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  1. I have a Mabie Toddd Rialto Fountain Pen in blue. I need a converter for it. It appears to need a "small" converter. Does anyone know which brand of converter would fit this fountain pen? I was hoping to order off the internet. When I called the Fountain Pen Hospital, they refused to sell/ship one to me because the price was too low for them to send me only one item. I can't find a Mabie Todd converter on the internet and was wondering if a different brand would fit it? Thank you. P.S. I am new to this forum and did do a search of the forums and could not find an answer to this question.
  2. airbender-ellyn

    Pilot Converters In Nyc

    Is there a place in NYC that sells Pilot cartridge converters? I don't feel like ordering online for something so little.
  3. The spare converter of my Waterman Carene fell on the floor and broke - I noticed it was made out of glass. I ordered a new one from a reputed online seller in Brazil, but it is made out of plastic. Can you tell me if it is original? Regards, Marcelo
  4. I bought a Lamy Joy recently, as a desk letter pen. It is a lovely pen, really just a design change from the Safari, Al Star, Vista and all those. But for some reason the converter always has a great deal of little bubbles all throughout it. It writes fine and after a little ink has been used and a few days all the bubbles are gone and it really is not a bother but I am afraid of two things; One that it may leak because something us wrong, and two that I am losing a lot of possible ink fill because of all the "inky froth". It is not a real functional bother but it is a slight concern. Anyone else have this issue? I have another Z24 in my Safari and it works just as it should. Only difference is in my Joy I am using Noodler's Bad Blue Heron (A very wonderful blue), and in my Safari I am using Noodler's Bulletproof Black. I could try to switch inks between the converters or change converters in the Joy to see if there is an intrinsic variable. Wanted to see if this is a common issue and if so we could put an answer out there in black and white for all. Good Luck!
  5. perth

    Sheaffer Targa Converter

    Hello. I've just recently acquired a Sheaffer Targa from my grandmother, who had passed away. It came with an empty ink cartridge that seemed quite loose. My question is, would a modern Sheaffer piston converter work in place of the old ink cartridge ?
  6. Hello, I have a beautiful Aurora International 98. I used to refill it using an used Aurora cartridge. It works, but I'm not sure I would offer a gift with a syringe, or even sell it. By some serendipity, my local fountain pen shop had an Aurora converter that is supposed to work for this model. I tried it, and it seemed to work. But as soon as I tried to fill the pen up, it became obvious that the converter was a bit looser than with the cartridge. In fact, the section fell into the ink pot. On the second try, I could make it suck ink. It worked for a while, but it became obvious that the ink was leaking from where the converter made contact with the nipple. So I flushed the pen and the converter, disassembling the converter to make sure it was OK. So here is my question: would it be possible to put a bit of silicon grease to "seal" the converter around the nipple? I know that 13$ is not a big deal, but my first motivation to dive into the universe of fountain pens was to stop wasting plastic and start taking care of my stuff. I am willing to try about any solution, as long as someone, somewhere, is willing to help me out by sharing his or her experience. Sorry if my question has already been answered before, but I did try to scratch my own itch, but could not find anything after an hour of search and reading previous thread. Thanks, w
  7. mbarbino

    Visconti Amigdala (You & Me)

    Looking for a converter for the fountain pen.
  8. Hi, I decided to use fountain pens again after years but there is not much alternatives in the local shops.And I do not want to use internet delivery. Apart from the Parker vector and Parker 15, I found a platignum voyager in a lovely pink color. I really liked the balance and design and I want to try this pen. However, I couldn't find much info about it in the internet. Is there anyone out there who used this pen before? I need any comments but I also have some specific questions: -There is no indication as Fair or Medium for the nib but there are numbers (7 and 13 in the ones I looked at) pronted on the plastic part of the nibs. Is number 7 standing for a fair nib? -It is not taking parker cartridges etc. and the salesperson does not know anything about fountainpens. Do you have any suggestions for converters? -Have you experienced problems (such as leaking) with this model or with platignum in general? Thanks in advance
  9. I bought a vintage Mont Blanc 320, which I quite enjoyed, the nib had a bit of spring to it, and it flowed perfectly, impossible to get it to dry up. I sadly had to return it though as it leaked, - seemingly through the pen cap springs.. perhaps the ink window? or maybe even through the body somehow.., I'd be curious about getting another, a couple questions though for any expects: 1. Did this pen ever come with a converter? If so, what one would fit and be proper for the pen? The one I got didn't have an original converter (if there even was one that came with it), I had tried both an official modern Mont Blanc converter and another one, though I think both let ink into the body. I just dont want to be limited to cartridges of course. 2. Any one with experience of this pen find similar ink leaking issues? 3. Is there another less expensive Mont Blanc vintage pen that might be recommended instead, I NEED flex and line variation, and I really enjoyed the smaller size and weight of this 320. Thanks!
  10. Dear all, I have this rOtring Initial Pen which I find a very nice writer... as long as I stick to cartridge inks. My pen didn't come with a converter. I dislike cartridge ink... So I thougt: let's put in a standard convertor to solve this. But as soon as I put in my Faber Castell converter (which I thought was a standard international system) my rOtring start to leaks like I hardly ever seen a pen leaking before. My thumb and middelfinger litterly become soaked with ink. (ieuw!) The inks comes out just between the black plastic thingy at the end of the section and the metal part of the section (see also the attached image). I don't even really touch the black plastic, but touching the end of the metal apperently is already bringing out the flow. Could this be caused by using the wrong converter? I only can buy the rOtring converters in the shops here in a package of 10 (which I find quite bizarre by the way) and ordering online would make it very pricely due to shipping cost. And I don't want to invest that money in this pen, if the problem is that it's just not that converter-friendly somehow. Does any one has experience with none-rOtring converters in the Initial (do you see the same misery? And does it do okay with a rOtring converter?) or has an idea what's happening or what I could do different? Could it be the Faber Castell converter not being as standard international as I thought?
  11. This is probably a daft question, but while I read everywhere that the Serwex MB's converter is a "Parker type", I can't seem to find out for sure if anyone's actually tried a Parker converter in it. Could some nice person with both have a quick look for me? I like the Serwex very well, but I suspect I will be falling out of love with that converter in quick time and would be happy to know there's an alternative out there if my patience finally snaps. Thanks, Al
  12. So, i am soon going to start a project creating a pen box out of a Cigar box. I plan to make it hold 4 pens (more like 3 pens and an ink syringe) and 4 vials of ink. I have a few questions before i start (and one random question). 1. (random question) i plan on buying this Pilot Metropolitan off Ebay (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pilot-Metropolitan-Fountain-Pen-Silver-Zig-Zag-/400499897700) and they say it has a "Pilot aerometric converter (squeeze type)". Do you keep the nib attached to the converter when you squeeze it? 2. What is the maximum length of a pen? I dont want to someday buy some really long pen and have it not fit in the box. What's the longest you know of? Would 6 inches be enough room for all pens? 3. To the other people who have undergone the box making process, where do you buy the wooden compartment things for the inside of the box? I dont know how to word it so i havent been able to search it and i have absolutely no skills what-so-ever with saws, sandpaper, or any other power tools. 4. Can you get the ink in the converter from a vial similar to this style? http://www.ebay.com/itm/251327332990?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 I mean both the Pilot Aerometric converter and the normal converters. I've never tried either let alone owned a vial similar to this. Thanks in advance for the help.
  13. I have a pen at hand, nemosine singularity with a stub nib (I think this is a production error and xfountainpens have been more than wonderful in helping me get a replacement, but I'd like to take it as a learning opportunity) problems: If I push the feed all the way down until it has no more to go, and twist the converter until ink flows into the section, the pen will write for a while, and in random intervals drop really big blobs of ink on the page, sometimes followed by a dry spell where the pen stops writing entirely. If I adjust the feed to be more forward, just clearing the sides of the tines so that it is not visible from the top-side of the pen, the pen will write super smoothly after I force some ink down from the converter, but it will stop and not write again at all until I force more ink. observations: I do not see any ink filling the combs of the feed in either situation, but there a pool of ink can be seen between the feed and the nib in situation 1 The nib itself, if you look at it from the tip as if you are going to poke your eye out, the tines are tilted invards, so instead of being a h ( τ ) , it is more of a ( ϒ ) *SUPERBLY EXAGGERATED* what I tried: Brushing the feed and the nib, along with the converter with mild dishwashing detergent Reseating everything about a million times Different Inks Very tight / Very loose nib clearance from feed Tight/Barely touching tine adjustments flossing the tines flossing the feed channel Thanks a bunch.
  14. StrawberryJam

    Stipula Vedo Converter Doesn't Fit?

    I feel really stupid asking for help on this, but.... I recently won a stipula vedo off ebay (yay), except I am having problems getting the converter to fit properly. I see that there is a little plastic protrusion that sticks out from the back of the nib section: http://i.imgur.com/UY3Sk8o.jpg but i can't figure out how to get the converter to fit snugly. I assume that the protrusion is supposed to fit into the open top of the converter, but for some reason it doesn't fit. I can't seem push it in directly either, nor does the push-and-twist mechanism seem to work: http://i.imgur.com/Fv9op9b.jpg So..what am I doing wrong?
  15. Wheatflower

    Parker 45 Converter Problem

    Earlier in the month I decided it was time for me to Try A Vintage Pen and I ordered a nice greenish NOS Parker 45 from a well-known online store. It writes well, but after two attempts to fill it with ink I have realized that the sac in the little squeezy converter is broken. I hold the seller blameless in this: the pen was described as having been manufactured in the early 60s, and as I was also manufactured in the early 60s I have a good respect for the effects of time. However, I am in a quandry about what to do next. Do modern Parker converters fit the 45? Should I try to have my converter fixed? Should I buy a stock of Parker cartridges and resign myself to refilling them with inks of my choice? Dear Parker fans, please advise me!
  16. GabrielleDuVent

    Refilling Preppy's Or Plaisirs

    I just can't seem to refill preppy/plaisir without making a mess on my fingers. I use converters on them, and I pull up the ink through the nib into the converter. What happens is that the ink doesn't get sucked in all the way, so there are residual ink that just sits in the feed: http://i1332.photobucket.com/albums/w614/GabrielleduVent/preppy_zps60fadbf3.jpg It'd take a while for the ink to drip down, and while writing, the ink flows out and makes a nice mess on my fingertips. It's not that big of a deal, but I'm starting to get a little irritated. Anybody have any tips on how to properly avoid this problem? (I currently don't have a syringe on hand, so using it would be a bit difficult.)
  17. Hey guys I am relatively new to the fountain pen hobby (about 5 months) and I wanted to see if someone might be able to explain to me how Kaweco Rollerballs work. I've HEARD that they can be used with fountain pen ink cartridges/converter, but I've also seen them with regular rollerball refills. It might not be a lot of money, but I don't want to go ahead and buy a $20 pen if I'm not going to get what I want to expect. I bought a Noodler's Nib Creeper Rollerball, and I like it (I really do), but, the first tip lasted me about a month and the second tip lasted less than a week. If the Kaweco rollerballs CAN use fountain pen ink, I think they might be a better long term option than the Noodler's Nib Creeper. But, if they only take rollerball refills, that might just be money down the drain for me. Any advice/tips/suggestions?
  18. circlepattern

    What's Your Best Way Of Filling Ink

    I just wonder what methods people use to fill ink. I assume most of you use bottled ink and some sort of converter, and here is going to be the big question: Do I have to dip my whole nib inside a bottle of ink to draw up like 2/3 of the converter's capacity? Or could I removed the converter and fill it completely without having a messy nib? The second way is how I usually do it, but keep in mind that I use the same ink in the same pen all the time. It draws up more ink and is less messier. The problem is that I never heard of anyone doing it like this, is there an obvious risk that I'm overlooking?
  19. Jake.Coventry

    Waterman Converter

    Hello FPN Users, I have recently purchased a 2010 model hemisphere and it's on it's way in the post. I was wondering if I am able to fit an international standard converter, namely the monteverde mini converter. Some say they only take waterman converters, others say that it will fit. Can someone please answer this for me. Thanks ~Jake
  20. Hi everyone, When I bought a new brown metal Falcon at the brick and mortar store of a well known company, it was sold to me in a generic Pilot box:: hard box, "leathery" covering, cardboard and felt inside. I don't think that it was intentional but doesn't this pen come with a more specific, higher quality box? I am seeing mention of that on the web. Do you think that I should push the point (no pun intended) and insist on the correct box? While I have your attention, should the Pilot Con-20 converter fit this pen? I purchased this item by mail last week (different company) and it seems to rest in the head but I cannot get a good seal. Is it me, the newbie who is confused? LOL. and Thanks!!!!
  21. alan__alvarado


    I need to know what kind of converter will fit into a Platignum Studio, I know the only one that does is the Monteverde mini converter and Chinese Universal ones don't, somebody help me...please.

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