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    Thinning out my collection. - Parker Duofold Centennial Mk III, 2013 Q1 (date code “France IIIL”), 18k gold medium nib, C/C, Parker box incl., excellent used condition — 300 US$ –– SOLD - Parker 51 Vacumatic (restored), 1940s, Dove Grey, Fine nib, no box and papers — 125 US$ - Parker Sonnet Vison Foncé Chinese Laque, 1995 Q2 (“France IIT”), 18k Fine nib, 23k gold-plated trim, C/C (Parker converter incl.), box and papers incl. (light blue ink staining inside of the box), Near mint never inked (ink in box must be from another pen) –– 250 US$ REDUCED TO 225 USD –– SOLD - Sheaffer 46 Special Service Pen, ca. 1922, Fine nib, Black celluloid, Lever Filler fountain pen (restored), Barrel engraved: "Service Pen Loaned by Turtle Lake Drug Company" This pen was provided by Sheaffer as a replacement pen while customer's pen was serviced, Clip ball brassing and small imperfections commensurate with age and use. Otherwise excellent –– 250 US$ REDUCED TO 225 USD - Bexley Submariner Grande, Butterscotch color, Gold-plated two-tone stainless steel F nib, C/C (converter included), Excellent used condition, No box and papers –– 175 US$ — SOLD - Cross Metropolis set (1995), Made in US, Fountain Pen, Ball point pen (optional soft tip included), Mechanical pencil (all working perfectly); chrome, black lacquer cap, Gold-plated steel Broad nib, C/C (converter included), box and papers incl., very good used condition, minor traces of use –– 150 US$ - Cross Century (1st generation 1982 model), Made in Ireland, Gold-plated steel Fine nib, C/C, Excellent used condition, no box and papers –– 85 US$ - Cross Century II Lustrous Chrome (model from 1996, later model with no "made in" indication), Stainless steel Medium nib, C/C, Excellent used condition, no box and papers –– 55 US$ - Cross Townsend Medalist (model from 1993, this example from 1996), Made in US, Stainless steel Fine nib, 23k gold-plated trim, C/C (converter incl.), Excellent used condition, no box and papers –– 65 US$ REDUCED TO 55 USD –– SOLD Shipping from Belgium to Europe and USA: $ 35


    - BE


    • Exchange - WTT
    • Used

    WTS Gorgeous Blue Bexley Fountain Pen with Duo tone Broad Nib. I bought this as New Old Stock. Someone from Bexley verified for me that this was made for a specific customer so there is no model name. I inked it once and it wrote beautifully. This is my nicest looking pen but there is another pen I would like even more. I don't have the original box it came in. Price of $135.00 includes shipping only in the USA


    , Maryland

  3. WLSpec

    Bexley Fountain Pens

    I've been eyeing Bexley pens for a while, and from what I understand they are a USA based company that makes pens inspired by vintage designs. However, I heard some stuff about a change in ownership somewhat recently, and I was a little confused. I just want to know more about the company, as I don't know much right now, and as I am considering purchasing one of their pens. So who owns the Bexley company? Are modern Bexley pens different from earlier ones? After doing some searching on FPN, it is clear that many people LOVE their Bexley pens, so I am very curious about them. The Poseidon looks
  4. I am the original owner of this Bexley but I didn't keep good notes and my memory, well... I wrote down at one point that it was a Model 58 but believe that I meant 56. I remember that it was an Owner's Club model but what year? 2008 or 2009? A Google search found no images to compare - as if all Bexley history has been scrubbed. The images I did find of olive ebonite Bexleys had a pyramidal top on cap - mine is flat and reminds me of Moby Dick with the clip placed lower like the mouth of a sperm whale. Even here on FPN the older post images are no longer available. I was really confu
  5. In the last few months I have been using mostly pens with either Jowo or Bock steel nibs. I tend to prefer M or B nibs, although I do also stretch to F and stubs. Although F nibs are not my first choice except for fine notes, both Jowo and Bock F nibs are still enjoyable for me, as they are sufficiently smooth. I have a few Jowo 1.1 stubs, and although they are not bad either, I usually do have a preference for stubs with tipping. All in all both these brands make enjoyably smooth steel nibs in the F to stub range, which I do like using, and have several different pens which mount these. Aft
  6. wilcohead

    Bexley And Iron-Gall Inks

    I'm considering buying a piston-filling Bexley Poseidon. I am interested in using iron-galll inks in it. Does anyone know if it has metal parts inside that will corrode over time?
  7. At the end of last week, September 15, I believe, an FPN member listed three pens for sale in the Classifieds section: 2 Eversharp and one Bexley. That particular Bexley pen is described as a Bexley 10th Anniversary Limited Edition in green pearl with red veins. The seller states, “With some help, I determined that this pen was a prototype, as it is missing the normal laser engraving and it has a blind cap to access the converter. The regular production models do not have a blind cap. I find that to be a strange description for this pen as The Noble Savage, in his review of a production Bexley
  8. s_t_e_v_e

    Bexley Nib Units

    I recently acquired a Bexley Poseidon Magnum II with a broad nib. The pen is piston filled. I was contemplating on getting a medium nib for it and was looking at my options. I was under the impression that standard Jowo #6 nibs would fit this pen but found that the nib units for Bexley's piston and converter pens are different. Is this true? Indy-pen-dance sells Bexley nib units with an additional $10 for the piston nib unit. Could someone clarify the differences between the two nib units? Thanks!
  9. Happy Anniversary Fed Pens! It's been two years already since we started Federalist Pens! It's hard to believe that it has been that long already! I have come a long way since the forum days of selling vintage items to fund the hobby that I love! The hobby that I still share with you, even as a retailer! The support has been great, and we have acquired several great brands over the past year! For pen brands- we have added Bexley, Aurora, and Montegrappa to the family! In ink, we took a chance, and added Robert Oster Inks to the line up exactly a year ago this month! Robert asked me to carry th
  10. Ebonite is a wonderful material for pens, combining lightweight solidity with a warm texture that absorbs moisture without becoming clammy. It's an irregular material that lends itself well to the fountain pen, an analog technology that hasn’t changed much in 50 years. Most of my ebonite pens originated in India, and they all write well and display an understated, old-fashioned integrity. But the Bexley Prometheus is as American -- and as Midwestern -- as a Ford Mustang (Michigan) and a Cessna Citation (Kansas). Or a Rawlings baseball mitt (Missouri). Bexley was founded in 1993 in Columbus,
  11. trdsf

    My First Bexley

    I didn't plan on buying one today (though I have wanted to get one). A new-in-box flat top for $80 was way too good to pass up. I got #29 Green on Green with a fine nib. Anyone in the Columbus area, Robert Mason in the Short North has more Bexleys at that sale price through tomorrow. I don't recall which other ones they have other then definitely #30 Blue with Brown. http://cdn3.volusion.com/sgntb.nvkjz/v/vspfiles/photos/categories/1864.jpg?1466705502
  12. Federalist Pens

    What's New At Federalist Pens?!

    This Month at Federalist Pens and Paper- http://www.federalistpensonline.com/-Bexley-Pens-New_c_114.html We are pleased to add this brand to our family of pen products! Bexley- Made in USA, with Jowo nibs (14k nibs also available!) Philadelphia Pen Show http://www.philadelphiapenshow.com The Philly Pen Show is this weekend! Come to the first pen show of the year to see the latest products from your favorite brand! The snow came this weekend, and the forecast is calling for more mild weather later this week! It was a little rough with last year's storm, but it was a good show anywa
  13. Just a very quick topic to let you all share in my joy. I will do a formal review somewhere this weekend. A Bexley Owners Club 2015 Pendleton Brown Fine Stub. Bigger photos: https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipNCpK75hFLQeZigm8xeecgwBGy_mruzRwFXNdAi
  14. Wife gifted the Bexley Owner's Club 2017 pen (left) in Lapis to me, while my mother in law got me the the other 2, Bexley Poseidon Magnum in Cream and Purple (middle) and the Blue Bamboo Walking Stick (right). Both in medium nib sizes, my favorite. In the Lapis, I'm running Private Reserve DC Supershow Blue, thanks to an ink exchange with FPN member richofthetower. The Creme and Purple is running J. Herbin Violette Pensee ink cartridge and the Blue Bamboo is running J. Herbin Vert Pre ink cartridge. I also got gifted some Rhodia pads and J. Herbin ink cartridges - Vert Pre, Orange Indie
  15. titrisol

    Bexley Flat Top Bamboo

    I had the pleasure to visit the Bexley Pen CO. In Columbus OH. Howard Levy was a gracious host, showing me his love and passion for the pens they make, as well as the fine craftsmanship that goes into them. While there I bought a pen from his special-run collection. A blue Bamboo Flat Top (#28 in the picture)http://cdn3.volusion.com/sgntb.nvkjz/v/vspfiles/photos/categories/1864.jpg?1466705502 1. FIRST IMPRESSIONS I chose the pen from a display in which he had several non-production examples, I was struck by the material and combination of colors.I bought the pen based on this impression.. Ho
  16. I'm trying to identify this pen, which I initially thought was a Bexley Corona until I realized it's a cartridge/converter pen rather than a piston filler (and there are minor cosmetic differences, like the extra gold-toned band at the bottom). It's definitely a Bexley Summer Sunset "something," as its got a Bexley nib and the "B" on the clip. Any help would be appreciated!
  17. I bought this off ebay a couple of weeks ago. It is a limited color run of this pen in this material. It is an acrylic material in cream with purple pearl swirls in it. It is very interesting and I really like it. I put in what I thought was a very low bid and never actually expected to win it, but I am very glad I did. It is a large pen, but feels great and writes beautifully. http://i1114.photobucket.com/albums/k526/stylobug33/Pen%20Catelogue/60D105B2-66F9-4517-BE03-DA778F9A183D_zpsquiy69uk.jpg http://i1114.photobucket.com/albums/k526/stylobug33/Pen%20Catelogue/1AC242B3-56AF-43F6-8F23-84
  18. I have a number of Bexleys and own the first 4 Owners Club pens. After that I have been incredibly disappointed with the design of the pens and have elected not to purchase them. Bexley seems to have lost their edge, not only with the standard editions but the annual versions. I think that Howard Levy is one of the most outstanding members of the pen community but he seems to have gotten off the path in my opinion. They are using the same clips, the same acrylics and design. Am I wrong here?
  19. This is my Bexley 58 in Fire Engine Red. This pen was purchased on eBay as an NOS Bexley from a discontinued line. This is the second pen that I purchased after my Edison, and my second "Made in the USA" pen. The pen arrived well packaged with a larger sized box in a sleeve. Good thing that the box was larger than the Edison...because this is a big pen! 15.25cm / 6 inches when closed/capped. The box was very nice, again in contrast to the box that Conklin uses. Generally speaking, I take a pen out of it's box and keep it in a cigar box with pen trays, then put the box in storage. I kno
  20. I received this on Friday in the mail. Beautiful Bexley Imperial in the Cappucino Swirl color. Medium nib, cartridge converter and all inked up with Noodler's Black. I must say that I like the feel of this pen in the hand! Yes, I do know that I've spelled "Cappuccino" incorrectly, but that's the spelling used by the manufacturer.
  21. Hallo all Dana pens in Tel Aviv has a sale every December. I was there today. I found a beautiful NOS Bexley button filler and bought it immediately. I found a picture of it at: http://www.parkvillepen.com/bexleycollection.html Its an orange cable twist dating back to 1994 and is no. 274 of a limited edition of 1000 with a 14k two tone nib. Unfortunately it came without a box, but you can't have everything. Looking forward to using it Chaim
  22. This is my first real new pen since embarking on this little journey, so I thought I'd do a little review of my new Bexley Admiral. The little details: Capped length is 5.00" (that's what I call precise) Posted length is 5.36" Jowo fine nib Loaded with Sheaffer black Brief review: Since my only real experience, and that's limited, is with the vintage pens I've come across, I hope Bexley doesn't mind a few comparisons. It may be that some of what was done in the past made its way to this pen, and I'm pretty fond of it. The pen cap has some similarities to what Parker did on the Duofol
  23. gregamckinney

    New Bexley Poseidon Ii

    Received my new Poseidon II demo on Saturday. It is beautiful. I have a pretty big sub-collection of Poseidon and Poseidon Magnum pens, so this one fits right in. http://www.gergyor.com/images/bex-pos2.jpg Partial family shot: http://gergyor.com/images/bexley-poseidons_2012-08-26_1200x.jpg Best Regards, greg
  24. I got this through the courier today and I'm pretty happy with it. It's a beautiful pen at a very good price. The local Bexley distributor had this, uninked, in his personal collection. He graciously included a 1.1 stub nib to go with the pen. I foresee more Bexley pens in the future. I love the way they make the section long and smooth, so comfortable to hold.
  25. I just put in an order for a Bexley Corona Blueberry Cream with factory nib (medium). Does anybody have a sample of how it writes? Any feedback about this pen? How does it compare to the Bexley Poseidon Magnum II? Thank you.

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