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  1. http://uproxx.com/life/2015/08/master-penman-craftsman-jake-weidmann/
  2. PenBoutique

    Lamy Joy In White Is Here!

    Lamy Joy Calligraphy single pen and gift set is now available in white!!! The single Lamy Joy comes only in a 1.5mm however they are nib switchable. We carry all point sizes in the individual nibs. The gift set contains the 1.5mm pen and an extra 1.1mm and 1.9mm nib section in the box along with 3 packs of cartridges : Black,Turquoise and Violet. The LZ 24 Converter would need to be purchased separately. You can place your order by phone. Or if you have any question you can email. 1800-263-2736 or 410-992-3272 Support@penboutique.com
  3. Hello fpners! I am hoping to tap the brain trust about a couple of cranky calligraphy nibs, a TWSBI 1.5mm stub for my mini and a 1.9mm Kaweco sport calligraphy nib. I can't get either of them to behave. Both require a lot of pressure to get a solid downstroke (think particularly nasty ball point), and neither will produce reliable side strokes. I've flushed both thoroughly, flossed the tines, pulled the nibs and scrubbed the feeds with a toothbrush, and made sure the tines are properly aligned. I am using Herbin tea brown in the kaweco and Rouge Opera in the mini. I've never had any problems with either ink. I'm writing slowly and being very careful about the nib angle, so I don't think it's me. Also, I've used smaller stubs in the past, both custom ground and factory 1.1's, and had no problems. Any suggestions?
  4. Hi all, I am very excited to announce that I will be offering a 6-week calligraphy course in Toronto in partnership with Wonder Pens. This course will focus on the fundamentals of broad pen calligraphy and will include instruction as well as projects to develop both skill and understanding. Classes will be held from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. every Wednesday starting October 28th. The classwork will be supported by a private forum where participants can upload their homework (yes, there will be homework) and ask questions. My goal for this course is for the participants to develop command of at least one hand (both Majuscules and Minuscules) along with understanding the fundamentals of broad pen calligraphy. Projects include exercises in development of a new hand as well as composing newspaper headlines. I expect the course to be both fun and a learning experience. More detail are on the Wonder Pens Blog. I hope to see at least a few FPN'ers in class. Regards, Salman
  5. Hello, I want to get myself an easel for practicing calligraphy, and I stumbled across this: http://www.greatart.co.uk/Canvases-Easels/Easels/Mabef-easels-Studio-Furniture/Mabef-M34-Table-Display-Easel.html . Do you think it would be suitable? Cheers!
  6. Hello, A while ago I started practicing italic calligraphy with a bit more dedication, and so far my go-to pen is the 3.8mm Pilot Parallel, filled with Pelikan 4001 Brillant Schwarz. I tend to use what paper I can find in the office, and this ink really helps keep the feathering/bleedthrough in check; however, I was thinking about switching to a darker ink, since the one I'm using now tends to look quite grey if I write with the very broad 3.8mm nib. Living in the EU, my options right now seem to be 3 of the Noodler's inks: Black, Heart of Darkness and X-Feather. Does anyone know how these inks compare when used in a 3.8 Pilot Parallel in terms of 'blackness'? Cheers!
  7. Hi I'm looking for calligraphy pens with nib sizes from 0.7mm to 2.5mm. I'm looking for branded pens, not on the luxury side of course, but for regular script writing. Any ideas where and what to look for?
  8. Here's a juicy one! Michael Sull made individual name place cards for all the students in his class yesterday at The San Francisco Pen Show. This is mine and it's really spectacular, wouldn't you agree!? The class was from 1:00-5:00 but it got a bit frazzled at the start* so he continued on past the allotted time by an hour and a half....he is such a giving person and a wonderful teacher. He helped me get my pen 'hold' in order and it's made a remarkable difference. I bought two of his pens for the flanges are especially made by him to facilitate proper Spencerian. Also such a treat to hear him tell all the stories he's accumulated over the years of being a calligrapher. I feel overwhelmingly privileged to have taken his Spencerian Class. Never forget it. *I was frazzled and late as well, because I got a very scary full blown out tire on a super busy S F Bay Area highway on the way to the Sofitel Hotel. His mannerism was so calm and relaxing however, that I completely let go of the stressed mental state in which I started the class. We should all be so graced by our teachers. Here is a book he signed. I also have a video of a book signing but I am unsure if those are allowed on FPN and/or if it would be proper/acceptable to be putting up someone else's work.
  9. ReacherCreature

    Manuscript Calligraphy Pen

    As I said in my intro http://introduction I got taken by fountain pens finding the old calligraphy set from my father. And as requested by FPNer Sasha Royale I want to show it to you: I do not want to go into great detail as of every basics are already beautifully explained by FPN-member Mendes back in 2010. https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/169078-manuscript-calligraphy-pen/'] Long story short the set is from Manuscript and looks like that: The manuscript box with four different nibs, from fine to double-broad: The pen assembled (I write with the cap posted to have a better feeling for its balance) a closer look and last but not least, my first writing test for FPN:
  10. http://uproxx.com/life/2015/08/master-penman-craftsman-jake-weidmann/
  11. Hello! I'm a novice calligrapher from Norfolk, Virginia. I used to practice calligraphy as a kid (from age 12-14), and recently decided to get back into it. I'm now 32 years old. I've been practicing on and off for about a month, using Pilot Parallels, standard Pilot Parallel ink cartridges, and working with just the basic Gothic exemplar from the Parallel Pen packaging, though I also have a variety of calligraphy textbooks I'm working through. Here is a sample of my work: http://puu.sh/fdCip/6c1a732b8c.png At the same time, I've become interested in fountain pens. Learning to use them was dead easy after getting used to writing with calligraphy pens. You can see my standard LAMY Safari there in the picture, and I very recently acquired a Pilot Vanishing Point Fermo as well. I have a bottle of Iroshizuku Shin-Kai and Iroshizuku Ina-Ho so far, lots of Doane, Leuchtturm, and Rhodia paper and journals, cleaning supplies... I'm going nuts over here. I look forward to reading about people's work and experiences in the world of lettering, fine pens, fine inks, and fine papers, and sharing my own as I continue to improve over the next months and years.
  12. hi all! i'm a south florida resident, newly reacquainted with calligraphy and potted inks. waaay back in high school i had fiddled around with calligraphy. at Uni, a course on Illustration introduced me to the joys of ink and nibs. i've dabbled off and on with drawing in inks but never with actual fountain pens. which might become a new love. i'm on the verge! lol PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ---currently own: 1. one lonely Sheaffer med nib FP. *(silver cap, acrylic body in what i like to refer to as "blacklight purple", thin body, small, requires posting). it writes like an absolute champ. tho the ink tends to feather a bit on cheap paper, it is too bold for everyday writing. i have NO clue what the model is, though i would like to. it was purchased back in.... ugh... 1997??? maybe? (i have vague hopes of finding a converter for it and making it a drawing pen. or just using pale, colored inks) ---soon to be in my collection: 1. Pilot Prera, solid, yellow, F nib 2. Pilot Kakuno, pale blue and white, F nib 3. *Pilot Prera Iro-Ai, demonstrator, Calligraphy/Italics nib 4. *Noodler Ahab, flex nib so i went on a spending (and researching) rampage. lol!! i started with just looking at nibs to add to my collection but then the FPs became a small obsession. the Iro-Ai and the Ahab i haven't officially ordered yet. i'm very interested in inks as well. colors, shaded inks, etc. so far i have a Noodlers waterproof black on the way. artwise, i need something that can stand up to watercolor, dontcha know. i seem to be showing a bias for Pilot but that isn't really true... was just looking for a pen that fit the needs, didn't break the bank, and that LOOKED NICE. looks aren't everything, but pen that writes beautifully is even better if you like the design. i read/watched reviews and the ones i chose seemed to be good bets. PEN SHOW!!!! i'm wondering if i should wait until the Miami pen show......... or if i should go ahead and pull the trigger, so to speak, and order up the last 2. i'm super interested in refurbed vintage pens, though i'm not sure if any are in the affordable range or if they are all hundreds of dollars. MISC i'm really interested in meeting new people from all over. and those that are interested in calligraphy and art uses of FPs. also, if anyone likes to do old school snail mail with their mad callig skillz (haha. or their non-skills. whichever. lol!), i think that could be a fun way to practice! NICE TO MEET YA!
  13. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I saw this article in The New Yorker today and wanted to share: http://www.newyorker.com/culture/cultural-comment/calligraphy-stars-instagram?intcid=mod-most-popular An excerpt: Getting rid of cursive seems to imply that one day no one will need to set pen to paper. Instagram calligraphy is a great visual argument for why “need” should not be the only factor in saving script. Watch long enough, and you, too, will start Googling “Lamy fountain pens” and “copper ink.” Articles like this make me happy.
  14. Hello all, This is my first post on the FPN. I am looking for an opaque or at least very saturated with little to no shading red ink. This is mainly for use in a 6mm Pilot Parallel calligraphy pen. I've tried several colors but to no avail. I've highlighted the problem exemplars in yellow in the images below. Diamine Red Dragon is my favorite red ink, and it almost gets the job done, but it still looks blotchy in the 6mm PP: Here is Noodler's Park Red: I prefer the shade of the Red Dragon, but I need something that doesn't look splotchy when going over the same area with multiple strokes. Also, don't cringe too badly at the letter forms here, they were part of my practice . Any suggestions are very much appreciated. Also, I'm looking for a rich red pigmented ink for dip pens. I'd like something akin to sumi-e, the best I've found in that family is an orangish red though.
  15. So, after penvangelizing my mother, she quickly went and bought herself a Noodler's Ahab. The very first day she took it to work, she dropped it on the floor and bent the nib. Heartbreaking, I know. But the way she bent it reminded me of a Chinese calligraphy fountain pen nib. It got me thinking: Is it possible to successfully mod an Ahab to make it write like a Chinese nib? I know it wouldn't write exactly like it, but would it be able to approximate the line variation? I'm very curious to see if anyone has ever tried to mod an Ahab in this way. On a side note, how hard would it be to fix the nib? She's not nearly as curious about the potential as I am.
  16. radconsta

    From Alabama...

    ... where life is like a box of chocolates! I am a physician and, partly because very few could read my writing, partly because of my long-forgotten love for fountain pens, I decided to get a few pens I would love to write with and start writing the way I used to write when I was younger. Because of the pens (and, maybe, my hard-headedness) in the past two weeks nobody asked me to clarify any orders. Even better, my seven year old can read my writing. My favorite pen is a Visconti Homo Sapiens medium bronze. Maybe I got lucky (there are a lot of people thinking they are too wet) but, the moment I started writing, it was love at first sight. I wrote with many pens before and I never expected to be this surprised. Happy to be part of this forum! Cheers, Rad
  17. Hello, I recently received a Jinhao x450 from China via eBay. This particular pen has a calligraphy nib. The funny thing is that once I took a closer look at the nib, instead of the "MADE IN CHINA" script that was shown on the listing's picture, it reads "GCROWN 22KGP." As far as I can tell the Shanghai G.Crown Fountain Pen Co., which I assume manufactured this nib, makes Duke pens and not Jinhao. Please correct me if I'm wrong. And on Duke pens I've only seen the nib script says "DUKE 22KGP." So I'm wondering whether G. Crown supplies Jinhao with calligraphy nibs or if it's simply that the seller just put a spare calligraphy nib of a random brand on a Jinhao pen. I'm guessing the latter. I know it's trivial, I'm just curious if anyone knows. I've asked the seller this, but I don't know if they understand what I'm asking.
  18. Roseofsharon

    Calligraphy Workbook

    After many years I have decided to going back to practicing my calligraphy. The thing is that I have lost the original book which I learnt from originally. I was wondering if maybe someone could suggest a low priced, but good quality workbook for me so I can get going again. Thanks
  19. Hey there everybody! i just ordered my very own monteverde impressa (broad nib) but don't have a very good handle on how to get going. is there anyway you guys here could help me out a bit? I was going to ask some more talented hands to provide an example I can work to re-create and then later personalize and make my own. Id rather take direction from the experts, if you know what I mean The three separate texts I am wanting to write are "YOSPOS" , "TANE" and "CHOME" silly, yes, but it's for an art project and Id like to get going on it! thanks in advance -am
  20. cassierm

    Product Confusion!

    Hello, This is my first post so I hope I have put it in the right place I'm just getting into calligraphy and am hoping to use it on our wedding invitation envelopes. I have bought a few products but I'm unsure if the combination I have is correct as it just doesn't seem to be working for me. I have purchased an oblique pen holder which I prefer much more than the straight one so far. Nib wise I have (don't know if these are the proper names) Nikkopen G, Speedball C6, Hunt Imperial 101 and Brause 66EF (snapped 1 tine already.) Ink I have an unlabelled black ink which seems to be very thin but works with most of my nibs and also Winsor & Newton calligraphy ink in white and metallic gold. I've been trying to use the Imperial 101 as I really like the flexibility but with the metallic gold ink (what I'm wanting to use on the envelopes) it just isn't working. When I do my down stroke when I start to put a little bit of pressure on it it's like all of the ink just drops out. I'm also having trouble with getting the ink to flow through properly, I find I having to play around every few letters to try and get the ink to flow properly. Any suggestions you have on the equipment or if I'm just doing it wrong would be greatly appreciated Thanks, Cassie
  21. So you don't even have to bother with the business of cleaning nibs, swapping cartridges and all that fountain pen nonsense.... http://sploid.gizmodo.com/robot-imitates-your-handwriting-using-a-fountain-pen-1679656771 So what do people think?
  22. dragos.mocanu

    Lloyd Reynold's Italic Nib

    Does anyone know which three tine nib is the one in this series of videos? Thanks!
  23. I've been really inspired by a week-long course I recently attended on Gothic calligraphy and illumination. Since it was in the school holidays it split about fifty-fifty between adult calligraphers and children plus parents, the children aged from (I'm guessing) about eight to fourteen. Day one: some of the children found it hard to settle, particularly three boys who had come together and were pretty noisy and distracted from time to time. One or two of the children knew quite a lot about the topic, others knew nothing. (I think all the adults had already worked with the tutor before.) Day two: a couple of the girls were already producing some very nice work. Day three: suddenly I became aware that there was complete silence in the room. The three little boys who had been quite disruptive on day one were completely absorbed in their work, two writing alphabets with the dip pen and one copying a foliage design. Day five: At the end of the course I was really impressed by some of the work they had turned out. One little girl had produced quite fine Gothic textura, and went off with a newly purchased dip pen and nibs as well as a book on calligraphy. There is something in the process of writing these old scripts that really seems to appeal. I hadn't expected the little boys to get so 'into' it - but they really did. And they enjoyed the birds and beasts in the margins - one or two idiosyncratic additions to the menagerie also appeared later on (though I didn't manage to find room for the bagpipe-playing pig I wanted to add. Next time...) I think the future of the fountain pen is in safe hands! Has anyone else got good stories of how to introduce kids to FPs and calligraphy?
  24. Hello all, Another wonderful product made with the amazing support of Mr. Kandan of Ranga pens. There has been a lot of posts commanding his customer service and I want to mention it again. He is just a pleasure to work with. I decided to have myself a calligraphy xmas. I had Mr. Kandan make a dip pen with a feed for me which accepted a G nib a while back, so I contacted him and asked if he could modify his existing fountain pens to accept a pointed flex nib. It worked, not in time for xmas but just in time for a wonderful new year. He turned a couple of basic holder blanks also, for me. I got my pens in a wonderful velvet gift box. Extra feeds also given by him to fiddle around with different nibs. http://i.imgur.com/kXng1mD.jpg Gift box - totally excited to open it http://i.imgur.com/BXaYetj.jpg my treasure :-) http://i.imgur.com/3A2uU1O.jpg The fountain pens. The Ranga Ebonite 4C (left) and Ranga Thin Bamboo (right) http://i.imgur.com/4F6EzWp.jpg http://i.imgur.com/i2XVoQu.jpg The 4C with a Tachikawa G nib and the Bamboo with a Leonardt Principal EF. These are full ebonite pens, eyedropper filling with ebonite hand cut feeds. The pens needed a little tinkering to write smoothly. Main tinkering was heat setting the feeds to the nib and adjusting the how far the feed covered the eyelet on the nib. Took a few attempts to get it just right and the results were lovely. http://i.imgur.com/iRtY3Ya.jpg Please don’t judge the writing. Was way too excited to focus on letterforms. Just wanted to fill the pens and scribble away :-) With the LP EF I can get a flex width of 2mm with hardly any railroading. But have to write at the same speed as a dip pen, slow and steady. With the Tachikawa nib, the writing can be a little faster but obviously it does not flex as much as the LP. Mr Kandan has done it again. :-) -Prasad
  25. http://i900.photobucket.com/albums/ac209/jasonchickerson/_FUJ6448.jpg Would any of you calligraphic masters be willing to provide a gentle critique of the above sample and give me a clue as to what to work on to improve? I recently purchased my first dip pen and have been attempting this type of writing for just a short while. Before I go forward, I'd like to make sure I don't cement bad habits with my practice. The problems I see with my own writing include inconsistent/improper spacing between letters and words and a shaky/indecisive hand. There are also some letters that I'm really not happy with, including lowercase f, y, w, and k. Lastly, it seems my natural, comfortable slant angle is about 35 degrees, much more upright than traditional copperplate or spencerian slant. I've attempted to write over a slant guide, but it seems to make my penmanship worse. Do I just need practice? I did not use a guide for the sample. Sample was written with a Tachikawa G nib and comic holder with Iroshizuku Kiri-same ink on O. Crown Mill Pure Cotton paper. I realize I might get better lines and control with a real calligraphy ink, but I'd like to stick with fountain pen inks as I have a Desiderata pen on order. Thanks for looking!

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