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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everybody Today I would like to start a conversation about EDC systems and which pens you carry everyday. I'll start: I have two pen pouches, one with 3 slots and one with 4 slots. Both of them are in brown leather. In the pouch with 3 slots (which has my last name engraved in the leather) I have the pens which have the 3 'basic colours'/most frequent used colours of ink: - Red: For the red ink I use Pelikan Edelstein Ruby, in my Parker Sonnet in red lacquer. Fine nib. Lovely pen but rigid nib, in the future I'd like to upgrade this pen to a burgundy sailor pro gear. - Green: The Diamine Sherwood Green is my favourite green ink. I use it in my Pelikan m400. Great pen but sometime I would upgrade it to an m600. - Blue: for the blue ink, I prefer dark blue. Montblancs blueblack or Pelikans 4001 blueblack is my ink to go. I use the Montblanc 146 with it. Great pen and great size! In the pouch with 4 slots I am planning to go with this pens: (note: some of the pens mentioned are yet to buy, but these are the pens I consider getting) - Brown ink: for this ink (which is the Pelikan 4001 brown, but I am planning to buy any of the other brown/sepia inks) I use my Visconti Opera Elements with a 23k pd dreamtouch nib. Awesome pen with buttery smooth nib. - Black ink: I'm not sure which pen I am getting for the black ink. Any suggestions? - A mechanical pencil. I am buying a Pelikan pencil in the lovely brown/green tortoiseshell colours. It should arrive next week, can't wait! - A demonstrator (not yet which one yet) with a highlighter ink. Not yet which ink I'll choose. As you can see, I still have to search for some pens/inks, but this (often endless) search for a pen that suits me perfectly is one of the great things in the hobby! Which pens / pouches do you have? Ruben PS: sorry for the bad English, I'm not a native English speaker
  2. Greetings pen friends, We see a lot of "what are you carrying today" threads, and since some models (Balances, 51's, etc.) are so popular, they tend to dominate the discussion. So, today, I'm asking about what vintage pen you are carrying from a lesser-known maker and/ or of an unusual model. This is an old photo, but shows the LeBoeuf 75 that I'm carrying today (as well as the watch I happen to be wearing.) http://www.gergyor.com/images/iwc+leboeuf80.jpg So, let's see what's in your pocket (or what you're carrying) that is vintage, uncommon or unusual! Best Regards, greg
  3. Hi everyone! I usually carry something like 5 spare cartridges in their orginal packaging in my backpack wherever I go. Problem is, after a while of being in there, the cardboard packaging more or less gets destroyed. Does anyone know of a company that makes a hard carry case for international long (or short for that matter) cartridges? Has somebody thought of a clever solution to this? I can't believe I would be the only one with this problem! Thank you all very much in advance! - 3nding
  4. tacticaltimmy12

    Pocket Safe?

    Is it safe to carry a fountain pen in your pants pocket? I wear cargo pants and like to carry a pen and notebook in my cargo pocket, but I'm worried that the pen will leak. The pen's that I'd carry would either be the Platinum Preppy, or the Pilot 78G. I'm not using an eye dropper conversion, just using cartridges and converters. They seem pretty secure, but I'd hate to ruin a pair of pants.
  5. cveilleux

    Pilot Falcon- Everyday Carry?

    Hey everybody! I am looking into getting my first "next level" fountain pen, and by this, I mean breaking into the 100 dollar+ price range. I want something I will be able to use everyday in school for note taking and various other tasks on both Clairefontaine paper as well as less than ideal quality paper. I like the nib width of my Metropolitan- it's thin enough to perform well on cheap paper, yet very manageable to take notes for extended periods of time with, which is why I am looking into the soft fine Falcon. I am hoping the nib will be about the same width, yet smoother than my Metropolitan with the ability to give some neat variation when I want it so I can show off a bit . My question is- is the Falcon a viable everyday carry pen? I also think the nib just looks so intriguing! I have also looked into the Vanishing Point, but fear the clip will interfere with my natural grip and make writing uncomfortable. I would try both out in a store, but living in rural Maine with Bromfield being the closest pen store at about 31/2 hours away, my trips down to the city are few and far in between. I am also very open to other suggestions of pens! Thanks very much!
  6. Having been been on this board a fair bit, I've often seen the conventional advice against carrying pens in pants pockets. There are many fears: the stress at the leg, the pen sliding out, the potential crotch-staining, scratches, etc. But I don't prefer clipping it at my shirt pocket, because the pen sticks out and is more visible there. Also, sometimes there are no shirt pockets. So I've been carrying my fountain pens in my pants pocket, always with the pen inside a single-pen leather sleeve. Maybe it's because I don't wear skinny jeans or perhaps I mostly wear flat-front pants with pockets cut like jeans, or maybe because the sleeve provides protection from scratches from other objects, my pens haven't fared too badly at all. Haven't had a single issue, knock on wood. I generally put them in first thing before other objects like my card wallet or handkerchief, and deeper in my pocket, hugging the inside part of my thigh. That also helps the pen from sliding out, I feel. And I carry vintage pens--Parker 51s, Sheaffer Balance 3-digits, 1970s Montblancs--in my pants pockets as often as I do my new pens. Who else is also in the pants pockets camp? How do you carry yours? Are there things you do to keep your pens safe and secure there?
  7. Hey everyone, I'm relatively new to fountain pens (I only have 2), and I was wondering how you guys carry your pens. Personally, my wardrobe doesn't include many shirts with pockets so that's out of the question for me. I've been carrying my pens (one at a time) in my pants pocket for about 4 months now; I simply slide the pen in and clip it on the pocket (making sure the rest of the picket is empty so that it doesn't get scratched), but I've seen many people on here strongly discouraging this and say that one should only carry the pen in an inside jacket pocket or a shirt pocket. Well, like I said before, I don't have shirt pockets, and I'm a student so I don't have many occasions to where suit jackets or blazers, what ways to carry my pen does this leave me with? I've considered purchasing a leather slip, but even if I did where would I then place the slip? Perhaps anyone that's faced this dilemma before can help. Thanks!
  8. I'm not sure if anyone has posted something like this before but I was recently given an e-cig case by someone who thought I'd find a use for it...I did The case is fairly hard on the outside and closes with a zip, on the inside there are a couple of elastic loops and a little net basket. The loops are a perfect size for 2 pens which means you can carry at least 4 pens or 6 at a squeeze. The cases can be picked up on ebay pretty cheaply and offer more than enough protection for carrying pens about, the case I have can comfortably hold a Lamy Safari AL with about 1/2 inch room above. Outside: Inside: I think with some customisation these cases could be cheap but sturdy options for carrying pens.

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