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  1. Hello everyone. In the past I had made a publication that was to make a decision to get my first vintage flexible fountain pen and finally I could own one of these beauties.It is a moore safety pen in black hard rubber with a very good ink capacity since this is a long but slender pen.The pen feels quite comfortable and light in my hand is a pretty beautiful pen that always impresses people when they see a retractable nib of my moore.The 14k gold nib is small but has a good flexibility as the seller told me on his website that he lists it as a nib superflex. The 14k nib is an extra fine point when used without any pressure and not a single stroke has failed me and we add that to be an extra fine nib it is quite smooth. When I write cursive with the flexibility of this nib it is quite satisfactory and does not tire me and they offer me a beautiful line variation without the need to put a lot of pressure. I also want to comment on you that the nib is something dry but without being annoying (I mean feeling scratchy or skipping strokes) and even in rhodia paper using flex it dries almost instantly without fear of accidentally stains on your sheet or In hands, it may be that the somewhat dry sensation is due to the pilot blue-black ink that I use since it has some time that the lid broke and I stuck it with adhesive tape and this may be somewhat thicker by evaporation.And what is most impressive about this great fountain pen is that it has never shown railroading when I use it in flexible mode :notworthy1:and I don't have to be dipping it in the inkwell at all times as with my dip pens. Although we cannot deny that the dip thought of what I have managed to see in the hands of a calligraphy expert they can create an extremely beautiful calligraphy. Although I personally have bad luck in finding a good combination of dip nib and ink XD and it is somewhat complicated to get ink at a good price in my country. Unfortunately I don't think I have time to improve my handwriting for an approximate six months since I find myself doing my professional practices at the university to be a lawyer. I attach my results with dip pen:FP FLEX NIB AND DIP FLEX NIBS IT IS VERY ENJOYABLEI became addicted to flex nibs!
  2. Hello fellow Montblanc fans, We made a video overview of the new Montblanc Calligraphy collection. Let us know what you think of this new Flex nib and the Gold Leaf Solitaire! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6meE30Dk_Q
  3. sunilscallipgraphie

    Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen Review

    Hello FPN Group, Recently I have ordered a Platinum Preppy EF 02 Fountain Pen, Made in Japan, it is a very low cost and is affordable by anyone who wants to test it at-least once. The price in INR is about 350. The nib is made up of steel and the body is plastic. The grip section, screws off and by default it comes with one cartridge. The only thing troubles is that the cartridge is more expensive, but you once the cartridge is empty you can remove it and can convert it to eye dropper by applying silicon grease. But one thing I need to say is it writes like a charm.
  4. bobje


    A thread for fun with versals.
  5. Hello everybody its Michael here at Dromgooles. If you are in Houston on Friday April 26th I have got the place for you to be! We are having a social/meet and greet with Cary Yeager aka Fountain Pen Day at 6pm at Saint Arnolds brewery. This is a casual hangout to meet with other like minded people, and show off your favorite inks, pens, papers etc. We are also going to be doing door prizes and giveaways of some new exciting stuff with high odds to win! Cary, isn't in town often so please stop on by to meet and hangout with him, he is a real pleasure. The "event" will run until it all fades out, so even if you only have a little bit of time, we would love to see you. Also, for those interested, we are having a pen show at the store Saturday April 27 with Anuj Poddar of AP Limited Editions and some of his new pens including the amazing bulkfiller in some, also featuring Cary, so there should be a fun crowd hanging around (10am-4pm). Snacks and drinks will be provided! If you have any questions at all please feel free to reach out and we will be glad to help!
  6. Hello everybody its Michael here at Dromgooles. If you are in Houston on Friday April 26th I have got the place for you to be! We are having a social/meet and greet with Cary Yeager aka Fountain Pen Day at 6pm at Saint Arnolds brewery. This is a casual hangout to meet with other like minded people, and show off your favorite inks, pens, papers etc. We are also going to be doing door prizes and giveaways of some new exciting stuff with high odds to win! Cary, isn't in town often so please stop on by to meet and hangout with him, he is a real pleasure. The "event" will run until it all fades out, so even if you only have a little bit of time, we would love to see you. Also, for those interested, we are having a pen show at the store Saturday April 27 with Anuj Poddar of AP Limited Editions and some of his new pens including the amazing bulkfiller in some, also featuring Cary, so there should be a fun crowd hanging around (10am-4pm). Snacks and drinks will be provided! If you have any questions at all please feel free to reach out and we will be glad to help!
  7. EmJayJay

    Hello From Southport, England

    Hi, Im Matthew from Southport. Im 46 and have just started using fountain pens again. I got a Lamy Safari as a treat to myself in January for helping my son complete a 30 day handwriting challenge. Id wanted a Safari for ages, but couldnt justify is as I hardly write anything. Now, I keep a journal, have 2 Safaris and have rediscovered my old Parker 45 I had in school. Its now in full working order and in rotation. I guess my fascination for pens comes from my dad who does calligraphy, from luxury watches and from EDC. Hope this tells you what you need to know! Matthew
  8. Calligraphy lovers rejoice! Today Shanghai Jingdian started offering sets of five italic nib units that will screw into Delike pens and a few models of Moonman pens. These are currently in their Taobao store, but keep your eyes peeled for them to start showing up on eBay soon. http://m.tb.cn/h.37htpcP?sm=9758e2
  9. Hi all, I am looking for information and recommendations on flex nibs. I am new to FP and really liking the broad nib on my Safari. I alsa want to get into caligraphy and was looking into getting calligraphy pens when I found out about flex nibs. I love the idea, especailly what I saw on this video of the conklin empire, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0mB3GxPyhg although unfortunately the pen didn't appear to work. I would look to spend about £20 and interested out to £100. I am a bit lost at sea when searching for information so thought I would make a post. Hope this is OK. I have heard the noodlers ahab is OK, are there any other suggestions, especially if it can go very broad like the conklin empire.
  10. Fountain pen lovers, Bril, India's leading fountain pen ink brand will ship internationally in 2019 and we have just started a Global Handwriting Movement to make children write properly again. Our crowdfunding campaign has awesome perks whether you are an adult who loves world-class, pocket-friendly ink and fountain pens or you want your kids to learn to write the proper way. Do visit our Indiegogo campaign and support us, so we can ensure that the dying art of handwriting is brought back to life again, and our children's lives are enhanced in more ways than one! Thank You! :-) https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/bril-ink-make-children-write-again#/
  11. Hello, I have been considering some different flex pens for copperplate and as I can already write with a fountain pen and messed about with some of my friends flex pens, which pen would be better. I am looking mainly at either a modified fountain pen with a zebra g nib, a cheep calligraphy set or a vintage Conway Stewart 759. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. putteringpenman

    Desiderata Pens

    I'm thinking about buying a Desiderata Pen for Copperplate calligraphy. Most of the time, I use a proper pointed dip pen and calligraphy ink for Copperplate, but sometimes I'm lazy and use a Noodler's Ahab for practicing so I don't have to clean my nibs. Plus it's a good way to use all this fountain pen ink I have! I'd like to find a flex nib pen that gets a closer feel to a true pointed pen. If you have experience with a Desiderata Pen, can you do Copperplate with it? How is the experience of using the pen? Will the feed be able to keep up with the flexible nib ink flow? Thanks so much to anyone who can help!
  13. First of all greetings to all I am new at The fountain pen network and in the magnificent world of fountain pens at the moment I only have one lamy logo and within a month I will get a 2000 lamy. I am a young man of 20 years old who since childhood my mother taught me the art of writing. I use the palmer method to write and I love it and more when I use stub nibs because of the effect of line variation.And I've had some curiosity about trying out new calligraphy styles like Spencerian or Copperplate and I really do not know which one to start with first and which one is going to make it easier with Palmer's bases.and with respect to the tools that are used I have never used flexible nibs I have only used round and stub, I do not really know how hard a flex is.So what do you recommend? Is it worth trying or should I continue with palmer?I also leave some samples of my handwritingDocumentos escaneados.pdf
  14. I was born in Dec 1972 in Cairo , Egypt , I have graduated from the faculty of specific Education , communication Branch , Ain Shams University since 1995. I began my discovery of calligraphy, when I heard about ACI ( Arabic Calligraphy Institute ) in Cairo, I decided to join it, I have studied all kind of Arabic Calligraphy art for 6 years. I have awarded a Diploma in Arabic Calligraphy and gilding since 2005, and I gained a Certificate to teach Arabic Calligraphy in Elementary schools. ACI made me really understand the letters,how they are built up and relate to each other I did my best to learn it . I have been fascinated with Arabic calligraphy styles , specially Thuluth style, because it is the most attractive and captivating Style in Arabic Calligraphy , it has a complexed and intertwined lettering , but has a charming view , at the same time. I have learned Styles of Arabic Calligraphy which include Naskh , Reqaa, Kufi,Dewani, Farisi and Thuluth, Each Style has its own characteristics. My love and infatuation with Arabic calligraphy led me to take more steps towards learning the logo design to serve the business sector who may need the Arabic calligraphy art interweaved with logo design. I have designed many Logos for Companies and corporations all over the world. I have a website on Arabic Calligraphy
  15. Expressions

    Scroll Modification On Pilot Parallel

    Scroll Modified Pilot Parallel Pens are now available in 2.4, 3.8 and 6.0 mm sizes. (Buy Now) The 3.8 mm and the 6.0 mm sizes can be ordered with either 2-line or 3-line modification while the 2.4 mm is only available with a 2-line modification. These pens are a lot of fun and add a new dimension to your Calligraphic projects. We will be happy to do a left oblique modification on any of these pens - just drop us a line. - Salman
  16. Getting tired of “The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog”? Here are some new pangrams that I wrote recently, in an effort to make my handwriting and calligraphy practice more enjoyable. They use all 26 letters, in various combinations, and I made an effort to make the sentences enjoyable to write over and over again. Some people like funny or nonsensical pangrams, or really short ones, but I found that for me it is helpful to include a few repeated letters to make a sensible, pleasant sentence. a silvery haze on the lake made a relaxing sight from Jacque's back picture window (letter count: 67)relatively few oxygen molecules are required to burn jack's zippo lighter (letter count: 62)I anxiously watched my dog jump and zip around the back yard, wondering if she would ever catch the squirrelCalligraphy experts have ways to make beautiful lettering, with unique shapes, sizes, and colors, just for you.goldfish swam in tranquil pools with jade and alabaster sculptures above, aimlessly seeking with expressionless gazefox pups jumped crazily and barked with gusto over quails (count: 48 letters)frozen margaritas do not help syntax whenever questions ask for just basic info (count: 67 letters)worried the tv wouldn't get fixed, peter and jack busily sized up the marquee (letter count: 62)playing cards, fishing, scuba diving, or taking a snooze, were just some of the relaxing options for quiet (letter count: 85)with an eye for a faux, the reckless appraiser squeezed the medieval gold object (letter count: 66)furry puppies and fuzzy kittens played, coaxing the quaking newborns to move in a jumble (letter count: 73)improvement was inevitable, judging by quizzical looks from perplexed heathen (letter count: 67)aloe vera exists to quell pain by comforting old joints in the walking zonethe chef and the bartender quarreled over which kind was more appropriate: wine from burgundy or saxony, or jug zinfandel. (letter count: 100) I recently wrote a pangram for a birthday card for my mom, after she visited me and I showed her my calligraphy practice sheets, with some practice words and pangrams I composed. She kept saying, “read me another,” so I composed this pangram for her: “Happy Birthday,” [in big letters] “To an Exceptional Mom,” [in medium letters] “whose quirky daughter overzealously writes joyful pangrams” [in small letters] You might enjoy writing some new pangrams too. It’s a bit of a challenge at first, but once you start and get on a roll, composing new pangrams can be addicting! Using a pangram letter frequency counter makes it much easier. Other FPN users have already collected more pangrams and practice words in posts from years past, for example: What Do You Write When Testing? Started by Cowriter, Dec 07 2015 17:31 https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/300980-what-do-you-write-when-testing/?hl=pangrams "the Quick Brown Fox..." - Alternative Pangrams Started by David_W, Aug 25 2014 12:21 https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/272844-the-quick-brown-fox-alternative-pangrams/?hl=pangrams Do You Have A "test Phrase"? Started by collectingfool, Aug 28 2013 21:12 https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/251594-do-you-have-a-test-phrase/ Word List For Writing Practice Started by 77kath, Jul 04 2014 09:02 https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/269550-word-list-for-writing-practice/?hl=pangrams&do=findComment&comment=3041894 Challenge! Presidents' Day International - Part 1 Started by kiavonne, Jan 17 2014 03:31 https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/259145-challenge-presidents-day-international-part-1/
  17. Introducing the Canada Day Limited Edition holder. This holder will be available from July 01 to July 07 (Saturday). Only 18 will be made (please limit 2 per order). (Buy Now) A certificate of authenticity will accompany each holder. Holders will be shipped 1 week from the day of the order. There are still a couple of days left to order one if you want one. They are only $38 CAD each. This holder is hand carved from laminated Pine that is then dyed red. The grip area is wrapped with white nylon string. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. - Salman
  18. I am lucky to know cool people. Azizah (Gourmet Pens) recently made this cool video of how she uses the Brass Folded Pens from Toronto Pen Company. I love the range of styles she gets with them. [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gu8TNx4qdD0[/media] These pens are available at the online store linked in the footer (or here for convenience). I also made a couple of videos showing how the pens work: PENtastic Folded Pens Set PENtastic 3 in 1 Combination Pen
  19. Expressions

    Introducing Toronto Pen Company

    Hello all, I would like to introduce Toronto Pen Company to the good folks of this community. My name is Salman Khattak and am usually found moderating the Calligraphy forums (as 'smk'). I started this venture (Toronto Pen Company) last year to provide pen tuning and custom nib grinding services to the local community. I have been lucky to receive great support from fountain pen enthusiasts from all over Canada (and abroad). I recently realized that I never updated my profile on FPN to announce all this - hence this post. Details of the nib grinds I offer: TorontoPenCompany.com/prices--process.html Some writing samples: TorontoPenCompany.com/writing-samples.html Store: TorontoPenCompany.com/store.html I also offer Calligraphy workshops from time to time as well as custom Calligraphy services. I am working on a line of greeting cards that should be out soon - I will make sure to make an announcement here when the time comes :-) - Salman
  20. From the fashion runways to your desktop, the latest newsletter
  21. andreasn

    Rohrer Antiktusche

    Hi. I bought two bottles of an ink called Rohrers antiktusche for calligraphy and maybe FP use. I'm wondering if it actually is suitable for fountain pens since it's pigment ink. They did say in the store that I bought it from that it is (they are an art supply store but also sell fountain pens). And it said on the inks website that it is suitable for all calligraphy tools including the Rotring artpen which as far as I know is a FP. here is a link to the website: http://www.rohrer-klingner.de/index.php?id=4&L=1
  22. Hey Everyone, I've just sent back my Franklin-Christoph medium S.I.G grind in order to exchange for a broad Masuyama italic. Don't get me wrong: the SIG nib was great to write with and I liked it very much; but, since you can't buy Masuyama grinds separately like you can a sig, I've opted for the CI. I'm also interested in learning an italic handwriting script some time, so this makes sense long-term. Now, however, I'm hearing that Masuyama italic grinds are dry writers. One post I've come across was particularly bothersome in that the OP said their f-c Masuyama italic required loads of pressure to write with until they eventually sent it back for a flow adjustment. Moreover, the nib wasn't said to be defective by the F-C team, they just tuned it to what they'd call "wet". I'd imagine that an italic tuned on the drier side would maximize line variation and the integrity of the cross-stroke-- are there any other practical reasons for a CI to write dry? I'm particularly interested in hearing from those who regularly write with any form of italic or own steel F-C Masuyama italics. Have yours been dry compared to others? Do they write under their own weight? Having said all that, I'm really not too fond of nibs that are very dry, especially if they're broad. On the other hand, perhaps I should leave this to the expert Mr. Masuyama -- it is, after all, my first hand-ground cursive italic. Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance.
  23. PrestoTenebroso

    #6 Jowo Flex Nib Units Available!

    Hey there, I'm offering flex nib units for sale which are designed to hold the Zebra G dip nib. Over the last year or so, I've been experimenting with nib units and now nearly all of my pens will be JoWo #6 nib unit compatible. (JoWo nibs are a pen industry standard, and JoWo the company is one of the biggest names worldwide in fountain pen nibs.) Essentially, if you have a pen that holds #6 JoWo nibs (ask the manufacturer if you're not sure) that you want to try out my flex pens with buy a nib unit (the nib unit is the nib, the feed, and the black collar you see in the attached photo), unscrew yours from your pen and screw in mine. Also, all of my upcoming pens will be compatible with JoWo #6 nib units so if you have a nib you like (a specially modified nib, for example), you will be able to screw out the nib unit I provide, and screw in your own. They are for sale on the Nib Units button at this page of DesiderataPens.comThey can also be purchased on Etsy.comDisclaimer: Obviously, because I can't see where the nib unit is going, I can't guarantee that it will work as well in your pen as it will work in my pens, but purchasing a separate nib unit is an option I want you to have. Pierre
  24. Hi there Fountain Pen Network, We are hosting Michael Sull in Tampa for four script workshops in February and wanted to extend the invitation to you all. He will be teaching American Cursive Handwriting (currently sold out), Beginning Spencerian, Off-Hand Flourishing, and Ornamental Penmanship. Class descriptions are here. Typically, he holds private or overseas workshops, so this is a unique opportunity for the Southeast U.S. Please see the attached flyer for more information. The Thursday-Sunday schedule in a few weeks is a great opportunity to visit Tampa and enjoy a nib-and-ink workshop with one of the foremost living penman. Spencerian is a significant facet of American history, circa 1850, as it was the de facto correspondence and legal document writing style before the typewriter came into widespread use. Mr. Sull will also be giving a lecture across the street at the Henry B. Plant Museum on Saturday February 10, which is free for workshop attendees. About Us: The Paper Seahorse is a creative studio and shop in Tampa specializing in fine stationery and paper, writing instruments (Lamy, Kaweco, Midori), greeting cards and seasonal items, vintage typewriters, tools for mindfulness, and creative classes. We’re led by Tona Bell, lifelong lover of all things analog. Please feel free to forward to anyone you think might be interested and don’t hesitate to reply with questions.
  25. Hi All, Even as I post this, I just sold out of the Online kits. However, I should receive my next re-stocking order tomorrow or Saturday! Here's the link to the newsletter, and the direct link to the video. BTW, the Monteverde Giant Sequoia and the Conklin Stylograph Matte are back in stock. Regards, Norman

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