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  1. Hello Everyone! I found this in my garage. This is a bad photo, but I'll post a better one if people are interested. It's a vintage advertisement for the Toronto Wahl Eversharp company, marketed to Canadians who were just starting to go canoeing in the backcountry. The canoe says "Canuck" so that you don't miss the point. The man is passing a paper to the other guy...he has a pencil in his hand. The stamp says that this is for the Wahl Eversharp company in Toronto. I don't know the year...the style indicates 1920s to 40s. Anyone know when Wahl/Eversharp was operating in Toronto?
  2. Ricky2011

    Parker Lockdown Vacumatics- Blacks

    Hi I have recently been getting into expiring this side of parker. does anyone have a definitive list of what parker produced in this area with regards to USA and Canadian types of black junior and juniorette black varieties. kind regards Rick
  3. Hi everyone! I've compiled a list of online resources for Canadian calligraphers that you can view here! This time I've posted a link to the document on my website, so that I can update the list without creating new threads here and on Reddit. Highlights: 29 March 2016 Articulations in Toronto will soon be offering the Finetec pastels palette, various nib pens, walnut ink, and sumi ink online!
  4. Hello there! My name is Raymond, and I've been in to fountain pens for around 4-5 years now. Along those years, I've only amassed a small, humble collection of just five fountain pens and four bottles of ink. I apologize greatly for the terrible picture quality, as I only have a webcam to take pictures with. The pens here are (from left to right): Jinhao X450 in red/black with a Medium nibPilot Metropolitan in Black/Plain, with a Medium (Western fine) nibTWSBI Eco Black with a Fine nibPlatinum Preppy 03 with a Fine (Little thinner than Western extra fine) nib, eyedropper conversion.Finally, my Cross Bailey in Black with a Medium nib. I have four bottles of ink here to go with them. From left to right: Diamine Oxblood, Noodler's General of the Armies, Pilot Namiki Black, and Waterman Inspired Blue. I'm glad to join you all!
  5. For Pen & Paper lovers (& fans of related items) near Calgary... Our next Pen Club Meeting in Calgary, Alberta (Canada) is going to be on SATURDAY morning to see if more members are able to attend. Specifics DATE: Saturday, January 9th 2016 TIME: 9-11am LOCATION: for serious inquiries about attending the meeting, please contact us at <calgarypenclub@gmail.com> for the location THEME: Oddities, Unique Items, and Interesting Finds Please RSVP so we can plan a bit better - calgarypenclub@gmail.com Note: email address update <info@calgarypenclub.com> will be discontinued . Happy New Year to you all!
  6. smadayrrek

    Visconti In Canada

    Anybody know of a place to buy Visconti pens in Canada? I'm in the market for one and I am starting to do research on on the models and pricing. Amazon.ca is pretty pricy (I know Visconti is pricy but Amazon doesn't have any good deals for this brand) Thanks friends!
  7. missuslovett

    Any Help For A Sheaffer Ignoramus..?

    I have what I think is a Canadian Sheaffer Balance. It has a firm 5-30 medium 14k nib and some hard to read bibble about Toronto on the side. I think it's a Balance but should it have a white dot (it doesn't)? What is the significance of the white dot? Why is the sky blue..?? Even though I'm a flex slut and this is firm, it's a lovely pen to hold. Comfortable and well named (if indeed it is so...). Where might I look for flex nibs in Sheaffers? The combination seems drool-worthy. I'm very much a Sheaffer newbie and will happily snaffle any information you can spare.Sorry about the rubbish pictures.
  8. Hey guys, Does anyone know where I can pick up a Lamy 2000 (for less than $200) in Canada? I live in the Greater Toronto Area and shipping/customs/exchange rate coming in from the US is expensive. I've seen some retailers charge $200+ for a Lamy 2000 and that is out of my price range right now but I am dying to get my hands on one. Any suggestions?
  9. jaysongo

    Cleaning Solutions In Canada

    Hello, I'd like to ask if anyone knows what the options are for pen cleaning liquids in Canada? I've seen Koh-I-Noor Rapido-Eze (2oz) at an art store here in Vancouver, and also Speedball cleaner (2oz) online at Amazon, but I'm wondering if there are any other options. I'd rather not order from the US because of shipping costs and the possibility of customs charges. And I know I could always make my own pen flush, but I'd rather not get mixed up in chemistry, recipes and purchasing quantities of ingredients I need only a small amount of and have no other use for. Also, I'm sure the products I've mentioned above would be sufficient for me, but would I be better off with a cleaner with some component of ammonia?
  10. brimic

    Mystery Nib Question

    Hello Parker folk! I just bought a Vacumatic with a strange nib, its a Canadian Long Major with a nib marked "W", what could this possibly mean and is it any rare? I bough it off eBay out of curiosity for 100$, would love some more info!
  11. Sailor Kiwa-Guro Pigmented Black Ink Bottle 50ml. Goes to the first PM. ** Canada Only** This is a pigmented ink. Great for people that require waterproof inks.
  12. Aidas

    Please Help Identify Fp

    Please help identify pen. I tried to find it in parkerpens.net and vintagepens.com but nothing http://picoolio.net/images/2015/02/11/Picture186583.png http://picoolio.net/images/2015/02/11/Picture3fa41a.png thank you for your answers
  13. I just recently bought a Canadian Sheaffer with the following description on it. W.A. Sheaffer Pen Co Malton, Ontario. It is a lever pen so I assume it's a balance, but I'm a bit confused about the white dot because it's at the end of the clip. Or so it seems because the white dot has been pretty much scraped off from wear. I want to know more about this pen if anybody has any information on it like when it's made. My guess is that it was made in the 1950's since it's a lever pen and since Malton Ontario started producing pens around that time. I also forgot to mention that it's got a Fineline Made in Canada 14k 585 Nib. Please let me know if anyone can give me more information. Thanks a bunch!!!
  14. Ricky2011

    Parker Chased Duofold

    Hi I have a question about chased black parkers. Especially when they were streamlined. Were all of them numbered eg. 23 or 23 1/2 over this decade. like the jack knife ect. Am i correct in thinking that the chased patten only survied from the 1915- 1926? taken over by perminite. best wishes Rick
  15. LotusFlowers13w39

    New Member From Canada

    Dear everyone, I'm from Canada. I hope to learn and share knowledge about fountain pens in general. It's nice to meet you all. Thank you,
  16. Hello! My name is Gary and have just started an interest in Fountain Pens - not sure what it is about them, the more I read the more I like. This year will mark my 25th year in the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) and my family and I are posted back to Halifax, Nova Scotia 02 July. I've purchased a Kreko Fountain Pen from a member of this group - very excited to receive and start using it. I have also purchased, but has not arrived yet, a Lamy Safari from a business here in Canada called Stylo. What amazes me about Fountain Pens is the number of resources on its history - I'm currently looking into what the best book is on the subject - I'm going to poke around this website, I'm certain there will be info on that. Gary
  17. 22johnny22

    Parker Moderne

    I would really appreciate some advice I have a pen for sale on ebay that I have made some presumptions about based on an internet search and hope not to mislead in the advert but on the other hand dont want to sell myself short. the pen has a 14k nib says Parker Moderne made in canada on the side and has a cap at the base which unscrews, there is though nothing under the cap and I believe there should be a plug or something similar (no idea on terminology!) I am slightly confused as to whether this is a depression/ thrift pen or not. Is it correct some were made in Canada and some in the USA? any advise would be most welcome regards 22johnny22

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