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  1. ralfstc

    Osmia 294 Loose Clip Repair

    Hi folks, One of the things that can be pretty annoying on any pen is a loose part, usually a clip. Not only does it bother me when I'm writing, I worry that it'll get caught on something and pull off, or otherwise get damaged. One of my favourite pens is a lovely wood-grain Osmia 294 from the 1950s. It writes beautifully, and looks great in that streamliney 1950s way! The clip was loose however, and I thought I'd share the repair procedure in case it's useful for somebody with a similar design of pen. Ron Z has a blog on a similar (but not identical) procedure on his Blue Fingers Blog, so c
  2. After 3 times failure I made it at last. By using EOSINT M280 printer, a titanium clip was printed. To make it looks in matte finish. I polished it for one day and it looks great now. Clip Clip after install it to Kaweco Ti My next step is to creat a pen by using 3d printing and CNC machine. And I draw some stl file here. Cap Body Grip The Whole Pen I have tried many times to print prototype in resin like nylon12 or acrylic, but its accuracy is not enough. So next time I decide to print or use cnc machine in Aluminum, Sterling Silver or Alumina Ceramic. And I also want to design some
  3. Actually it is the first posts of this account.(Although I collected pen for long time, I never resgister on FPN before) I use an advanced 3d scanner and then draw its stl file for 3d printing. Actually it match Kaweco Sport Pen. Then I asked for a modern industrial 3d printed machine to build it. The material is CoCrMo Stellite alloy. However, I didn't have good tools to polish so it looks very rough. You can download STL file here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=171o32j0lQCWl4yjNgbrzcuxQHqS-f75K Suggestion: Use metal printing at first. I try PA66, PA12 before but the strength is not
  4. I just received a Wasp Vacuum-Fill Addipoint pen that turns out to have a broken ring clip. Pictures are shown below. Before I destroy the cap trying to remove the broken clip. Can anyone help with the following: 1. Is the jewel on this pen friction fit, or threaded? Can I just carefully pry it off? Was it glued? 2. How is the clip removed? Do I have to remove the inner cap, or just the jewel to removed it? 3. Do you know a good source for a replacement? Thanks ahead of time.
  5. For those of you who've had this problem and looked closely at it, I'm sure you've seen the little spring behind the top of the clip. I'm sure you've suspected something about that spring was the source of your stress. It was. The disc you see in the picture is inside the cap, below the magnetic finial. I made a rudimentary tool to unscrew it (regular thread, CCW to loosen). First I removed the adjustable stop ring in the cap (this is reverse thread). The problem is that the ends of the spring aren't ground flat. If the spring turns such a way as the end of the coil spring seats crooked o
  6. Anyone know when "Metal" showed up on the underside of the Montblanc Meisterstuck LeGrand 146 clip? I just bought a 146 and was surprised to see "metal" and "Made in Germany" on the underside of the clip, and no pix on the center band.
  7. WillyVanDerKuijlen

    How To Remove Namiki/pilot Maki-E Pen Clip?

    For Namiki/Pilot no.5 size(such as many Nippon Art) fountain pen (you can see a gold metal ring in this pen end) it has the similar body type as pilot 74 or 912, you can directly screw it and it can disassembly easily. But for Namiki/Pilot No.20 size pen its structure is so complex that I cannot find a way to screw. However, I still want to know the way to disassembly Namiki/Pilot No.10 size(such as yukari type) pen cap and clip, is any way can find out or any tool can be recommended?Thanks a lot!
  8. kharrisma

    Skyline Pocket Clip?

    Hi Forum Folke, Can anyone give me some instruction on how the cap on a Skyline comes apart? I have one with a semi-mangled clip (the "ball" at the end that lifts the clip over the pocket edge has somehow been flattened pretty badly.) I can't figure out how the thing comes apart so I can get the clip off of the cap and straighten out the bent metal; I need direct access from 'beneath' the clip... can't do it on the pen. Thanks for any direction! Pics would be good, but I can probably follow a good text description.
  9. Sholom

    Canadian Short Slender Balance?

    I found this in a local antique store for what might be a very good price. I'm rather new to Sheaffers, having grown up in a mainly Parker family, but am very impressed with the Snorkel and Vac-Fil that a friend gifted me last year. So I grabbed this pen when I saw it. I THINK it is a short slender Balance, but I am quite confused about nomenclature from my recent reading. In addition, this pen is clearly marked as Canadian, and has the fattest nib I have ever seen that isn't a music or italic nib. It needs a new sac so I haven't written with it yet to see the actual line thickness, and I am a
  10. asegier

    Completely Bent Clip

    Dear All, Although I have many fine pens, I tend to not take them with me on a daily basis (I used to bring around a MB 146 for a week and it got scratched up so badly I felt really bad), so I bought a Nitecore NTP10 Tactical Pen as a backup pen to always have on me. This pen uses Fisher Refills, which make it really practical, and I keep it inside my pocket and this thing is so solid it never scratches (but ends up scratching other things). However, one day it got caught on something and the clip bent outwards completely. I tried bending it back, but no matter how much I bend it, it won
  11. Is it a lot of trouble to replace the clip on a Sheaffer Targa? Do I need to send it to someone with awesome technical skills, or is this something a relatively novice and not particularly "handy" person could do?
  12. Hi All, I've been a member of this forum for a while, although a not very active one though (bought a few pens here and there from users of the forum). Sadly, I've managed to break the clip of my beloved Waterman Hemisphere Fountain Pen (Shimmery Blue). Can anyone point me in the direction on where I can get a replacement for it and if I'll need any special tools to replace it? I live in Portugal but I have no problems ordering the part from anywhere in the globe. Thank you for all your help.
  13. MercianScribe

    Help With Clips

    Hello all. I have a couple of pens with clip damage. I'm aiming to keep them both, so I'm not too concerned, but I was just wondering what I might be able to do. I have a lovely red Eagle Prince at last. I've been trying to score one of these for ages, and while they come up fairly often on eBay in the States, they're pretty hard to get for a reasonable price in the UK. I assume the clip has lost its gilt, and I think it looks quite nice actually, as it's a lovely near-black tarnish, with the remains of the gilt on the imprint. What I was wondering with this one is what the base metal is,
  14. RedRinger

    Happy Veterans Day!

    Happy Veterans Day to all veterans and those who love them!
  15. I have recently inherited two Pelikan pens, a 100N in tortoiseshell, and a 100N in grey marble, whose restoration process I would like to share with you. These pens originally belonged to my grandfathers, hadn’t been used for many years, and were suffering from several problems, which a number of specialized repairers that I contacted in Europe – namely in Portugal, Spain, England and Germany – were unable to solve. Then I was lucky enough to learn about the work of Mr. Francis Goossens, also known as ‘Fountainbel’, who is a retired mechanical engineer from Belgium who nowadays dedicates to d
  16. Inferno2Inferno

    Lamy Clip 'cap Rub' Aesthetic Wear

    Hello fellow Lamy fans on FPN! I am a long time Lamy user and a diehard fan. I just have a question for you about one of the ways your Lamys may wear and tear over time (pens with wear listed in brackets). Between my Logos (brushed and stainless steel), Al-Stars, Lxs, and Studios (black) I have noticed that within around 18-24 months of use, the clip rubs a fine line just underneath its point of contact with the cap with a varying degree of aesthetic wear. On the Logos regardless of style it rubs a fine clear line (way more noticeable on the brushed one making that one look almost like the m
  17. I'm thrilled that I'll soon have my first Franklin Christoph. I jumped on the Model 02 in antique glass when the opportunity came up a few months ago. I received an email that my pen is ready. I'm likely going with the Masuyama HPS CI - M, or possibly the HPS SIG - F. If you have pics to support your opinion, all the better..... Your input is needed! Quickly, please: Clip or no clip?
  18. I'm a little desperate here. I can't seem to find any suppliers of clips. I know that they have to be out there somewhere, because I see lots of people on this forum using the same oblong ball ended clip. Can anyone tell me where to get these? or ANY other pen clips for that matter? I'm not really interested in making clipless pens or clipless pens with roll stops for the rest of my life.... I would love any suggestions about where I can get more/different pen clips. I will take ANY suggestions. Thanks in advance for the help.
  19. I bought this in a lot of three pens - a Reform and a Regie with a glass nib, but what's this? It's a deep Loden green and no markings I can see. It came with a gold Bock nib. Any ideas?
  20. If anyone owns a Kaweco Liliput BALLPOINT and is looking for a clip I'll happily pass mine on. Guess who didn't realise the Fountain Pen and Ballpoint clips are different sizes I'll cover postage to the UK, if you live further afield you're welcome to the clip for the cost of postage. First come, first served!
  21. octatonic

    Loose Clip Pilot Myu 701 Help

    Hi All- I have a Pilot MYU 701 and the clip is loose. Is there any way that I can tighten this myself? Thanks in advance- octatonic
  22. chromantic

    Strange Goop On Clip

    I was bidding on a "never used", "perfect TRIM without signs" M300 and couldn't help but notice this in the photos: Then my gently used M200 arrived today and it had the same thing on the clip. What I had assumed was tarnish was actually a brown substance of some sort that wiped off easily enough (I did have to fold the paper towel over a thin screwdriver blade to get at the edge up against the plastic end cap) and the gold plating seems fine. Just curious if anyone else has seem this or knows what it might be.
  23. Pen Model:Parker Mandarin Yellow Duofold Limited Edition The clip seems very tight when I want to disassemble it (May be they use special glue?). So is there any safe way if I want to disassemble Clip from Parker Centennial Duofold Cap? The way to disassemble is very different from vintage Parker Duofold series.
  24. Hello. I have recently been going through my family's old pen collection and came across a pen that has confused me as to its model. It appears to be a Recife Crystal, however, as minor as it is, its cap appears to be missing the signature "wings" (as I will call them) that the clips on the Recife Crystal. Instead it is just a normal clip which a generic straight edged shape, while all pictures of it show little wings that go out where the clip starts and come back in about a third of the way down. Here is a link to a page with a bunch of different colors/versions of the Recife Crystal: http
  25. mathieu_he

    Clip Missing From Verbana

    Hi there, I'm restoring a Verbana fountain pen equipped with a button filling mechanism, a Warranted 14K U.S.A. nib with a heart shaped breather hole. I don't know the model type / number. I'm currently awaiting parts to replace the ink sack. In the meanwhile I've sanded the pen down and polished it on the polishing wheel using a fine compound. The ring on the pen seems to be 14K as well. The clip of the pen is missing, but I don't know what type of clip was used on this pen. It looks as though the cap has a vertical groove at the end inside the opening, but I'm unsure how this would acc

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