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  1. h_s_shrivastava

    Indian Parker Insignia

    This ballpoint pen from Parker is called Insignia in India. But, this is quite different from standard Insignia. So : 1. Is this exclusive to India ? 2. Is this unique or based on some other Parker model ?
  2. I have a vintage pen set I need help identifying. Thank you so very much.
  3. I hope this hasn't been posted before, but here it is, courtesy of my sister in Tucson http://www.thepassivevoice.com/06/2015/the-enduring-genius-of-the-ballpoint-pen/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter The battery never runs out; you never have to worry about getting a bad signal; it cant get hacked. When this new device was launched, crowds lined the streets, desperate to get their hands on it. A window-shattering, hell-raising, no-holds-barred fracas: That was how Nations Business magazine described the American debut of the ballpoint pen in 1945. At $12.50 a penaround $160 todaythe Reynolds International ballpoint wasnt cheap, but that didnt stop thousands from queuing up outside Gimbels department store in New York City on Oct. 29 of that year to buy this fantastic, atomic-era, miracle pen. According to the New Yorker, Gimbels sold $100,000s worth of the pensnearly $1.3 million todayon that one day alone. . . . . The ballpoint pen came to the U.S. from Budapest, by way of inventor László Bíró. Born in 1899, Bíró tried several careersfrom studying medicine to practicing hypnotism to selling insuranceuntil he stumbled into journalism. That led to his great invention. One day, while visiting the printing room of the newspaper where he worked, Bíró grew frustrated when the heat of the presses made his fountain pen leak. He watched the machine cylinders apply ink to paper and wondered if he could develop a pen that worked similarly. He spotted one issue: A cylinder could only roll backward and forward, while a pen needs to move in all directions.
  4. Hello Everyone: I have been a fountain pen user and collector for almost 30 years. A big fan of all types of Parker pens, with a Rainbow-Cap Parker 61 as my "daily driver", (washable blue ink) alternating with a Montblanc No. 12 (brown ink). which makes my notebooks multi-colored! However, I also am attached to my Pelikan ballpoing that I bought, duty free in Amsterdam airport years ago. I recently made the great mistake of dropping it (point-down) on the cement floor of my garage, and broke-off the metal tip from the lucite barrel. "Glue" repairs have not held, and I definitely need to find a new (black) barrel of compatible type. Does anyone have any advice as to where to find such? Thanks and looking forward to being part of the group! Best Andy (San Francisco Bay Area, USA)
  5. dmvara

    My Opinion Of Midsize Tribute

    I really wish that Montblanc would have come out with a black resin midsize tribute pen. I am scratching my head as to why they only made a white lacquer one. I also like the geometric midsize pen they released, but it's a bit flashy and would have snatched one up in a heart beat if it had been sterling silver instead. I really like the midsize because for me the legrand can be a bit weighty at times for lengthy writing and the classique just doesn't cut it for me. It's just too small, but that is just my opinion. I did ask the montblanc sales manager if they would be releasing more in the midsize and she was pretty confident they would for the solitaire lineup, but who knows. So I will just stick with my legrand for now and wait and see. I might see if I can find a used geometric somewhere because the price point is a bit much for my taste since I am not totally enthralled by the color of the pen. I can honestly say that Montblanc will miss a huge marketing opportunity if they don't bring out more midsize pens because I think there are many people like myself who fall in between the legrand and the classique as far as taste and preference is concerned. How does everyone else feel? David
  6. Save 50% Off the Conklin Stylograph Pens. Brown/White Brown/Grey Red Fountain Pen $72.50 http://www.penchalet.com/images/products/enlarge/10508-BrownGrey.jpg Rollerball Pen $67.50 http://www.penchalet.com/images/products/enlarge/10509-BrownWhite.jpg Ballpoint Pen $62.50 http://www.penchalet.com/images/products/enlarge/10510-Red.jpg
  7. I got this( see pics below) and am trying to find out a little more about it. As shown in the pics, there is a slight crack/lifting of the silver surface: beside that, it says 'MADE IN JERUSALEM' Around the top, just below the clicker( which is not working perfectly, but is usable....a missing top, I think....) it says "STERLING SILVER" and just below that, TRIBES OF ISRAEL It's a really beautiful thing....covered in intricate decoration, Hebrew letters and symbols. The refill says 100 Rolex soft fine (and then a word in Hebrew lettering, which I can't reproduce here) Basically, Im trying to get any information about it, and also if/where a refill can be bought( in the UK) Alex
  8. have a look here.... if only it was plated over 30 grams...
  9. As a full time university student and meticulous notetaker, I habitually collect ballpoints and the occasional rollerball. I began hoarding Staedtler stationery early on, and now my arsenal has come to include Cross, Lamy, Visconti, and a plethora of other brands. That being said, I prefer pens that are attractive and practical. I have rather small hands so I avoid larger pens. Additionally, I avoid pens that are strikingly colorful. I seldom invest over $100 in a solid ballpoint. I have read that refills are key when considering ballpoints. In that case, I favor Montblanc refills, but will not risk carrying a Montblanc pen around campus. A list of features I prefer: -Visually appealing -Durable; nothing disposable -Slim (nothing wider than a Visconti Van Gogh) -Nothing extravagant or strikingly colorful -Nothing with an all metal finish -Nothing over $300 (I do not want to be mugged) Examples of pens I like: Cross Stratford (black) , Lamy Safari (grey), Visconti Rembrandt (ivory) Examples of pens I avoid: Cross Peerless, Delta Dolcevita, OMAS 360 Based on the above information, what are your recommendations for the perfect student pen? I may seem picky here, but my tastes do change and all opinions will be considered and much appreciated. Thanks a bunch!
  10. Drcollector

    Montblanc Ballpoint Disassembly

    Hello everyone. I have seen pictures of disassembled Montblanc ballpoints online (i.e. eBay) and I wish to disassemble mine as well. The pens in question are the Montblanc Starwalker and Montblanc Meisterstuck Classique. I have been fiddling with these models and am afraid of seriously damaging them. I am specifically seeking to remove the twist mechanisms and the clips in both the Starwalker and Classique models. Please share your experience with disassembling these pens. All advice is much appreciated. Thank you! The following is an example of how I wish to disassemble the Starwalker: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/264845-need-to-fixed-twist-mechanism-in-montblanc-starwalker-rubber-metal-any-suggestions/
  11. Hello everyone, So I've been wanting for a while now get a Mont Blanc ballpoint or rollerball. Just because my line of work does not allow me to use fountain pens because of the bleed through on the paper. I currently have a montblanc 146 fountain pen that I would be willing to sell or even trade for a ballpoint. In your opinion, which one is better a ballpoint or rollerball. I love smooth gel like writing. What are your thoughts and is anyone willing to trade or something that.
  12. Left FPN


    I bought this for 99p and it came with 2 Waterman boxes and 7 Waterman Panta refills. The seller assumed it to be a refill in its entirety but I believe it is a ball point pen for handbag or diary. I saw another recently which described it as the latter. Can anyone shed light on this pen. By turning the spline slightly more than normal 'out' use, the refill protrudes further allowing it to be pulled out.
  13. Hi All, I have an opportunity to pick up some Montblanc ballpoint pens at 30% off MSRP. I heard that the Tribute to Montblanc LeGrande is going to be discontinued, would it be good value to pick one up? An alternative is the Meisterstuck Diamond. Which will hold value in the longer term?
  14. I sometimes love sellers who can't be bothered to take good pictures, I got this for a song. Any idea whats up with the cap jewel? It is almost the presidential seal but not quite. The sheet of paper was included with the pen and the sellers pics are also in the album if you want a laugh. Link to Album http://i.imgur.com/pGfAnjRl.jpg
  15. Hello everyone, I am brand new to FPN so please bear with me. I recently received a Meisterstuck Classique ballpoint pen on eBay, but I am already questioning its authenticity. I apologize for not having pictures, as I am currently unable to upload from my phone. I will do my best to bring this pen into a boutique for verification. In the meantime, I really need some help to identify a counterfeit. Below are the results of my inspection so far: -There is no serial number on the top of the clip. I am aware that older models do not have this. However, my pen only has GERMANY inscribed and centered. -The white star logo is clean and centered. -Pix is not inscribed on the underside of the clip. -The clip does not appear to be folded at the sides, which is a good sign. -What made me particularly skeptical was the center band. Inscribed is the following: MONTBLANC - MEISTERSTUCK - Pix. I have seen fountain pens that have this along with the model number, but I have never seen such a design on a ballpoint. -I shone a light through the bottom barrel and it produced a deep red, which seems to be a good sign. -On the other hand, shining a light through the top barrel revealed nothing. Additionally, there is a sort of yellow, rubber material in the top barrel, which may be obstructing the light. -The pen came with a Fisher Pressurized Pen refill, and upon replacing that with a real Montblanc ballpoint refill, I find that it protrudes only partially from the tip. I truly hope that a return will not be necessary, so please offer your input on the legitimacy of this pen. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks.
  16. I just bought a used YOL ballpoint. The instructions say: repel (withdraw) point and continue to unscrew the top. But it won't turn further, and I'm reluctant to use force. Am I missing something? Fritz Levy
  17. Hello all, I have this pen ready to sell but I really don't know anything about it. Does anyone have an idea what price I could ask? Here are the things I know: - The brand is Cross - It is a black ladies ballpoint - It was bought in England, probably in the 60's or 70's - It has the Original box including the warranty / instructional book - It has the Original sticker from the first owner It was a pen my sister inherited from her english grandmother. I will attach a few photos. Any information or guidelines for a price is welcome! Thanks you very much in advance! http://i60.tinypic.com/15d8iti.jpghttp://i57.tinypic.com/qy8nyr.jpg
  18. finansista

    Is This A Waterman Jif Set?

    Hello all Waterman fans. This is my first post in Waterman forum since the set below is actually the first Waterman i own. I got it along with some other pens and from my research it appears to be a 70s or 80s school pen named Waterman JIF. Am I right? I wonder if the ballpoint is actually matching the pen or from a different model. The red/orange plastic is definitely the same and it has the same logo on the top. Will be grateful for any comments and info about this model. Thanks. PS. I will be probably selling this set, but I already do have another Waterman on my mind Concorde.
  19. My wife's cross ball-point pen has come apart. The press-fit assembly is no longer together. I have 2 washers, one gold, one black, and a spring, and of course the barrel and the rotating part. The Cross refill has broken where the metal meets the plastic and the plastic will not come out of the rotating assembly that should be press fit in the barrel. Does anyone have a assembly diagram? How do I get the plastic end of the refill out of the rotating assembly? I have tried to turn it crosswise and it will not come out. My Cross pen accepts refills with very little effort so I was surprised at this one. Bill
  20. Hi! Perhaps I'm blaspheming by asking about ballpoint pens here (and maybe this thread should be in the ink forum?), but this is not about any ordinary Bic ballpoint. Anyway, I'm sorry for asking about ballpoint pens. Be assured that I am a true believer in the superiority of fountain pens. You see, for the last three years I've been in possession of a rather odd little brass note book case with an attached pen, presumably ballpoint. This case was a gift, bought at an antique store, and the attached pen came without an ink cartridge. I've been trying to find a place to buy new ink cartridges for the pen, but so far without success. When asking an experienced pen salesman at a well-established department store in Stockholm where I might find the ink cartridges I'm looking for, his answer was Britain. And now so it happens that I'm staying in Scotland for a while, so now I may perhaps have the chance to find ink cartridges. So, I'm asking you all now: have you seen a pen or a case like this before? Do you know when it may have been manufactured? Do you know any shop in Britain (preferably in Scotland or in London) where they might sell ink cartridges for it? I'd be delighted to receive help in the matter, because it would be nice to get the case complete.
  21. Has anyone tried the Mount Pelee Ballpoint by Autopoint? It is very cheap in price and I want to buy it. I want to buy it because it looks like a Montbloanc 142 or 146, but cost way less then one. What do you think? Does it look promising? Should I buy it? hmmm... So many questions! Please, anyone help me! Link: http://autopointinc.com/mount-pelee-207.html
  22. Does anyone know where I can purchase D1 size ballpoint pen refills with gel ink, preferably in North America (I am in Canada)? They seem to be extremely rare. The only place I've found that offers a reasonable selection that I've found is jetpens.com. Thanks for your help!
  23. Hi, I already own a Lamy 2000 fountain pen, which I love. However, a fountain pen isn't always practical, and I'm considering getting a Lamy 2000 ballpoint pen (not a rollerball). I am a big fan of gel ink pens (including the refills made by Parker), and I would like to use gel ink in the 2000 if possible. I have seen that Monteverde has a ballpoint refill option, but as far as I can tell, the Monteverde ink is not gel. Does anyone know if it is possible to purchase gel ink refills for Lamy 2000 Ballpoint pens? Or is there a way to modify a popular gel ink refill to work with the Lamy 2000 ballpoints?
  24. Can please someone identify this Sheaffer Ballpoint? Thanks in Advance. The text on the black sticker has faded away. I can barely see a "444" written on it.
  25. Andyhplatt

    Cruise Collection Ballpoint

    I have just purchased a MontBlanc Cruise Collection Ballpoint from www.martemodena.it. I have noticed it doesn't have PIX under the clip, does this apply to fountain pens only or does this also apply to MontBlanc ballpoint pens? Thanks Andrew

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