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  1. Hello, I am looking to buy a Meisterstuck ballpoint to go with the Meisterstuck Classique fountain pen I got as a gift and I found this one. It looks legit to me, maybe a little old, but no big 'fake' alarms. Could you please tip in and and tell me what you think? Is it original or is it a fake? It is listed for about 100$, and has the markings Germany and MB101285. Images: https://imgur.com/a/nytpp Thank you, Marc
  2. Vmor86

    Art Brown Does Repairs

    I'm glad to announce to all fans of Art Brown that we have reopened a new location under new management at #20R, Jewelery Plaza, 20 W 47th St . New York, NY 10036. At Art Brown, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive inventory of the very finest pens and leather goods available. If for some reason there is an item that you are interested in and we do not have it at the present time we will make sure to put our best efforts forth to get it for you. We also provide repairs. At Art Brown we place the needs and satisfaction of our customers above everything else. Dont forget that the holidays are quickly approaching and why not get your loved one a gift here. Come check us out at your earliest convenience, we look forward to assisting you
  3. Ballpoint (and rollerball) pen refills have progressed a very long way. They are a far cry from the older sticky, blobby, and inconsistently performing refills of decades ago. In fact some modern ones write so well and smoothly without much pressure required, that they can easily displace the need for a firm fine nib fountain pen. But all flirting with FPN heresy aside, all writing instruments have their place. I prefer fountain pens, but ballpoints are very useful in circumstances where fountain pens just don't cut it. Mainly, the ability to write with quick drying waterproof results, while being rugged, durable, maintenance-free and even inexpensive. Well, unfortunately there is no single standard ballpoint refill design. There are a number of them (more than 5). Some makers stick with one or two refill designs, which means you cannot enjoy their ink in other pens (e.g. the Pilot G2 won't fit in any Parker refill compatible pens). While many are good writers, with some being really quite superb, there is one thing I've run into that is a major pet peeve of mine: REFILLS THAT STOP WORKING, even though they have seen very little use. From what I've surmised, the main problem with traditional ballpoint refills is that the ink supply will separate over time. The result is a gap inside the channel towards the tip, which blocks the ink flow. You may find that after waiting some time with the pen sitting tip down that flow will resume, but it will rarely remain consistent. The "gap" doesn't close up. It just allows a little ink to sneak past it to the tip, but will remain there. This can happen with many types of refills. AND... as I've discovered, this will happen with some even though they are "NEW" and "UNUSED"! I once bought a 10 pack of refills (got a very good price per refill) and after 5 years, the ENTIRE PACK was not usable (7 new refills were completely useless). I tried a number of things to fix the refills: Heated up the refill with a hair dryer, in hopes of increasing fluidity and perhaps causing the "gap" to float up to the back end, away from the tip.Taping the refill to a string and then whipping it around very fast like a centrifuge, trying to shift the ink to the writing tip.Both methods worked... at first. But then after some writing, the refill would stop working again. I do wonder if I should have tried using both methods, one after the other. So my questions are as follows: Q 1: Have you run into that dreaded skipping refill problem? If so, did you find a workable solution that lasts for a reasonable period? Q2: What refills have you found that are not prone to ink supply separation? My favorite to date is the Pilot G2. Also, it seems that LAMY's M16 refill is very good about continuous writing even after lying in a drawer for many months. Please share your experiences and try not to slam ballpoints over fountain pens. I'd like to keep this topic "ballpoint friendly" so we can all benefit from each other's pen wisdom. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I recently obtained this MB Meisterstuck ballpoint pen. I know this is a FP forum, but maybe someone can help me on Ballpoints! I have doubts on whether its a genuine MB.. I have attached a few photos. 1. The "pix" is on the band, not under the clip. Under the clip has "made in Germany" - is this common? 2. There is a serial number. IW1666858 3. The bottom part of the pen (under strong light) goes slightly red. Any help would be great! Many thanks.
  5. Hello I bought a group of vintage pens few days ago from an antique shop, one of them is unknown to me, it's heavy ballpoint pen, when I removed the body to see what inside, I found this...!!?
  6. A few years ago, I bought a pen very similar to these pens (almost identical to the first one, but it had one color bubble, not three): - https://www.amazon.de/Wedo-256126-Vierfarb-Kugelschreiber-Sichtwahl-Druckmechanik-auswechselbaren/dp/B002K8X43K/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1500814383&sr=8-13&keywords=vierfarbkugelschreiber - http://www.ebay.de/itm/PELIKAN-4-1-Vierfarb-Kugelschreiber-4-Color-Ballpoint-Red-Chrome-1972-VINTAGE-/272734985022?hash=item3f80459b3e:g:MPgAAOSw4CFYnE46&autorefresh=true At a flea market. I LOVED it and used it every day... until it was stolen off my desk. I have been searching for it ever since, and only recently had the bright idea of asking my family for help. They searched for it in german terms (bought it at a german flea market with german family members) and my uncle found the above results. I can't seem to purchase it on Amazon, as it says it's out of stock and the last purchase was in 2016, and I can't even find it for sale anywhere else. To me it's really special because it's not one of those slider-pens, but instead uses gravity to choose the color it sends out. I've had bad experiences with the slider type getting stuck all the time. As I am still in school, I take a LOT of notes and like to color code for clarity, and I loved having this type of pen, and really miss it. Does anyone know what it is called? Or how I could possibly find it and buy it somewhere? Or even maybe have one they're willing to sell? I am rather poor but I'd like to at least give it a try. Thank you and I hope I didn't do anything wrong! This is my first post here, though I've read posts here for a while.
  7. I got this pen as gift from my grandpa awhile ago when he was diagnosed with stage IV lunge cancer. He sadly passed away after a long and tough fight . I was hoping anyone here could possibly identify which Parker pen is this and how much it's worth . There are 2 pens one ballpoint and the other is a fountain pen. They are both made in France as written on them . One has the letters A I and the other has the letters A L. Apparently this means it was produced in 1982 . However I can't identify which model is it , whether it's a Parker 75 Perle or a Parker 180 Vendome perle . Any help would be appreciated! http://imgur.com/a/hbLJw
  8. Iguana Sell

    New Montegrappa Nero Uno All-Metal

    Montegrappa's latest novelty is already available! Meet the new Montegrappa Nero Uno All - Metal collection. Montegrappa decorates its iconic octogonal with parallel grooves writing instruments with metal and 23K palladium achieving an elegant and futuristic look. With four different colour combinations, the collection is available in fountain pen (EF, F, M, , rollerball and ballpoint. The whole collection is already available at Iguana Sell! What do you think?
  9. I've posted this on another forum, but I think you all would be interested in it as well. This is a test of how waterproof certain ballpoint and gel inks are (also included are two fountain pen inks at the bottom). I've categorized them as follows: Waterproof: Uniball SignoPilot JuiceBic CristalRite in the Rain (Fisher Space fine)Semi-waterproof: Pilot G2Schmidt easyFlowFisher SpacePilot PreciseNot waterproof: Parker Quink Gel
  10. fcl

    Mont Blanc Starwalker?

    Hi. I wanted to know if this is a regular Starwalker model since i couldn't find any exact model picture. First off, a little about the origin of this pen, they belonged to my father, he had this MB and other three Stuckmeister (1 fountain pen (14K 585, 1 ballpoint and a mechanical pencil). All of these are at least 18 years old, the ballpoint pen has W-Germany on the top gold part, so probably they all are pre 1991. I'll probably start a thread on these. Anyone know anything about this pen?? Is it worth it? Thanks a lot.
  11. Hi. Thank you for reading my topic. I was wondering, has anyone ever tried to convert a parker style ballpoint pen into a pencil? I was interested in buying this Pelikan pen: http://www.penboutique.com/pelikan-k150-black-fs-inl-ballpoint-pen.html But I don't know for sure if it will fit. Has anyone bought a Pelikan ballpoint and converted it into a pencil with the Schmidt DSM 2006 Pencil System Mechanism? http://www.go-authentic.com/shop/ink-refills/parts-and-accessories/schmidt-dsm-2006-feinminen-pencil-systems If it ends up not working, apparently modifications need to be done to it. Does anyone know a source on how to convert it if modifications are necessary? Thank you for your time and have a nice day.
  12. Markthetruck

    Need A 75 Ciselle Ballpoint In Near Mint

    A friend wants to give a gift to his father and it's a 75 Sterling Ciselle (flat top preferably) Please RSVP if you have or can refer me to someone who has one!" Thanks for your help!
  13. Iguana Sell

    New Visconti Van Gogh Vicent's Chair

    Visconti launches a new edition of their Van Gogh collection, this time inspired by the art work Vicent's Chair. Available in fountain pen (F, M, , rollerball and ballpoint pen, the edition is made in green and yellow resin with palladium trims. The fountain pen's nib features a stainless steel nib. This edition will be available in June, but we are already taking pre-orders! For further information click here or contact us. Kind regards, Iguana Sell
  14. Hi everyone, I just came into the possession of an Aurora 98 ballpoint pen. Unfortunately, it came with an empty mine and I have been having a hard time since then finding a refill for it. Do you guys here have any suggestions on how and where to find a refill? It can also be one from a third-party. There is AURORA - Dokumental - INOX and some unidentifiable numbers written on it. It is approximately 9.5 cm/3.74 inches long. I've attached some photos showing the pen and the refill. Thanks in advance!
  15. I have a cheap advertisment pen that I got from my tax guy. I love it becuase it has a great triangular grip that helps reduce pain when writing. Can anyone post a link to a reliable website to where I can buy more refills? I will post a picture of the pen and the refill. Thank you!
  16. Hullo all. [EDIT I have just checked: the refill is 80.75mm long - sorry!] I have recently acquired this rather nice solid silver Yard-o-Led ballpoint, which is engraved 1960. I have been unable to find a refill for it. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks in advance Cob
  17. Montegrappa launches its most awaited and exciting collection: Montegrappa Game of Thrones. The collection features four editions inspired by the four main houses in the HBO hit TV show. The Baratheon edition is coloured in charcoal black accented with contrasting yellow gold. On the clip it features a stag's head, a stag rampant on the cap's top above the motto "Our Is The Fury". The cap is decorated by a fleur-de-lis pattern. For the Lannister edition, Montegrappa has chosen yellow gold as the dominant colour. This makes the perfect contrast with its red body. A lion's head is featured on the clip, and the cap is decorated with a lion rampant above the motto "Hear Me Roar". This time a floral Tudor Rose pattern adorns the cap. The House Stark has northern origins, therefore the edition had to be in silvery-white with paladium trims conveying winter. The pattern chosen for the cap is this time a runic symbol, finishing with a direwolf's head on the pocket clip and his profile on the top of the cap above the motto "Winter is Coming". Finally, for Targaryen Montegrappa has chosen a metallic red against a coal-back background. A dragon's head forms the clip while its coils above the legend "Fire and Blood" is featured on the caps top. The cap is decorated with a filigree pattern. As you can see all editions are available in fountain pen, ballpoint and rollerball. The collection will be available soon, but we are already taking preorders! For further information do not hesitate to contact us at info@iguanasell.com
  18. Anyone tried the AmazonBasics Ballpoint? Package of 100 (50 black, 50 blue) for less than $8. On sale today for less than $6. An add on item or Subscribe and Save. Reviews indicate decent ballpoint but the cap falls off. Medium 1.0 nib Ask because ballpoints are often suggested as an inexpensive way to start drawing. BIC usually mentioned as a good writer Wondered if these similar.
  19. China Can't Make A Ballpoint Pen, And Why We Shouldn't Worry About TRIPS (Forbes, January 2016) A made-in-China triumph: China declares it can make ball pen head (South China Morning Post, January 2017)
  20. What's everyone's favorite pen/daily driver? I use a Dunhill Sidecar black resin ballpoint. Not the most popular pen out there, but sure is a beauty. Helps that I'm a huge fan of Dunhill! What do you all use on a daily basis??
  21. PreciseImpressions98

    Parker Pen Help

    Hello Fountain Pen Network! This is my first post and I was hoping to receive some help identifying and valuing some Parker pens I recently received. Now, I know this is the "Fountain" Pen Network for a reason, but my pens are ballpoints. I currently have three ballpoint Parker pens I would like to have valued and 1 of them is not an Insignia. I have no clue what it is, so I would like help identifying it. The two I know about are a Parker Insignia ballpoint pen in the Athenes finish and 1 in the Sterling Silver finish. Both have Parker emblems/badges on them and I was wondering how this affects the rareness or value of the pens. I'll have all three pens in pictures below. Please help and thanks you for any future responses!
  22. Hey y'all! I just recently saw of the new Monami 153 Black/White ballpoint pen. It comes in those two colors, and is a matte and metal version of the original 153 plastic ballpoint pen. They are an upgraded luxury of the original ballpoint Here are some pictures of them. Make sure to tell me what you think!
  23. Hello there, I'm sorry in advance for the silly question, but if you can't ask pen questions that may seem silly here, where can you?! On to my issue at hand... I've been using a Montblanc Meisterstuck ballpoint (not sure exactly which model) for a while now and I absolutely love it. It was a gift, but I'm not sentimentally attached. I just love the weight and smoothness of the refills (broad; blue), and the effortless glide across the paper. My issue is, though, that I work in the gov./non-profit sector and walking around with a MB ballpoint (gifted or not) draws too much attention in the wrong way (maybe when I'm a director or team-lead it won't). I try to use it only for personal writing at my desk, etc., but the great feeling of using it has me wanting to just use it all the time no matter what. Is there any way to make it less conspicuous? Maybe a change out of the white star top? Is there another similarly weighted pen, or one that takes MB refills? I know that it's probably odd to request the transition in this direction (as opposed to asking for a pen that looks more like an MB), but I'm at a loss. I like pens, and I love this one in particular, but unfortunately it's just too recognizable even to the uninitiated.
  24. Hey guys. I have done some research and apparently some people find a way to fit standard ballpoint refills in standard rollerball pens. Apparently it involved using an adapter at the end of the ballpoint refill, but Im not sure if that worked for every pen. So before I go on the quest to find one of these adapters which seem to have vanished from earth, I would like to know from you experienced folks if it will fit in my pens. I have a starwalker rollerball and a meisterstuck classique. They both share the same rollerballs and fineliners refills. I wish I could go ballpoint with them. Thanks!
  25. Meet the new Montegrappa Dia de los Muertos writing instruments! Montegrappa launches a new edition full of Mexican heritage. The brand has been inspired by the famous Mexican holiday and tradition: Day of the Dead. The instruments' body is made of black resin with brushed ruthenium trims. All writing instruments feature an enamel hand-made decoration. Fine engravings create the beautiful and iconic Mexican skull drawing. After this, several caps of pearled enamel are applied giving the final touch to this masterpiece. Pearled enamel can be chosen in white, blue or red! Available in fountain pen (EF, F, M, , ballpoint and rollerball the collection is already available at Iguana Sell! Be the first to celebrate the Day of the Dead! Check out the whole collection: https://www.iguanasell.com/search?type=product&q=montegrappa+dia+de+los+muertos

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