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  1. jcreilley

    Duofold Senior Replacement Cap

    Hello, I have a Duofold Senior in permanite, double band, that has a cap that is basically dead. A week after I bought the pen, the cracks in the lip that I thought were gong to be fine if I was just careful with it started to shed chunks of cap lip under the first band. I keep on re-gluing them back on, but it's not a permanent solution by any means. I sought some professional help to reapply the pieces and seal the chunks, and was told it's basically beyond help. I need to get a whole new cap for my pen. Does anybody have a spare cap for a Senior Duofold in permanite that they would be willing to sell to me? Or are there any suggestions to turn me in the right direction to get a hold of cap. It doesn't even need to be complete, since I can transplant the clip and top from my current cap. Thank you, jcreilley
  2. Hello everyone, I have a 2004 M600 that is otherwise in very good condition, but has unfortunately lost the little black emblem at the end of the cap. In this particular model it is supposed to be the black resin emblem with a golden bird feeding its chick. Of course, there's the option of purchasing a whole replacement cap, but those go for over 100€, and I don't feel like paying 100€ for a tiny bit of plastic. So I ask you, the community. Is it possible to replace the M600's cap emblem with the cap emblem of a smaller model? M200, M400? Do you have spare cap emblems lying around? Do you know of someone that does? Very much appreciated! All the best. - Splotch
  3. Hey guys, how you all doing? I have a little concern and I'd love if you can help me out, enlighten me I hope. So with me here there is a montblanc starwalker pen. I've used it no more than 10 times, I got it as a gift years ago and find it to be an extremely beautiful pen. Like it very much. Recently though I started doing some cleaning in my little objects and I noticed that it has what I'd call a "flaw". The design of the body and the cap does not line up. As I said, it is still a practically new pen so definitely not something that might have loosened or worn due to constant use. Take a look here: http://www.premierwatchshop.com/images/ebay/08856.jpg See as the lines are perfectly going from pen to body straight with no interruption where they meet? Now here is mine: It does not line up. Would that be covered under warranty? Could that be fixed if I were to send it to montblanc? What do you think?
  4. rmoody

    Moore L93 Question

    I am hoping someone can help with a question about a recently acquired Moore fountain pen. Through some helpful links on this site I found out that the pen is a model L93 Tuscan Moore fountain pen. However, all the images I have seen of similar pens show black and gold cap bands. This pen has a red cap band/jewel. Was this a replacement that someone made at some point or did Moore ever produce this pen with colored caps? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will attempt to attach photos below... Thanks! Ryan
  5. PaperQueen

    Twsbi Eco Cap Falling Off

    Well...my adoration for the TWSBI Eco may be waning a bit. In spite of my loving care for both (black and white), the white one refuses to stay posted. The cap feels snug and firm when initially posted, but a moment later, it falls off. Again. And again. Another FPN member shared their video review mentioning the problem, but it was so soon after the Eco release, many of us assumed his pen may have been an anomaly. Now that mine has gone from a perfect poster to one that spits off the cap (less than a month's worth of use), I'm curious as to whether or not other Eco owners are finding the same...? So bummed.
  6. TimCasey13

    Imperial Caps Compatibility

    Hi Sheaffer Fans! I've got a pretty simple question here: Are the earlier Imperial (IV,VI,VIII, etc) caps compatible with the later style (440,550,777,etc) pens? Are the metal caps the same as the plastic ones internally? Thanks!
  7. TXKat

    Suspicious Parker...maybe?

    Alright, I purchased a pen this past weekend at the local flea market. It has a cap that says Parker around the very bottom, but the clip isn't an arrow. the body is similar to a '51 (from what i know), but there is a large brass band on the body, perhaps a home fix for cracked threads? Cap fits well. Very comfortable in the hand. Anyone have any ideas as I have none! There is no marking on the pen whatsoever, the nib is silver in color and the filling system is a bulb squeezer setup, stating Parker... Here are a couple of snaps of this odd pen. you can see the brass band on the body, PEN IN THE BACK IS THE ABOVE MENTIONED PEN... But......it cost me $1. The sack is viable and it even has a lovely bluish grey color ink in it! Best part....it writes like a dream with a wonderful line!!! Any information would be helpful and very much appreciated. (The other capless body has a really cool nib, but doubt it's a Parker and it, too, has no markings!) Thank you!
  8. My Tortoise 500NN arrived, and everything looks lovely, except that the clip seems to be a little out of alignment -- the clip ring is not flat against the cap, the end where it's attached to the clip is a little higher. I consulted google and it seems the cap can be disassembled relatively easily and the clip should be aligned with some care? (Thank you The Pelikan's Perch and sargetalon! ) I haven't inked the pen yet because I wasn't sure if that would be the only explanation or there might be some more insidious issue that would require repair work (in which case the pen would be on its way back)? And also, does this misalignment affect the functionality of the pen, i.e. would it cause the pen to dry out? I don't think I have any tools to hand that would be suitable for unscrewing the clip, so if it's just a little issue I'd live with it for the time being. The pen really is beautiful, and if I thought getting a 500NN would assuage my lust for a 500 (with the piston knob gold-filled as well), I was very wrong! I hope the picture explains this: Thanks in advance.
  9. northstar

    Esterbrook Dollar Pen Clip

    Hello, How do I disassemble the clip of a esterbrook dollar pen? Thank you in advance.
  10. Fantomet

    M800 Tortoise Wtih Wrong Cap

    Sadly, after winning an auction, I received a M800 Tortoise with the wrong cap. The last owner was unaware of the fact that it had the wrong cap. Which probably means that someone, without knowing it, has a a special edition brown cap on their non-tortoise M800. I would love to have the original cap for the pen, even though it seems the original color is very close to black, if not put under a bright light, like here: If anybody can help me with find a brown cap for the 2013 version of this pen, I would be very grateful. It should have the new gold Pelikan logo. Thanks.
  11. lunarfp

    Kaweco Liliput Clip

    Hello everyone, I'd like to add a custom clip to my Kaweco Liliput. I was wondering if any of you might know the exact diameter of the cap? I believe that it is about 10mm, but I'm not sure about it. It seems like Kaweco might launch an official one in 2017.
  12. Hello, I have recently acquired my first Aurora, a 75th Anniversary LE (no. 1013). It is a gorgeous pen, writes well, and has a smooth piston filling. However, the cap is loose. To elaborate, the cap has a screw on mechanism, but it seems that the threading on the cap and the barrel are not working in sync. I can only put the cap on in a particular angle, and that too needs careful handling. Any suggestions will be helpful, including suggestions of repair centres.
  13. dragos.mocanu

    Noodler's Konrad Inner Cap?

    Cheers, I just saw this video of Nathan's, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5R4FNBTKCQg, and it got me wondering, are the newer Konrads fitted with an inner cap? After minute 3:45 he clearly states that the shot 'forced the inner cap well over the section' Cheers
  14. drop_m

    Sealing Holes On A Lid

    Hi, i've a vintage lid which has 2 holes left from a missing clip. Now, since the lit has not a inner cap, i want to seal them to prevent leaks of ink.. any suggestion of how to proceed? The lid's plastic is black, by the way.. Another question: there are other problems i could have due to the lack of a inner cap?
  15. Dear Pen aficionados, I have a pen that is missing a cover [disk shaped, about 1/4" diameter] to the very top of the barrel, what looks like a black and white logo, not unlike the one on the other end but the missing one is somewhat smaller. I am attaching three photos, one a close up where it would go [it took me many attempts to take using an 11x mag lens in front of a smartphone lens], another [which I took from this website from the page showing a similar pen but a rollerball pen with link at https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/69972-montblanc-slimline-noblesse-vintage-rollerball-pen/ ] is a picture of showing how the two ends should look, and I point to the end that has the missing black and white logo disk, and another is a picture of the complete pen showing the two ends with the one barrel end missing the logo. I know the pen a MontBlanc fountain pen, but I don't know the exact model name or model number, but from searching around, the closest match was one being shown and sold at Ulugtekin.com and here is the link at http://www.ulugtekin.com/pen/Ulugtekin%20Montblanc/Vintage/Montblanc-Slimline-Fountain-Pen/Montblanc-Slimline-Fountain-Pen.htm So the piece missing is a plastic disk that fits inside the barrel end, but I am not sure if it comes with a screw or if it is shoved in place. I wasn't able to unscrew the beveled end, and it didn't try disassembly of the barrel to see if the end could be unscrewed. So any clues, suggestions, links, steps to replace the part would be greatly appreciated. Jairo
  16. Hey all, Is it possible to repair a clip that has 'brassing' on it? Is it possible to get it plated in gold or anything? And; Can you remove micro-scratches from resin pen barrels and caps? Thanks, Tom.
  17. octatonic

    '51' Aerometric Pencil Cap Question

    Hi All- some time ago I fell in love with the Parker '51' Aerometric demi and now have a ...few I recently discovered that I really like the Aerometric pencils as well. I have a few and recently got a burgundy one. The band on the caps of all the others I have is a thin band, but this one has a wide band. I looked on here and on the web and can't seem to find any info on this. Just wondering, was it a choice at the time, or is it a particular year(s)? Thanks for any help!!!
  18. Ink Stained Wretch

    Pilot Kakuno Cap Issue

    I've just gotten a Pilot Kakuno fountain pen. About the first thing I noticed was that there are three holes in the top of the cap. They're designed to be there. I'm concerned that these will pretty rapidly dry out the ink in the nib and feed, as I've had happen with other pens with airy caps. Has anyone found a good way to plug up these holes?
  19. http://i.imgur.com/vB5vMrA.jpg As far as my Google skills reach I think I have a Waterman Expert II (old style). With a M nib. A bit on the heavy side but nice finnish and look. Spot the small logo on top of the cap (it was a gift). Well, the clip has broken a while ago. Are those replacable? I did not find them on the web and eBay. Also did some searching here on FPN but to no avail (yeah on other brands I found some topics). I think I see a philips screw inside the cap, right?
  20. My first time on the MB forum, though not in FPN....Im trying to find out if a different cap can fit a beautiful old 252 with a cap which has a stress fracture. I've been looking, but can't see one the same.....though have seen one which is a possibility, though a different model ( I don't know the actual model of the spare one) Thanks Alex
  21. I have a sudden issue with my Lamy Studio (brushed steel). The cap has stopped posting onto the barrel - it gets most of the way on, but will not click on firmly, as though something is stopping it. Simultaneously it has stopped clicking into place when I cap the pen. The cap goes all the way on, but does not click; it just sits there loosely and readily slides off if I invert the pen. I have attached images of the pen and of the nib area uncapped. All I can imagine is that some ring perhaps that should be on the nib part has become jammed within the cap part. If that ring usually enables to cap to click into place and stay on it is no longer there doing the job, and is also preventing the cap from posting as usual. Well that is my hypothesis.. however I can't tell if anything has changed or what may have been lost from the pen into the cap! I hope that you expert folk could perhaps offer an explanation and solution for me, or at least compare my images with your own Studio pens!
  22. I've used these two pens so much that the signature on the caps is basically gone. I love it though, it reminds me of a used (but yet beautiful) vintage Fender Stratocaster. Jose
  23. Alexcat

    Where To Get A Parker 51 Cap?

    Can anyone point me in the direction of where(in the UK, and online)Imcan buy a Psrker 51 cap? Thanks Alex
  24. spezialemic

    Copper Piece Fell Out Of Lamy 2000 Cap...

    I was cleaning my cap with a paper towel because my pen burped some ink, and the towel pulled the copper fingers out. How do I put them back in??
  25. TXKat

    Cap To Something, But No Pen.

    Okay... I have somehow acquired a flat top black Sheaffer pen cap, but I've never had the pen. Can anyone tell me what is supposed to sit under this cap, please? And, how difficult is finding a pen? The ball on the clip is flat. There is a slight hump on the clip. Flat top and a single gold band.

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