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  1. Wasn't quite sure where to put this, but I figured this is as good a place as any. It has a pen, and it's an Eagle 563 (no "E"), but it doesn't write in the traditional sense, but it does work quite well at drawing circles. The pen side also flips around to expose another steel point to make this a divider, and the opposite steel point flips around and has a pencil lead holder. This was made by Eagle Pencil Company probably in the 19-teens - to 1920's. I was surprised at how well it works. You can only turn it in one direction, but it takes no pressure at all to draw a line. The example behind the compass was drawn using registrar's iron gall ink. And the detail of the decoration is fun. I like the grape vine design. I also have one of the Esterbrook compasses, similar to the one Brian Anderson posted in this thread, but mine has Esterbrook on the compass itself. I've never had an inclination to use by Esterbrook, but I will use this Eagle. It's the difference between a pencil lead and a dip pen, I guess.
  2. I've seen an old thread on here about vintage dip pen nibs but thought I'd start a newer one to ask what your favourite dip pen nibs are..? (Vintage and new)? I'm right at the start of trying to learn Copperplate, and so experimenting with various nibs, randomly. (Am trying to get the feel of different nibs and also not get stuck in my ways right from the start). Have bought some random vintage nibs and so far, the ones I have enjoyed most are Brandauer 'Times'. Also have some Brandauer 'Globe' coming - not found out much online about either, but the 'Oriental' seems to be a well regarded Brandauer nib. Of new nibs, I've tried several, including the Leonardt Principal -which I liked - and the Leornardt Steno 40 (Blue Pumpkin) which I didn't so much. Also just randomly ordered a couple of different 'G' nibs. So which do you like? Any more obscure vintage nibs you really enjoyed? Be nice to have some pointers as to which ones are worth a punt.
  3. I recently ordered a Ranga Ebonite dip pen primarily for testing inks, but also for calligraphy. However, for the latter purpose I'd need to find #5 size dip nibs preferably of the pointed flexy type. Several searches for these have come up blank, so I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for dip nibs that are size 5. Thanks.
  4. jmccarty3

    New Line Of Robert Oster Inks

    Robert Oster is coming out with a new line of inks that will be suitable for dip and fountain pens: http://www.pensivepens.com.au/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=245 See also Robert Oster's Facebook page for more info.
  5. Hello, does anyone know what dip pen this is?
  6. Sorry if this has been covered before, but it's been nagging at me and a search didn't turn anything up. I've seen topics about the early history of fountain pens, and how the rise of biros put them into eclipse. But I've been wondering, how long did dip pens continue in common use, i.e. not just for calligraphy? I'm sure I've seen posts by people mentioning that they used dip pens in school, and Sheaffer was producing dip pens with inkwell stands in the mid 20th century. Can anyone shed any light on this?
  7. All, A good friend of mine just gave me a dip pen. The nib says "D. F. Foley & Company New York No2" I know absolutely noting about dip pens. Is it worth anything? How should I clean it? How do I get all the gunky old ink out of the "section"? Just curious. I have tried it and the nib could use some adjustment and it's a flex that writes well. I just don't know how to proceed with it. Thanks to all!!
  8. Vintnorthrice21

    Collecting Vintage Nibs

    Hello FPN family. I am a younger collector and calligraphy enthusiast and I happen to stumble upon a book of pen nibs from my home town and thought it would be amazing if I could complete the collection of these old nibs. Now it's not like they are super well know like Esterbrook or speed ball. However I was wondering if any persons here would be able to help in and way possible, even be able to tell me if my search will be fruitless or if sifting threw hordes of nibs at estate sales is the only way to go? I'm attaching a photo of the booklet and the 4 nibs I have so far. If any other info is needed, just let me know. I am really excited to see if I can complete this set.
  9. I have received this dip pen from my French friend. It is a vingtage Baignol et Farjon. I have never seen any dip pen look like this. Can anyone tell me about this pen.
  10. Here's a commissioned pair of pens made in the fabulous Ghost Koi alumilite by Jonathon Brooks. The dip pen is a Literati Academe, and is about 2" longer than I normally make them. The material was just too pretty to cut off. The fountain pen is a large Balladeer. The customer who commissioned it wanted the color and pattern distribution to be as near to a previously made pen as possible. I selected various areas from 3 long blanks to get the parts that best matched the client's wishes. It was a fun challenge! Lots of pearly chatoyance in this material that is difficult to capture in photos.
  11. zaqdesigns

    Dip Pen Question...

    Is there such thing as industrial standard sizes or dimensions for pen holder measurements? Anyone know where I can find it? Thanks
  12. GW_Pens

    Dip Pens

    Last year I became fascinated with the notion of new and old technology being used together. With that thought in mind I purchased a 3D printer and began to design and fabricate dip pens from ABS plastic. Once I had a CAD design I was happy with (there was a lot of trial and error there), I started to experiment with different finishes. As you may know, 3D printed items generally have a cold, rigid feel to them. The process I developed leaves them feeling smooth and warm in your hand. They weigh just 1/8 oz. and are available in a variety of colors including glow in the dark (the glow in the dark ones almost look like light sabers). Thanks for looking!
  13. ThePenCollector1

    Dip Pen Identification

    Hi guys. I've purchased this dip pen, and know nothing about it, apart from its French. Can you please help me know more about it. Thanks in advance.
  14. I was looking at my now complete telescoping dip pen, and thought the length comparison was interesting. Here it is, extended, next to a typical early MT pen with a slip cap. This one has the rotating (NOT "rotting") (edit after below post...) collar to secure the cap on a pin on the section (it is shown in this thread). But it is the exact same size as my slip cap pens with over/under feeds. While the dip pen appears to be a small pen, it is actually a very standard sized pen when extended for use.
  15. I've been playing with a dip pen to do some ornamental writing. Since there were some mixed feelings about putting the sparkle inks into FPs I decided to use my dip pen. While it wrote fine with the 1670 trying to keep the ink shaken so the metallic dust doesn't settle seems all but impossible. The result was lovely shading but not shimmer. Has anyone found a good way to keep the shimmer while using a dip pen?
  16. Mob Mentality

    Dip Pen Storage

    Hello everybody, I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for dip pen storage which includes holders and nibs. I know that a similar topic exists but it didn't really encompass the storage of such a large quantity of nibs and holders. The last time I counted I have about 6,000 to 7,000 various nibs all new old stock and about 50 or so dip pen holders many of which are also new old stock and are in their original boxes. Some of the boxes of nibs are still sealed some are open. I store some nibs in small polyethylene bags by model and company and leave others in their original box and put the boxes in bags or polypropylene containers. I want to make sure that however they are being stored will be safe for long term storage. I'm not sure if it's better to leave the nibs in the box or to remove them and put them in small bags. Any advice or suggestions would be great. Here are a few pictures. Davide http://i1377.photobucket.com/albums/ah48/Davide_Borrelli/Crown_1_zpsoq3mevy8.jpg http://i1377.photobucket.com/albums/ah48/Davide_Borrelli/Eagle%20Corktex_04_zps8es335gz.jpeg http://i1377.photobucket.com/albums/ah48/Davide_Borrelli/Falcon%20Stub_zps15a83ksn.jpg http://i1377.photobucket.com/albums/ah48/Davide_Borrelli/Eagle%20Pencil%20Co%20Carton%201_zps9zaeexyk.jpg This is a carton of E740 nibs there are 25 boxes of 144 ct. The original carton is marked Eagle Pencil Co.
  17. Alexcat

    Fude Nib For Dip Pen

    Does anyone know of a UK source for a fude type dip pen nib? Thanks Alex
  18. The stores I've been scourging only has Speedball, hunt and Imperial nibs. (curry's, midoco...) Online i can only find them from US stores, which comes with ridiculous shipping fee compared to the price of the nib. Brause Rose and 66 arrow nibs are really popular so there must be somewhere in Toronto where I can find some?
  19. I recently acquired a Mabie Todd # 4 nib (18K) and dip pen from eBay. The nib looks to be almost in mint condition. I'm very new to Dip pens, so I might be missing something on how to use it. I thought that this was a flex nib, but I don't see the tines separating when I put a little pressure. It instead writes like an extra-fine nib. The ink doesn't flow very freely, and I've only used it with fountain pen ink so far, and not India Ink or other calligraphy inks. The nib feels scratchy, but the times are perfectly aligned. Is there anyway to make the ink flow more freely or improve the flex? How much pressure can I put on it? I've attached a couple of images for the nib. Thanks.
  20. jabberwock11

    Blue Pumpkin Lost Its Blue

    I recently purchased some new nibs, among them was the Hiro 40 (one of the two nibs commonly referred to as the blue pumpkin). I had been wanting to try this nib for a while, so I was pretty happy to see its blue pumpkiny goodness and decided to use it right away. I cleaned the nib via my usual potato/toothpaste combo (a few potato stabs followed by a toothpaste scrub) and went to work. The nib performed well with various inks...until I used it with some Yasutomo Sumi ink. I noticed that after the initial dip into my sumi ink that the nib was a little gunky, so I swirled it in some water/glass cleaner combo and was about to redip when I noticed that the blue was gone from the tip half of the nib. I wasn't sure if the blue was just a pretty surface that was meant to disappear with use so I redipped and did some writing. Well, the nib acted as if it were an unprepared nib (spotty ink on the nib and poor performance on the page) and repeated dips seemed to not only prove just as disastrous, but also seemed to remove more blue from my nib. The nib also seems to perform just as poorly with other inks now. I have used this sumi ink with other nibs and had no issues. I normally use a combo of water and glass cleaner as a quick clean option while writing and have never had it negatively affect a nib. I am at a loss here. Is my new Hiro 40 dead, or just in need of a second toothpasting? Is the blue meant to come off or did something in my routine kill my nib? Is there hope or should I just play some Smashing Pumpkins while ritually sacrificing my Hiro 40 to Cthulhu? How much wood COULD a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  21. Dear All, We are introducing these Handmade Beautiful THIN and THICK Colour Acrylic Dip Pens in 26 colours. The designs are very unique and very rare to find. No two designs are same. Each pen will be unique. The colour pattern will differ from pen to pen. 1. THIN ACRYLIC DIP PENS (Price: 19$): Length: 6.5 inches Thickness: App 11mm Nib: Fine Feeder: Ebonite Colours Available: 1. Yellow With thin Red Swirl2. Saffron Orange with black3. Yellow with Multi Colour Rings4. Red with Dark Blue5. Blue with Pink Swirl6. Green with Green Swirl7. Sea Blue with Dark blue Swirl8. Red/Yellow/White9. Light Green with green Swirl10. Sea Blue with Red11. Yellow With Green Swirl12. Red with Pink swirl13. Purple with Dark Blue14. Dark Blue with Pink Swirl15. Bright Green with Green Swirl16. Sea Blue with Pink Swirl17. Orange with Black Swirl18. Light Green with Blue Swirl19. White with Black20. Purple with Blue and Green Swirl21. Yellow with Dark Green22. Red with White specs23. Pink/Purple/Dark blue24. Yellow with Chocolate Swirl25. Green/Pink/Black26. Blue/Whitehttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CRod%20Acrylic%20Thin%20Dip%20Pens/DSC04637-1_zpsbegwp2d2.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CRod%20Acrylic%20Thin%20Dip%20Pens/DSC04617-1_zpsw5cxuzdw.jpg http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CRod%20Acrylic%20Thin%20Dip%20Pens/DSC04633-1_zpsmsqdpr8d.jpg2. THICK ACRYLIC DIP PENS (Price: 29$) Length: 6.5 inches Thickness: App 13mm Nib: 2 Toned Medium nib . (Gold coloured fine nib is also available) Feeder: Ebonite Colours Available: ------------------------ 1. Orange /Red/ Dark Green2. White/Black3. Red with black Swirl4. Purple with Dark Blue5. Blue with black Swirl6. Red with Dark Blue7. Bright Green with Dark Green8. Green/Pink/Black9. Orange with Dark blue10. Yellow with Green/red Swirl11. Bright Green with Green Swirl12. Purple/White13. Orange/Dark Green14. Sea Blue/Red15. Pink with Black Swirl16. Black/ Grey17. Light gren with Blue Swirl18. Orange with black Swirl19. Pink/Purple/Dark Blue20. Yellow with Dark Green http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CRod%20Acrylic%20Thick%20Dip%20Pen/DSC04666-1_zps1r6t4wyk.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CRod%20Acrylic%20Thick%20Dip%20Pen/DSC04648-1_zpszcnrhhbr.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CRod%20Acrylic%20Thick%20Dip%20Pen/DSC04654-1_zpsqj5muz18.jpg Payment & Shipping:-------------------------------Payment can be done to our paypal id mpkandan@gmail.comInternational Free shipping through Registered post (2-4 weeks for delivery) Thanks for looking and support. Regards,Kandan.M.PRanga Pen Company
  22. Hello Everyone, A couple of years ago I bought a dip pen on eBay from 'robmorrison'. I had no idea what it was at the time, and haven't been able to find out much about it since. The body is marked 'Rauch & Co', whilst the nib is marked 'Dawson warren & Hyde'. It is by far the best flex nib I have ever used. The seller himself didn't seem to know too much about the manufacturers of this pen or when it may have been made. Does anybody know anything about these 2 names found on the pen, which may give me an idea as to when the pen was made? Thanks in advance, Oliver
  23. Hello guys I am a university student. I normally take my notes in class and record the lecture. Once I get back home I use the recordings and notes to make a final copy of my notes. Starting this new semester in September I am thinking of making my notes (the fair version which I make at home in my "free time") in Rohrer and Klingner Salix/Scabiosa ink to make them waterproof. I had the inks and I was afraid of damaging my fountain pen with it because it is iron gall after all. Filling a pen and then cleaning it after each session of ink use would become too cumbersome so I decided that I should buy a dip pen instead. Now the issue is that if I buy a glass dip pen then I would have to to dip it pretty much after each sentence. I saw some other dip pens that have metal nibs but I don't know how they work. A video by Matt Armstrong of The Pen Habit had a Ranga ebonite dip pen with a feed which was good enough to write half a page with just one dip. I wanted the community's help in deciding which type of dip pen should I use and where I can buy it. I am from Canada.....so though I'd share it before the community gave me suggestions. Also I don't want the dip pen the completely break my budget....the most expensive pen I have bought was under $50 so.....ya. If anyone with enough advice can guide me then I will really appreciate that. Thanks guys/girls
  24. jabberwock11

    Leonardt #30 Nib In Gold

    I have been getting back into using dip pens for general writing, not calligraphy, just general writing (I know, even among weird pen people I am an oddity). One of my favorite dip pen nibs is the Leonardt #30 pointed drawing nib. I have a #30 that I got in some set a while back and I was looking to get some more, but I can only find it in nickel. My current #30 is gold and I would like to find more gold Leonardt #30s, but I can't seem to find them anywhere. If anyone has any ideas as to where I could pick up some of these elusive gold nibs, I would be eternally grateful.
  25. I was looking for a cheap fountain pen with interchangeable italic nibs for a friend who recently got into fountain pens when I saw a dip pen set with a nib that looks exactly like the Blue Pumpkin. The set was Copperplate & Shadow and I could use a few more nibs so here is my comparison between the Leonardt 40 and the Brause 361 Left: Brause 361 Right:Leonardt 40 As you can see, the Brause 361 is a bit longer while the Leonardt 40 is a bit fatter. Otherwise, their shape is nearly the same. Probably because of its fatter shape, the Leonardt 40 could flex a bit more than the Brause 361 but the Brause 361 holds a lot more ink than the Leonardt 40 does. (I took one dip, didn't wipe any ink of then wrote until the ink ran out for both of them) Sorry for the smudges

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