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  1. Hi All! Do you prefer a cap that screws or a cap that clicks ? Can you motivate your preference ? Do you know any other way to hold the cap in place on the body ? H-G
  2. Alexcat

    Wee Deep Dip Pen, With Cap

    I got this.....it's a tiny Esterbrook dip pen, with an e tea large dip nib(photos show it as it arrived....have as yet done nothing to it) On the nib : 314 R. Esterbrook relief( Im assuming "relief", as the 'r' is under the barrel) Altogether, capped around 6" I love how it has a cap, and plan to use it as a test pen, when Im trying to choose an ink. It's just a very pretty little thing, and I'd love to know more about it....anyone got any information? Also any advice on care, cleaning, and if/where such replacement nibs are available.... I hope it's ok to post in more than one place
  3. Hans-Gabriel

    Sealing Cap

    I was wondering if a plastic seal in the cap is essential in the design of an aluminum FP. Is it to protect the nib from drying or to prevent a chemical reaction between the ink and the aluminum or both ? If the cap is not supplied with the nib unit, do you have suggestions where to get then ? H-G
  4. I hv a Waterman Graduate 3000 from the late 90's. (Attached photo.) Hardly an heirloom, but the pen is of enormous sentimental value to me. Problem: the cap no longer "clicks" when I place it on the pen, and it will not stay on. If anyone has any guidance or suggestions, I wd v much welcome them. MAEW
  5. rtrinkner

    Need A Black Skyline Cap Derby

    Hello, I'm restoring a standard-sized Skyline (silver moire color) and need a black derby to complete the cap. Does anybody have one to sell me? (To be clear: I don't need the whole cap, just the mushroom-shaped plastic derby portion of the cap. It needs to be black.) Thanks! Richard
  6. Hi folks, I'm trying to restore a green moire Eversharp Skyline pen. The problem is that the cap doesn't screw securely onto the barrel. I've tried screwing the cap on to several other Skyline barrel-section assemblies, and it screws on fine. I've also tried screwing the cap onto its own barrel without the section and it screws on fine. It only doesn't screw on fine to this particular barrel with a section installed. So, I believe I need to take apart the cap and shorten the length of inner cap. Ordinarily, Skyline caps are dead-simple to take apart. This one, however, is proving a Righ
  7. I have been noticed condensation in the cap of my fountain pen. It is a monteverde artista crystal. I am assuming it is because it is cold out and walking in and out is causing parts of the pen to be colder and warmer and condensing the water inside the cap or the grip section gets hot and collects moisture from my hands and expels it to be later condensed in the cap. Sorry if that did not make any sense. I am not too certain on either of those things though so if you have any ideas I would love to hear. What I am wondering is do any of you know how to avoid this problem? It is sort of annoyin
  8. lchechak

    Parker Im Cap Repair

    I have a Parker IM. I dropped it a while ago, and the cap now will not stay on. I believe that the sleeve inside the cap that produces the distinct click sound has broken. How would I fix this?
  9. Howdy, I got a Lamy 2000 a few months ago, and I absolutely love this pen. Unfortunately, I like to play with the cap, and have been turning the finial at the top of the cap back and forth in my free time. This is a no-no, as it strips the plastic inner-cap. Now the very top of the cap won't screw all the way in and the clip isn't held in place. Does anyone know where I can purchase a new cap? Tom
  10. Avinash Kashyap

    Schneider Base: Cap/ Barrel Fit

    I received my Base "Uni" yesterday. But there are two distinct things I want to ask. First, the barrel screws on the section with a click and then it has a "play" or "free movement" of approximately 1 mm i.e. the barrel and section can be rotated against each other to 1mm which very annoying while writing becuse they feel to be moving. Second, the same is with the cap and the pen also. After capping, the cap and the pen rotates freely to some 1 to 1.5 cm either ways, to the right or to the left. Does Schneider Base sport these features or mine is a mis aligned/ faulty one?
  11. ShakesInk

    Broken Mont Blanc Cap

    Hi, I'm new to the forum. I recently came across an old Mont Blanc my father had and when I tried to take the cap off, the screw part broke off. By screw part I mean the nib section that you screw on and off the body when changing cartridges or ink via a converter. I took some pics and was wondering if anyone here could tell me if it can be repaired or if I've permanently damaged the pen.. Thanks!
  12. texaspenmaker

    Waterman Pen Cap Logo

    Does anyone know what this Blue 8 Logo means on this Waterman Rollerball pen cap?
  13. mitto

    My P 51Experience

    It was in 1991 that i found a parker 51 aeromatic filler pen wid a book seller in a remote town of southern district lakki marwat of the kpk province of pakistan.the book seller said it belonged to his father..i gave a good cleaning to the pen...however ,i came to know that the ink sac of the pen was punctured because nobody bothered to clean the sac before putting it into a drawer.the town was near to Bannu city.i heared someone was there who could repair the pen.well, i got to that so-called repairman but what he did was breaking the metal barrel/sac guard with black plastic end. Later thoug
  14. stephanos

    Mb Noblesse Oblige: Cap Not Closing

    Hello. We have recently inherited a couple of Mont Blanc pens, one of which is a Nobless Oblige. It was in a filthy state, but I've cleaned it up and it now writes beautifully. But... The cap does not close. I've looked down the inside of the cap, and there doesn't seem to be anything out of place or jammed in there. I suppose it's possible that the Nobless Oblige cap is not original to the pen and that the barrel and nib are another model. In fact, if I were seeing this 'in the wild' that would be my assumption, as the gold rim at the back of the section seems to be slightly too wide. But
  15. Very simple question: do you prefer a screw or snap-on cap, or is it something you don't care about? Personally, I've discovered that I was gravitating toward screw caps, and now I'm firmly in that camp, so much so that I'm not going to buy a pen with a snap-on cap again. I feel I have more control over uncapping the pen when unscrewing as opposed to pulling the cap off. The Sonnet I recently received will be exchanged because of drying out (I still find it impossible to believe that Parker STILL hasn't fixed that!), and it won't be replaced by a pen with a snap-on cap. It will probably be
  16. Hi All, Hope everyone is doing well! New to FPN and pen collecting - what a great hobby! I need some help and was hoping y'all could assist. I have started getting into repairing my vintage pens (been picking up cheapies here and there) and am having trouble finding parts. Currently I am looking for replacement parts such as: -- Conklin Crescent Mark 50 cap -- Waterman #2 feed/section from a 14k solid gold Edward Todd ringtop -- Parker Lady Duofold "big red" ringtop cap -- Waterman 52 BCHR barrel and cap -- Waterman Thorobred red and green veined cap -- Parker Vacumatic
  17. Champagne-N-Beer

    Vintage Pen Parts - How To Find?

    Hi Everyone - on the advice of a fellow FPN'er, I have moved my question to the "repairs" section - can anyone help? Hi All, Hope everyone is doing well! New to FPN and pen collecting - what a great hobby! I need some help and was hoping y'all could assist. I have started getting into repairing my vintage pens (been picking up cheapies here and there) and am having trouble finding parts. Currently I am looking for replacement parts such as: -- Conklin Crescent Mark 50 cap -- Waterman #2 feed/section from a 14k solid gold Edward Todd ringtop -- Parker Lady Duofold "big red" ring
  18. I'm thinking about buying a Faber-Castell Ambition (black), but I'm a bit skeptical. Please help if you own one. There seem to be some unclear issues: 1. Does the resin body crack when screwed too tight? This seems to only be a problem with the black version, as the others have metal threads. 2. Does the the cap stop clicking in place? I read a review that said after 2 months the cap wouldn't click to the body 3. Is the grip section uncomfortable? It looks like it is. Also, how would it compare to a TWSBI 580/ Classic? Help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  19. Hi. I am a newbie (not to fountain pens, but to fp blogs) and this is my first post, so be gentle with me. Hopefully, the answer to my question is not an obvious one that will bring forth a chorus of “Der!”. One of the pens in my collection (list below) - the Conway Stewart Winston - has a slight issue in that, when I screw on the cap, the thread seems just a little stiff and slightly more pressure is needed to rotate the cap. It is not that there is any significant resistance, or any risk of damage, it is just that all my other pens can be capped with a smooth motion. I have previously
  20. One of my Ebay wins. Sheaffer Balance, Carmine Red. somewhere around 1939 to the end of the Balance line. After soaking the cap today there was what I assume to be some extremely stubborn ink on the gold cap band. After polishing a bit to get this ink off I noticed a very faint version of what you see highlighted in the picture but it was on the other side of the cap. Is what I noticed under where the ink was but is now gone some matching detail that I have removed that is now only left on one side or is this tarnish that just ended up making it appear that perhaps there was a design there?
  21. Hi I wanted to know if there is any converter available for Cross Classic Century? OR Is there any Cross fountain pen with a threaded cap for there is a converter available? Thanks.
  22. I have been shown by mail a short (9 cm) vintage waterman safety pen, dated 1916, that has no cap threads, no sign of cap wear, nor any obvious design feature to support a cap, tapered or otherwise. Has anyone seen others like this? If it were to be used as a desk pen, would the nib have to remain extended at all times? Is this just a pen that has lost its cap and is therefore essentially unusable? The seller couldn't help me, and before I send for it I wish I could know what to expect...
  23. Hey guys! Just wondering what the best looking pen you've ever seen is? Pictures would be great too! Thanks!
  24. I was unable to edit my other posting about this so I made this one. Basically I am in need of the clip shown in the image I have attached. This is the same exact cap as on my pen. I also need suggestions on where to go to have the cap returned to its original round shape as it was evidently slightly damaged somehow and is slightly out of round.
  25. I recently bought a rOtring 800 mechanical pencil off of amazon. It was from them and not a third party seller. After several days of use and research, I've noticed that the cap has a hole in it and you can see through to the eraser. On all the pictures of rOtring 600 and 800's, I've never seen that. Is this an old model? New model? A fake? Any help on whether this is normal or not would be appreciated, thanks! Drew

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