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  1. Iguana Sell

    New Montegrappa Fortuna Rainbow

    Rainbows represent joy and good luck. This is why, this natural phenomena along with the famous song "Somewhere over the rainbow" have inspired Montegrappa on the creation of the new Fortuna edition, giving a message of longing, hope and optimisim. With trims in stainless steel, the colors have been created with pearlised resin. Every rainbow pen, comes with a gift tie dye pashmina of which no two are alike. This new joyfull edition is already available at Iguana Sell. Choose fountain pen (EF, F, M, , rollerball and ballpoint. Discover the whole collection: https://www.iguanasell.com/search?type=product&q=rainbow Fountain pen: https://www.iguanasell.com/products/montegrappa-fortuna-rainbow-fountain-pen-stainless-steel-isfor-ir Ballpoint: https://www.iguanasell.com/products/montegrappa-fortuna-rainbow-ballpoint-pen-resin-stainless-steel-isforbir Rollerball: https://www.iguanasell.com/products/montegrappa-fortuna-rainbow-rollerball-pen-resin-stainless-steel-isforrir Check-out some pictures below:
  2. Introduction I'm no great reviewer, but since I so wanted to read more information about this pen before buying it, have decided I should at least post something for others now I have one. The pen is the Hermes Nautilus. It was designed by fellow Sydney-sider Marc Newson, was his first fountain pen (before the Montblanc M) and it's my love of his design that drew me to it. The pen is available as a ballpoint and a fountain pen, with much the same look, feel and casing. Both styles are available in blue, 'Hermes' red, black and aluminium/silver. Pictured below is the ballpoint version in black and the fountain pen in blue. The reason I actually have two is the cost, strangely enough. Because I'm not a natural fountain pen user and because the fountain pen version of the pen is 30% dearer, I initially told myself that I could live with just the ballpoint. I picked up the ballpoint from Hermes Germany (online), having it on-shipped to Australia. The price for the fountain pen is 1150 Euro, which is about 1250USD and 1700AUD. The ballpoint is 'only' 950 Euro. I loved the ballpoint and therefore subsequently snagged the next fountain pen that came on eBay used for about half the new price. This would be a good idea if you are looking to pick up this pen, except for the fact that I've had an eBay search for 'hermes nautilus' for about a year now and only two have come onto the market in that time. Anyway, the pen is expensive and also hard to get, unless you walk into a Hermes shop or live in the US. I believe Australia only stocks the silver model and the only place online with all four colours in stock is the US Hermes site (which sells the fountain pen for 1670USD -- a 25% mark-up on European on-line prices). Build and Quality I don't know quite what to say. The Nautilus satisfies. It satisfies like a solid, but not heavy, metal pen should. I just bought a Lamy Joy this morning and could scarcely bring myself to even use it for a few lines because it just felt cheap and plasticky in comparison to what I'm now used to. I had already bought the Montblanc M fountain pen and, while I like it, picking it up to compare and the first thing that hits me is that it doesn't feel well balanced -- the nib end has much more metal and heft to it, while the butt doesn't feel cheap, but is nevertheless all a bit too 'hollow' somehow. If I'm generally to compare Marc Newson's two attempts at the genre and the Nautilus is much more satisfying: two other issues with the Montblanc M are the ridges at the grip which can be a bit grating and the lack of any satisfactory way of inking it up without cartridges. Neither are a problem for the Nautilus. The other pens I should compare the Nautilus to are Pilot vanishing points, Lamy Dialogs and all others with retractable nibs. Because, if you didn't already know, that's the main 'gimmick' of the Nautilus too. Except, I can't really call it a 'gimmick' because it is such a fundamental part of this pen. The magnet on the Montblanc M is a gimmick. It is slightly fun, but has little practical use and isn't even dual use to allow posting (the M can't). The retractable nib on the Nautilus is integral. This is the first and only 'minimalist' pen I have come across that pulls it off. I simply can't persuade myself to try any others having bought the Nautilus, because the others do it worse -- at least from an aesthetic point of view. I don't want a clip in my way when I'm writing. I don't want a Frankenstein's monster pen where the nib emerges from the 'wrong end'. I don't actually want a clip at all. The retractable nib is there, for me, as a design decision by a designer wanting a pen that takes all excess away. Lamy haven't done that and Pilot haven't either. The Nautilus has. When you turn the butt of the pen 360 degrees to start writing, there is no cap to post. There is no clip to worry about. There is the nib to write and the shaft to grip and nothing else. The only thing more satisfying in a way than knowing this is when you have finished writing. To make the nib (or ballpoint tip, for the other model) protrude you have to complete a full turn of the mechanism, but retracting and you just need a slight anti-clockwise nudge for the butt to seamlessly complete its turn and align again perfectly. It is slightly magical in the sense that it's never entirely clear where the potential energy comes for this process, but it works every time and has the solidness that it will be working just as well in fifty years time -- there is no complex mechanism that is prone to failure, just a well-engineered design. One final comment on the build and that is the shape. The pen's cross-section is halfway between a rounded triangle and an oval cut in half. While I'm not a natural writer and grew up with a non-standard pen grip (I didn't use a triangle grip), I therefore thought I might struggle to even hold the nautilus correctly as the body isn't round. Well, I've had no problems there. I find it immensely satisfying and comfortable to write with. Nib and Writing I don't actually propose to go into this. There's a picture of a fine medium above. Hermes use Pilot's vanishing point nibs and even sell them separately (with a Hermes mark-up built in). I normally go for a medium, but the fine-medium pictured is just great. I think Hermes sell 6 different nibs from XF to B, but really these are interchangeable with Pilot and won't write any differently to Pilot. One thing I can say, again to eulogise this pen, is that I picked up just the nib apparatus by itself before buying the Nautilus. I tried writing with it on its own and was distinctly underwhelmed -- not because it was a bad nib, but because without the heft and glory of a beautiful pen, the nib on its own is robbed of any chance to shine. Final Comments I can write more, but not for now, so will post this as a rather stream-of-consciousness review. One last note for those of you thinking of maybe buying the ballpoint version, a Pilot nib and saving a bit of money -- don't. You can't. I haven't posted it here, but the interiors of the two pens are slightly different -- the fountain pen has room in the butt for the cartridge or converter (I use a CON-40 at the moment) and a 'notch' in the front section to take any Pilot (or Hermes) vanishing point nib unit. The ballpoint is different for both sections, so the two pens are not interchangeable. They are, as pictured, exactly the same size and will take the same leather sheaths though. I mainly posted this all because I wanted anyone in a similar position to have a bit more information on this fine pen. So, feel free to ask questions or for any more specific pictures and I'll try to come to the party.
  3. Would any fountain pen person want to help me transform (into a fountain pen) the handwriting instruction pen that I now purvey which is here: http://pen.guide ? This pen contains a pull-out handwriting improvement tip-sheet (by me), consultable on-the-go ... but, so far, I have only been able to get it made up in (GASP! HORRORS!) ballpoint ... therefore, I am looking for someone who can work with me to produce it in fountain-pen form with a choice of nibs. Please reach me at handwritingrepair@gmail.com with the words "Handwriting Pen" in the subject-line.
  4. Hi, I recently found this up for sale in a local online marketplace, and I can't help wondering the make of the mechanical pencil. I'm quite interested in it, but it'd be much better when I actually know what I'm buying. http://s9.postimg.org/fl56so3hb/258580410_1_644x461_1set_stainless_boxy_parker_j.jpg Sorry for the picture quality, but this seller really does provide only the most vague of description and pics. I've dealt with him before and he was good, and I'm quite sure they're brand-name stationery. The vague description only mentioned that it might be Japanese? It also said Boxy, but from what I know Boxy is just a product line of Mitsubishi Pencil and does not include pencils or pens like these. The button of the pencil looks somewhat like the GraphGear 1000's and it seems to have a rubber grip? While at it, an ID of the ballpoint would be nice too. Thanks
  5. Iguana Sell

    Montegrappa Ducale Murano

    Meet the new Montegrappa Ducale Murano. This magnificent pen is inspired in the famous crystal craftsmanship. The whole collection is a tribute to Venice. Created entirely in vibrant resin, trims are manufactured in palladium. Its colour represents the famous art works of the Venetian artisans. This Italian jewel will surprise you because of its chromatic effects and deep blue highlights in its body.The piece is already available at Iguana Sell, with shipping within 24 h, and in different writing instruments: fountain pen (F, M, B ), rollerball and ballpoint. Fountain pen: https://www.iguanasell.com/products/montegrappa-ducale-murano-mare-fountain-pen-blue-resin-palladium-trim Rollerball: https://www.iguanasell.com/products/montegrappa-ducale-murano-mare-rollerball-pen-palladium-trim-isdurrif Ballpoint: https://www.iguanasell.com/products/montegrappa-ducale-murano-mare-ballpoint-pen-blue-resin-palladium-trim Enjoy some pictures of these pieces below!
  6. Hello, I know the pros and cons of purchasing grey market. I just purchased a 7569 - Meisterstuck Platinum Line LeGrand Ballpoint Pen from Jacobtime.com I am in the process of deciding if everything looks authentic. They have a 30-day return policy, so that is a plus to me. Their online reviews are mostly positive, and they have an A rating out of New York. I have noticed a few items that seem interesting to me, and thought I would put it out here to see if anyone else has had the same experiences. The pen was not shrink-wrapped, but taped in a plastic bag basically. The tape and plastic were of the type that you could tell if they had been opened, so I am thinking that is to indicate it is factory fresh possibly? The only sticker on the outside did not have the serial number to the pen - is this a bad thing? It did have a number on it, and also the word "New" printed on the sticker. Has anyone seen that before? That seems strange to me. The pen was in a white cardboard outer box with the Montblanc logo on it. No stickers on the white box. The inner pen box looks and feels authentic, but I have nothing to compare it to. The warranty booklet looks and feels authentic. The warranty card is not filled out. As to the pen. On the underside of the clip, it has "Made in Germany" and the word "Metal". The serial number is on the outside of the clip band. I do not want to put it in the post here to give the bad guys a good number to work from, but is there a standard format to follow such as "MB" then letter, number, number, etc.; or letter, letter, number, etc.?? I assume the bad guys know the format anyway, so I don't know if this does me any good anyway, just to know the format. Like I said, JacobTime.com is supposed to be a grey dealer, but I did have these questions arise. I do not live near a boutique to take it into to have it checked. I tried to get some pictures to post, but I could not get any close-up shots that would be of any good as far as authentication. Sorry for such a lengthy post! I'd really appreciate any comments or suggestions as far as whether this pen sounds authentic, or screams "fake". Thank you for any help.
  7. CS17

    Discontinued Lamy Noto

    Hey all, I came across this photo of Lamy Noto models (yes, I know this isn't about fountain pens, but I figured someone might be able to help), and absolutely love the white, orange, and blue models. http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7046/6791009092_e89f092ea1_o.jpg However, it appears that they have been discontinued. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where online or in person I might be able to find one of these, or discontinued pens in general? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Iguana Sell

    Last Waterman Ombres & Lumières

    The successful Special Edition collection that celebrates Waterman's french heritage is becoming discontinued soon! The elegant black and white design of this collection gets inspiration from Parisian mesmerising lights at night and expresses Paris' chicness. The line which was available in Carène, Expert, Perspective and Hémisphère is the perfect accessory to match a sophisticated style. Some of this Special Edition treasures still remain at Iguana Sell: Expert fountain pen: https://www.iguanasell.com/products/waterman-expert-ombres-lumieres-fountain-pen-lacquer-chrome-trim Carène ballpoint: https://www.iguanasell.com/products/waterman-carene-ombres-lumieres-ballpoint-pen-lacquer-special-edition For further information do not hesitate but contact us via info@iguanasell.com Get your chance to enjoy this Special Edition!
  9. Iguana Sell

    New Waterman Sets

    Waterman lovers, the brand has launched three new sets for this summer! All sets include a fountain pen or ballpoint plus an iconic Waterman blue leather case! The fountain pen set: Part of the Expert line, the fountain pen features the cigar-shaped silhouette and Parisian style. Made of blue and black laquer, trims are chrome and the nib available in F and M is stainless steal. Make sure to check out the elegant striped pattern on the cap! The ballpoint pen sets: Both are part of the famous Carène line, in Waterman's blue iconic laquer and feature the same elegant shape inspired on a luxury boat. The difference? You can check it out on trims and cap. While ref 1955313 has chrome trims and the same striped pattern on the cap as the fountain pen The more exclusive 1955316 is adorned with PVD trims and the iconic wavy Carène pattern. Waterman New 2016 Sets: https://www.iguanasell.com/search?type=product&q=waterman+set These sets make this summer's perfect gift! What do you think? Below you will find some pictures of this unique novelties!
  10. Iguana Sell

    New Montblanc Muses Poudré

    Discover the new Montblanc Muses Poudré: The Edition that praises the 20th century's iconic muses has a beautiful new model: 'Poudré'. Inspired by 50's fashion and women's beauty canons of the time, the writing instruments' barrel recreate the hourglass figure with tiny waists, rounded shoulders and undeniable style. Created for modern and elegant women, this edition stands out for the perfect contrast between its pale pink precious resin body and the blue petal-shaped mother-of-pearl stone we can find on the clip. The edition is available in fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint, and the fountain pen's nib is rhodium plated 14K gold with a heart shaped hole. Fountain pen: https://www.iguanasell.com/products/montblanc-muses-poudre-fountain-pen-precious-resine-platinum-trim Rollerball: https://www.iguanasell.com/products/montblanc-muses-poudre-rollerball-pen-precious-resine-platinum-trim-115272 Ballpoint: https://www.iguanasell.com/products/montblanc-muses-poudre-ballpoint-pen-precious-resine-platinum-trim-115273 For further information do not hesitate to contact us through info@iguanasell.com Below you can enjoy some pictures of this beautiful novelty!
  11. Meet the new Montegrappa Nero Uno Duetto collection! Montegrappa's most iconic line launches a new surprising and fresh collection. With a contemporary twist, the Nero Uno writing instruments keep the collection's values following minimalism, simplicity and ultimate elegance. The barrel in black resin is decorated with a geometric linear pattern, furthermore this time the full metal cap is engraved with the same linear pattern creating the perfect contrast. Fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint are all available in palladium, rose gold or ruthenium plating. All of these novelties are in stock right now, so do not wait to check them out: Fountain pen: https://www.iguanasell.com/search?type=product&q=montegrappa+nero+uno+duetto+fountain+pen Rollerball: https://www.iguanasell.com/search?type=product&q=montegrappa+nero+uno+duetto+rollerball Ballpoint: https://www.iguanasell.com/search?type=product&q=montegrappa+nero+uno+duetto+ballpoint For further information please do not hesitate to contact us through info@iguanasell.com
  12. PenBoutique

    Special Edtion Pelikan M205 Aquamarine!

    The Matching pen to the AQUAMARINE INK!!!! We have been waiting for it and now here it is. If you would like to purchase just the pen in either ballpoint or fountain you can do so or if you want the set fountain pen and ink They come in that as well. Link below is for the ink : http://www.penboutique.com/pelikan-edelstein-ink-of-the-year-2016-aquamarine-50ml-ink-bottle.html For more information or to place a pre order. 1800-263-2736 or 410-992-3272 Support@penboutique.com
  13. For pre orders and more information please contact us: 1800-263-2736 or 410-992-3272 Support@penboutique.com
  14. Montegrappa has introduced some new beauties to their Parola collection! The iconic fountain pen is now available in three new colours, inspired by the simple palette of block colours. Crayon pink, amaron red and stealth black. Both pink and red instruments have palladium trims while the stealth black model has a brushed ruthenium trim that gives a masculine edge to the piece. The new Parolas are available in fountain pen (EF- F- M - , rollerball, ballpoint and mechanical pencil. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us via info@iguanasell.com Make sure to check them out below!
  15. I'm selling pens for a woman whose husband passed away.. There are a few vintage pens, fountain pens, etc. But the bulk of the accumulation (er . . . collection) is ballpoint pens, some with advertising and some without. Many are very nice writers, and some of the pen designs are very interesting, fun and/or attractive. I will sell them in groups of 10 or twenty, most likely on eBay. My question is how to group them to appeal to ballpoint pen users and/or collectors. Do I put all the Pilot, Papermate or Zebra pens together as brand lots? Do I put all the medical advertising pens in a lot? Should I create a group with one Sheaffer ballpoint, one Parker, one Papermate and one Cross? I'm a fountain pen collector myself, and ballpoints are mostly utilitarian for me. If you're a ballpoint person, do you want to buy because it writes well? Looks cool? Is a novelty? Is collectible? Is blue? Do you want several of the same pen or a variety of brands? I'd appreciate any insight you might have.
  16. Hi All, I know that this isn't a fountain pen but out of desperation I could not identify this Mont Blanc ballpoint pen. I received it as a parting gift from a friend of mine, and seeing the Mont Blanc logo I immediately called it into question. The pen has all of the parts to a real mont blanc pen, box, service book, legitimate refills and case. However the one thing that startled me is that it does not have a serial number in the service book, or on the pen itself. I was hoping that someone could help me identify and check the legitimacy of the pen. As a pen enthusiast, it would be an insult to me if it was not, which may sound ungrateful but I wouldn't be very nice to receive a fake from a good friend of mine. Below are some pictures of the pen (apologies for the quality). Thank you.
  17. ppinzon13

    Original Mb 116 With Leather Pouch?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post and I ask for your help regarding this MB 116. The seller states its a "Montblanc Mini" looks to me like a 116, has a serial number but no papers or box. Also, it includes a leather pouch as shown in the pictures. I have been looking for images of this pouch but only found some on ebay. The pen looks fine to me but there is something about the clip that I don´t like... looks hollow... but it might be the light. The pictures are not the best ones but I hope they help. Thanks for your help, Peter
  18. Greetings, I have a 1985 gold plated waterman 100 vermeil specimen, one fountain pen and one ball point. They don't have any ink cartridges. Can someone please advice me what modern cartridge / ball point I should buy? edit: waterman.com only has one type of cartridge?
  19. LizWrites

    Kreisler Ballpoint Pen

    Hi all, I know this isn't a fountain pen topic but thought I'd give it a whirl since I'm trying to find a repair option. Please feel free to suggest an alternate place to post if this isn't appropriate for this forum. I have a small Kreisler ballpoint pen which I found in my mother's old desk. By small, it's akin to the Parker Jotter size (at least the ones I have). It seems there's not much info out there about Kreisler pens and mechanical pencils. I found that the still existing Kreisler Industrial Corporation started out in early 20th C manufacturing among other things, pen and pencil sets. Think they stopped making writing instruments around the time of the Second World War when more pressing manufacturing was called for. Anyway, I would like to use this pen but the ballpoint ink barrel 1) doesn't advance out the tip when the outer pen barrel is twisted (it moves around freely inside as if not connected) and 2) is out of ink or is so old ink isn't viable anymore. Can anyone suggest a reputable repairer of ballpoint pens? Plus a place to obtain a refill, even if not a true Kreisler? I'm in the San Francisco area. And if you know anything about Kreisler's history as a pen maker, please share! Many thanks. Liz
  20. I recently ordered a Parker Frontier ball point. I like the SS-GT varierty of pens. So this was one of that variety. This pen has a metallic top part, and the "section" part is the plastic/rubberised - but whatever the material, its of good quality - and not at all feels like the usual gripper that we find in pens. Besides, the SS-GT has a bit deeper hue to it and very smooth and shiny - that gives a very good looks to it. The refill of-course is the standard jotter refill made by Parker with the quink ink. The pen has a good heft to it, and feels good to use. The presentation is very good pf2 by anup@indiapoint, on Flickr The Luxor stamp is unmistakable pf4 by anup@indiapoint, on Flickr Though the box is made of paper, it looks quite neat pf3 by anup@indiapoint, on Flickr pf5 by anup@indiapoint, on Flickr The pen: pf6 by anup@indiapoint, on Flickr The pen compared to other pens: L-R - Parker Frontier, Parker Jotter, and Oliver M-2 - which I had review previously Generally using Fountain Pens, I have become habituated with a bit thicker section. I had bought this Parker Frontier with the hope that it has a thicker section. Though the section is thicker than the jotter, it is a normal thickness and not really thick. (all these three pens use the same standard jotter refill). Infact I am now habituated with the M2 thickness which makes me more comfortable, and still searching for a ball point of similar thickness at the grip section. pf7 by anup@indiapoint, on Flickr The pen interestingly is manufactured in India pf1 by anup@indiapoint, on Flickr I had read previously that Waterman pens are being manufactured in India, but didn't know that Parkers are also being manufactured in India. These are manufactured by Luxor most likely for sale only in India and Nepal (as mentioned in the sticker) Eventhough these are being manufactured in India, the max retail price in India matches with the price as anywhere else in the world. At lease the Luxor site sells them at MRP though one can get discounts from other retailers / e-retailers Thanks for reading.
  21. I have a Cross Classic Century twist-top ballpoint pen. There's only one problem. The very top of the pen is missing. It looks like a small dome that slides into the twist-top. I need to know the name of the piece, and where to buy it. Help!
  22. Does anyone else happen to have one of these neat pocket pens, made by the cigar accessory company Xikar? This is a tiny pen, close in length to a Fisher Bullet, yet quite a bit slimmer. This version has a Redwood barrel section, and was available at one time in another variety of wood. It is currently not listed by Xikar, and I found only one other site that advertised it at one time. It uses any Parker-style refill, and came in a decent cardboard box. It's a shelf queen for me, since i have many, many other pens that are more practical for daily writing. But it is nicely made and I was lucky enough to get this one as a Christmas gift maybe 4-5 years ago. Any other experiences with this Xikar or similar pens in their collections?
  23. Hello all members. Well, my first appearance on FPN, greetings Been thinking to sell this one. Any idea what it's worth nowadays ? I've looked on many websites and it all vary somewhere around $200-$250. So I really don't know how to evaluate this one precisely. Any opinion would be much appreciated, thanks
  24. Wave the flag for New Conklin All American styles!
  25. MONTEGRAPPA - Piccola Blue Ballpoint Pen- ISPKCBAB http://www.door2fashion.com/product_p/51603.htm 60% OFF SALE US SHIPPING ONLY

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