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  1. Is there any reasonable cheap alternative to silicone grease for sealing in eyedropper pens? I am trying to convert my Pilot Parallel into an eyedropper but can't find any silicone grease anywhere (in my home at least). Are there any household products I could use as an alternative? Vaseline?
  2. Hi, I draw with Tashikawa calibrated pen /0,1mm/. It come with cartridge, which lasts about 3 days of drawing. Are there any possibilty to find a converter to pen? If not, are any calibrated pen 0.1mm or just a fountain pen with very fine nib? Thanks UPDATE - it s TaChikawa, not TaShikawa. Sorry
  3. I just gave myself two lovely Targa pens as a birthday gift. One is the Black Laque model, the other is a gold-plated pen with a striped pattern that I've been unable to identify on the sheaffertarga.com site (looks like a Regency sans the black contrasting paint). Both pens came in pretty good condition, with lovely 14k inlaid nibs that were properly treated and taken care of, but unfortunately, both came with cartridge units rather than converters. Upon returning home and doing the cleaning and the flushing, I tried fitting the aerometric converters from both my Blue Ronce Targa and my Triumph 550 (late 70's, early 80's) into the Black Laque pen which I was planning to use on a daily basis on my desk, but much to my surprise, the converters just won't fit! They are lose and don't seat properly on the newer pens. I was able to fit the entire section of the Blue Ronce into the Black Laque, thou. I would have expected these pens to be the same as those previously issued, but this seems not to be the case. Are there special or modern converters for these pens? BTW the writing behind the pens was made with the nib from the older one. It gives a lot of line variation within pretty little pressure. A joy!
  4. Could anyone tell me if there is a converter type that will fit Delta as an alternative to Delta's converter? I have an ink flow issue but it is only with certain inks and seems a bit random but nevertheless annoying. Rather than be restricted to certain inks I'd like to try and get a fitting converter that stops the ink tension issue and solves the flow problem. I know I could probably stick a ball in it but rather than risk damaging it an alternative converter might be easier.
  5. idrhjn

    Questions About Lamy Nexx

    Hello! due to my excitement, I bought my first fountain pen, Lamy Nexx even without knowing much about it. There doesn't seem to be a lot of forums about the Nexx. I hope someone can help me with my questions here: 1. is the nib replaceable with other sizes? 2. can I use other cartridges other than the T10? Parker Quink, maybe? 3. I've heard about z24 and z26, which of the two is better? (I don't care about the red color) 4. should I not post the cap? 5. how do I clean it? Thanks! -rhjn
  6. Hi everyone, Whilst I was in Germany I bought an Online Event fountain pen. I would like to get a converter for it, but not sure which one. On the website of the shop they do sell one, but that seems quite flimsy, so not sure about it. I'm also new to converters, so this might sound silly, but would any standard converter fit into this pen? Any recommendations would be very helpful! Many thanks!
  7. My husband is a Mason, and a year ago I gave him a Masonic fountain pen I'd found in a shop that's since closed. There was no name or brand identification on either the pen or the box. A month ago the piston converter cracked, leaking ink (fun!), and I've been looking for a replacement. Without knowing which brand this is, I've been searching by images and can't find anything quite the same. I've seen similar ones with a longer connecting piece on the nib-end, but the end on this is quite short, similar issue on the 'back' end. This converter also has a steel ball inside. Closest I've found are Stipula international size, Pelikan, and Watermans. I'm hoping someone recognizes this and can pass on a name to me. He adores this pen, almost more than his other pricier pens (of course!).
  8. Hi all! Just got this cute little converter in the mail, and I thought it could be interesting to a lot of folks looking for converters for their smaller pens. This model does fit the liliput, so I think quite a few smaller pens will fit it. It is a push and pull (no twisting), and feels very well made. The opening was a little too small; I had to stick a toothpick in there and wiggle it a little bit for it to fit. But after the first time you plug it onto a pen for the first time, it's a nice fit. I carefully measured the ink capacity and it's about .58mL. So yep, not a whole lot... You probably don't want to put this on a double broad Visconti... Untitled by Kevin Guo, on Flickr Untitled by Kevin Guo, on Flickr
  9. Budzynski

    Fed Up With Converters

    Since last few weeks and problems with my Pilot CON-70 and Platinum converters and the fact they have smaller capacity of ink than cartridges I feel quite discouraged from using converters. Buying cartridges is more pricey and in order to get colors from different manufacturers you need to get them in bottles but in my experience, Japanese cartridges feel more sturdier than their European counterparts (Lamy leaked on me few times after reusing a cartridge) so refilling them with a syringe is not a problem. what are your thoughts about on using converters vs. cartridges?
  10. So I have a new Pilot Custom 912, and I cannot for the life of me remove the CON70 converter from it. I feel like an idiot, but I truly cannot get it out. Any tips, suggestions for its removal? I don't want to use too much force, as I'm afraid of breaking it. I wasn't planning on using cartridges with this pen, but I want to be able to remove the converter to clean it etc. Plus just knowing that I cannot remove it is annoying the heck out of me, LOL Thanks in advance for any advice
  11. I recently unearthed a Cross fountain pen I was given sometime in the 70s or 80s. Looking on google images, it seems to be a Cross Century Classic. I have the box, booklet, everything except the converter--and I prefer using ink to using cartridges. Amazon has a green converter advertised as being for the Cross Townsend. I know the converter that came with the pen was green. Does anyone know if a converter designed for the Townsend is likely to fit the Century Classic?
  12. I've had a Waterman Kultur for some time, but I've never been happy about its performance. It dries too easily, and writing isn't either smooth or continuous. I've realised that the ink seems to get sort of clotted in the upper (as I write) part of the piston converter. Since I store the pen with the nib upwards, it seems that the ink falls down because of the law of gravity, but then the law of gravity is not enough to make it fall again when it put it with the nib downwards, so the pen writes until the ink that floods the feed runs out. I give a few taps to the pen, the ink falls and I can carry on writing... Until I store the pen again, nib upwards, and next time the ink is again at the top of the converter. I've read somewhere that this is related to the ink's surface tension. I've tried to change the ink I'm using with this pen, which is usually Montblanc Oyster Grey, and use Waterman Serenity Blue instead, but the result's been the same. I read that one option is to put one of the small balls that can be found inside cartridges inside the converter. Even though they say that converters can be disassembled by unscrewing the metallic ring, I haven't been able to unscrew mine. Either I lack the skill, or the strength. However, I saw that the ball of the cartridges I have at home (Faber-Castell, the only brand I can find near my home) have a very small ball. I thought that perhaps, with a little push, I'd be able to put it inside the converter through its hole. But it didn't even need the push. The ball's so small that it went easily in. So my question is: if I've got this ball whose diameter is smaller than that of the converter rim, would it be dangerous to fill the converter and see whether the surface tension problem is solved? Can the ball come out of the converter and block the feed of the pen, or something like that? Or is it safe to have a go?
  13. I've been reading many helpful reviews here on FPN as I get on my collecting journal, this is the first time I'm posting with a question. Anyone have experience with the Hero 100 "Emperor" 2016 model?, as shown in this ebay posting: http://www.ebay.com/itm/2016-Model-Hero-Emperor-100-Fountain-Pen-12K-Gold-Fine-Nib-With-Box-/331719526737?hash=item4d3c064951:g:nswAAOSwAKxWWcfJ I know that the standard Hero 100's Achilles heel is the plastic hood, which can crack, but it doesn't seem to be an issue with the 2016 model's exposed nib. Also this is a converter pen, which might (?) prolong the longevity. Some other questions for anyone who currently own the 2016 Emperor model: What material is the barrel made of? What about the grip section?Is there any Chinese writing on the pen? pictures just show Hero engraved on a bronze-like settingNib: is it really 12K gold? If so, how do they achieve the 2-tone effect?Is nib replaceable?Some measurements (length, weight) would be nice. A wrting sample is gravy. Thanks!
  14. phillieskjk

    Ink Guzzlers

    Which pens do you have that use the most ink? Which pens do you have to refill the most often? Also, the inverse. Which pens do you have that use the least amount of ink? For me, the answers would be a VERY wet Jinhao X450 for the most ink using pen, and a Platinum Standard PTL-5000a XF for my most efficent pen.
  15. I have a couple newbie questions about filling pens with a converter. They've probably been asked before, but I wasn't sure what keywords to search, so I'd be happy to be pointed in the right direction if there's already a thread (or two). #1 -- Is there a trick to filling a pen with a screw-style converter? It seems like I always end up drawing mostly air into the chamber and very little ink. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. #2 -- How can you tell if you have your pen submerged to the right depth in the ink bottle, since you can't really see inside the bottle?
  16. tritrek

    Con-70 Compatibility

    Hello, been googling but couldn't find a complete list of compatibility so I'd allow myself to ask directly and specifically: is the CON-70 compatible with these Pilots? - the MR series (US version, not with the international converter) - the 78G - the Parallel Pen Thank you very much
  17. marcelo

    Lamy's Converter Capacity

    Hi FPNers! I have a Lamy Studio Palladium (Medium nib). I've been using it with the converter for more than one year and think it runs out of ink so quickly. Does it really have a small ink capacity, smaller than other brands'? Regards, Marcelo
  18. Hi! I've recently purchased my first-one-ever fountain pen - Platinum PTL-5000A (Platinum Standard) with a fine nib. I've since come across an opinion, that is it not so good as a pen for a beginner, but it was listed amongst Goulet top next level pens, and I was able to get the pen for a little more than price of a Lamy Al-Star in retail around me, so I guess it shouldn't be that bad of a deal. Now for the question part. I ended up with a bunch of (3, to be exact) Platinum converters for my pen. For low long you can usually use one? Should I keep them all, or use 1 and try to trade or sell them? I also have two models of them 500 and 700, and it seems, that the only difference is trim colour, is it so? That brings us to another question - should I even bother with Platinum converter? It seems, that the converter holds 0.5ml of ink, while the Platinum ink cartridge looks like it holds ~1ml of ink. I'm only using my pen for a week, and already have a little less than half of my cartridge. I don't mind if I need to change my ink only once a week, but I'm afraid that if using a converter, I can easily run out of ink in the middle of the day with no option to refill it, and basically needing to switch to something else. That got me thinking, that I could just purchase some Platinum cartridges, and just refill them with my bottled ink using a syringe or something similar to it. My pen maintenance would switch to a biweekly schedule, making me more than happy. Since Japanese pens are not represented where I live, I'm thinking of purchasing a Platinum International adapter, and using standard international long cartridges as a container. Did anybody try to do this with PTL-5000A or a similar pen? Will the long cartridge fit in the pen along with the adapter? And last, but not least, is there any advice on how much can I push my pen when writing? I like to sometimes press it a little harder to make a broader line on a page, I now I'm afraid that I've done it with to much force, somehow it seems, that my line is now broader if compared to one when pen was just bought. I can post photos of my nib if anybody is willing to help, but I don't have any magnifier glass handy right now. Looking forward for any advice you can give in the relation to any of my questions. Thanks!
  19. Hi everyone! I'm new to Fountain Pen Network, and I have some question regarding Faber-Castell Loom. And piston converter. I just brought Loom, and when I put in the converter in and turn it a little to ensure it is in place, the nib/feed started turning too. Sort of like unscrewing from the body. Might be a stupid question but why does it do that? Is it because it is for changing the nib? Another burning question I have is whenever I ink up my pens using a piston converter, there is this air that goes up first before the ink starts to fill the converter. I have fully submerged the nib into the ink, so I am wondering why is it like that? Any suggestions for me to get rid of the air when I ink up my pens next time?
  20. Alexcat

    Converter For Sheaffer Star Trek

    I have a Sheaffer Star Trek: the Experience..Las Vegas Hilton. It's a lovely hefty feeling pen, chunky, suits my hand. Could anyone tell me which converter( available in the U.k if possible ) fits it, please? LLAP Alex
  21. Marcel Hanardi

    Problem On Sheaffer Taranis

    Hello from Jakarta, It's great that I could find this great forum for fountain pen where I could learn so much form many people. I just have this hobby recently and really interested in fountain pen (Actually, I've already liked fountain pen for quite a long time but only considering to start collecting it recently). So I've bought my first fountain pen, the Sheaffer Taranis. It came with the converter but I decided to buy the cartridges also. First I tried to use the cartridges because it was more practical than filling up the converter, considering I've never use one. After a few days I started to like the pen and found it worked well. Then a few days ago I tried to use the converter for the first time, it was unique for me. The first time I tried to fill up the converter I found a problem right away, it won't suck the ink from the bottle! I thought there might be some air inside, so I tried to do it many times to push the air out, yet still nothing happened. Then I tried a different way which I dipped the converter directly to bottle to fill it, and it worked. I put it to the pen and started using it. For some time it worked well then it stopped writing. I thought I was running out of ink (which is impossible because I just inked it up). I opened the barrel and saw it still had a lot of ink inside, so I turned the piston a little bit just to push the ink down, then the pen started to write again. But after using it for some writing, the same thing happened again. I don't know what's wrong with it. So my questions are: 1. Is it normal for a converter to behave so or it's just me being picky? 2. Do I have to push the piston each time to draw the ink out? it's really a bother for me because I have pushed the piston about 2-3x in 30 minutes of writing (not 30 minutes of non-stop writing). 3. Shouldn't I be able to draw the ink from the bottle with the converter attached to the grip section? or is there some type of converter which I have to put the converter directly to the bottle if I want to draw the ink out of it? Thanks!
  22. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew of any pressure-type (squeeze) converters that could be used with a Jinhao X450, like the Con-20 for Pilot. The screw-type converter that came with the pen seems to prevent the ink from flowing as well as it should and every now and then I have to force it a tad by screwing it down a bit. I'm also wondering if a regular international pre-inked cartridge would be better than the scew-type refillable ones. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.
  23. I've purchased a number of Jinhao pens (and a few Baoers) in recent months via eBay. I like the way they write (with one or two exceptions) but they seem to dry out very quickly. (My Parker 51, TWSBI Mini, and Pilot Varsities can go a long time without use and start right up. I haven't even found how long is too long!) Generally, re: my Jinhao's and Baoers: If not used for a day or two, they'll start hard.If not used for 2 or 3 days, they'll need priming (twisting the convertor or running the nib under water)They seem to do a little better when stored horizontally rather than vertically.No, it's not an issue of the ink "sticking" to the rear of the converter because I've gotten into the habit of shaking them downward before use.I don't think it's a broken inner lid--they still have a satisfying snap when opening and closing. I also opened one to verify and the inner cap was fine. So, is this merely the reality of cheap pens not sealing particularly well? I've seen some folks talking about the converters being (partly?) to blame. Can y'all advise and help me improve this issue? Thanks! Dylan Postscript: I'm using Jinhao x450s, x750s, 159, and Baoer 801, 508.
  24. Hi there, I have been working on restoring my Lady Sheaffer 904 Medium nib Paisley pen. I have been more successful than I thought I would but now I am stuck again. So I thought I would turn for help to you all! The pen was not in use for over twenty years. I flushed it out with water thoroughly. It has a squeeze converter that seems to work. The rubber sac does not seem damaged, no leaks, perhaps it holds just a hair less ink than it did before because the rubber is softer and exerts less pressure to suck the ink in. But still, it holds enough for me to be able to write for hours. I have pumped with with light colored water and know it fills enough based on what I can retrieve when I squeeze it back out. But when I filled it with ink, it wouldn't write. So I thought, there must some ink flow issues in the feed, etc?. I tried inserting a Mont Blanc Emerald Green cartridge, and voilà it started writing beautifully. I now have a pen that writes beautifully, again, but remains dependent on cartridges. I'd much rather restore the converter or get a new old converter. The standard Sheaffer piston converter does not fit in this pen (too long). Is there another converter I don't know about? Is there a way to restore my original converter? Peyton Street Pens say that the piston converter should work on numbered pens, but it didn't fit mine: "You'll find Lady Sheaffer pens in two different configurations -- the ones with clips that have the inset semi-hooded "fingernail" nib, and clip-less models with short conical Triumph nibs. The first style has numbered models (we carry the Lady Sheaffer 904) and the second style has models denominated in Roman numerals (we usually have X and XI in stock). You'll find these pens in a wide variety of finishes, both in metal and enamel. You'll want to pay close attention to the converter style required ... the numbered models will all take either the squeeze converter or the modern piston converter, but the Roman numeral models vary and sometimes they cannot accommodate any converter, period." Thanks so much for reading!
  25. Strange problem. Please help me diagnose and give some suggestions! Bought a Lamy Scala Piano Black Special Edition 14k Gold Fine Nib from ebay. Gorgeous pen! It doesn't come in that special box I saw on Lamy, the one that has a bottle of ink in it. Instead it comes in a standard Lamy Scala box, which is OK by me. It comes with one blue cartridge and a Z26 (I think) converter. I put in the cartridge. Pen immediately writes nicely. Flowing and smooth. I very quickly used up the cartridge. Never skipped a beat. Now I put in the converter. It doesn't go in as tightly as the cartridge. Seems to wobble just a tiny bit if I move it around. I didn't pay much attention and proceed to draw some ink (Lamy Blue to be consistent). It's able to draw ink up fully. But after writing half a page, ink flows dry and eventually ink stops. I tap and flick the converter, then ink will come back for half a page at most, then it'll stop again. At this point, I remove the converter and put in another new Lamy cartridge, a black ink this time. Again ink flows beautifully and smoothly immediately and never stops again. I have since flushed the pen and soaked with mild ammonium solution before trying again. Same problem. It's not the feed or the nib because it writes smoothly with a cartridge. What is the problem? It would be quite sad if this pen is sentenced to cartridge forever. Thanks! See Converter Image The Pen

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