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  1. I recently got Diamine Frosted Orchid Shimmering Ink, is it safe to use in expensive pen like montblanc 146? Will it clog the pen? Is it hard to clean?
  2. Hi everyone. Can anyone recommend " physical stores " in/around Dusseldorf/Germany where we can find and buy Diamine German Exclusive inks these days in a very short visit/stop there? Many thanks in advance.
  3. Here we go then! The 10 Diamine Purples produced exclusively for the Fountain Pens UK Facebook Group. And what a selection to choose from. From red purples sheening green to blue purples sheening yellow. A wealth of chromatic behaviours on show too. The swabs were created on cartridge paper and the swatch tests on Bockingford watercolour paper. For the creatives amongst you, the bleach tests have also proved to be very exciting as the abstract alphabets demonstrate. So, ten fabulous purples to choose from. If you want to get involved and vote for your favourite colour sign up to Fountain Pens UK FB Group. You will also be able to name the ink and get hold of it ahead of general release! More images on website.
  4. NickiStew

    Diamine Smoke On The Water

    Diamine Smoke on the Water. Another German exclusive. A deep rich emerald green with fabulous chromatography and a gorgeous metallic pink sheen.
  5. http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/Diamine-150th-Anniversary-Tropical-Green-nazwa.png I present to test the ink Diamine 150th Anniversary Tropical Green with very nice color of malachite (but with the green, and not marine shades). Ink writes very well. Pen pretty glides across the paper. Drying at a good level. On photocopying paper bleed through a point, but at Oxford or Rhodia behaves correctly. The ink was developed to celebrate the 150 th anniversary of the company Diamine. The series consists of 8 new colors not available in the standard palette, packaged in a triangular bottle that set the sides together form a closed circle. I would recommend. Manufacturer: Diamine Series, colour: 150th Anniversary Tropical Green Pen: Waterman Hemisphere, nib "F" Paper: Image Volume (80 g / m2) Specifications: Flow rate: good Lubrication: good Bleed through: possible point (copy paper) Shading: noticeable Feathering: unnoticeable Saturation: good A drop of ink smeared with a nib http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/Diamine-150th-Anniversary-Tropical-Green-kleks.jpg The ink smudged with a cotton pad http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/Diamine-150th-Anniversary-Tropical-Green-wacik.jpg Lines http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/Diamine-150th-Anniversary-Tropical-Green-kreski.jpg Water Resistance http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/Diamine-150th-Anniversary-Tropical-Green-woda.jpg Ink drying time http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/Diamine-150th-Anniversary-Tropical-Green-wysychanie.jpg Ink drops on a handkerchief http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/Diamine-150th-Anniversary-Tropical-Green-chromatografia1.jpg Chromatography http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/Diamine-150th-Anniversary-Tropical-Green-chromatografia2.jpg Sample text http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/Diamine-150th-Anniversary-Tropical-Green-txt.jpg Sample text in an Oxford notebook A5 (90 g / m2) http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/Diamine-150th-Anniversary-Tropical-Green-Oxford.jpg Sample letters in a Rhodia notebook No 16 (90 g / m2) http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/Diamine-150th-Anniversary-Tropical-Green-Rhodia.jpg
  6. I WAS FLATTERED TO BE ASKED BY PHIL DAVIES OF DIAMINE INKS TO SWATCH TEST THE INK COLOUR ENTRIES FOR THE SECOND REDDIT/DIAMINE INK COLLABORATION. Following up on the results of a questionnaire put to the Reddit Fountain Pen community, 6 bottles of ‘Teal’ arrived at my door and here are the images that I supplied. Bottle number 01 was the eventual winner: If you want to see more test images here's the link: https://nickstewart.ink/2018/11/26/aurora-borealis-the-new-diamine-reddit-teal/
  7. A Smug Dill

    Diamine Sherwood Green

    I didn't really set out to review Diamine Sherwood Green ink, especially when there are already at least a dozen other reviews of it on FPN, but it just happened to be what I chose for testing my desk pens for how 'wet' or 'dry' they relatively write. Once I've done those tests, however, I have a semblance of what I think is more useful than writing with a given ink using a variety of known or designated nib widths in a review - which is to write with a number of instruments and/or nibs known (to the reviewer) to exhibit different degrees of 'wetness' for a narrow range of nib widths - so I decided to just augment the results and make an ink review out of it, but limit myself to one type of paper, being my 'standard' notepaper that I'm personally happy to recommend to any fountain pen user, and am pretty sure is widely available across Europe, Australasia and North America and readily importable elsewhere. Anyway, here we go: Outside of sheer lack of accessibility and an exorbitant price per ml (for which I loosely set of threshold of A$0.80/ml) for an ink, the attribute that is most likely to put me, as a devotee of 'Japanese fine' nibs and small writing, off wanting to use an ink is aptness to exhibit feathering. (Noodler's Inks, I'm looking at you.) On my Rhodia Dotpad No.16 80gsm paper, I observed none from Diamine Sherwood Green. (Yes, I'd even prefer to write with an 'ugly' colour that does not feather.) There is effectively no ghosting: and the only bleed-through is where I've damaged the coating of the paper with rough Sailor desk pen nib by overwriting spots that were saturated with ink at the time: I'm pleasantly surprised to see any water resistance from this ink at all. The writing on the bottom left corner of the page is actually more legible than the scan suggests, after it was stuck under a slow-running tap for two minutes. Drying time of 15 seconds or so is quite decent and acceptable on a coated paper like that in the Rhodia Dotpad. As you can see from the big swatch of colour, shading is definitely possible with this ink, and there is some shading in the writing samples: The ink has a rusty reddish-brown sheen that is visible even in the scanned image: so I'm sure if you use a non-absorbent paper such as stone paper or Tomoe River, you'll definitely see it on that too.
  8. Sheening inks have had centre stage for some while now and just as I thought that might change, along come these two characters. And I have to say, they are just that. Great names, Maureen and Robert, and very pretty too! Many congratulations to Cult Pens for going with yet another great Diamine product. Of note, The Cult Pen Deep Diamines are still one of my favourite ranges. But this is your money shot. When these two inks are blended together with water, reworked when semi dry with concentrated inks and then overwritten with bleach when dry – this is what you get and I like it! A LOT. (Alphabet on Seaview Cartridge). If you want to see all the pics here's the link: https://nickstewart.ink/2018/11/10/maureen-and-robert-cult-pens-extreme-sheens/
  9. penzel_washinkton

    Special Diamine Ink By R/fountainpens

    Hey all, Just want to give word to all members of FPN that Diamine has again informed that there will be an ink specially requested and made by/for the reddit fountain pen community. See the link below for the details: https://www.reddit.com/r/fountainpens/comments/90oxz1/diamine_have_offered_to_make_rfountainpens_an_ink/ As you may remember, last year Diamine made the Earl Grey based on the r/fountainpen community request and they knocked it out of the park. So what do you guys think is the befitting color of this year? I personally would want a murky green / gold like the Alt-Goldgrun but made from Diamine.
  10. visvamitra

    Diamine Crimson

    Manufacturers since 1864, Diamine Inks relocated to this purpose built ‘state of the art’ factory in Liverpool in 1925, where they successfully carried on using the traditional methods and formulas for ink production. Over the years the company has changed hands and are now located close to the world famous Aintree Race Course Bottle Ink splash Diamine Crimson used to be one off my favorite red inks. Some time ago I bought new bottle and I’m just not sure what’s going on. The color lacks saturation it used to have. It feathers terribly on absorbent papers. Drying time is great but comes at a cost of significant bleedthrough. I’m strongly disappointed with new batch(?) of the ink. Drops of ink on kitchen towel Color ID Color range Oxford, Platinum Plaisir, medium Leuchtturm 1917, Platinum Plaisir, medium Moleskine, Platinum Plaisir, medium
  11. I've just photographed a bunch of Col-O-Ring cards with darker blue-green inks, while comparing them to a custom-mixed ink discussed in Inky Recipes: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/334121-masques-mix-black-swan-in-icelandic/ I thought I'd share the photographs here, in case they will be helpful for anyone. Since display calibration and general accuracy of representation varies, the main value of these is comparative between the shades. Though I did try to make the colors appear as I see them in person (at least on my devices). I think Fire& Ice should be slightly more saturated and a tad more green. Turquoise and Eau de Nil should be a bit less saturated, more matte. Diamine Asa Blue is a slightly turquoise medium blue. Birmingham Pen Co. Fountain Turquoise is a pale greenish turquoise. Lamy Petrol is similar to Noodler's Aircorp Blue Black in regular writing: both are quite green blue-blacks. ACBB has no sheen, Petrol has unique rose gold sheen. Sailor's Yama Dori was a disappointment to me: it's a dark teal-black that's got a kind of matte washed out appearance. Granted it does sheen easily, but I just didn't care for the lackluster base color. Robert Oster Fire & Ice: ranges from dark blue-teal to very vivid glowing turquoise, depending on the pen used (dry or wet). Sheen is pretty minimal unless you let the ink concentrate sitting in a pen for a few days. Diamine Eau de Nil: nice muted blue-teal, darker, not too vivid Robert Oster Tranquility: this is a green-teal Robert Oster Aqua: more green than Fire & Ice J. Herbin Emerald of Chivor: similar to Aqua in base color. Sheen and shimmer can be hit or miss, depending on paper and concentration Organics Studio Walden Pond "Blue" : definitely a misnomer, there is almost nothing blue about it. It's strongly green, though on the bluer green side. Sheens a vivid metallic magenta so easily, it can take over the whole writing. If you use a dip pen with it and low absorbent paper like Clairefontaine or greeting cards, the metallic sheen completely covers up the green-black, and the letters look like you wrote them with a metallic magenta ink.
  12. It seems Diamine enjoys celebrating its anniversary. This year they added another eight inks to their line of 150th anniversary inks. The inks are sold in nice and quitye comfortable in use triangular bottles. Purple Dream is quite plesant ink. It behaves well on most papers and offers satisfying flow. There's no water resistance so if you prefer your inks to cope well with water/tea/coffee spills look elsewhere. Drops of ink on kitchen towel Software ID Color range Low quality notebook, Wing Sung 6359, EF Midori, Kaweco Classic Sport, B
  13. It seems Diamine enjoys celebrating its anniversary. This year they added another eight inks to their line of 150th anniversary inks. The inks are sold in nice and quitye comfortable in use triangular bottles. Lilac Night is an ok ink. Ink properties are fine and yet the color is somehow uninspiring. On some paper (Tomoe River) sheen is visible. Drops of ink on kitchen towel Software ID Color ID Oxford Opic, Lamy Al-Star, broad nib Maruman, Lamy Al-Star, broad nib Midori, Lamy Al-Star, broad nib Mini - comparison
  14. NickiStew

    Multi Purpose Fountain Pen Inks

    It’s taken a while, but at long last, the mission has been accomplished. Multi-purpose fountain pen inks. Inks that one can write with and inks that one can use for painting and illustration. The perfect limited palette that one can take ‘on the road’ and use however one wishes, whether its writing down one’s thoughts or recording what’s going on around you. What I didn’t want to do, was label up 4 pure off the shelf colours and call it a job done. No. I wanted to create 4 unique colours that would stand up as four beautiful unique fountain pen inks each with their own personality and chromatic behaviours BUT also have the ability to blend with each other and create secondary and tertiary colours. Not as easy as it sounds and as always, there have been compromises along the way. So how do they shape up? Well at this moment in time they don’t have any names, but the recipes are finalised and I’m very happy with them. And they all react with bleach. Blue – this is a deep blue colour that reacts easily with water bleeding out bright turquoise, cyan with a hint of pink. There is also evidence of a delicate red sheen at the edges when dry. As a writing ink, it flows well with evidence of some shading. Red – this is a deep magenta that reacts easily with water bleeding out rose reds but also with yellows at the very edges. This took a long while to get right. As a writing ink, it flows well with some shading. Yellow – I needed to darken this, to give it a darker tone, otherwise it would be difficult to write with it as it wouldn’t read. The ink reacts easily with water bleeding out mottled ambers and lemon at the edges. Because of the deeper tone one needs to add plenty water when wishing to achieve those lighter greens and oranges. This took a long while to get right. As a writing ink, it flows well with great shading. Black – My favourite of them all. This a dark black that reacts easily with water bleeding out greys, blues and reddish browns. For some ochre brown colours this mixes with the yellow superbly. This also took a long while to get right. As a writing ink, it flows well with a hint of shading. So how do they mix? Please see the colour wheel below: The inner ring is a light wash of the black showing the tertiary colour possibilities. And below are some very quick secondary and tertiary colour mixing experiments: I’m confident that these inks can produce most of the colours that a traveller would need without taking up much space in the rucksack. These are now going to be put into production. The food on table image is rendered in the style of John Minton. A simple and graphic example to demonstrate how these vibrant inks can be utilised as well as the wet in wet watercolour techniques. I used 2 Da Vinci travel brushes – an 8 and 5 – as well as a Serendipity dip pen. The palette plate was a cheap plastic 10 dimple dish. Paper used was heavy cartridge, Bockingford 200lb rough and Rhodia dot matrix. For more info, check out my profile page. Thanks. Nick
  15. It's that time of year again and Diamine are releasing their latest additions to the Shimmer Inks range. Eight new colours featuring three silvers: Starlit Sea, Peacock Flare and Neon Lime plus five golds: Pink Champagne, Razzamatazz, Rockin' Rio, Dragon Blood and Mystique. And what a lovely range of colours they are too, with plenty of shimmer, as you'd expect. For me, the colours seem more mature than previous and they blend together beautifully - take a look at the modern calligraphy examples and the portraits of Mr Glam himself! From a handwriting perspective, these look absolutely amazing. I really do like that Mystique. The inks flow well and dry quickly. But as with all shimmer inks, the metals do dry on the surface and as they are fine particles will come away from the surface if accidentally brushed or rubbed, so do take care. So, if you're looking for some fun, you can't go too far wrong here, BUT don't forget to shake well before use! If you're interested to find how versatile fountain pen inks are and want to learn how to utilise them in your art and journalling, I'm running some workshops this autumn. All materials and refreshments are included and we'll be looking at Illustration techniques, Modern Calligraphy, Shimmer Inks, Ink and bleach, Ink Art etc. For further info, please click the link: www.nickstewart.ink/events If you like what I’m up to, you can sign up to my newsletter by clicking here
  16. visvamitra

    Kelly Green - Diamine

    Manufacturers since 1864, Diamine Inks relocated to this purpose built 'state of the art' factory in Liverpool in 1925, where they successfully carried on using the traditional methods and formulas for ink production. Over the years the company has changed hands and are now located close to the world famous Aintree Race Course http://www.diamineinks.co.uk/images/DimaineFactory.gif http://www.diaminein...uk/AboutUs.aspx Kelly Green is stunning and fresh green ink. I love the color but I dislike the fact it causes massive nib crud and creep. Some may say - oh, it's ok, just clean your pen and enjoy the writing. However for me nib creep prooves the ink isn't fully stable. I know a lot depends on the nib but still these pens weren't used for the first time and only Kelly Green's crystallized on feeds / nibs rthat fast (1-2 weeks). Jinhao x750 http://imageshack.com/a/img537/8765/H07ymR.jpg Click eyedropper http://imageshack.com/a/img673/7425/7CwUsT.jpg And finally FPR Dilhi - impressive, isn't it? http://imageshack.com/a/img538/956/mbCzDX.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img909/9995/xRKBXY.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img538/4546/kSaARG.jpg I admit it has some aesthetic appeal but be warned and don't use this ink in vintage celuloid beauties. Ink splash http://imageshack.com/a/img661/9846/tFmNnA.jpg Drops of ink on kitchen towel http://imageshack.com/a/img540/4421/iOLI9A.jpg Oxford recycled - Kaweco Sport Classic, eyedropper, B http://imageshack.com/a/img905/726/Cavt7e.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img673/1714/CAbxck.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img909/4981/Y69fV6.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img905/7199/yQFyn6.jpg Copy paper - Kaweco Sport Classic, eyedropper, B http://imageshack.com/a/img537/4275/JNzHWz.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img540/7020/v9WcUc.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img540/9868/cbDLUa.jpg Calendar - Kaweco Sport Classic, eyedropper, B http://imageshack.com/a/img911/4562/11wCM8.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img673/2466/1U5dfx.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img901/6192/9Vs4rD.jpg Waterproofness http://imageshack.com/a/img673/336/bfztOc.jpg
  17. I have decided to review some of my inks. These aren't necessarily in any particular order. This one is Diamine Carnation from the Flowers Gift Set. I think it's well named as the ink is certainly a close copy of what I would call carnation pink. Some might call this baby pink. It's an unusual pale pink colour, and I found I didn't have anything similar to compare it with which was a shame. J Herbin Rouge Bourgogne was much too dark. Despite the fact that I had this ink in these 2 pens for several days before doing this review, some users might think it looks like a watered down red ink. In fact it really doesn't write like a watered down ink. As usual for a Diamine ink, it's a well behaved, reasonably saturated ink. It shows slight shading. I found it flowed smoothly across the page, and had no problems with lubrication in the 2 Lamy Nexx M pens I used. This ink exhibits no showthrough and no bleedthrough on my Xerox ColorPrint paper. That's not surprising as it's quite a pale colour. If you're looking for a pale pink ink, it might be worth trying out a sample. The water test on the review form shows this isn't a waterproof ink.Bearing in mind the paper I use is thick with a shiny surface, and the nibs used were a M and a stub, this ink took 16-18 secs to dry. That's quite normal on this paperIt flows through the pen well and lubricates the nib well. I saw no skips or hard starts while I did swabs and dry time tests and changed over uncapped pens.It is currently available in 80ml glass bottles, 30ml plastic refill bottles or cartridges.Diamine sell it directly to end-users on their web-site.It's a reasonable price
  18. Some time ago Diamine felt the urge to follow example of J. Herbin - they've decided to hit the market of glittering inks. The line of Shimmertastic inks premiered in 2015. Personally I dislike shimmering inks / inks with particles. I didn't expect to like this line. A friend of mine bought full line and sent me the whole bottles to review. I've tried them all. I don't like them but I'll review them. Maybe you'll like them more than me? After strong punch from Diamine that offered ten colors I wonder with what 1670 ink J. Herbin will come this year? Anyway there's ten inks in the line: Blue Lightning Blue Pearl Brandy Dazzle Golden Sands Magical Forest Night Sky Purple Pazzazz Red Luster Shimmering Seas Sparkling Shadows Six with golden particles And four with silver particles SHIMMERING SEAS Shimmering Seas woukld be quite intriguing color without these golden particles. Drops of ink on kitchen towel Software ID Tomoe River, Kaweco Sport Classic, B Leuchtturm 1917, Kaweco Sport Classic, B
  19. Ink Review : Diamine Wagner (Music Collection) Pen : Lamy AL-star, M-nib Paper : Rhodia N°16 notepad 80 gsm Review Zürich, spring of 1848. I recently visited St. Beatus Caves at the Thumersee, where – according to legend – the holy man fought a dragon. Sun rays from the cave’s mouth lighted up the dark interior, casting a yellow-green reflection on the walls. You can almost imagine the dragon guarding its golden treasure, its scales a green-golden sheen in the reflected light. Ah… this setting inspires my muse. Yes… I see an epic hero-filled story spanning several operas. I will call it “Der Ring des Nibelungen”. In 2015 Diamine released the Music Collection, a set of 10 subdued ink colours named after well-known composers. In this review, we take a look at Wagner. After the above introduction, you're sure to remember that this is an inspiring yellow-green ink. Diamine Wagner is probably the most intriguing colour from the Music Collection. A wonderful yellow-green ink that looks especially nice on white paper. The ink behaves really well on all the papers I tested – even on Moleskine there was no visible feathering and only limited show-through and bleed-through. What I really appreciated is that the ink works wonderfully in all the nib sizes – even the fine ones – getting a bit darker in the broader nibs. The contrast with the paper is excellent, resulting in an easy read without the ink dominating the page. This inks also shades beautifully with just the right balance between light and dark parts. I’m loving it ! Not an ink for the workplace, but what a great choice for personal journaling ! A comfortable chair, a journal with quality paper and a fine pen filled with Wagner… and I’m happily purring like a kitten ;-) Water resistance is poor – that lovely golden-green colour quickly dissipates, but a readable faint-grey residue remains. Diamine Wagner is a great ink, and probably the crown jewel of the Music Collection. If you’re looking for an ink outside the usual colour spectrum, this ink will definitely fit the bill. It’s a gorgeous ink for personal correspondence. I really enjoyed it, and I’m sure you will too ! My overall score : A+
  20. Chrissy

    Ink Review: Diamine Turquoise

    My latest ink is Diamine Turquoise As I said in my review for Diamine Havasu Turquoise I have been collecting turquoise inks and samples since I bought a bottle of Caran d'Ache Caribbean Sea. There are several inks that are a good alternative for that deleted ink. The best match I have found so far is Kaweco Paradise Blue and I will be posting a review of that ink soon. Diamine Turquoise is another good replacement if you want a blue turquoise. It's lighter and comes across as slightly less saturated than Havasu Turquoise, and that makes it more like a turquoise ink than a sky blue ink. I'm not sure you would need both Havasu Turquoise and Turquoise in one ink collection though. I have previously reviewed Diamine Steel Blue ink and a similar shade Diamine Soft Mint. I will also be reviewing Diamine Marine. Although this isn't a waterproof ink, it shows good water resistance, as do many turquoise inks.Bearing in mind the paper I use is thick with a shiny surface, and I used a Lamy M nib, this ink took 16-18 secs to dry.It flows through the pen very well and lubricates the nib very well. I saw no skips or hard starts while I did swabs and dry time tests.It is currently available in 80ml glass bottles, 30ml plastic refill bottles or International sized cartridges.Diamine sell it directly to end-users on their web-site.It's a reasonable price.
  21. DiegoCarranza

    Ink For Correspondence?

    I've been interested in fountain pens for a little over two years now, but never had anyone to mail a letter to until now. Since I use my pens for school almost exclusively, I don't have a lot of inks; the two I use the most are a blue Parker quink ink I found at Office Depot, and a black Sheaffer skrip ink (I do not like this one, as it is a very shady black with brown undertones... I like strong black inks). The rest of my inks are Diamine Marine, Diamine Oxblood, Diamine Eclipse, and Diamine Cocoa Shimmer. To be honest, I like Cocoa Shimmer and Oxblood the best, specially Oxblood, but I worry that using a red ink might come off as rude. Do you think I should skip Oxblood or is it okay for it being "brown-ish"? I'd really like to read your thoughts on this, as I am very much inexperienced on the topic.
  22. penzel_washinkton

    Diamine Jalur Gemilang

    Anyone have heard of this ink or tried it? Just seen this ink on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/fountainpens/comments/8yisuo/another_diamine_exclusive_ink/ Initially I thought this was an ink for Indonesia going by the name but it is actually store exclusive to PenGallery which is Malaysian based. I think Diamine is going all out with sheen for the store exclusives and personally I think all of them has been excellent. Although I might suspect that these are all highly saturated inks (Skull & Roses and November Rain being the other two)
  23. visvamitra

    Diamine Indigo

    Manufacturers since 1864, Diamine Inks relocated to this purpose built 'state of the art' factory in Liverpool in 1925, where they successfully carried on using the traditional methods and formulas for ink production. Over the years the company has changed hands and are now located close to the world famous Aintree Race Course http://www.diamineinks.co.uk/images/DimaineFactory.gif http://www.diaminein...uk/AboutUs.aspx Diamine Indigo isn't indigo but, apart from this minor detail, it's pretty decent ink that performs well even on crappy Moleskine paper. It doesn't cause any feathering or blledthrough. It feels a little dry and lubrication is, for me, less than average. The appearance of this ionk may shift depending on pens and papers you use. Frankly I find this color easy on the eyes but slightly boring. Drops of ink on kitchen towel Software ID Color range Midori - Waterman Hemisphere, fine nib Leuchtturm 1917 - Kaweco AL Sport, broad nib Rhodia, Kaweco Classic, broad nib Water resistance
  24. bureaudirect

    Diamine - Steel Blue

    Hi folks, I have decided to finally post a review and not just spy around Diamine Steel Blue is easily one of my favourite Diamine colours, it's that happy-teal-colour family which we cannot get enough of I took couple of notebooks and written a page to demonstrate what the ink looks like on each paper. Please do let me know if there are any other papers you'd like to see...so far we have Leuchtturm, Rhodia White & Ivory and Tomoe River. Enjoy! Mishka (^_~)
  25. MsTeacher

    An Inky Problem

    Hello inky friends! I have a trusty TWSBI (?eco) piston refill pen and it is wonderful. I use diamine ink, which is lovely. However, now the little bottle is getting lower and lower, I can't get the pen in low enough to suck up the ink. I feel like there must be an obvious solution, and it probably isn't what I tried (tipping the bottle, dropping the bottle, mopping up ink). Feeling rather foolish, and the worst thing is that I have no ink in my pen!!

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