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  1. Hi, I'm new to the forums so I'm sorry if this has been asked before. Does anyone have any suggestions for fountain pens that would be good for ink drawing? I was told that Sheaffer pens with a fine nib would work well for outlines. Any other suggestions for a fine line look with ink that flows easily but doesn't drip or run? Also, I'm assuming I'd need another type of pen for shading or filling in areas. Any suggestions for that as well? Thanks in advance for any advice. This has to be the most knowledgeable forum I've ever visited.
  2. Im new to fountain pens and I want to get a fountain pen. After some research I kind of narrowed my options to Pilot MR, lamy safari and monteverde limonada. The thing is I dont really know the difference between these three other than the looks and in the Pilot Mr the nib, I really dont know anything about the monteverde limonada though. Im going to use this pen for sketching, but not only for that. I dont really like too much the pilot MR and the Lamy safari, but I've heard a lot of great things about both. The question would be what would be the best of these pens? and what are the pros and cons of each? thanks a lot!
  3. Im new to fountain pens and I want to get a fountain pen. After some research I kind of narrowed my options to Pilot MR, lamy safari and monteverde limonada. The thing is I dont really know the difference between these three other than the looks and in the Pilot Mr the nib, I really dont know anything about the monteverde limonada though. Im going to use this pen for sketching, but not only for that. I dont really like too much the pilot MR and the Lamy safari, but I've heard a lot of great things about both. The question would be what would be the best of these pens? and what are the pros and cons of each? thanks a lot!
  4. So, Im new to fountain pens, and I was was wondering what would be a good fountain pen for drawing and sketching? I have seen in other websites that for someone new to this the lamy safari and pilot metro are kind of the way to go, but i really dont like these all that much. I dont want a pen exclusively for drawing, but I am gonna use it for that a lot. My budget would be around $100 but the price varies here in my country with some pens.
  5. Here is a very simple way to draw a wooded area using simple scribble stroke. Watch the video demonstration and follow along. This simple fun drawing can be done anywhere and is always enjoyable. If you like the experience and want to adopt drawing simple landscapes with pen and ink as a creative and relaxing hobby, then check out completely free tutorials I have created for this purpose. Have fun, Rahul www.pendrawings.me
  6. As a pen and ink artist, my aim is to help people discover drawing simple landscapes with pen and ink as a creative and relaxing hobby. I have created completely free tutorials that help absolute beginners get started drawing with pen and experience the pleasure of putting your creative expression on paper. Let this be your new year resolution In the following, you can see how easy it is to draw simple bark texture and trunk with pen. Learn to draw other elements of nature with pen and ink and get started today. Have fun Rahul www.pendrawings.me Drawing a tree trunk with pen and ink Add a horizon with distant tree line and a scattered trunk or two and you have a simple landscape.
  7. Here is a quick sketch I did in pen of winter landscape in my neck of woods....Learn to draw such simple landscapes with completely Free, fully illustrated step by step tutorials at my website www.pendrawings.me/getstarted. Also subscribe to receive Free daily templates to practice doing simple landscapes with full instructions. My goal is to promote pen and ink drawing as a simple, fun, relaxing and creative hobby. Join me.
  8. Week 2: Practice Scribble and Loop Stroke Last week we looked at how parallel lines are used to create tones in P&I drawing. This week we will look at scribble and loop strokes and how they can be used to create tree foliage. This is a very fun stroke that can be used to create pleasing trees as shown below. Scribble and Loop Stroke: These strokes are used to create tree foliage, bush, background foliage etc. In a scribble stroke, you ‘scribble’ and create feeling of small interconnected loops as shown below. In a loop stroke, each ‘loop’ is created separately by lifting the pen between strokes and because of this scribble is much faster than doing loop stroke but loop stroke gives a more open airy feel. Make sure the orientation of the scribble and loop is random and in different sizes to give it a feel of foliage. As with parallel lines, we also need to create tonal variations when using these strokes to bring out the volume of the foliage. This is done by adding more strokes where darker tone is desired. You can use smaller loops and scribble to add tone easily. Practice this stroke extensively as it is usually part of any landscapes with trees and bush. Following are some example of trees done using this stroke. First, a uniform tone of foliage is added. Next, add some dark using the stroke to bring out depth and volume. Download the outline of trees here that you can use to practice scribble stroke. Practice this stroke and create simple pleasing trees using it this week. This is part of my weekly posts to learn drawing simple landscapes in Pen and Ink. You can visit the course at pendrawings.me/course. Have fun, Rahul
  9. I am very happy to announce release of completely free course for learning to draw pen and ink landscapes. You can get an overview of the course in this video and access the course here. Starting today, I will present activities from this course in my weekly posts. Do follow along and start your creative journey today. We start by looking at some of the choices for pens to use for drawing. As you become more proficient, you can try different choices, but to start with, it is sufficient to have a quality gel pen and a small sketch book to practice. In this video, I discuss some of the choices. Understanding some of the simple pen strokes that are used for drawing landscapes is very useful and we will do this next. In this online tutorial and video, you can study some of the basic pen strokes for drawing landscapes. Following is an overview of 'parallel line' stroke that we will practice this week. Do practice this stroke extensively this week as this is the most basic stroke in P&I drawing. ********************************************************************** Parallel Lines:This is the most important and basic technique to create a tone in P&I. Practice drawing lines equal distance from each other. It is important to make sure that your hands are not hesitant when drawing a line. In other words, DO NOT draw a line very slowly and deliberately. This will cause the line to have edges and bad impression. Instead, slowly bring your pen down to the paper and create a confident FLOWING line with a swift stroke. Don’t hurry it either. Key is to find the balance between slow deliberation and fast impatience to create a line that is confident and inviting. This will come with practice as every person has their own rhythm. Practice often and find your own rhythm. You will know when you get it. The lines also don’t have to be exactly parallel and equidistant. The key is to create an impression of ‘uniform’ tone with a set of lines. In other words, the deviations in the distance between the lines should be small enough so that our mind and eye don’t notice them. Instead our mind should instead see and focus on the lines as a whole to see a uniform tone. Initially, don’t attempt to draw longer parallel lines as this requires movement and control from the shoulder that takes more time to attain. Lines an inch or so long can be drawn using the movement of wrist and should be attempted initially. ********************************************** Have fun, Rahul
  10. Based on suggestions by FPN members who like to use their pens & ink to draw but find they lack motivation, I am starting this thread to encourage sketching. There are no hard and fast rules on how much time participants should spend on their work, nor how skilled the sketchers must be. This is about setting a personal goal to take time every week and draw an object. The benefit is to the individual as they hone their skills one line at a time and take pleasure in the act of creating. 1. Each theme will run Sunday - Saturday. 2. Themes will be posted on the first Sunday of each Month, for the entire month. 3. You may post your sketch at any time you wish during that week. 4. Each theme will be numbered. Please include that with your post. 5. Do not post a drawing prior to the date set for the theme. 6. If you are unable to post the week of the theme but still wish to do so later, you are free to post the image. 7. You may participate in as many or as few themes as you wish. 8. Include the materials (pen, ink, paper, etc.) you used for the sketch. Thoughts on the process are encouraged if you are willing, as we can learn from each other. 9. If you have any suggestions for themes, please email me. 10. Have fun!
  11. Try this simple landscape and follow along with the video...You can see lot more demonstrations of how to do simple landscapes on my YouTube channel. Also I have completely Free, fully illustrated tutorials to help you get started drawing in pen and ink and adopt this relaxing and creative hobby. Have a creative weekend, Rahul www.pendrawings.me
  12. I have put together few videos that show drawing a simple landscapes in pen and ink in under 30 minutes. In addition there are also fully illustrated completely free tutorials to learn drawing landscapes in pen and ink. Here is a simple drawing that you can watch and try it yourself. This is completely drawn with a fountain pen. Any feedback and comment most appreciated. Have a creative weekend, Rahul
  13. Hi, as a pen and ink artist, I am passionate about helping others adopt drawing simple landscapes with pen and ink as a relaxing and creative hobby.To that end, I have written a complete tutorial for beginners that I shared in this forum earlier. You can find it at here I have also created videos that show step by step drawing of a simple landscape in under 30 minutes. Here is a link to a video that demonstrates drawing the following. I would appreciate any feedback on the content and presentation in the video and if this is something you would like more of to help you in learning to draw with pen and ink Thanks Rahul Link to video showing drawing of following
  14. Hi, I have created over 20 mini landscapes that can be used to practice drawing with pen if you have never done it before. They are really fun to do and can be completed in little time. I also provide 'templates' with faint outline of the drawings that can be printed and used as a starting point. Fully illustrated step by step tutorials are also available to help you with your attempt. As a pen and ink artist, my aim is to help people discover the joy of doing simple drawings with pen as a creative and relaxing hobby. I invite you to try some of them today. Any thoughts on the content and suggestion for improvement is most welcome. You can access them here Enjoy Rahul www.pendrawings.me
  15. I can't find a similar thread, so I thought I'd start one here. Artists who use fountain pens to draw have different needs from those who are using them to write. Personally, I need ink to be waterproof so I can add watercolour, lightfast so it doesn't fade if hung on a wall, and work in a fountain pen with a very fine nib, since that's what I prefer to use. I thought perhaps other artists in the network may like to share their best finds. Pens for sketching also need to be lighter as I may be drawing solidly and cross-hatching for some time, so I tend to go with plastic rather than my lovely heavier pens. My favourite pens for drawing are Lamy Joy with an EF or EF gold nib - great for fast sketching and smooth for writing; Namiki Falcon EF and F - such lovely expressive lines (I use the EF for black and the F for brown), and Sailor 1911 EF for drawing lots of details and really fine lines. I have used the Sailor Nano ink but have found the De Atramentis document black to be a wonderful fast-drying and waterproof ink. The Document brown is also lovely for drawing and writing. I am excited about the idea of CYMK waterproof inks for fountain pens - a great idea that has been missing to my knowledge. For inks that don't like fountain pens, I love a dip pen and post office nib. I also like to use inks that are not waterproof so they react with water. Noodler's Polar Brown is rather lovely for this, as is an Aussie ink Art Spectrum Burnt Sienna, and Higgins Eternal for black. I've attached a photo of the pens and the nibs though many of you will be very familiar with them. I just like visuals! Love to hear from others :-)
  16. Hi everyone. I just took posession of my new book on fountain pens, and would love to share with you. Alain VANDERAUWERA, is a swiss architect , and a talented artist. He lives and works at Yverdon-les-Bain, in Switzerland. He has a passion, though. Could you guess? Yes, you're right: fountain pens. He has started, long ago, a wonderful, and much complete, fountain pen collection which he exposes at the LIttle Fountain Pen Museaum he has opened. http://vanderauwera.org/category/stylo-plume-fountain-pen-musee/ He likes to write his journal, and make illustrations of all the pens he buys, or comes across. All his illustrations are fountain pen and ink made, as well as their colouring, using watercolour technic. This first volume, of several others to come (we, passionate ones, hope so), was released several days ago. It is a Limited Edition of 500 copies, all of which numbered and posessing an Authenticity Certificate signed by the author / artist The pages are loose cards (24), each with a fountain pen model drawn on it. You can keep the cards as a book, or you can frame them. The back of each page is blank - you can write about the pen drawn on it. The possibilities are endless, the book, a beauty. Its dimensions are 20cm x 12 cm - quite handy to carry around. Fountain pen lovers, if you are interested, you can contact Alain through his mail, and order your copy: vanderauwera@hispeed.ch http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/800x600q90/538/TWr5wf.jpg http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/800x600q90/661/CWz96n.jpg http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/800x600q90/538/IhY00D.jpg You can see his presentation on his site, too http://vanderauwera.org/2015/04/19/fountains-pen-volume-01-alain-vanderauwera/
  17. I'm looking for a pen that I can draw very quickly with somewhere around the $80-150 range, as most of the pens I've used cannot keep up with me. I'd like to have the nib as fine or finer than the Lamy EF - incidentally, the Safari's also the only pen that can keep up with my drawing speed at the moment. The TWSBI EF nib was too fat - I was surprised it was even labeled as "EF". Pilot F nib was pretty nice, but I might go for an EF next time. I borrowed the one I used so I didn't get to test it out for as extended a time as I'd like. What allows me to draw faster? Is it the stiffer nib? I am not super concerned about flex or softness, but it would be a nice bonus. I do not mind a bit of feedback either, as it is something that is to be expected with such fine nibs. By the way, the other pens that I have used so far are: Pilot Custom 92 SM, TWSBI 580 EF, Pilot Petit1, Pilot Prera, Pilot custom 72 F. I tried out a lot of Pilots since I'm aware that Japanese nibs are finer. The pens that I'm currently looking at are Platinum 3776, Namiki Falcon, Pilot Justus 95, Pelikan 140. Any opinions on these pens, or other recommendations? PS, I accidentally spilled a bottle of acetone on my Lamy Safari while doing my nails the other day and the matte finish came off and it looks atrocious. Don't try this at home, kids!
  18. **Moderators - feel free to move this thread to a more suitable place in the forums if needed!** This is actually my first ever post on FPN but I've been lurking a long time in the forums largely because I have always felt that I had more to learn than contribute regarding my knowledge of fountain pens. But anyways, this thread is intended to share my journey of exploring the world of painting with fountain brushpens and fountain pen inks. While I am definitely not an expert on them, I believe I may have some nuggets of info worth sharing especially since I have come across questions and enquiries on brushpens on FPN. WHY BRUSHPENS? Brushpens are great for painting and line variation. While a fountain pen with a flex nib is still unbeatable for characteristic writing in journals, notetaking etc., brushpens - due to their extreme line variability (which results in greater lack of control) - are great for paintings/drawings. Wet brushpens with good flow can in fact really emulate the look of an actual brush and ink. WHICH BRUSHPENS? The main brands for brushpens are Pentel, Akashiya, Kuretake and Platinum. I have tried many models across these 4 brands, and after figuring out which ones are more suitable to my personal needs, I am currently using the following two brushpen types: Platinum Brushpen: You can find these on Goulet Pens. They come in two types: natural hair brush, and synthetic fibre brush. The former is softer, more difficult to control, but gives finer lines and greater variation. The latter is the opposite. Pentel Aquash Brushpen: Uses synthetic fibre for its brush. Dirt cheap and commonly available, it takes non-fountain pen ink too. Given its price it really has formidable value. My only gripe with it and the reason why it has not completely replaced my Platinum brushpens is that ink flow can sometimes go berserk on these pens (quality control might be an issue) and lay down enormous amounts of ink. And oh yes, they are cheap looking and not as pretty looking as the Platinum ones, but that is probably not a huge issue. WHICH INKS? Brushpens are thirstier than nibbed pens and even the more viscous inks should flow nicely. As such, the flow of inks that we are so preoccupied with for nibbed pen usage is thus less of a concern here. Additionally, due to the style of my paintings (more on that below) I prefer to use primarily black, grey and red inks. My current inks of choice for these 3 colors are Noodler's Black, Pliot Iroshizuku Kiri-Same (sometimes DIamine Silver-Fox) and Diamine Poppy Red respectively. EXAMPLES OF WHAT ONE CAN DO I am very into oriental ink paintings. By that I mean paintings in the style of Chinese "水墨" or Japanese Sumi-e paintings, especially the landscape ones. However, I like to "spice up" these paintings with modern-day pop culture references, for instance, the inclusion of Totoro, Pokemon etc. in these paintings. Due to size constraints I have just attached one of my paintings to this post. It features a lightsaber-brandishing Yoda on a boat set in a Chinese landscape. It was done using Platinum and Pentel brush pens with the following 6 inks: Platinum Black, J.Herbin Vert Empire, Noodler's Lexington Grey, Noodler's Golden Brown, Pilot Iroshizuku Kiri-Same and Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu-Gaki. If interested, you can view more of my paintings here in a recent article on BoredPanda: http://www.boredpanda.com/childhood-companions-in-chinese-ink-paintings/, or even follow me on Instagram at: https://instagram.com/samuelpecksw Meanwhile, feel free to share your experiences, drawings/paintings and questions on fountain brush pens here!
  19. http://i59.tinypic.com/30c8why.jpg Usually, the Pilot ballpoint is my go-to for drawings. But I parked that and, instead, used the Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen for inking. Watercolor is Prang Glitter. Flesh tone is J. Herbin "Lie de The" ink. Sailor brush pen for detail on colors. This is a portrait of Lenny Kravitz. http://i59.tinypic.com/2wd2ixt.jpg .
  20. Drawing61


    Hello, I've enjoyed seeing the art work of others here and thought it time to contribute. These were made using Isographs, watercolor and pencil. They date from the turn of the 21st century. More recently I've been drawing with fountain pens and enjoying it greatly. I will post some of that work if I ever get around to photographing it.
  21. Arielle Finberg

    Intro Hello

    Hello. I have been watching this forum off and on for a couple of years but finally recently joined. I am in Sacramento, California. I use fountain pens almost exclusively for drawing and sketching. I very much enjoy and appreciate reading all the marvelous posts and learning from this forum. I hope to humbly contribute a bit back, perhaps in the form of reviews for others here who love to draw with pen and ink, as thanks to you all for this wonderful resource you have all built!
  22. Hello Everyone, What's your favorite fountain pen for drawing, what type of ink do you use? Thanks
  23. PenChalet

    Fountain Pen Day Giveaway

    Pen Chalet is giving away almost $1000 in prizes to 10 lucky winners! This is our biggest giveaway ever. We will be selecting the winners on Fountain Pen Day, November 7th! Enter to win now: http://www.penchalet.com/fountain_pen_day.aspx
  24. holgalee

    The Perfect Sketchbook

    For those of us who sketch or paint, or just love stationery, you are probably on the perpetual hunt for the perfect sketchbook. So take a look at this new Kickstarter project that sounds promising: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/theperfectsketchbook/the-perfect-sketchbook-for-travel-artists-and-art,
  25. Lamyrada

    Hello From Florida

    It is nice to find a place where all things FP is the theme. I love writing and sketching. I love notebooks, pens and cameras. I have a small collection of all of the above. A few days ago I saw in a few blog sketches that looked very nice and the authors were sketching with fountain pens. I frantically looked for two I had been given as a gift a long time ago and I stopped using because I used to mess up places in the house with the ink. Now I am finding more information to be able to "activate" them back into my tools. I will be posting the two photos to identify what kind of converter or cartridges I can buy and from whom to be able to sketch and write with them. They have sentimental value, so there is another FP in my future and I hope all the information to be able to choose well will be found on this forum. BTW: I also ordered a Lamy Safari for sketching which should be on my hands soon and I am looking into a few cheap FP for that purpose only. The photos I post here are of these gift fountain Pens of great sentimental value. Nothing fancy, just FP given by people I love and care for, so they are more important than a $200 pen. Please let me know how can I find cartridges and converters if you know. Pierre Cardin will be for sketching/drawing. The one with our ID for writing, just because I like the design. Well, i am sure I will enjoy the forum and I hope I can participate often as I gain some experience.

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