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  1. chromantic

    Strange Goop On Clip

    I was bidding on a "never used", "perfect TRIM without signs" M300 and couldn't help but notice this in the photos: Then my gently used M200 arrived today and it had the same thing on the clip. What I had assumed was tarnish was actually a brown substance of some sort that wiped off easily enough (I did have to fold the paper towel over a thin screwdriver blade to get at the edge up against the plastic end cap) and the gold plating seems fine. Just curious if anyone else has seem this or knows what it might be.
  2. Pen Model:Parker Mandarin Yellow Duofold Limited Edition The clip seems very tight when I want to disassemble it (May be they use special glue?). So is there any safe way if I want to disassemble Clip from Parker Centennial Duofold Cap? The way to disassemble is very different from vintage Parker Duofold series.
  3. Hello. I have recently been going through my family's old pen collection and came across a pen that has confused me as to its model. It appears to be a Recife Crystal, however, as minor as it is, its cap appears to be missing the signature "wings" (as I will call them) that the clips on the Recife Crystal. Instead it is just a normal clip which a generic straight edged shape, while all pictures of it show little wings that go out where the clip starts and come back in about a third of the way down. Here is a link to a page with a bunch of different colors/versions of the Recife Crystal: http://www.stylusfinepens.com/crystal-fountain-pen/ All pictures with a wood background are the pen that I have, you will quickly notice that the picture I found online of the "Recife Crystal" have the wings that I speak of on the clip, while mine does not.
  4. mathieu_he

    Clip Missing From Verbana

    Hi there, I'm restoring a Verbana fountain pen equipped with a button filling mechanism, a Warranted 14K U.S.A. nib with a heart shaped breather hole. I don't know the model type / number. I'm currently awaiting parts to replace the ink sack. In the meanwhile I've sanded the pen down and polished it on the polishing wheel using a fine compound. The ring on the pen seems to be 14K as well. The clip of the pen is missing, but I don't know what type of clip was used on this pen. It looks as though the cap has a vertical groove at the end inside the opening, but I'm unsure how this would accommodate a clip. Any suggestions? Kind regards, Mathieu
  5. Hi FPN, I'm considering a clip-less pen (a nakaya portable) at the moment and I'm quite worried about the pen rolling off the table or whatever else it is placed on. So I just wanted to ask about your personal experience in using pens without clips or roll-stops. Have you found that you have to always remain vigilant? I will be using the pens while out and about not just at home so it being placed on a not an entirely level desk will probably be inevitable. Things it will likely be left on: Desk, Notebook/Notepad - both on and in. So I guess I just want to know if you've found that it is essentially always on the precipice to a fall of certain death or is there still some rolling resistance? How much care is needed to use one? Thanks in Advance!
  6. My Tortoise 500NN arrived, and everything looks lovely, except that the clip seems to be a little out of alignment -- the clip ring is not flat against the cap, the end where it's attached to the clip is a little higher. I consulted google and it seems the cap can be disassembled relatively easily and the clip should be aligned with some care? (Thank you The Pelikan's Perch and sargetalon! ) I haven't inked the pen yet because I wasn't sure if that would be the only explanation or there might be some more insidious issue that would require repair work (in which case the pen would be on its way back)? And also, does this misalignment affect the functionality of the pen, i.e. would it cause the pen to dry out? I don't think I have any tools to hand that would be suitable for unscrewing the clip, so if it's just a little issue I'd live with it for the time being. The pen really is beautiful, and if I thought getting a 500NN would assuage my lust for a 500 (with the piston knob gold-filled as well), I was very wrong! I hope the picture explains this: Thanks in advance.
  7. northstar

    Esterbrook Dollar Pen Clip

    Hello, How do I disassemble the clip of a esterbrook dollar pen? Thank you in advance.
  8. lunarfp

    Kaweco Liliput Clip

    Hello everyone, I'd like to add a custom clip to my Kaweco Liliput. I was wondering if any of you might know the exact diameter of the cap? I believe that it is about 10mm, but I'm not sure about it. It seems like Kaweco might launch an official one in 2017.
  9. Oortael

    Old Retractable Pen

    Hi all, First in wanted to thank you for the great advice I found in this forum when I purchased my new Montblanc 146P. As I’m new here I not sure if this fits in this section of the forum but I’ll give it a try. Unfortunately the reason for the new pen was the broken clip on my old ball pen. I got this one form my grandfather many years ago and it did great service to me. I hope you can help me to identify the type of this Montblanc pen. It is a retractable pen which button was integrated in the clip. Thank you a lot Stefan
  10. THRobinson

    Lamy Safari - Clips

    I saw some older (2010) posts about dismantling a LAMY Safar and Al-Star, not sure if the same or not. Has anything changed for the Safari's over the years? I'm not sure the years of mine and I don't want to damage them trying to dismantle with non-applicable instructions. Also, I see you can buy replacement caps and nibs etc from the LAMY site, but, what I am after is just the clip, in black. I have a black LAMY Safari, and a red one... looking to buy the Al-Star Copper/Orange next, and I'd like to switch all the clips to black. So... just curious - Clips easy to swap? - Can I buy just black clips without the caps?
  11. Hey all, Is it possible to repair a clip that has 'brassing' on it? Is it possible to get it plated in gold or anything? And; Can you remove micro-scratches from resin pen barrels and caps? Thanks, Tom.
  12. I received my Kaigelu 316 from Hong Kong earlier this week (seller: hq.market, AKA You Gain More!) It's a reasonably faithful knock-off of the Duofold, visually at least. A handsome pen (mine is the white with black veining), it's improperly balanced toward the back end, but not a deal-breaker. I inked it up with Diamine Sapphire and it wrote beautifully. I decided to take my lovely new counterfeit to work with me, and on my way out the door, clipped it to my pock... UH-OH. With this gentle action, the clip, retainer ring and cap came off the pen. No biggie, I'll just screw the top back on, right? I've read here many times that Chinese pens have issues with quality control, so I just assumed someone didn't tighten it down properly. Nope. The threads refuse to catch, even when tested without the clip or retainer ring in place. It's defective. eBay has a process whereby you can resolve an issue like this one. Communicating with the seller (hq.market, AKA You Gain More!) that the pen is defective has resulted in the kind of runaround those who hide behind a language difference love to employ. "The pen is not smashed" they replied after receiving a photo of the loose clip assembly. (The only way I could think of to photograph threads that don't engage; see below) Of course, each message exchange with seller hq.market, AKA You Gain More must go through a 24 hour cycle, presumably because of the time difference. I've heard that other Chinese sellers are really good at reimbursing or replacing; that has not been my experience with seller hq.market, AKA You Gain More! (Maybe they're referring to my blood pressure reading?) Caveat emptor. James
  13. Good afternoon (here) ladies and gentleman... Okay, so I sprang for this pen on the bay of evilness and I knew it didn't have a clip. To me this isn't a big deal as I'm hoping I will love this pen and use it daily. But, where does one get a clip or can one get a clip for a Waterman 3 and if so, can a complete moron, such as myself do the repair? The pen was cheap as it is (crudely) monogrammed. Any and all help from this illustrious brain trust is much appreciated!!!!!
  14. Hello everyone! I've just spent far too much money on a greeny-gold, red veined Swan snakeskin. The little chap doesn't have a clip. I don't suppose anyone's got a spare knocking about, or any idea where I might find one? Any help with a model number would be fantastic. My patience with the Swan lists wore out as an accident's made prolonged web-monging physical torture just now. The pen's not yet in my possession or I'd provide pics but it's a SF, maybe a minor (?) and it has a wide gold cap band and a gold lever. Lovely looking No. 1 nib. Thanks for any help! xx
  15. http://i.imgur.com/vB5vMrA.jpg As far as my Google skills reach I think I have a Waterman Expert II (old style). With a M nib. A bit on the heavy side but nice finnish and look. Spot the small logo on top of the cap (it was a gift). Well, the clip has broken a while ago. Are those replacable? I did not find them on the web and eBay. Also did some searching here on FPN but to no avail (yeah on other brands I found some topics). I think I see a philips screw inside the cap, right?
  16. TXKat

    Cap To Something, But No Pen.

    Okay... I have somehow acquired a flat top black Sheaffer pen cap, but I've never had the pen. Can anyone tell me what is supposed to sit under this cap, please? And, how difficult is finding a pen? The ball on the clip is flat. There is a slight hump on the clip. Flat top and a single gold band.
  17. 3l3phant

    Clip Pen Holder

    For father's day my wife kids got me a new portfolio from Etsy. I love the thing but the only "problem" with it is that it only has two sleeves for pens, and they're quite narrow sleeves. They're leather, so they'll eventually stretch, but until then I'm looking for some sort of not-too-expensive leather holder that I can clip on the outside to hold a couple of more pens. The closest I've seen has been the Midori pen clips but I don't know if those are really just designed for the thin'ish Midori leather. Does anyone have any suggestions, recommendations and/or guidance? As always, the group's help is really appreciated!
  18. alexhondsmerk

    Pilot Vanishing Point - Loose Clip!

    Dear all, I've got a small problem with my Pilot VP; the clip has developed several degrees of side to side play? I don't actually use the clip to, well, clip the pen to anything so I'm not too worried about that aspect of it, but because of the design of the pen you end up holding the clip and it's a little disconcerting if it wiggles whilst writing! Edit - I should add, I've had the pen for approximately 8 months from new Here's some pictures to illustrate the problem; one to the left... http://i.imgur.com/xbWeowj.jpg?1 ... and one to the right! http://i.imgur.com/pmzJ2Fq.jpg?2 The pen has never been abused or manhandled, so it's annoying that this has happened. There appears to be either a hairline crack or a moulding fault in the plastic (?) tip of the pen which may have something to do with the situation. I've dropped Pilot UK an email directly via their contact form, with no reply as of yet, and the retailer only suggested to get in touch with them directly as they don't handle repairs. So, (hopefully!) pending a reply from Pilot, I'd love to know if anyone has any suggestions as to how to tighten the clips a little, or at least stop the problem from getting any worse? I've taken the pen out of my rotation for the time being but would love to have it back in action soon. Also, if anyone has any experience of dealing with Pilot UK for repairs, I'd love to hear! Thanks in advance for your help, Alex
  19. Marcwithac

    Leboeuf Repair Questions

    I have a LeBoeuf Unbreakable with a great #8 nib. The pen has been sitting in my collection for years and has never been restored. To my knowledge, all it needs is a good cleaning and new sac, although I would also like to tighten up the clip. So two questions for the experts: 1. Does anyone know whether the section is friction fit (in which case, I'll assume that it may have been shellacked) or is screwed on? I have tried gently nudging it both upwards and counterclockwise, but it didn't budge. 2. I would appreciate advice on how best to bend the clip closer to the cap without damaging either the clip or the cap. Thanks, MRP
  20. "Santa" was a little too hasty when he bought the clip for the new denim AL Sport he gave me for Christmas. He bought the clip for a Kaweco Special, not a Sport - and it's too small and won't fit a Sport. It's the retro-styled clip. Apparently Santa imported it from Japan and thus it's not worth trying to return. If anyone in the CONUS has a use for it, I will happily send it to you gratis. I doubt we'll ever need it, and I hate to just throw it away. Please PM if interested.
  21. Here is the clip I just acquired. It doesn't quite go with anything I have. Does anyone out there feel confident enough in their knowledge of vintage Parkers to make an educated guess? http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTYwMFgxNDU5/z/bLcAAOSwVFlUFl6Q/$_57.JPG Thanks!
  22. ARVA

    Parker 75 Clip Improvisation

    I was thinking to share my happiness with you This summer I bought a Parker 75 and a Parker 65 for a really low price. The seller stated that the pens are broken but I was optimistic. After an inspection they were in a really bad shape, the P65 had a destroyed section and the P75 was not writing at all only when applying a large amount of pressure, the clip was missing, the chrome clutch ring was rotten off, the clutch missing too, it had different tassies (flat at the cap, dished at barrel). It looked like this: I'm not a purist so i started to improvise to make it look reasonable and to make it write without the original parts. I was able to find a clutch spring in an old noname fountainpen which worked well in my case. Because the P65 was hopeless without a new section I took off the clip with the end jewel and mounted it on the P75. After these modifications I was pleased with the pens looks. But it was not functional yet. After reading here that also a piece of 35mm film can be used to spread the tines I tried it. After a few tries and adjustments the nib was functional again smooth and wet, the only thing was that it seemed that it had a much thicker line than an "F" nib. But it is perfect for me. Even like this I'm really happy that I can use it. And this is how it looks with the P65 clip: I know that it is really beaten up and almost every part comes from a different country (cap -USA, barrel+nib -France, clip+convertor -England, clutch spring -China) but it works What do you think about the clip?
  23. Hey guys! Just wondering what the best looking pen you've ever seen is? Pictures would be great too! Thanks!
  24. I was unable to edit my other posting about this so I made this one. Basically I am in need of the clip shown in the image I have attached. This is the same exact cap as on my pen. I also need suggestions on where to go to have the cap returned to its original round shape as it was evidently slightly damaged somehow and is slightly out of round.
  25. the adoption of the clip to hook the pen to the waistcoat dates back to the the first decade of the century, the exemplars made before were not provided with it. From being a simple and useful accessory, with the passing of time the clip achieved an increasing importance, so that its shape distinguished one firm from the other. Is it yet useful?

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