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  1. My favorite fountain pens are Waterman Carene (medium) and Sailor Pro Gear (broad). I find my Pineider Avatar (medium) and Estie (medium and broad) fountain pens to be pretty/beautiful but not exceptional writers. I enjoy the metal weight/solidity of the Carene and love the lines laid down by my two Watermans (both mediums) and my Sailors (Pro Gear and 1911). Are steel nibs by nature boring (will the Diplomat nib be the same Jowo as my Estie?) or will a Diplomat Excellence nib be both smooth and have character? Would a Diplomat Excellence (Evergreen with broad steel nib) be a good ch
  2. Ok, here we go....I am looking to purchase my first, and last, gold nib pen. The last pen that I will ever use. This pen will be my workhorse pen, as I will use it for journaling, I might even keep it in my pocket throughout the day. I'm looking to spend under or around $200. These are the pens that I would like to pick from: 1.) Waterman Carene 2.) Pilot Custom Heritage 91 3.) Karas Kustoms Ink (all copper) 4.) Pilot Namiki Falcon I would like to note that I'm NOT interested in any piston fillers, as I would prefer a pen that uses cartridges and converters. I enjoy carrying extra supplies
  3. tleek

    Waterman Carene Broken Cap

    Hey all, the cap band separated from the cap on my Carene so the cap is no longer held in place. Customer service invited me to send it to France for repair, but in procrastinated and decided I can just glue it back into place. It would take quite a while for me to get the pen back and it is one of my favorites. I doubt I will ever sell it, so Im not too worried about ruining its value. I am worried about ruining its aesthetic. Will a drop of super glue handle this? 2 ton epoxy? Marine epoxy? What would you use? Thanks
  4. Does anyone know of a site that lists the difference Waterman Pen models and their years of production? I'm particularly interested in the pens since the 1980s such as the Phileas, Kultur, Laureat, Expert (I,II,III), Carene, Hemisphere, etc. I can't seem to find a good source for when the regular Phileas started and ended production versus when the Kultur started and ended production. Their are also others that are more rare like the Maestro and the Master that sometimes get confused with the Laureat. Thanks Jim Bunch
  5. Hi folks, I am thinking of buying myself a present (ok, I'll be honest - I mean that I wants a new Shiny Thing I does, oh yes!), and I would like some advice from you before I Succumb to the Temptation to blow what is actually rather lot of money for me. I am trying to choose between a current production (2019-2020) Parker Sonnet, and a Waterman Carène. I am (as long as the Mods are happy to let me) putting this thread in to both the Parker forum and the Waterman forum, so that I can get as many well-informed replies as possible. The Carène that I fancy the look of is (happily for me) the c
  6. Hey, Just ordered my first Waterman pen today. A Waterman Carène Essential Silver, I had my eye on one for a while now... and I saw it had been discontinued meanwhile/recently. So I quickly went to find one somewhere. I ordered one with a fine nib because I read the medium is quite broad. I ordered a bottle of Serenity Blue with it. Looking forward to writing with it.
  7. I find myself in the unusual situation of having received an Amazon (US) gift card, which covers the cost of a Carène, about $165 with rhodium trim with a fine nib, but not pouncing on the opportunity. I seem to have reached the limit of inks I am happy with (about 22) and corresponding pens, so what three inks ago would have been a natural jump... Is no longer there . I do see the Carène as a grail pen but my main interest is seeing inks in their full glory, many of my pens seem to be so wet their inks come out very dark and boring, so I've had to resort to extreme measures which I would no
  8. Hi folks, I am thinking of buying myself a present (ok, I'll be honest - I mean that I wants a new Shiny Thing I does, oh yes!), and I would like some advice from you before I Succumb to the Temptation to blow what is actually rather lot of money for me. I am trying to choose between a current production (2019-2020) Parker Sonnet, and a Waterman Carène. I am (as long as the Mods are happy to let me) putting this thread in to both the Parker forum and the Waterman forum, so that I can get as many well-informed replies as possible. The Carène that I fancy the look of is (happily for me) the c
  9. Mercian

    Question About Carène Nib Widths

    Hi, I have, regrettably, allowed what ought to be a simple and concise request to turn in to another of my trademarked Screeds I apologise to you all in advance. I have a request for your help, dear reader, in the form of information from those of you who are Carène owners. I am thinking of buying a Carène - both because it is a Thing of Beauty, and because I have read lots of praise of them on here from people who already own them. I already know that their nibs are stiff, and have read about the need to return a couple of drops of ink to the bottle when using a converter, and to NOT let m
  10. thx1138

    Carene Ballpoint Issue

    I bought an amber carene BP from a well known auction site. When it arrived today I went to put in a refill but the cap just keeps spinning without unscrewing. It is the version with the cap which turns 180 degrees to extend the ballpoint. Is there any way to repair this? Thanks for your time.
  11. bbs

    Problem Filling A Carene

    My coral orange Carene recently bought on you-know-where writes really nicely - once I can persuade it to take some ink on board. I'm immersing the nib fully and as far as I can tell the converter is a good fit - any other ideas please?
  12. Crowley74

    Broken Carene Nib Grip Section

    Hi, First time poster and I am in need of help and experience. Unfortunately my Waterman Carene Fountain Pen has suffered the same fate as Balenemate's pen. His link is here from June 13. https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/247665-broken-carene-nib/ I've added pictures below: The crack is around the entire circumference of the Pen grip. I believe that the Fountain Pen lid itself is defective and must have some how damaged the pen Anyone with experience of this problem? Will Waterman replace the entire pen under warrant? Rather than attempt a repair?
  13. I need some help, identifying the age, color, and info on the cap name and any other info pictures attached
  14. Hi everyone. I picked up this pen at a flea market today and I'm wondering if anyone can help me identify it. After searching around the interwebs, it looks like it's a Waterman Carene rollerball but the clip has an emblem on it. I'm not sure if this is some kind of corporate personalization or what? I don't even know if this is a legit Waterman. I don't own any others and don't have much experience with them. I've included a few pictures here. Sorry for the horrible photos. The pen body is blue with a black grip section.The cap is silver with a gold clip Thanks for any guidance!
  15. Hi. In two weeks time I will be sitting seven exams where I will need to write some 5000 words in 2 1/2 hours. I want to buy the Waterman Carene, would you recommend the Fine or Medium? Currently, I've been using the Hemisphere (Fine) for the past four years but I found it scratchy and quite slow, my handwriting can get quite large when writing quickly which makes it a little tiring Thank you
  16. alwayspete

    Black Lacquer On Waterman Pens?

    Hi guys, I like the pens designs by Waterman and Iove the black lacquer GT combination. I visited the Waterman website to see the models - Hémisphère, Expert & Carène in this color. Even though black lacquer, the pens color looked different in the photographs (different blacks!). This is what the color description (not title) on each model read. They were also different with the exception of Expert and Carène Essential! Hémisphère Black Fountain Pen GT ...the black and gold duo in superior smooth lacquer... Expert Black Fountain Pen GT ...the deep black of its lacquer... Carène B
  17. Caeruleum

    Cases Used To Carry A Carène?

    I am considering to buy a Carène. Thus I wondered which cases I could use to carry it around. I would use this pen at home and probably in environments like a university. Which cases fit? Which cases do you think are good? Maybe: which cases match the design? I am looking forward for recommendations. I glanced at a simple case by Lamy ( http://www.lamyshop.com/lederwaren-lamy-a112.html ). Maybe some of you gained experience with this case?
  18. marcelo

    To Waterman Carène Owners

    Hi FPNers! Ink penetrated and form those blots below the metal surface. I can assure you I'm very careful using the pen and nothing exceptional happened. http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii33/mmmcosta/Watches/Carene_zpswik2vhyw.jpg Have this ever happened to your Carène? I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Marcelo
  19. Iguana Sell

    New Waterman Sets

    Waterman lovers, the brand has launched three new sets for this summer! All sets include a fountain pen or ballpoint plus an iconic Waterman blue leather case! The fountain pen set: Part of the Expert line, the fountain pen features the cigar-shaped silhouette and Parisian style. Made of blue and black laquer, trims are chrome and the nib available in F and M is stainless steal. Make sure to check out the elegant striped pattern on the cap! The ballpoint pen sets: Both are part of the famous Carène line, in Waterman's blue iconic laquer and feature the same elegant shape inspired on a lu
  20. I'm starting to look at my next FP acquisition. My favorites now are my Sailors (1911s naginata togi, a Sapporo, and a Pro gear) followed closely by my Pelikan M400 and Platinum Nice Pur. I really like the look of the Waterman Carene but have never had a Waterman before. I also really like the new matte blue Pilot VP and this years Platinum Kaweguchi. And of course, I would never turn my nose up at another Sailor or Pelikan.
  21. http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii33/mmmcosta/Watches/Kindle%20amp%20Carene_zpsejfvwtd3.jpg
  22. I've recently decided to upgrade my fountain pen collection to more investment pens, now that I've experimented enough to know exactly what I like: a crisp Japanese (~0.2-0.3mm) fine, relatively stiff. How is the Carène's EF by comparison? A little bit wider? A lot wider? Would grinding it to the desired width be a good idea?
  23. miguelpitti

    Iron Gall Doubts

    Hi everyone: I've just registered into this forum as I have a doubt about iron-gall inks: I currently own a waterman carène, which is the best pen I have and has a great sentimental value, as it was given to me as a special gift. I'm trying to find a permanent ink for taking some notes i'd like to review on the future, and, from what I've read, iron-gall inks are permanent ones. I like the R&K Salix one, as I've seen it on this website reviews along with other inks. My doubt is: will my carène be harmed, or corroded if I end up using this ink? It has some kind of a gold cover on the
  24. 52 days ago I made this topic about a problem with my Waterman Carène: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/305762-to-waterman-carene-owners I wrongly assumed it was ink, but pen2paper raised the issue of chemicals on a leather case. I had a leather case made a couple of years ago and have been keeping the pen into it since. Then Force also came to rescue – people said he would – and recommended polishing with a polish liquid. Ghost Plane gave the final touch by recommending I used a cotton ear, since I was worried about damaging other surfaces of the pen. I must confess that I w

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