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  1. One of my newest accquistions is the Sailor Young Somiko Fountain pen in M nib. This is my first Sailor pen. I had bought it from pensindia.com, a subsidary of the famous engeika.com which provided japanese writing instruments. The service was quick and I was happy with Mr. Raul from pensindia who handles my correspondence promptly. All I can say is I am happy with their product and I will patronise them in the future (Disclaimer: No relation to pensindia.com or engeika.com) PACKAGING The pen comes in a small cardboard pack which houses a plastic pen case. The case contains the pen itself, a Sailor converter and two sailor catridges of black ink. The packaging is nothing to talk home about. It just does its job to deliver the pen. DESIGN The pen is a very sleek and minimalistic. The pen is made of black plastic with gold trims. Near the section, it says "SAILOR". It has a black finial surrounded by a gold ring on top. The clip is very stiff, but one can use with some care. The pen is very light and the balance feels good on this pen. It has a fairly long section and comfortable to write with for long times. One caveat is that since the plastic is very glossy, it picks up oils stains if one has sweaty hands. NIB The nib is a M nib. The somiko comes with a gold plated steel nib. Suprisingly, the Sailor M nib lays a line a touch wider than my Pilot Tank NOS M pen. There is a hint of feedback with the nib and it has a small sweet spot. I have to work on the nib as the horizontal strokes encounter more resistance than the vertical strokes. I got a standard Sailor converter (comparable to a CON 50 converter) which hold s upto 1-1.2 ml of ink. Since, it is a gold plated nib, the nib has some springiness to it and you can coax some line variation out of it, but I would'nt recommend it. The pen cannot be converted to an ED as it has metal threads in the section joining the barrel. Picture (left to right : Pilot metroploitan M, Sailor young Somiko M, Pilot Celemo 14K M) CONCLUSION This is a no nonsense pen which can be used for everyday carry. Since , it holds a good capacity of ink it can be used for long writing sessions. I bought this pen for INR 3000(~USD 48) which I think is an excellent value for money considering that it comes out with a converter. I would recommend this pen to a beginner.
  2. Hello, does anyone know if it's possible to disassemble a Monteverde threaded converter? I'd like to add a ball agitator to it but don't know if it's advisable to start pulling it apart without checking. Thanks.
  3. I've often been tempted by the Ranga ebonite fountain pens and they have had good reviews, from what I have seen, Most of the ones from sold from India are marketed as eye droppers and seem very good value, whereas most of the ones from the US seem to have converters fitted and are almost three times the price (if not more). I'm not overly keen on eyedroppers because of the risk of 'burp', so if I got a Ranga I would want to put a converter in it. The question is: can I put any standard converter in it or must it be a smitd (or whatever it is!), can I swap out the nibs easily and generally speaking, are they a decent pen?
  4. An accident on fleabay ended with this interesting pen on my lap. From what I can gather, this is a vintage Platignum that takes out-of-production cartilages (don't even know the model). http://i.imgur.com/1XAFNsz.jpg Does anyone know where I can get a converter for this pen? Help much appreciated!
  5. Hi everyone, Can anyone please tell me that will a Parker converter fit in Schneider fountain pen or not ? I have a Schneider Glam fountain pen. I know that Schmidt k5 converter will fit a Schneider fountain pen, but that is more than 3 times the cost of the pen. I already have an extra Parker converter.
  6. Does anyone know of a converter that will fit a Markiaro Starfish? I've had this pen for a while and it has become my workhorse pen, but sadly I am only able to use it with small cartridges which I've been finding a little limiting. The barrel of the pen is somewhat short and most of the standard converters seem to get stuck in it. If anyone has any ideas and of where to get them it would be much appreciated.
  7. Hi Colleagues, Just received first new Pilot pen, delivered from Japan (very quickly and efficiently I'd add). Though I've used FPs for thirty years, never had a Pilot - my bad. Anyway, instructions are mostly in Japanese and I can't figure out how to put in the converter.... Looks straightforward as with most. Unscrew the nib section from the barrel, insert converter firmly. There seems to be something blocking it from going in, so maybe something for packaging? I can see with my eyes what looks like a piece of plastic, but I cannot see how to get it out. But maybe it's supposed to be there and I'm doing something else wrong? Humbled by such a small thing, but don't want to break anything first off. As it is the converter just falls out. It is a U. Thanks muchly, Rick
  8. land_of_lucidity

    Parker 15 Converter. Help!

    Let me start off by saying that I am relatively new to fountain pens. I've always been interested in them, but I have only recently started using them. I got two fountain, and one of them was this Parker 15(I think), but sadly there is no converter in it, so I was wondering if there was one I could buy. I've posted some pictures below just to make sure its a Parker 15, any help would be nice! _Aaron
  9. I'm a self confessed piston snob! Don't mind power fillers, or any other filling system so long as it's not a c/c! That was until I recently acquired two new Japanese pens, both of which are c/c are work great. Are we really being fair with our snobbery against the humble cartridge converter?
  10. ARVA

    Almost Cracked Sac

    Hi, I have an old Parker squeeze converter which at first sight seems to work well, holds a lot of ink and is not leaking. However when I squeeze it the rubber has some cracks in one part , the rubber is not yet cracked completely but sooner or later it will. I can still use it and it also feels flexible. I was thinking if there is any preventing work or something. Can I melt the rubber with the hot red point of a needle so the crack is no longer spreading ? Or can I glue it somehow? Thank you!
  11. Shewolfy728

    Converter For Oberthur?

    I was given a lovely Oberthur pen, and would like to use it with a converter so I don't have to rely on cartridges, which I cannot get locally. I tried a standard international converter, but it was just barely too large in diameter to fit in the pen's barrel. Has anyone successfully used a converter with this pen? If so, which one? Thank you!
  12. Hi all - I just got a hold of a Pilot CL300, which is an early vanishing Point. (it also says EI 21, (that's an i), but I haven't been able to find any reference to what that might mean.) Luckily, it came with two NOS cartridges, because these use the old-style small back to back cartridges that are long since out of production. I'll be able to refill them - they actually work - but I would like to get a converter, and I'm wondering what converter might fit this pen? Can anyone help? Thanks! -Redblur
  13. wafna

    Diy Mini Converter Tutorial

    Hello, Like most people on this forum, I collect pens. I also prefer to use converters rather than cartridges. Some pens, however, are not wide or long enough to take a normal converter, and would require a thinner or shorter converter. Finding a proper converter in shops was often hard, and buying them on the internet can also be difficult. And then I found the solution - a 10 cents solution: insulin syringes. Measuring with digital calipers, insulin syringes are 6,43 mm wide. Standard cartridges are 6,94 mm wide at the base. The nozzle in insulin syringes is 2,46 mm wide. The nozzle in standard cartridges is 3,60 mm wide. The insulin syringes provide a better fit than the standard cartridges :-) Just cut them to the size you need. Obviously you should cut the plunger too. Make it a little longer than the barrel, and when you need to refill the pen, just pull it up. I found out it's better to keep the plunger inside the syringe and cut the barrel THEN make the plunger shorter (think about stripping the insulation off a cable). This is because if one takes out the plunger first, cut the syringe and then tries to put the plunger back in, it might not work, as the opening of the syringe becomes a little too tight for the plunger after cutting it with scissors, but you try. 100 syringes cost about $10-$15, so if you waste a few it's not too bad :-) Oh and by the way, I noticed 5 ml syringes are on sale as "ink syringes" for $4.95 (a pack of two). Fair enough, but a pack of 100 5 ml syringes is sold for around $35. Just FYI. In the photos, a converter I made just to illustrate this post.
  14. Hello, I am seriously thinking of adding a Kaweco Sport xf to my stash of pens, and I had a concern about the fact that you can only use a cartridge with it (the little bladder they sell seems no improvement to me). I have recently discovered the joys of using a converter in my various pens (piston/slider, not the bladder type), and found that the usual problems of skipping, ink drying out, or the ink coming out too fast at times, and otherwise inconsistent performance when half full or less, are greatly reduced, seem to be mostly a thing of the past. My question is whether the Kaweco Sport suffers from the same cartridge issues as other brands, as described above, I do realize there is some variation in how bad it can get from pen to pen. Even the bladders on my Hero 329 and Pilot 78g don't seem to hold a candle to what happens when you can push the extra air out of the pen with a converter (if I could, I would replace the bladder on my Hero 329 pens with a converter, in all 4 of them!). Hopefully my question is not as clear as mud. Any and all personal opinions and observations appreciated.
  15. Hi. I love the nib on the Hero 329 old version, but really hate the rubber ink reservoir, it is annoying on a number of levels, and depending on the ink (noodler's bulletproof black in particular), it can be quite problematic at times. I was going to post a topic on whether the Hero 329 can be fitted with a slide/piston converter, but I figure that might too involved, if even possible at all. Instead, anyone knows whether there is a Hero pen with the same exact nib as the 329 old version, but which can take a converter? P.S. I read before that the new 329 is not as good as the old, then later I read that the issue is that the nib on the new version is much smaller, and hence scratchier, which is the reason I would rather avoid such a nib in any new pen I buy. Thanks for all suggestions.
  16. william2001

    Twist Vs. Slide Converter

    Hi, I have few questions for you. A converter is what allows a fountain pen to use a bottled ink. Right? My Parker Sonnet came with a slide converter with a ball inside. But I saw other kinds of converters in YouTube. What is the difference between a twist and a slide converter? What are pros and cons of each? Which one do you prefer for my Sonnet? Thank you very much in advance. -William S. Park
  17. Vintage Waterman CF pen converters are more slender than the modern converters. Thanks to Pendemonium.com there is a source for these thin converters. Once at the Pendemonium site, click Inks and Refills on the left column then scroll down to Waterman. There you will find a phone number for Waterman's Service division. They were very helpful and the cost was quite reasonable. I would list the phone number, but would prefer people visit Pendemonium and support their store since they are the only ones listing this service number as far as I know. Thank you Pendemonium for this helpful information!!! Rob
  18. Hello fellow FPNers, I purchased today a Sheaffer Lifetime Imperial fountain pen. I was doing a little research on it and it appears that it may only take cartridges. My question is, does this pen accept a modern Sheaffer converter (or any other modern converter for that matter) or will it only take Skrip cartridges? By the way, here is a photo of my new pen http://i966.photobucket.com/albums/ae149/thefancyman/DSCF8615_zps90828667.jpg If it only takes cartridges I might buy some Skrip Orange since that color only comes in carts.
  19. Not strictly a FP question, but I hope someone can help me In a moment of (in)sanity last night, I ordered myself a Platinum brush pen and a converter. I was wondering if anyone knows how you'd fill one? Immersing the bristles? Filling the converter then putting it in the pen? Thanks in advance
  20. A few weeks ago, I bought myself a pen, roller ball, and fountain pen set at Staples. I found out later that is the Sigma Genesis. It takes a short cartridge with room in the barrel for another. What I wondering, and haven't been able to find out, is whether or not there is a converter available for this pen or whether I'm doomed to using cartridges?
  21. I'm just starting to dip into collecting more vintage and retro pens, and I've settled on focusing on cartridge/converter pens (with a slight emphasis on Sheaffers...) Anyways, I absolutely love the look of the old striated pens, especially the greens and the reds, but all the ones I've seen so far have been lever fill. Does anyone know of a c/c model that comes in striated coloration, or is this a lost cause?
  22. Hi all, I have a Lamy Al-Star and the ink tends to stick to the sides of the converter. I have 4 Lamys and this is the only one with this problem. Eventually it leads to the pen "drying out" before it is out of ink. I have found that if I unscrew the pen and screw the converter down some, it gets the flow going again - but that sure is inconvenient. Thoughts on how to fix this?
  23. Hi I wanted to know if there is any converter available for Cross Classic Century? OR Is there any Cross fountain pen with a threaded cap for there is a converter available? Thanks.
  24. Dear All, My Father M.S.Pandurangan has crafted this Ebonite pen on last week This is Model 5 Pen with Customer supplied Nib and converter. We are introducing this new Ebonite colour Yellowished Olive with Pink Ripple. This is similar to old waterman pen colours. The capped length is 7 inches and the dia is 18.75mm I'm sharing it for All FPN'ers. Comments are welcome Thanks, Kandan.M.P Ranga Pen Company http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CUSTOM%20PENS-2014/DSC02366-1_zps6ad31feb.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CUSTOM%20PENS-2014/DSC02394-1_zps6678c3a6.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CUSTOM%20PENS-2014/DSC02392-1_zpsf262c217.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CUSTOM%20PENS-2014/DSC02378-1_zps16543cfd.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CUSTOM%20PENS-2014/DSC02385-1_zps51bdaca4.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CUSTOM%20PENS-2014/DSC02374-1_zps28560d4e.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CUSTOM%20PENS-2014/DSC02377-1_zpsc1d4f71c.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CUSTOM%20PENS-2014/DSC02388-1_zps56a50e93.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CUSTOM%20PENS-2014/DSC02391-1_zps432429d8.jpg
  25. I have a c.1987 Waterman Laureat I'd like to rehabilitate and return to service. Do these pens take standard international converters? When I look up "Waterman converter" I find two different part numbers, 56010 and 56010W. Is there a difference? Thank you, Robert

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