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Found 4 results

  1. Chrissy

    Ink Review: Diamine Denim

    Today I'm reviewing Diamine Denim This is a saturated dark blue ink, and is a very good match for the material that it’s named after. It’s a dark denim colour. I wouldn’t quite call it blue-black, although in some pens it will look more like a blue-black ink. It’s a darker blue than Diamine Midnight, but not as dark as Cult Pens Deep Dark Blue or Diamine 1864 Blue-Black. It was a well behaved performer for me in two of my pens. It felt wetter and flowed better when I was using the Lamy M nib and the Parker 45 Cursive Italic nib. *As far as show through goes, I’ve listed the papers where I saw any show through at all. However, on all but the Field Notes paper, show through was really minimal and I would find it acceptable to write on the reverse sides of all of these papers. Scanning really seems to accentuate any possible show through. Flow Rate: Good. Much wetter in the Lamy Al-star with M nib.Lubrication: Good with both Parker and Lamy M nibs I used.Nib Dry-out: Not noticed.Start-up: Immediate.Saturation: Saturated.Shading Potential: Shading seen.Sheen: None seen.Show-Through*:Apica PaperMidori PaperRhodia Graph PaperTomoe River 52gsm paperTomoe River 68gsm paperField NotesHobonichi TechoSpread / Feathering / Woolly Line: Not seen.Nib Creep / “Crud”: Not seen, even after over 1 week in the penStaining (pen): Not seen after several days - easy clean-upStaining (hands): Not seen - Easy clean-upClogging: Not seen. Seems unlikely.Water resistance: Not sold as waterproof. Not particularly water resistant although some remains. I left it soaking in during the time it took me to have a shower.Availability: Available from Diamine Inks web-site and many other outlets.
  2. I apologise for the longish post. When I initially thought about doing this it seemed like it would be a lot more succinct, but it seems to have gotten away from me. I hope that the formatting on this post comes out okay too. I should add too I don't know my green from a teal and indigo from a purple, so please don't expect very eloquent musings on the colour palettes. Anyway here's some thoughts on Sheaffers Blue Black, Watermans Serenity Blue, Diamine Blue Black, Diamine Denim, Watermans Mysterious Blue, R&K Salix, Lamy Blue Black. My standard ink for a long time has been Noodlers Black and it's behaved wonderfully. Recently however, I've been thinking about trying something with a little colour and being the adventurous person I am decided to look into the world of blue blacks. I tried samples of Watermans Serenity Blue I ordered this as it seems to be a standard and reference ink. I wanted to try this out as I wanted to get an idea for what a low maintenence ink was like. Watermans Mysterious Blue This was to try a Blue black colour from a well known ink company. Sheaffers Blue Black This was to try a Blue black colour from a well known ink company. Diamine Blue Black There were a lot of blue blacks from Diamine and after going through a bunch of online reviews and postings I almost at a whim selected Diamine Blue Black and Diamine Denim to try out. Diamine Denim See comments for Diamine Blue Black. Lamy Blue Black As the only pens I have are two Lamy 2000s I thought it would be appropriate to try a Lamy ink. R&K Salix. I've been intrigued by Iron Gall inks but as I wanted to try something a little away from black I thought that this would be the 'blueist' IG ink. My intended usage for the ink is an everyday ink, meaning my own notes at work, shopping lists, reminders, etc. The majority of my writing is at work so I need something that will allow me to use both sides of the paper, so show through and bleedthrough are important to me. As I'm already using a fine nib I didn't want an ink that felt excessively dry (I had read Salix was dry but decided I wanted to try it anyway) or created a very tight line. The Lamy 2000's have fairly small but for me, useful ink windows. I wanted an ink that wouldn't stain the window. Also for this ink water resistance isn't a big issue as I sit in an office all day. My plan is to fill a couple of Pilot Varsity's with Noodlers Black for the times that I need permanence. In fact the lack of permanence might be beneficial as I have a couple of nice white shirts now personalised with Noodlers Black. I wish that I had the writing that would bring out the world of shading inks but that's not going to happen so a shading ink is not a priority. So with the samples in hand I have been using them for a couple of days a piece on the paper that I normally encounter. I know that this is not the best paper, but it's what I have to use on a regular basis. Norcom Composition Book made in Brazil Staples Bagasse Notebook (didn't check where this was made before I bought) made in Egypt. Whatever paper was in the printer. I wanted to put something together that I could use as a reference so in the future I can look back and see why I made the decision to buy a bottle of a particular ink. To do that as well as using it for a couple of days, I copied out some text on to the three different papers as mentioned above. I should also note that I used the same pen for all the testing. My Lamy 2000 with a fine nib. I also included some writing with Noodlers Black for reference. I hope that this is of use or at least interesting to folks. Firstly here are the inks on the Norcom Brazil Composition Book. Secondly here are the inks on Staples Bagasse Thirdly here are the inks on the cheap printer paper. Order of the inks.. Noodlers Black Sheaffers Blue Black Watermans Serenity Blue Diamine Blue Black Diamine Denim Watermans Mysterious Blue R&K Salix. Lamy Blue Black I apologise for the scans. I thought I would have more time to scan them in better but life got in the way. Now some of MY initial impressions of the inks. Watermans Serenity Blue This is a nice colour when it first goes on the paper but then seems to get lighter and then after a few days purply. Flow was a moderate and clean up a breeze. No water resistance when paper put into water. Watermans Mysterious Blue This was a really nice colour when it went down but also seemed to change. Not sure about this ink but didn't impress me enough to want to order a bottle of it. Sheaffers Blue Black Thin tight lines. Fairly dry. Colour is nice but probably needs a broader nib to show it off better. Diamine Blue Black This was the first ink of the lot than when I tried it I thought this is different and nice. Smooth flow and an intriguing colour. Not sure what I mean about the colour but it's something that I keep going back to look at. No water resistance when paper soaked. Diamine Denim To my eyes quite similar to Diamine Blue Black and similar performance. Diamine Blue black felt a little wetter and a little broader line than the Diamine Denim. No water resistance when paper soaked. Lamy Blue Black I'm surprised that this doesn't have more of a following. I suppose it's just because it's a general allround good ink but not great in any one department. A water soak shows the blue lifts off revealing a readable black underneath. R&K Salix. This I had great expectations for as it was my first Iron Gall ink. So it had the most to live up to, not fair I know. It is a dry ink but not excessive and not something that would bother me. I was expecting to see the colour transition fairly quickly but it didn't seem to happen within 30mins of writing but looking at my notes from before the weekend they now seem darker than I remember them being. Scans were done two days after the writing. This ink also seemed to have the most shading. A good ink, but I need to real a little more about the hygiene issues. Bleedthrough and showthrough was pretty much dependent on the quality of the paper, but for my purposes all papers could be used on both sides. I know this is not the most scientific way of picking an ink nor the most rigorous, but it should serve my purpose. I hope this post helps or entertains. I'll post some follow up when I've tried these inks a little more.
  3. Continuing with our blue-black mania, Dr. Inkenstein reviews two new blue-black inks, and casually tosses in a third for contrasts sake. http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3822/11862694625_f028e54729_z.jpg The Chesterfield Night Sapphire, we are told, is made by Diamine. There is a rumor going around that every ink on the planet is actually made by Diamine, but we can neither confirm nor deny. Fountain pen forum consensus says Night Sapphire is really Diamine Blue-Black. In pursuit of Ink Truthiness, Dr. Inkenstein will one day have to attain a DBB sample, and test them side-by side. Just not today. NS shows the teal undertones we are craving, and comes VERY close in color, hue, and intensity to the far-more-expensive Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo (coming up in a casual review of the Pilot Metropolitan). The Hero ink was a pleasant surprise. Less green than the Night Sapphire, it is still a shade-y, flow-y blue-black that does not cost a fortune. Six of these carts came packed in with my first Hero Summer Colors. Unfortunately, I have no idea where to get more. Probably fleabay. Ink and pen are made for one another, and I find myself grabbing it all the time to make quick notes or write letters. Diamine Denim is loaded in one of Dr. Is pens at all times, in this case, a Platinum Preppy. Theres little shading, but great flow, and the color is a suave, understated, medium denim. It leans more gray than either Night Sapphire or Hero, but if you are obssssessssssed, I mean, INTERESTED, in blue-blacks, you need all sorts of hues. Coming soon to a blog near you: Pilot Metropolitan teamed with Tsuki-yo; and Fat Nib Shootout.
  4. SharkOnWheels456

    Dark Blue Inks

    What is a good dark blue ink that you like to use? To distinguish: I'm not talking about a blue-black. I want a darker blue (Diamine Denim is a very good example of the type of thing I am looking for). Bonus if it's fairly easy to clean. Thanks Mike Picture shamelessly taken off of Goulet Pens

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