice of ink to only the most wet ones, any recommendations? Looking for blue/blue-black. Thanks in advance, z. edits: clarity
  5. A frequent lament of pen users is a dry feed that doesn't keep up with a flex, broad, or wide italic nib. My understanding is that a feed needs to match the flow requirements of the nib. Is the opposite problem frequent -- a too-wet feed that floods a fine nib? I have read about this issue less often. My intuition suggests that, to maximize options, a pen user can order a pen with a wider nib that can be reground later to be narrower. Going in the opposite direction, from fine to broad, is impossible. Additionally, a feed designed for a fine nib may not be able to keep up with the increased flow requirements of a broad, flex, or italic. But, when regrinding a broad nib down to a fine, is there an issue regarding the match of feed to nib? Would a feed that typically accompanies a broad nib create too much ink flow for a finer nib?
  6. I've got a Visconti LE palladium factory stub nib with a piston/captured converter that writes beautifully for a bit and then peters out to nothing (basically, writes until the feed runs dry). I prime the feed again and continue writing until it dries up again. Prime, repeat the process etc. If the pen wasn't so gorgeous, and didn't write so beautifully when it does write, I'd likely pitch it. Looking at the nib head on, the nib looks a bit goofy - in relation to the feed, it does not look symmetrical (if that makes sense). It's almost a bit twisted looking. Maybe it isn't seated properly or something? I honestly don't know. I've had the good fortune of not really having too many problems with my pens, so I admit this is an area in which I could use some education and guidance. Any suggestions? I've done the proper cleaning of it, the tines appear to be aligned, tested using Waterman ink etc. Debating whether I should bother sending it back to Visconti, or just send it to a nibmeister. I'm a bit leery of sending it to Visconti after reading some of the posts here on FPN. Thanks in advance for any advice
  7. Mob Mentality

    Strange Parker Nib

    Hello, I seem to have come across something strange, (atleast it seems strange to me). I have about 8 or 9 Parker 45s including various flighters with various sized nibs the vast major being 14k. I have noticed that on all of the 14k nibs save for one that the slit does not go all the way up into the breather hole. I find this odd unless I'm missing something. Is this some kind of error? All of the nibs are marked "Parker 14k MADE IN USA" I know I saw in another post that someone encountered the same problem and cut the slit all the way to the breather hole. Any ideas as to the reason for this? There has to be some explaination right? The pictures below show the 14k nib with the slit up to the breather and 2 nibs that are almost to the breather hole. I apologize for the the picture quality. On a side note all of the steel nibs have the slit all the way into the breather hole. Will this effect the pens performance? I have also included a screenshot of the P 45 nibs from http://www.fivestarpens.com/parker_nibs.html which shows a variation between not fully slit and fully slit. http://i1377.photobucket.com/albums/ah48/Davide_Borrelli/e44c6bca-6ba9-4bc4-9dbc-517b82e961bc_zpsgoa3ug7b.jpg http://i1377.photobucket.com/albums/ah48/Davide_Borrelli/5b9030df-9067-49c8-98af-ea1ff807e711_zpsyr8ywkxh.jpg http://i1377.photobucket.com/albums/ah48/Davide_Borrelli/06607f4f-c51a-4c27-ac49-129e4076ea5b_zpsxz7eh4hx.jpg http://i1377.photobucket.com/albums/ah48/Davide_Borrelli/Screen%20Shot%202015-11-02%20at%2012.28.50%20PM_zpsex8tnqei.png
  8. Hi. First post. Thanks in advance for any help.I'm having trouble with a new Kaweco Sport fountain pen with fine nib. I received it brand new this past weekend. It worked well at first and I enjoyed using it for a few days. I used it today for a few hours with no issues. However, it suddenly stopped writing well. (I was using the same paper, same conditions, etc. no changes. The pen hasn't been dropped or misused or anything. I'm the only one to have used it.) The flow, which until this point had been steady, is now very dry and often no ink comes out. This happens especially if I stop writing with the cap off, even just briefly, but it can happen in the middle of penning a word. At times the ink will flow as it used to, but most of the time it's scratchy, dry and sporadic (if flowing at all). Initially, I thought the pen was low on or out of ink, but the cartridge (Kaweco, came with pen; the first and only cartridge to go in the pen) was still 1/2 full. No trapped air or anything that I could see, but I swapped in another Kaweco cartridge just in case. But, still had the same problems. I can get it to start writing again by moistening the tip of the nib, but it doesn't last. In short, the pen worked well for 4 days or so, and then the performance suddenly tanked. I have other fountain pens (though this is my first Kaweco) but I've not experienced anything like this.Any thoughts and/or suggestions? Thanks very much.
  9. hi everyone...i have a quick question for you....my pelikan m600 extra fine is amazing. I do have a small problem...it lays down a very nice and wet stroke from left to right and top to bottom...but the right to left and bottom to top stroke is the exact opposite. its dry and very thin....barely visible....i do not know what to do about this...please let me know if you have any suggestions...thanks
  10. Gee Tee

    Pen Stops Flowing

    I have a Parker Sonet with a gold plated nib and absolutely love writing with it. If I am having a writing session sometimes the flow slows down and then stops and I have to lick the tip of the nib to get it flowing again. The tines look fine to me though I'm quite new to fountain pens so I don't have a trained eye....any suggestions?
  11. Dear friends, What is your experience or recommendations for extremely dry, hot weather conditions in both pen and ink? What is your "desert island pen"? For a two year stint in the Sahara Desert, I took what I thought would be my "desert island pen": a Pilot Vanishing Point with three nibs. It was so dry that the Noodlers Bulletproof Black ink evaporated in the converter in just days, at most. I am about to move to Kuwait, which is more or less one of the hottest places in the world. I have my eye on a Pilot Custom 823. I am quiet picky about the nib experience, so choosing a pen only by the quality of the barrel seal alone won't suffice. For giggles, price is not an option but something well under $400 is most realistic. Thanks for the years and years of reading and shifting through posts on the FPN. I rarely post, but quietly sit in the background and reap the benefits of the thriving community. Happy writing!
  12. Recently my grandfather gave me a Sheaffer Targa that had never been used before to me. I inked it up once before, but only to test then flushed out the pen. Now when I actually want to use it, it doesn't quite work, even after "priming" the feed. I would start writing then it would just trail off, as if the ink was only from the dipped feed. Please help, I love this pen and I want it to work. Attached is a picture of the trailing off. I am still a bit of a newb, so try not to be harsh if it's blatantly obvious. EDIT: Right after I posted this it now suddenly works, but I still want opinions.
  13. emileh

    Parker 45 Pen Won't Flow

    So recently my father gave me his old Parker 45 (with gold nib) as he thought I needed a "decent pen". Unfortunately though, despite many attempts- cold water, various cartridges,etc- we can't get it to flow very well. Admittedly, it's not the newest of pens and has sat unused in a drawer for the past few years. Whenever I try to use it it cuts out mid flow or just doesn't write at all- the ink's just not flowing right. Any ideas on how to get it 'running' again? Thanks, Emily p.s sorry if this is in the wrong place, I'm new here
  14. How do Private Reserve American Blue (Fast Dry) and Electric DC Blue compare? They seem very similar, but would either of them be better (even slightly) for schoolwork? I have tried samples of both, and i'm having trouble deciding which one to buy a bottle of.
  15. Dano808

    Dry Lamy 2000

    Hey all! I've had my lamy 2000 for about 3 months and while the flow improved slightly, its still extremely dry. The flow isnt Skippy or anything like that, but it is niticably drier than all my other pens. I was wondering if anyone could help me improve this problem. Thanks, Dano
  16. Dear pen fans and experts, I recently ordered yet another Pelikan (my fifth), and it arrived in the mail today. It's an M200 with a broad nib. I tried three different inks (Diamine Syrah, Green/Black, and Rustic Brown), and each of those inks looked much lighter in this pen than in the other pens that I have used these inks in. The pen also skipped a bit. I grabbed my loupe, took a look, and saw that the tines were misaligned (weird, because the pen didn't feel scratchy, just dry and a bit skippy). I aligned the tines with my nails (well, I don't think they are perfectly aligned now either, but it's certainly better than before). Result? The pen got much skippier! Apart from that Hero that I have long given up on, this is by far the skippiest pen in my collection. So... Any thoughts/advice before I give up and just order an M400 nib for this pen? I'll buy a new nib if I need to, but then again, I'd kinda prefer saving my money... BTW, I have another M200, only with an M nib. I like that pen very much, but for some purposes, I wanted a broader nib: something comparable to the M400 medium, which is quite a bit broader than the M200 medium. Hence, I ordered another M200, but with a broad nib; and at the moment, this pen isn't doing its job at all... (Yes, I know, some of you will suggest contacting the seller. Well... The problem is that the seller is Amazon.de - the German Amazon - and I don't speak one word of German. Plus, the pen came without a warranty, just as the previous M2xx's that I ordered from Amazon did. So I'm not really sure how I'd go about returning the pen...)
  17. dragos.mocanu

    Pelikan 140 Ob - Dry As A Bone

    Hello, Today I went to the postal office to pick up my very first Pelikan. I was extremely excited about it, and the prospect of having a nice springy OB nib...until I got home and filled it with ink. Before filling, I noticed that the slit between the nib tines was completely shut at the tip (no light came through), but decided to fill it anyway and see how it writes. The thing is...it's a very smooth nib, but if I apply no pressure to the nib (as I usually do when writing normally), only a very feint line will come out of the tip. The ink may have something to do with this (Pelikan Blue-Black, and yes, I know it is a rather dry ink), but I haven't experienced this level of dryness with any of my pens (and I have quite a few already). If I start applying some pressure, I get a whole new experience. It puts down a pretty large amount of ink (though not extreme). So, anyone else encountered this? I was expecting a really wet nib (with no pressure), just gliding on the surface of the paper. Should I be worried, should I adapt my writing style, or even more, send it back to the seller?... Thanks!
  18. Hello, I know this question must have been answered in a bazillion other places, but I'm really confused. I bought an Ahab a while ago and been fiddling with the feed position, but can't get it to run right. Some people say that if you get the tip of the feed closer to the tip of the nib you will have better flow. Others say it the other way around: if you take it farther from the tip of the nib, it will have better flow...Which one is true? Also, the pen exhibits occasional skipping, like when i do an 'o' or the start of a cursive letter (the oblique line from lower left do upper right), but sometimes it just floods the page (no ink blobs, but the flow increases substantially and unpredictably). Is there any way I can have a more constant flow? I don't use the flex, I just want to use it as a sturdy everyday writer. At the moment it's filled with Pelikan Blue Black, because my other inks are way too wet for this pen. Also, I've got a Konrad Demo on the way too (gonna have to deal with that one as well ). Thank you.
  19. Truman P.

    Parker 51 Hood Too Tight

    After having just bought my first Parker 51 (Aerometric), I noticed flow issues from the second I first used it. After a thorough cleaning, I realized that the flow problem had to do with the hood of the pen closing the tines of the nib. Does anyone know of a good way to make the hood fit less tightly? (Preferably without having to apply heat) Thanks in advance!
  20. Hi all! I'm looking for a black ink with a fast drying time for use on regular inkjet/office paper. My previous focus on inks has primarily been towards permanency and flow but now I need to find something that will dry fast and not feather on cheaper paper. Anyone got any good ideas, preferably for something I can source quickly in the UK. With these qualities in mind I hear good things on this site about J.Herbin Perle Noire, Waterman Black but if there are any others please let me know. Thanks, Badger
  21. vishwaskrishna

    Twsbi Diamond 580

    My first review here at FPN. After reading a lot about the TWSBI pens on FPN, I was really tempted to try one of them. So, I purchased the recently released TWSBI Diamond 580 with a medium nib (and later on bought an EF nib too) directly from TWSBI. The pen cost me $80 ($50+$30 for shipping). An aside, noticed today that the TWSBI website has increased the shipping cost by $10, which means, you may have to shell out nearly as much as the pen if you are from India, like me. Edit: as pointed by hari317 below, the shipping rate is still $30 (when not logged in through a mobile) Coming back to the pen, the first time I wrote, I was blown away by the smoothness of the pen. The medium nib is really that smooth. And though I feared that the pen might be huge, looking at the images, but never felt so after actually handling it for a while. Also, I found the grip of the pen very pleasing and now, I am really comfortable with the length, grip as well as the weight of the pen. But my initial pleasure of using such a smooth nib vanished very quickly as the nib skipped a LOT and got dry very soon. I wrote to TWSBI and Philip Wang was quick to respond, asking me to press the nib using my thumb and index finger to stop the skipping issue. I followed that but didn't find much of a difference, but when I followed what TWSBI has demonstrated on their , I was surprisingly able to correct the issue and pen never skipped afterwards. With regard to the drying of the pen, unfortunately, the issue still persists, The solution, though not entirely pleased with it, is turning the piston knob to push the ink and then do it again after about a page. Meaning, if you are using the pen for longer periods, this might be bit of an irritation. When it comes to the extra fine nib, I had requested Philip Wang to test it and make sure that the nib doesn't skip, and then ship it. Thanks to TWSBI, my EF nib never skipped, but unfortunately, even that faced the same drying issue. After about a page, the nib/feed started getting very dry. Apart from that, the EF nib is, naturally, not as smooth as Medium and was too dry for my liking. So, followed the same method suggested by TWSBI, mentioned earlier, to make it wet and it worked and now, happy with the ink flow. (I separated the nib from the feed while following their method) Have to mention that I have changed the ink lot of times and it is a very easy and quick process to clean the pen. Overall, my experience with TWSBI, if I have to summarise in just a line, is it gives one of the smoothest writing experiences, except when it gets dry. I like the look of the pen a lot (pardon my photography skills) [original image] Writing sample of EF nib [original image] Writing sample of Medium nib [original image] Initial skipping of the nib (M) [original image] You can notice the difference between the dry nib (EF) and the wet nib immediately after turning the piston ring [original image]
  22. I was using a wing sung 612 for quite a while and found it dry writing, but extremely smooth (both of which were good for writing on cheap school paper). Then after letting it sit for about a day without use, I found that it seemed to dry out very easily. Once I started writing, it worked fine, but after letting it sit for even an hour, it would take quite some effort to make it start up. I thought it was that ink was drying in the pen because the cap seemed to be wearing down (and becoming progressively less airtight). I flushed out the pen and refilled it. However, now, even though the pen is full of ink and I can squeeze the filler to send a drop of ink out, the pen still doesn't put ink down. I really love how this pen used to write, so i was heartbroken when it stopped working. Any ideas of how to fix it?

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