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  1. Whilst responding to a query on what color is Hawthorne ? Google pitched me over to Hawthorne Yellow delving up to the parent shows: https://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/color-overview/find-your-color/color-families Not sure how but if I lingered on the page, the UI would change with the query: Which of these best describes you? the selections were homeowner, designer, architect and some others I forgotwhich seems like a decent topic for ink discussion ?! and a handy tool to boot. Kinda similar to what the kids are doing these days with color profilers such as https://colorkuler.com/
  2. I'm going to be buying a Pelikan M1000 in the next few days and was wondering what Nib size to order. I currently have an M805 with a B stub nib that I love. However, I had an M805 with an F nib that I preferred slightly more and my current daily driver is a Lamy 2000 with a M nib. Having used the B and F nibs on the M805 extensively, I'm leaning towards an F nib on the M1000 but I've also heard that you start to appreciate B nibs on fountain pens after writing with them for a while. Which nib size would be a good choice for everyday writing? I'm also debating between color choices and it's co
  3. Hello again to all my FPN friends, One of the interesting things for me about this hobby is how easily and suddenly my preferences for a particular design or color can change. I never use yellow for anything other than highlighting and previously would have thought something like a yellow pen to be tasteless or just plain weird. Then I saw these: WingSung 601 LE (Photo courtesy of Frankunderwater) Penbbs 308 Mango Yellow After seeing these beauties, something in my head snapped and I knew I must have an audacious and bold yellow pen! Sadly, the WS is a limited edition with an inconve
  4. nouveauartiste

    Artist Paint Brush

    Art Therapy to Fight Dерrеѕѕiоn Tоdау I want to reiterate another аltеrnаtivе method to fight dерrеѕѕiоn - art therapy. Aрраrеntlу art hаѕ bееn uѕеd in thеrару while trеаting mental hеаlth patients ѕinсе 1940'ѕ аnd thеrе are рlеntу of liсеnѕеd thеrарiѕtѕ аrоund. It ѕееmѕ thе bаѕiѕ оf this mеthоd iѕ thаt wе аrе аll сrеаtivе beings, аnd part of whо we are is еxрrеѕѕing оur fееlingѕ, bе thаt раin, suffering, оr pleasure and jоу. In аrt therapy еѕѕеntiаl help fоr оur dерrеѕѕiоn iѕ in mаking, сrеаting ѕоmеthing, in the рrосеѕѕ itѕеlf. It ѕоundѕ tо me vеrу muсh ѕimilаr tо singing аѕ... https://n
  5. < TL/DR version > The grass is always greener, they say. We start with a color we think we'll like but often become dissatisfied and try something new. And so it goes. I've gone through 10 dark greens so far, looking for "the best". > Vert Empire > Diamine Evergreen > Tokiwa-matsu Miruai > Miruai [Petrol] Harmonious Green > Diamine Dark Forest [Petrol] > Kobe van Gogh Dark Green [Petrol] KWZ #3 > Kobe van Gogh Dark Green GvFC Moss Green [Petrol]
  6. essayfaire

    Ink Color Etiquette

    I was wondering if anyone knew what the correct color ink is to write a thank you to a Japanese family. The note will accompany a small gift. In the States, I'd stick with black, but I'm not sure about Japan. Thank you!
  7. I used to do multi colored notes with my uni ball vision pens. my friend showed me a stub pen and I absolutely love it. I cant go back to normal tips now. So i bought a lamy alstar with a 1.5 nib. I love it alot but I have a problem with it writing too big. I looked at amazon and got a nice 1.1 manuscript fountain pen. I think this one writes so much nicer and I can put more words in a page with this on. I tend to write for about 4-8 hours at a time small breaks every 2 hours but the manuscript really hurts my arm after writing with it for long periods of time. My lamy doesn't do that. plus
  8. Waltz For Zizi

    Rarest Pen Color

    What do you suppose is the least used color for a fountain pen? I imagine the black is by far the most comon, but what about the least comon? P.S. Im not talking about weird colors like aquamarine, turquoise, magenta etc. Just the basic ones like: black, blue, red, green, white/ivory, yellow, orange, brown.
  9. Hi guys, Somehow I am into brown-color pens these days. So far I only have Parker Vacumatic with golden brown color. I can't decide on which brown pen I should get next. Would you mind showing me the brown-color pens you have? Thank you!!
  10. Hi all, I do a lot of creative writing/journaling and used to use those multi-colored gel pen packs until I switched to fountain pens (My EDC is a Safari EF). I am looking for suggestions of ink with the following properties: Not blue nor black. Easy on the eyes for long writing seasons. Behaves well with little feathering or bleed-through on mid-grade paper (i,e, better than a composition book, not as good as Rhodia). Inexpensive (Noodler's price range).One of the main draws to fountain pens is the ability to use interesting colors and switch them whenever I like, but the platinum violet
  11. I've been building a collection of Noodler's Ink, and I'm up to six bottles so far - five colors and a huge bottle of Heart of Darkness. For the most recent round of purchases, I first bought some samples from Goulet Pens, and I also received a sample of Ottoman Azure in an ink sample exchange with another FPN member. I was rather surprised by the variability in color between batches of Noodler's Ink. I got a Black Swan in Australian Roses sample vial from Goulet that looked a dark rose ink: The bottle of BSiAR I actually received was noticeably darker and more purplish: The samp
  12. Today I bought a new Parker IM with a fine nib. This is the first time I buy a fine pen, hence the question. Using the same ink in my new pen and my Waterman Perspective medium (Waterman Mysterious Blue ink, from the bottle for Parker and cartridge for Perspective), I compared the two pens. The Parker creates a very different color that is unusually light. It gets even lighter after writing a line or two. It's also as dry as they come. Comparison sample attached. As I said, the color can get lighter at times. The camera is making it look sharper as well.
  13. The 2014 BlueGreen Al-Star is now a full time color! (At least from Goulet Pens: http://www.gouletpens.com/lamy-al-star/c/154?sortBy=productName+asc&facetValueFilter=Tenant~Body_Color%3Ablue)
  14. northstar

    Sheffer Taranis Original Colors

    http://s5.postimg.org/mmhaugug7/Taranis_Orig.jpg Finally completed all five Sheaffer Taranis original colors 😉
  15. I want a Karas Kustoms Fountain-K pen. They are sold through Goulet now, so that should be easy, right? Wrong! They are offered in many choices of material and finish: copper, brass, raw tumbled aluminum, and aluminum anodized in a wide range of colors. I know I don't want the copper or brass, but what color of aluminum I should get is driving me nuts. There are several that look really good to me, although exactly how dark these colors look in "real life" is hard to discern exactly from photos shot under varied lighting. I almost went for olive green, but then saw that color is out
  16. What color ink do you think Professor McGonagall would use?
  17. Hello! I'm new around these parts, though I've been reading FPN for a while. I've got a small problem, which is that my Pilot Metropolitan (M) is currently inked with the very wet writing Noodler's Bad Belted Kingfisher, which tends to feather and bleed a lot when I write on regular old printer paper (which is sadly what I end up writing on a lot of the time). As a result, I don't use the Metro as much as I'd like. I do also have another pen (a Waterman Apostrophe, fine) that I'd like to ink. So, I wanted to know whether: 1. Anyone has a good ink recommendation for a Pilot Metro (M). Colour
  18. swisspens

    Are All Targa's Sections Black?

    To all Sheaffer Targa experts around here, I have a tricky question for you. Are all Targa's sections made of black resin? I know they are all interchangeable. But what about limited editions? The section of the 1083 laqué ivoire for Harrods in 1989 (100pces) is black. Is the 1067 also black for instance? Just asking, because it appears I have in my possession a section that is not black. I'm not talking about the slimlines, as red sections are known to exist. Thanks for your answers! :-) Cheers from Switzerland. William
  19. Purely THEORETICAL, but here are the rules: 1. Limited to 10 bottles MAX. 2. Can be any combination of ink and bottles as long as it pertains to rule #1. 3. DO NOT PANIC... this is not real. If you had to take or save only 10 bottles of ink, what would they be? These are the inks that you absolutely cannot live without and need to be pried from your cold, inky fingers. You can choose to take 10 bottles of the same ink or you can have 2 bottles of one ink and 3 bottles of another so long as the final result adds up to 10 bottles total. You may also opt to take one bottle of several differen
  20. Well me and the girl friend just finished up for the night on our handmade hardback journal. It utilizes coptic binding so that no matter what page you are writing on it lays flat, which has always bugged me about most journals and books I have purchased in the past. I have had a blast making this and look forward to making many more! *thanks to the tutorial in the DYI section!* So with out further adieu, The book block with 12 signatures and caramel colored flyleafs coming out to 192 pages http://i.imgur.com/RWYsEShh.jpg Here is the cover getting worked on http://i.imgur.com/Ffwjarwh.jpg
  21. Beth_Mntgmry

    Colouring Is Not Just For Kids!

    Has anyone heard of or tried using fountain pen ink in Johanna Basford's 'grown up' colouring books (Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest)? The pictures look so whimsical and fun, and with all of the colour options that we have with fountain pen ink, it would be a blast to colour them in using a fountain pen and ink. If you haven't seen it already, check it out! I looks pretty neat: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2981484/British-author-sells-million-copies-colouring-book-adults.html
  22. ThePenGnome

    Inks For Corrections

    Hello! I've been doing a lot of correcting lately. Awards, personnel actions, command memos, policies, all the things. While I wouldn't necessarily think of this as a fountain pen job, the only pen I had with a fine enough point and a colored ink that I thought was visible was one of my Pilot Petit1's (green). This got me thinking, and ordering samples of an array of colors to try out for testing. I tend to prefer not-red for corrections as red seems to spawn visceral hackle raising, so mostly I'm looking at turquoise blues and greens, though I'm not wedded to that. Requirements, for
  23. Epicsockzebra

    Good Color Inks For Cheap Paper

    Hello everybody, hope you are doing well, I'm quite new to this forum and to fountain pens in general. I'm a highschool student who recently got into fountain pens after my mother dug up a bunch of her old Pelikan pens (she lived in Germany) and I absolutely loved it, problem is that it bleeds on almost EVERY paper i try. I recently decided to get a higher quality one, since my mother told me that it was pen meant for young grade school, it was not extremely high quality. So I decided to pick up a Platinum Plaisir with a converter and was wondering if any of you experienced folks happen to kno
  24. Sky Fountain Pens

    What Is Your Favorite Iroshizuku Color?

    Hi everyone, I am planning to buy some Iroshizuku ink for my fountain pen. Whats your favorite Iroshizuku color? Thanks
  25. Hello there! I own a new pen from the "Originals of their time 1931" Yellow Gold series. I decided to sell it via ebay, and after examining the pen I've found out a problem (or not a problem?) The thing is that the plastic (resin?) part of the barrel (on top of the pen) has a matt brown color. But as far as I know, this part shall be black. It looks like the color faded with time. Photos attached. I have several questions: 1) Is this case common for this Pelikan series?2) Can this issue be considered as a problem? I mean does it influence the price?3) Is there any way to fix it? Many

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