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  1. theitalianguy

    Ink Leak On A Delta Alfa Romeo

    Hello everybody! After few years of great performance of my Delta Alfa Romeo, it has now started leaking from the barrel. I'm attaching pictures to better show the issue. What's going on? Would I be able to repair it? If not, who could? Thank you! V
  2. So, I bought a Delta Y2K Carbon Fibre special edition off of the 'Bay with an 18k broad nib. Pen came in today, I busted out the loupe to take a look at the nib, and... Seemingly an attempt to grind an oblique italic and it looks more like the nib was dragged down the road behind a car for a couple of kilometres. This is why you practice on cheap pens, kiddies.
  3. violetpeanut

    Delta Idendification

    Hi everyone. I'm hoping someone more experienced than me can help me out here. I recently picked up what I believe to be a Delta pen in a local thrift store. It's in fantastic condition but I cannot find any information about the model or year it might have been from. Can anyone help me identify it? Pics are below but here's a litte more info: It's an extremely slim pen and has a Waterman Mini Lady ink cartridge inside. There is a "D" logo on the top of the cap and the bottom of the cap says "Delta." There are no markings at all on the nib. Any ideas? I've tried posting in various Facebook groups and I even sent the pics and a message to Delta but have had no luck identifying this pen so far. Thanks everyone!
  4. stylomaniac

    Delta Vintage - Caveats

    Tempted by its style and design - after all, it's Made in Italy - I bought a Delta Vintage pen on eBay. Amber resin is very beautiful, and the two tone "fusion nib" (a steel nib with a partial gold-plated overlay) looked very smart. However: a) the space in the barrel is very short - so it won't take any converter the diameter of the section is just small enough that the standard short international cartridges slide right out. Looking very closely at the cross section of the cartridge, you will see that most of them taper to the nipple at the end, similar to a tapering candle. And so they slide out. c) the F nib supplied is more like a medium, at least to my taste. I write small and fine, so I often have to find an EF nib. Solutions: corresponding with Yafa, the distributor in the US, they sent me some Monteverde small cartridges. After all, paying the postage to get Delta cartridges was out of the question and, also, I like to use shades of blue that don't come in cartridges. If you look closely, the Monteverde (and Delta) cartridges look like a telescope in profile - the part that is closest to the nipple has a slightly smaller diameter. It makes all the difference. i also found that the Monteverde mini converter will fit in the section and the barrel, although the piston cannot extend fully. It will hold enough ink to make it useful, but if you're traveling, you may want to invest in the cartridges, just in case. I found a Knox #5 EF nib, and replaced the fusion nib supplied with the pen. Yafa had offered to get me a Delta nib replacement, but it would have been way more expensive. This cost me - with postage - less than $12. RESULT: A beautiful pen that writes as fine as I like, using ink that pleases me! The Knox nib performs very well. ADVICE: It was probably more work than it was worth, but if you're addicted... need I say more?
  5. Hi Fellow Pen lovers, I am new here and need some advice. I bought myself a Delta Passion during a visit to Florence a few years ago. I have always been satisfied with the cartridge until I was introduced to the beauty of bottled inks. Now I want to use my Passion with some of my beautiful special inks but I don't have a cartridge/converter for it. Can someone advise me which converter I should be looking for to put into my pen, please? In anticipation - Robyn
  6. Since I'm converting to Judaism (and like Judaism-inspired designs), I was looking into Judaism-related fountain pens, and I was struck by a curious trend: almost all the pens I could find related to Judaism or Israel are made by Italian companies. And it's not just one company or anything...a lot of major Italian brands seem to have made one at some point. For example: Delta Israel 60th anniversaryMontegrappa Fortuna ShemaOmas Israel 50th JubileeStipula Israel 65th anniversaryUrso MezuzahVisconti Twelve Tribes of IsraelVisconti Jewish BibleBy contrast, the only non-Italian Judaica pens I've found are the Bexley Israel 50th anniversary and the Curtis Australia State of Israel 60th anniversary. It's kind of an odd trend...I can understand Japanese companies not being interested in making Jewish pens, but you'd think that the US or Germany would make more. Is there some cultural or economic connection between Italy and Israel that would encourage this sort of design from Italian makers, or is this just a strange coincidence?
  7. effandpee

    Is This Really A Delta?

    My Italian father-in-law owned this super-slim metal fountain pen (apologies for the Flickr links): https://flic.kr/p/RQPihT It says "Delta" on the cap, but it's a world away from the Dolce Vita (https://flic.kr/p/Rs5Xsh). It's Sailor-Chalana sized and, indeed, takes the same slim cartidges ( ). It's all metal, with some very nice bevelling and the clip is reminiscent of the Aurora Hastil ( ). The collar has become corroded, but it has an interesting rounded nib ( ) and still writes with a beautiful, wet fine line. I've read here that Delta basically erased their history in the mid-90s and started again. So is this an example of one of their early-80s pens? Anyone know the model name or number? Any other examples of early Delta pens?
  8. What's gotten me back into fountain pens and prompted me to join FPN has been picking up a cache of pens at Christmas that used to belong to my Italian father-in-law. Among them were a selection of superslim pens from the 70s and 80s including the most svelte pen I've ever seen. Let me share them with you and perhaps you can help me identify them all. https://flic.kr/p/QMJwY8 In decreasing order of girth, from left to right (next to that standard unit of fountain pen measurement, the Safari/ALStar) are the following (apologies for the flickr links): * a German (West German, in fact) Reform pen - this one's mine, actually, a 21st birthday present back in the mid-90s. Don't know the model, I'm afraid, but it lays down a beautiful medium line and is a standard c/c. https://flic.kr/p/Rs6uQY * An iconic Aurora Hastil (MoMa etc). Medium nib, but leaks all over the place with both cartidge and trik-trak converter. I only recently realised what a corny joke the name is: "ha stil" means "has style" in Italian. https://flic.kr/p/RQP8E6 * A Sheaffer TRZ, as far as I can tell, with the logo of the Italian magazine L'Espresso on the finial. Also lays down a lovely wet line, perhaps a little too broad for the girth of the pen. There's a capacious aerometric converter inside. https://flic.kr/p/QKf1zG * Now things get really interesting. Believe it or not, the next one is a Delta, or claims to be. I've heard that Delta completely reinvented themselves in the mid-90s, erasing their previous history, and I've never seen what the earlier pens looked like. This one must be from the early 80s - a world away from a Dolcevita, with a clip that is very obviously taken from the Hastil. The collar is badly corroded, but it still writes with buttery smoothness. Inside I found a very slim Sailor cartridge, presumably the same one from the Chalana? 13.4cm long, 11.6 uncapped. Barrel is 7mm at its widest, section 6mm. https://flic.kr/p/QMKxeg * Finally, and most remarkably for me, is the slimmest pen I've ever seen. 11.9cm long, 10.7 uncapped, barrel 6mm at its widest, section 5mm. I've no loupe, but it says Japan on the finial and the nib says Sailor F-5. It takes the same cartridges as the Delta. Unfortunately, I've not managed to get it writing properly yet - the feed is badly blocked, I think. Anyone seen one of these before? https://flic.kr/p/QKg5c9 I realise these are not at all today's fashion and not especially practical. Nonetheless, I'm very drawn to them.
  9. Could anyone tell me if there is a converter type that will fit Delta as an alternative to Delta's converter? I have an ink flow issue but it is only with certain inks and seems a bit random but nevertheless annoying. Rather than be restricted to certain inks I'd like to try and get a fitting converter that stops the ink tension issue and solves the flow problem. I know I could probably stick a ball in it but rather than risk damaging it an alternative converter might be easier.
  10. I remember that when I first got into fountain pens, I was fascinated by Delta's trademark orange and black Dolcevita line. As I couldn't afford any of them at the time, I got chinese Naranja fountain pen instead. It wasn't bad and for some time my interest in getting real Dolcevita waned. With time my collection grew and my taste shifted first toward vintage japanese pens and then modern german and italian pens. When I say italian it actually means Visconti and Omas (if one Omas can be called a collection). Somehow Delta's design lost appeal to me and it couldn't stand a chance with other market competitors. Especially that sometime along the way I had small Delta Grafitti pen in which the nib was truly bad (dry, scratchy). However I'm curious person and I enjoy trying new things and doing test rides. Some time ago, while scrolling through eBay, I've spotted reasonably priced Delta and decided it would be nice to finally try a pen from Dolcevita line. I would like to share my thoughts about it with you. The pen comes in nice, stylish box. It's black, well crafted and of reasonable dimensions. Inside the box are papers (warranty and adverts), fountain pen and black ink. Dolcevita Federico can be bought in a multitude of finishes. Mine is Deep Sea. I'm not biggest fan of blue color but I find the barrel finish rather pleasant to eye. The pen seems large and chunky, mainly due to big diameter. As a result the nib looks small compared to the pen. I firmly believe the nib on this one should be bigger. The cap is slightly thinner on the top and grows fatter towards the ring. The barrel itself starts thin next to the nib an gets thicker at the junction to the blind cap that hides the piston knob. I don't like small pens, so in theory I should enjoy this bulky body. But I don't - for me the diameter is too big. Length is perfect but this pen is too robust to my taste and, truth to be told, to my small hands. Section is short and there's irritating steop close to the nib. Aestetically speaking I definitely prefer Visconti or Aurora pens but I can see why some people may find this design appealing. Construction The pen feels solid in the hand. It's made of thick resin that feels substantial and durable. The only issue I have with this pen concerns the threads between cap and the barrel - they're short and don’t fit together very smoothly. It can be just impression - the cap is tightly screwed on the barrel but the pprocess of screwing feels a little off - as if there was some skipping. I expected smoother mechanism from Delta. The clip is functional and has a ball at the end, which turns, for ease of placing in a pocket, apparently. The attention to detail makes for nice presentation. Personally though I'm not that fonf of font used to show the name of the model. It's not really elegant. Nib I enjoy steel nibs so the fact that Dolcevita comes with steel one doesn't bother me at all. The nib is small compared to the pen and it's my only cryticism. Medium steel nib is very smooth and wrote perfectly well out of the box. No skipping, no misaligned tins. The flow is pleasantly rich, but not excessive and remains steady during long writing sessions without interruptions. Filling system It's not rocket science but it's well engineered. As expected for this price tag, the pen is a cartridege-converter and it accepts standard international cartridges. Happily it's a little more sophisticated than that - it's so called faux piston - filler (I don't know if that's the correct term but I've seen it used over the internet). After unscreving blind cap on the end of the barrel you expose the knob of the converter. You can draw up ink by twisting this knob without having to unscrew the barrel. Pretty cool. Summary Delta Dolcevita Federico is a sizable pen, too big for me, but it's not caricatural or overly flashy. The writing experience can be pleasant (the nib is pretty great) but due to section diameter not everyone will be able to enjoy it, especially during longer writing sessions. All in all this pen can be considered as nice introduction into Delta world.
  11. While they last we have the Delta Momo Alumina fountain pens and rollerball pens discounted at 40% Off retail. Choose from 3 great colors. Delta Momo Design Alumina Rollerball Pens Retail: $195 Sale: $117 https://www.penchalet.com/fine_pens/rollerball_pens/delta_momo_design_alumina_rollerball_pen.html Delta Momo Design Alumina FountainPens Retail: $225 Sale: $135 https://www.penchalet.com/fine_pens/fountain_pens/delta_momo_design_alumina_fountain_pen.html
  12. PenChalet

    50% Off The Delta Horsepower Pen

    While they last we have the Delta Horsepower fountain pens and rollerball pens on sale in all 3 colors. Each have a carbon fiber band, high polished resin and look sharp. Delta Horsepower Rollerball Pen Retail: $195.00 Sale: $97.50 https://www.penchalet.com/fine_pens/rollerball_pens/delta_horsepower_rollerball_pen.html Delta Horsepower Fountain Pen Retail: $225.00 Sale: $112.50 https://www.penchalet.com/fine_pens/fountain_pens/delta_horsepower_fountain_pen.html
  13. croccanova

    Is This Rare?

    I got this ink with a dip pen that my late family friend gifted to me for Christmas back in 2007. The other side of the bottle says Delta Italy 1982. I know there was a limited edition pen but I really can't find anything on this ink. I have used it a few times with my dip pen but haven't tried it out with any of my fountain pens and was curious if anyone on here had tried it or used it. How rare or scarce is it? Thanks!
  14. I just attempted to log onto the Deltapen.it web site looking for information about their stantuffo piston mechanism. A home page comes up, but if anything on it is clicked, a message appears saying that the site is "temporarily suspended." Anyone know anything about this? The reason I was looking is that I just received my first pen of this type. The piston mechanism is a bit different from the usual, and I want to be sure I'm operating it properly.
  15. PenChalet

    Limited Edition Delta King Tut Pen

    Delta has just announced a new limited edition pen coming this July. The Delta King Tut pen available as a fountain pen or ballpoint pen. Limited to only 188 pieces worldwide. Taking pre-orders now. For more details on the pen view our blog post: https://www.penchalet.com/blog/delta-king-tut-pen/
  16. isn't the housing, feed and nib suppose to fit together ? my recent purchased pens have this problems, some when pulled out from the housing the tines are prefect but when fit back together the tines mis-align. a few of them has perfect tines when fit in the housing but mis-align when removed out. and no matter what orientation i did the problem never solves. This has never happen to my other pens but that's because my other pens are all from japan (my Pilot and sailors) well known for their excellent supreme QC. hence my question / cry for help - where does the problem lies, housing inside uneven or nib tail uneven ? - any method to solve this matter ? Just in case anyone want to know I am having said problems above with my Delta DV OS, Monte verde Regatta sport, Jinhao 159, vinconti homosapien Dark age. For such expensive pen (jinhao aside) you expect it to work well ... even my preppy write better !! I don't think i will look/buy another pen from them. attached photo are my delta nib after insert into the housing the gap in between becomes wide open!
  17. He everyone we are clearing house to make room for new stock!! All Delta is 25%-40% off ALL in store stock!! If you do not see one you are looking for Give us a call or email might be at our other location. I will post a list of what is in stock shortly. Phone:1800-263-2736 Email: Support@penboutique.com
  18. PenChalet

    The New Delta Icon Pen Collection

    Delta just introduced a new pen collection, the Delta Icon. The pen comes in 3 great colors, each hand turned from Italian resins. The pens are now available for sale at Pen Chalet https://www.penchalet.com/fine_pens/fountain_pens/delta_icon_fountain_pen.html
  19. While they last we have the Delta Prestige Doue Fountain Pens at 50% Off. Choose from one of three great colors. https://www.penchalet.com/fine_pens/fountain_pens/delta_prestige_doue_fountain_pen.html Retail: $225.00Sale: $112.50 Black Electric Blue Lilac
  20. Can anyone tell me how broad the broad nib used by Delta on their Dolce Vita series is? Do they run a little narrower than most?
  21. Hi, As I see that some people are afraid to use the Dolcevita Oversize as an eyedropper, here is my experience in that case. I've always used my Dolcevita Oversize as an eyedropper. Infact, I've got it for that reason mainly. I've never had a problem using it like that. I must recognise that the barrel has become a bit darker, as you can see in the image, but for me that's alright. The second image was taken when the pen was just inked for the first time; the first image has been taken today, so you can see the difference. As I've said, it doesn't matter to me at all.
  22. PenChalet

    Up To 50% Off Delta Fountain Pens

    We have a limited selection of Delta pens at 40% to 50% 50% Off Delta Fusion One Fountain Pens Retail: $450.00 Sale: $225.00 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 50% Off Delta Alfa Romeo Fountain Pen Retail: $895.00 Sale: $447.50 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 40% Off Delta Citta di Amalfi Fountain Pen w/ 18k gold nib Retail: $995.00 Sale: $597.00 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 50% Off Delta Indigenous Peoples Fountain Pen - Hawaii Retail: $1,095.00 Sale: $547.50 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 50% Off Delta Indigenous Peoples Fountain Pen - Maya Retail: $1,095.00 Sale: $547.50 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 50% Off Delta Indigenous Peoples Fountain Pen - Indios Retail: $795.00 Sale: $397.50
  23. Hi everyone. Been a while since I posted, but I am grateful to all you that have aided me in my search for pen-knowledge. I recently purchased two pens on eBay from shop_martemodenausa. I purchased a Delta Capri Night & Day for $120 (Fusion nib, Ivory), and a DELTA Dolcevita Oversize Oro (14K Nib Fine, Numbered ed.) for $298. Both had free shipping. I just received the Oro today and it is beautiful. It writes wet and the flow is fantastic. Now, I suspect that there a some differences between these Delta pens and others on the market in America, but I contacted the seller and Delta. Both confirmed that the seller is an authorized dealer. The seller states the Oro is "New with original Dolcevita Collection Box (not sealed) and papers." I saw no flaws, so far. Maybe it is a return. The ORO is model 1KO/F - Nib Gold 14K (F) - N. Ed. I believe this is the same model on their Italian web site MarteMardena.it. Let me know what you think. I hope I did not get taken, but so far the first pen is beautiful with a nice flex to the nib. I will try to update with a pen review in the future. Peace to you all, Chris PS - The seller was great. I was out of town and they held the pen until I returned. It took 4 days to get the pen, They shipped Monday and I received it Thursday.
  24. PenChalet

    Delta Pens On Special @ 50% Off

    While they last we have a couple Delta models at 50% Off full retail: Delta Capri Day Night Collection Ballpoint PensRetail: $225.00Sale: $112.50 Delta Capri Day Night Collection Rollerball PensRetail: $250.00Sale: $125.00 Delta Capri Day Night Collection Fountain PensRetail: $275.00Sale: $137.50 Delta Seawood Fountain PensRetail: $395.00Sale: $197.50
  25. PenBoutique

    Delta Master Piece Now Available!

    Delta Dolcevita Masterpiece 14K Nib Fountain Pen. New design added to the collection of Dolcevita summoned as Masterpiece by Delta. 14 Karat gold nib certainly puts this pen into an elite set of fountain pens. This also come's in Rollerball and ballpoint. http://www.penboutique.com/delta-dolcevita-masterpiece-14k-nib-fountain-pen.html You can see it here on our website or call us at 1800-263-2736 or 410-992-3272 for more information!!

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