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  1. Hi all, First of all I would like to say that I am incredibly impressed by a lot of the various handwriting I see on this site. I am a product of the increased digitalisation of everything in that I am practically unable to write by hand in a manner that is legible to anyone but myself, and having recently been given a rather nice Mont Blanc ballpoint pen I feel obliged to put the time in to learn how use it properly. I have been looking for a simple but nice looking font such as perhaps Italic #4 to adopt, but find that such styles are better suited to fountain pens. What are your recomendations for a complete novice with a ballpoint pen? (Appologies if this type of thread is too common around here)
  2. I'm currently taking exams in school. I came prepared with a fully inked up Faber-Castell Ambition with Noodler's Black. I sit in the examination hall and look around. The person sitting in front of me is using a Bic Cristal with a sponge grip attachment. Someone across from me has a chunk of blue-tack stuck to his Bic as a grip. I chuckled internally. The F-C Ambition barely even has a grip, but after >2 straight hours of writing, my hand wasn't sore. This really shows how practical a fountain pen can really be. By the way, I finished a whole converter full of ink that day. I wrote so much that the ink got so dry I had to push ink into the feed with the converter. Faber-Castell Ambition: http://www.onlinehandel-as24.de/images/product_images/popup_images/2699_0.jpg (note the lack of a real grip) Bic Cristal: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/e1/03-BICcristal2008-03-26.jpg/640px-03-BICcristal2008-03-26.jpg
  3. I've got this cross pen from a yard sale. It says "AT Cross company" on the refill inside and I'm wondering what kind of pen it is, or maybe even if it's fake.http://i.imgur.com/8v61xrN.jpg
  4. Hi, I am new here in thins forum, my name is david, I am an art teacher, I studied product design, so ROTRING pens are my tool of coice. found a vintage (I think its vintage) set of a Rotring 600 Set, please see pictures. I payed 50 euros for the set, my question is: was it ok to pay that amount? or is that just the japanese and cheeper version of the "old" 600 series? If you can help me to identify the set would be great, should I use it for daily use, or is that set someting to collect? kind regards david
  5. Hi guys! So I've been looking at this on my mums behalf, and contacted the dealer and can get it for a right steal! I'm just questioning it's authenticity, as for the price he's going to let me pay, it does make me wonder. So if anyone could help spot any signs of this being a fake then please, let me know. I do appreciate it a lot. http://cgi.ebay.ie/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=231167023957&ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:IE:1123 Thanks
  6. Hey guys! Just wondering what the best looking pen you've ever seen is? Pictures would be great too! Thanks!
  7. 2nd Post! Again, not sure if its in the right section so apologies, but over time ill learn:) Just wondering, I've been after a Montblanc Noblesse, one of the vintage ones, ( think they are also known as Slimline's or Quickpens, for a while now, but everywhere i seem to look they are costing over £100. Speaking to someone today and they told me they should be relatively cheap to pick up, but I'm yet to find one of sub £100. Anyone have any suggestions on where i can get one? Thanks. Tom
  8. What is your backup pen? or do you have one? What is the sidekick that you carry for when you need to make carbon prints or in situations where a fountain pen is not suitable (when writing on plastic coated paper). My side kick is the Lamy Swift Palladium. http://www.lamy.com/produktdaten/content/e34/e526/e554/330_swift_Palladium_TR_eng.jpg
  9. charleswhitehead

    Stories Of Pens

    Hi I am researching stories to do with pens in the hope of turning them into a book. All tales that are humorous, poignant or just plain interesting, would be welcome. With the World War in Europe centenary coming up there must be stories from the trenches that European members might have that run in the family and there sure must be some fascinating tales from US members that they have heard that could be used. Contact me - Charles Whitehead at talesofmypen@gmail.com I am a member of the UK based international organisation the Writing Equipment Society (www.wesonline.org.uk) and have sat for two spells on the Governing Council.
  10. I had a burgundy meisterstuck passed on to me from my Father. Had it for close to 16 years until I lost it. I went on ebay and purchased another burgundy meisterstuck. I confirmed with the local Montblanc store of its authenticity. My dilemma is this: it is significantly lighter than my original one. I thought it was me, but everyone in the family who has handled the new one says the same thing. Is there something I can do (i.e. go to the mont blanc store perhaps and ask for it to be "weighted" (I dont even know what that means, but the pens does not feel "right" to me. Thanks yall! lisa
  11. Call me weird but we all have our little OCD secrets, after all we're pen fanatics. I absolutely hate people touching my Lamy Safari because they always leave it feeling warm. It's a different warm feeling from leaving it in the car or picking it up right after putting it down. And it's even worst when I use my Parker Urban Ballpoint (because I can flick this pen without the fear of ink going splat). When I let other people use it, instead of telling them that I'm OCD over pens, I end up having a warm pen (sometimes even oily GRR). The warm and oiliness is worsened by the fact that it is a metal pen. Soo... How do you fanatics solve the warm pen issue for pens other than FP. I can solve the oily issue by using the cloth for my glasses but I can't seem to lug around liquid nitrogen. And this is a real annoyance because I start to drift off school work and onto the fact that my pen is warm... >
  12. Hi, I realise this forum is for fountain pens. But can't find details on a ballpoint and thought someone here may know about it- or point me to somewhere where I can read more. I'm giving a S.T. Dupont Olympio Ballpoint as a gift, as I can't afford a new one I've opted for a second hand one. I believed that S.T. Dupont wasn't the sort of brand that attracted counterfeiters, however after doing some research I've become concerned. Are fake ballpoints common? Is there anyway to detect one? Should the leaf logo be etched on to the lacquer as in the case of the fountain pen? A few ads have said that the pen has the leaf logo- but show no pictures of it and all seem to be using the same text- including serial number and typo. So I'm not giving them much weight. I read on another forum thread that an article has been written about ST Dupont authenticity- but I can't get the link to work. I have attached some photos. Thank you (in advance) for taking the time to consider this, Katie *edited to add full size pics
  13. schlem

    Rotring 600 Trio Maintenance

    Hi again This is for your resident rotring expert (you know who you are!) I have a 90's? vintage 600 trio that I got at a garage sale. I picked it up because I had other rotrings and love the design and heft. It never worked great, retracting at inopportune times, regardless of point selected. It rattled around for a number of years (I never lost track of it), but I picked it back up and started to use it more. I found that with use, the mechanism seemed to fix itself. I can no longer make it unintentionally retract, even by scribbling rapidly back and forth (formerly a guaranteed method), and I use it all the time. So, questions: * How to disassembly / clean? Other than the knurled bit at the point (? I'm certain there is a better word), is it intended to come apart? Would a mild solvent like EtOH or lighter fluid ungunk anything sticking up the locking mech? * How to replace the pen inserts? Do I just yard them out of the barrel and refit by braille? Or (see prior question). Now that I am using it more, I expect to run dry at some point ( the red ink seems a little faded, but writes fine). Thanks in advance for your help! Todd ps sorry for the crappy quick an dirty smartphone pic - the scratch on the blue dot is the most serious cosmetic flaw.
  14. InvisibleMan

    Ballpoint Pens

    I've finally, after WAY too long, just finished up a prototype ballpoint pen. Originally, this was going to be the ballpoint match for a set with the fountain pen shown below that I made last year, but I was too focused on making the mechanism work, and not focused enough on other things, so the finial end is too slim to accommodate a clip. Nonetheless, I'm quite pleased with how it feels and writes. So, long story short, I can now make ball pens as one-offs, or as part of a matching set with a fountain pen. This is a finial twist to advance the refill, and the nose cone unscrews to swap ink. I should have taken a picture of that I guess Here are the photos, and a link to the pen's personal page: http://www.pensbylyleross.com/ballpoint-1---orange-and-black-resin.html http://www.pensbylyleross.com/uploads/1/2/6/0/12608908/335502_orig.jpg?427 http://www.pensbylyleross.com/uploads/1/2/6/0/12608908/2431497_orig.jpg?129 http://www.pensbylyleross.com/uploads/1/2/6/0/12608908/5688099_orig.jpg?136 And the fountain pen it is modeled after: http://www.pensbylyleross.com/uploads/1/2/6/0/12608908/7422197_orig.jpg (wow, horrible color in this photo . I'm better with the camera now )
  15. Wheatflower

    Help With Parker Ballpoint I D?

    This afternoon I was scoping out my local thrift shop when a Parker clip caught my eye. It was attached to a ballpoint pen in a grab-bag with a bunch of other pens and the whole thing cost a dollar so of course I bought it. Having gotten the pen home and examined it, here is what I know: --It is notably slimmer than my Parker 45 and just slightly shorter --It has a black body with gold-colored (-plated?) furniture. The body seems to be hard like metal, not soft like plastic --In very small letters at the base of the cap is "Parker made in USA" --The cap is engraved, with "URW #286 50th Anniversary" on the first line and "1945-1995" on the second Does this seem familiar to anyone? It fits nicely in my hand, so I think it is going to become my Designated Ballpoint for those times when a fountain pen won't do.
  16. La Couronne du Comte

    Montblanc Discounts

    Hi All, We are clearing out cabinets to make room for the new collections and we now have some incredible Montblanc discounts! Since Montblanc doesn't allow discounted prices announced publicly in our webstore, I kindly request you to send me a PM and I will provide you with the list of available pens and the discounted prices! And I must say ... some pens are really attractively priced . Best regards, Dennis www.lacouronneducomte.nl
  17. ok, folks, let's admit it--no matter how much we love and prefer our fountain pens, we still can't avoid using rollerballs and ballpoints for tasks like filling out immigration forms, multiple-copy forms, and any paper that feathers badly. so, do we put as much care into choosing them, and do you have any favorites among yours? here are the ones in my rotation: http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2811/9178772841_3a0e59e4e0.jpg from the top: 1. a 1970s sterling silver sheaffer ballpoint with a vine design--one of the most beautiful ballpoints, imho; i had one in the 1980s and had to give it away (long story) but i was happy to find this replacement at the chicago pen show. 2. a parker duofold ballpoint that i was lucky to get off ebay, buy-it-now, for $50 (thanks to a tip on FPN). 3. a montblanc 100th anniversary rollerball, the generous grift of a friend; been dying to get the FP version (almost got one at the chicago pen show auction but got cold feet in the closing minutes--now i regret it!). 4. a chinese lacque ambre sonnet rollerball, off ebay from india; one of the most desirable sonnet finishes. got this in a twin purchase, along with the FP version.
  18. I've just recieved my first MB - a Meisterstuck 'pix' ballpen £50 of Ebay. I'm fairly certain it's genuine - has the unique serial number (CZ1092359), and 'pix' under the pocket clip which I believe is another anti-counterfeiting measure. From what I've read you can't date an MB from the serial number - is that true, or could I determine where this was initially sold from any part of the number? What I'm not sure about is exactly what model it is - 144, 146, 149 etc? Seller stated it's not the LeGrand version. Pics below: Taking it to work this afternoon to give it a proper run out, using this and my Parker 51 actually makes me look forward to paperwork!
  19. AncientScribe

    Vintage Montblanc Refills

    I recently received a vintage Mont-Blanc Meisterstuck ball point as a gift and was wondering if the new Meisterstuck refills are compatible. The pen is from the late 80s.

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