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  1. jabberwock11

    Leonardt #30 Nib In Gold

    I have been getting back into using dip pens for general writing, not calligraphy, just general writing (I know, even among weird pen people I am an oddity). One of my favorite dip pen nibs is the Leonardt #30 pointed drawing nib. I have a #30 that I got in some set a while back and I was looking to get some more, but I can only find it in nickel. My current #30 is gold and I would like to find more gold Leonardt #30s, but I can't seem to find them anywhere. If anyone has any ideas as to where I could pick up some of these elusive gold nibs, I would be eternally grateful.
  2. I was looking for a cheap fountain pen with interchangeable italic nibs for a friend who recently got into fountain pens when I saw a dip pen set with a nib that looks exactly like the Blue Pumpkin. The set was Copperplate & Shadow and I could use a few more nibs so here is my comparison between the Leonardt 40 and the Brause 361 Left: Brause 361 Right:Leonardt 40 As you can see, the Brause 361 is a bit longer while the Leonardt 40 is a bit fatter. Otherwise, their shape is nearly the same. Probably because of its fatter shape, the Leonardt 40 could flex a bit more than the Brause 361 but the Brause 361 holds a lot more ink than the Leonardt 40 does. (I took one dip, didn't wipe any ink of then wrote until the ink ran out for both of them) Sorry for the smudges
  3. Hi, I'm new to using fountain and dip pens, but they've always sounded really cool. When I saw a dip pen at an antique store last month, I ended up coming home with it. I would really appreciate any information you may know about it! On the back of the nib it says: A Edward Todd & Co New York 2 It has a mother of pearl handle, and yellow metal. Even if you don't have much information about it, I have some specific questions: 1. Does the nib part look too long? Photos I've seen of pens similar to this one (I haven't seen any exactly like it) seem to have shorter nibs. 2. What type of writing is it probably meant for? 3. What should I soak the metal part in to be able to separate the nib without breaking it? 4. What size nib is it? 5. (May mean the same thing as 3) What do I use to clean it? Thanks!
  4. This might seem like a very, very stupid question and I am sure the solution must be staring me right in the face, but what the heck do you use to hold the ink for an oblique holder dip pen? It's really frustrating me! I have a few dip pens and recently picked up an oblique holder and some nice bouncy flexible nibs. So long as the ink bottle is close to full it's fine, but it won't go deep into the bottle; what do you put the ink in?
  5. Hi, guys! My husband and I have recently gotten back into fountain pens (we both used them to write in school and then moved on to other pens like fineliners and gel pens). We've been reading everything we could find on fountain pens and FPN has been a very valuable resource! We came across this thread from 2007, specifically this post, which mentioned nitinol as a possible material for a nib. My husband had some sheets of nitinol on hand, so he took a few stabs at making and writing with a nitinol nib. Here are the results! http://i.imgur.com/La9KMsrm.jpg http://i.imgur.com/HJKKzFGm.jpg Not bad for something handmade, I think.
  6. Well, I am currently on a quest to improve my penmanship. It all started with finding a few old Sheaffer School fountain pens in the attic. (I loved those pens). In the 50’s, I had perfect penmanship in elementary school. I was actually quite good at 'Chancery Italic Hand' with a dip pen and India ink back then. (I missed many a boring class while my hand was put to work for the greater good). However, high school and college note taking ruined my cursive and got me started printing in order to take fast notes in class. The printing was acceptable. But the advent of the internet and e-mail has reduced my practice to nothing but household lists. Alas, I find my old School Pens and the race is on! I found Goulet Pens! 3 Sheaffer School Pens, 2 Lamys (medium), 2 Pilot Metropolitans (fine), 1 Pilot Varsity (don’t know how that happened), and a Platinum Nice Limited Edition Century 3776 coming to me from friends in Japan. For calligraphy (which I hope will help improve my everyday hand) I purchased a Speedball Deluxe Oblique Pen Holder, a Cork Tip Pen Holder, a handful of nibs, 2 styles of ink, 2 books, Rhodia Paper, 2 reams of HP Premium Choice Laserjet Paper, and other accoutrements. I already had a light box. I can't decide if I should take up 'Copperplate' or 'Spencerian Script. I am leaning toward Spencerian because I have always loved to look at it. Also I am confused by what is being called 'Modern' or 'Contemporary' Calligraphy on the Internet. Not sure what it is exactly. Calligraphy without rules? A Retired Graphic Designer in her 60’s, Casey (Typography Junkie) Haven P.S. Any advice on a good flexible nib fountain pen would be much appreciated.
  7. Hello all I am new to the forums. I have an antique Mabie Todd dip pen and would like to find other nibs that fit the pen. The Mabie Todd nib that is currently in the pen is expensive and difficult to find. I would like to write with the pen a lot but all the nibs I have don't fit this pen. I recall seeing another post on the forums discussing nib and holder matching. The posted stated that Victorian dip pens had smaller nibs. If anyone could suggest a nib that would fit the pen I'd really appreciate it. I have attached a picture of the pen/nib you should be able to see the nib if you zoom in. Thanks in advance.
  8. I've mainly been using a dip pen for sketching, to ensure that my strokes are surer when I sketch and that I get more comfortable with long strokes, curved strokes, etc. However, since I joined FPN, I've been itching to try my hand at calligraphy. A friend gifted me an old nib from their stash of different unused, it turned out to be a William Mitchell Round Hand 3. Here is my very first attempt at a Round Hand script, And here is the nib, I plan to, - Practice with either graph paper or ruled sheets as an aid - Figure out if I can work with cursive in this script - Look up IAMPETH and Zanerian to print out a reference script Any suggestions about how I could improve the script (apart from regular practice)? A few questions about the nib, - I also noticed some green deposits on the nib, which I'm guessing is rust. Does anyone know how I can get rid of it without ruining the nib? I'm in India, and unsure of sourcing materials that might be sold off the shelf elsewhere, so homemade or self made solutions/ideas would be a plus. - As you can see from th holder, the cork is quite stained (it has blue and black inks in them) because I am currently dipping it straight into a small mouthed/necked bottle and do not always know when to stop dipping. Any ideas how to clean the cork? - I'm currently using a stock dye based black fountain pen ink (Bril), I've read that adding arabic gum to this will help when using dip pens. Will this affect the nib in any way?
  9. Hi, Does anyone know if the Ranga ebonite dip pens can be retrofitted with a universal pen clutch? cheers! Cryptos
  10. This is an ink bottle that is at least 60 years old. These bottles were very common up to the 40s in India and school boys used to carry these along with their dip pens to school. The inward curved edges prevented ink from spilling out even if the bottle tipped over. These vanished with the advent of the 'fountain' pen. This particular bottle (carefully preserved by my father-in-law all these years) had 60 years worth of ink dried in it and took a lot of soaking to get it into this form. Edit - Typos...
  11. phardy

    Ocean Pen Co. Of Baltimore

    Dear Pen Historians, Last night I picked through a small heap of unsorted dip pen nibs, thinking I should limit my stash to ones I use when journaling and send the rest elsewhere. There were 24 nibs stamped No. 2, Ocean Pen Co., Baltimore. I can't find any mention of this company via Google, nor have I spotted it in the pinned resources here. They look ordinary enough, I'm just curious since all the other nibs in the heap came from known companies. Any info is appreciated. Thank you. Best, Patty A. Hardy
  12. I'm toying with the idea of trying some calligraphy. I already have italic pens, so I was wondering about purchasing a dip pen and nibs set. Can anyone recommend a good set with a variety of nibs, especially the type for scripts such as roundhand, which also includes a reservoir so that I don't have to dip every couple of letters? This is by no means a pressing issue, as I said, I'm merely toying with this idea. Thanks.
  13. sudobash

    Ink Slides Back In Dip Pen

    Hi all, hopefully this question is appropriate in a fountain pen forum. Currently I am learning to write with a pointed nib. I constructed a sloped easel out of soft plywood for writing on. Writing on a 45deg slope is fantastic. It helps so much with pressure and visibility. Anyway, I am encountering a problem with the ink in my pen nib sliding back into the base of the pen handle. I have to dip the pen again long before the ink in the nib is expended because it keeps flowing down into the handle. The pen writes fine at this angle when it has ink in the tip, but I am wasting quite a bit of ink this way. Here is a picture of the problem: (Note, there is normally ink on the tip of the nib, but it dried out when I was getting a camera. The flow of ink is fine. The problem is just that I loose ink out the back.) Here is a picture of about which angle I hold my pen. (Don't judge me too much on my writing please. This is only my first week of working with caligraphy. ) Any tips on how to resolve this? I have thought about rubbing some wax on the base of the nib so that the ink cannot flow back there, but I have never heard of this ever beeing done. Perhaps the problem may also be in how I hold the pen. I am still working out how best to hold the pen (angle, grip, wrist position, arm movement, etc). Thanks.
  14. Currently, for both lettering and drawing, I am using mostly vintage nibs: Gilbert & Blanzy-Poure Nibs (specifically the No.2552), which I bought a small lot of about a year ago (I have nearly 30 of them in pristine condition. 2 are in current rotation for black/ colored ink). I also have a modest stockpile of Baignol & Frajon 2730 (about five with one in a holder). My other two pen holders are loaded with Tachikawa (the spoon model and soft maru mapping model) for tighter lines with less variation. (These are great for hatching.) For comic lettering I have been bouncing between Brause (No.180) and Tachikawa round tip (1mm). I have a bunch of random hunt, brause, leonardt and nikkon nibs, but I can't say I use them with any frequency. I bought a few random samples from my usual nib haunts to try them out, and found I liked them okay, but what I had was fairly better (for my taste). Some were to scratchy, some caught on watercolor paper too easily and some were just too finicky for me. I like drawing quick and dirty, and need a nib that will keep up with that. Lately, I have been eyeballing Easterbrook nibs, because I seem to come across them everywhere. I was wondering if any of the nib users have come across them, and how they like the quality. The vintage nibs I have on hand now I like for springiness, line variation and consistency. They also almost never dump ink, even though I use them with a coil reservoir. So, I was wondering if anyone out there had any thoughts on various nibs, what they like to use and why (what properties do they have). I'm a nib hound in the sense that I like to try everything, but I am also not precious. I care more about performance than aesthetics. Of course, price is a concern too. I don't mind paying a little more for a vintage nib, but if finding something obscure is going to cost me a small fortune, that nib better draw a picture on its own. ETA: It occurs to me that I should also list the ink I am using. I use mostly Dr. Martin's Black Star Matte or Hi Carb black, Dr. Martin's Bombay colored india inks (mixable) or Speedball acrylic inks (also mixable). All are lightfast and waterproof. Different nibs behave better with different inks. I remember my Brause Rose nib loved thin inks, but the only thicker ink I could get it to work with was the DM Matte.
  15. Around late July, I found this thread on here: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/146143-metallic-gold-dip-pen-ink/ Being a crafty type person I had to try it, and thus started my dive into dip pens, and mixing ink for them. Specifically from the PearlEx Powdered Pigments. This is my current set of colors, along with my sample writing of them: I got so into making colors out of the powders, it was ridiculous. And then I started getting into customizing my dip pen holder, until I figured out and found the pieces to be able to make my own holder that holds feathers. So now I also own a small collection of feathers (with a plan for it to get bigger) and a wonderful dip pen holder. As well as a few extra because, what the heck I have so much fun with this, why don't I try and make some to sell on my Etsy. (Still working on that last part.) My first Feather and Holder of this kind. Got new Feathers.... And then got the new holders and started making combinations and ones to sell: And then finally today I figured out that the same trick I use to make the powdered pigment inks, I can actually use with my fountain pen inks. So now I've got a white-shimmer lavender and a gold-shimmer green: And through all of this I've been constantly referencing these boards and checking out things about dip pens, how to care for them, how to deal with them, and I just wanted to finally share all that I'd managed with them.
  16. Hello everyone, I was considering buy a dip pen for kanzi calligraphy. I prefer a gold/silver nib and a wooden holder, do you guys have any suggests on where I could buy one in Singapore? Thank you.
  17. TeaHive

    Experimenting With Sitb

    GASP!! THE HORROR! But please don't be too afraid. Let me explain. I have a bottle of Private Reserve Avocado that I only just opened recently. The smell was immediately awful, like ammonia. So I dug around with a toothpick and found a bit of jelly goop at the bottom. (It was a little terrifying, but fascinating.) I know the immediate response is to dump it down the drain. BUT... I hate to waste ink, and I have a terrible knack for playing with things I shouldn't. So of course I filled up a Pilot Petit 3 with the ink anyway. I know some hearts just skipped a beat out there. But I've had this cheap-o pen (the reason I am experimenting with this one is because of that cheapness) filled and used for several weeks, and have had no problems. No funky stuff growing, no flow issues.. By all means, it works perfectly. I just get a whiff of ammonia now and then in a particularly wet area in my sketching. But I actually don't find the smell to be any more or less offensive than many markers I own. I also have a junker Welsharp mini pen I found at an antique mall that had no cap. I pulled the nib out and decided to use it as a dip nib, specifically with one pen body for this one specific ink, in order to keep cross-contamination at bay. I suppose the point of this topic is to ask whether anyone else out there has gotten use out of their contaminated inks? Do you feel comfortable doing so? Has it worked/not worked for you? WOULD you use it as a dipping ink only? Or am I just a cheapskate with a danger streak? I am by no means telling you to go ahead and use ink that has SitB, that it is safe, blah blah blah. Not in the least. And I surely would NOT use contaminated ink in any of my regular fountain pens. I'm just sharing my experience in living on the edge of inkdom, and that I've been able to use the ink in a limited way to avoid (literally) throwing my money down the drain.
  18. R.D. Herring

    Esterbrook 354 Dip Pen Holder

    I was helping my grandparents clean out their basement this past weekend and found an old lap desk that belonged to my grandmother's first husband. While looking through the thing, I came across a couple of Esterbrook 354 nibs. According to my grandmother, there was a nib holder that went with them, but it was apparently lost when she from New Jersey to North Carolina in the late '80s. I would like to put these nibs to use, but I am unsure what holder I should use. Would any nib holder work? If not, which brand and/or model would you recommend? Thank you
  19. If there is already a section for this, please let me know. I have yet to find one though on Storage and Organization for fine writing tools and materials. It would be nice to have a section for this for people to ask questions in reference to storage and organization, pose ideas, tips, or tricks, post photos of how they organize and store things, and attach instructional files, such as a word document, to their post if they should wish to do so. Just a thought Again, please let me know if a section such as this exists. Thanks! ~gracefulpen
  20. Bradv123

    Dip Pen Help

    I wasn't really sure where I should post this, so I apologize if it's in the wrong section. I'm looking into getting a dip pen for more Spencerian or Copperplate writing rather than Gothic or Italic. My question is where do I start? Like what are some good (preferably cheap) products to get started with. I have read that Gillot 303 and 404 nibs are good, What makes them so good? What type of ink should I be using? What type of holders are good? Will all nibs fit in all holders? What website can I get all of this stuff from? Thank you very much!
  21. Just looking for some info about this dip pen my grandmother gave me a while back. I was going to use it for drawing lettering for fun. I know its an Aikin and Lambert no6 Pen. The number 6 is on both the pen and the nib. Thank you for reading my post and I hope to see some informative replies. Marcus http://i.imgur.com/TQNXxQR.jpg http://i.imgur.com/igrRiKj.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/yOOYbuJ.jpg
  22. Hi fiends, Here is a dip pen made by Kim and Co. I have not seen a dip pen before. No cap, no feed. http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3735/10606730965_f0d6585374.jpg 20131101_161556 by mohancv, on Flickr http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5495/10606724435_d312d56871.jpg 20131101_161633 by mohancv, on Flickr Once dipped in ink remains on a curvature under the nib. At least two or three lines can be written before ink finishes of. And may be more if I am getting an ink formulated for dip pens. On nib it is written as 456 MACNEVAN & CAMERON GOLD WING BIRMINGHAM ENGLAND. http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5539/10606729164_01fee5ce4e.jpg 20131101_161612 by mohancv, on Flickr Any idea about this nib? Kim people told that this nib is at least 50-60 years old. Thanks, Mohan.
  23. Can anyone recommend a decent dip pen for testing inks?

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