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  1. Hi, As I wrote in the title, how hard would it be to convert a Vector pencil into a ballpoint? There's one on ebay that I like, but I would like to know if it's possible and how to go about it. Thanks! Alex
  2. Hello everyone! When one discusses about the writing experience of fountain pens, a common topic is the combination of the three big elements of FP writing: pen, paper and ink. If one starts the fp hobby, more or less inevitably end up becoming a paper connoisseur and with one or more tri-part favorite combos. Perhaps less mentioned is the recurrence of the topic with other types of pens, specially with ballpoint pens which have a double reputation of "writing on almost anything" (including paper, plastic surfaces, etc. due to water insoluble, high viscosity ink) and also of being really temperamental hard-starting and skipping writers. After writing with fps for a while, I discovered that I like writing marks on paper as much as I like my fountain pens. lately I got back to (mechanical) pencils and ballpoints and started exploring into gel ink (rollerball?) pens. I am gladly surprised at what ballpoints can deliver in terms of smoothness, saturation and overall writing experience. Not what I remember of ballpoints as hideous disposable writing instruments. My current theory is that those poor pens are actually the remnants of once ok pens that suffered horrific mistreatments and kept painfully going despite this So, for new-out-of-the-package ballpoints (modern ones, of course) the writing is not nearly as bad... well, most of the time. I have noticed that paper quality is of great importance for ballpoints, maybe even as much as with fountain pens! Let me explain why I think this is the case: After trying some brand new pens, I noticed that they wrote sometimes allrigth and sometimes very badly. This behavior coincided mostly with the end of pages where my arm and hand have passed many times, in contrast with fresh empty pages where writing was easy at first. At other times, the pens skipped on one particular part of the page and refuse to write no matter how hard I push. In this cases, the writing sensation was quite distinct, and can be described as if the point of the pen slides over a very smooth surface. This can be proven by looking close to the area where the pen is not writing where the surface looks polished and even slightly shiny. In normal writing, ballpoints have a drag feeling due to the viscosity of the ink but this was obviously not the case here. In order to write, the ball at the tip of a ballpoint pen needs to be constantly covered in ink, which is achieved by means of the rotation of the ball caused by the friction with the paper. So, to write, a ballpoint needs that the friction of the tip with the paper be more than the friction of the ball with the ink above it. If, for any reason the ball gets stuck, or the friction with the tip diminishes enough, the ball does not rotate and ink cannot come out. The issue with paper is then if the paper can grip the point strongly enough to make it roll. In a fresh page, the surface is still rough enough to make this happen (Ink may also contribute to stick the point to the paper), but in the polished surface at the end of a page, it may become more and more difficult until the pen starts skipping and refusing to start. Other contributing factor that is relatively easy to observe is that small fibers can shed off the surface of the paper, then stick to the ink at the point of the pen and collect at the side of the nozzle making the ball stuck. this becomes visible as a little ball of inky fibers at one side of the tip. When you remove this material by wiping the borders of the tip in a clean paper, the pen starts out smooth again. This is very much reduced in other kinds of paper. I discovered that coated papers tend to grip the point much better, which eliminates skipping and makes starts much easier. the same papers tend to make a variety of pens to write nicer and smoother. Lines also look much more saturated and uniform. On the other hand, the tendency to smearing is more pronounced. So, in practice, there may be also good (even ideal) ballpoint friendly paper. I'd like to know if any of you have also had similar experiences and what is your favorite paper in combination with ballpoints. Saludos Tadeo
  3. I have a Waterman ballpoint and case given to me in the 1970’s. I ask for help in identifying the model and name they assigned to it. I do not see any comparable pens on various websites due to the 2 rings on the bottom portion of the barrel and its tapered curve. The cap snaps on vs. screw on. The widest part of the barrel is 14mm. I cannot find any model number or serial number on it. The top of the cap is at an angle and has the W logo imprinted on it. Anyone have any ideas? See photos please.
  4. Mob Mentality

    First Year Jotter Mystery

    Hello all, I recently got a first year Parker Jotter in grey. I've noticed that this pen seems to only work with Parker branded refills. I have tried other refills such as the Schmidt Easy Flow and it seems when I click the pen it sort of gets stuck in the out position. This doesn't happen at all with Parker branded refills even after clicking the pen 20-30 times in a row. I was wondering if others has experienced this phenomenon. Also I was wondering which refills have worked well in first year jotters besides Parker Branded refills. Thanks
  5. A surprise! A review of a ballpoint Review Linked Here too Rotring started in 1928 with a tubular tipped stylographic fountain pen commonly known as Tiku and was incorporated as Titenkuli Handels GmbH. Later in the 1984, the calligraphic ArtPen was introduced, which was followed by the more famous and most sought after 600 series pens. There were a few changes in name in between and you can find their historical timeline here. In 1998, it was taken over by Sanford US, a part of Newell Rubbermaid Inc which also owns brands like Parker and Waterman. Rotring stopped manufacturing fountain pens soon after this acquisition. And yes of course, rot ring literally translates into red ring, which can be seen in almost all its writing instruments. The Rapid PRO looks more like a modern avatar of the iconic 600 ball points. With evolution rotring has perhaps tried to make the rigid hexagonal shape more giving to curvature in the rapid pro. While writing this review, I could find a Japanese ebay seller list a few rotring 600 ball points. I am fairly certain that these are fresh production and not NOS. The RAPID pro comes packaged in a grey-coloured triangular cardboard box with brand and product descriptions. The country of manufacturing is mentioned as Japan. I found the box, quite a welcome change compared to the earlier one. You may see a deserted G2 refill, lying beside the box. Nothing wrong with the original refill itself, this can be completely attributed to my new found love with Monteverde ceramic gel refills. Both the Silver Chrome and Matte Black designs are beautifully made designs. The silver one portrays a shimmering exuberance, while the black one is quite subtle, albeit manifesting the same power. The weight and feel of both pens is quite comfortable, balanced and not at all on the heavier side. Don’t let the technical specs fool you! Both finishes have a smooth audible click of the plunger button, to expose the writing tip, through the cone-cylinder tip. I couldn’t find a decipherable difference between the knock between the two variants. I use black and silver alternately. The black one exhibits subtlety and seems to be quite capable of hiding in dark surroundings. Even the indented rOtring logo on the friction fit clip appears to be quite understated yet firm. The silver version in contrast looks vivacious. The mirror finished clip shimmers along with the conical tip, while the grey shine of the barrel complements both ends. The iconic red ring adorns both the pens well, in between the section and the barrel. You can feel a noticeable difference between knurling of both sections. It feels a tad sharper on the silver variant. Even the branding on the black variant is understated yet suave while the silver one carries the brand with quite a panache. I feel the concentric cones & cylinder at the tip add to the style and render firmness in character to both pens. A plastic insert serves the threading between the barrel and section, which can be a bit of trauma to the classical pen fanatic, for an otherwise near-perfectly made pen. The inserts seem quite thick and hopefully should be able to sustain added pressure of the metal parts if one over tightens the barrel. The clip rounds back at the barrel with clasps from both sides, leaving a small gap in-between. Both the posers together. Some measurements for your reference: Length: 14.9 cm Diameter: 0.9 cm Weight: 52.5 g The weight of the pen along with the knurled grip, make the rapid pros a pleasure to write with. And with the monteverde ceramic gel refills, the rapid pros deliver pro performance. Hope you enjoy the review of a ballpoint from a fellow fpner
  6. I work in a doctor's office, and someone left their Lamy 2000 ballpoint. My coworkers are not pen people, but as soon as I saw it, I knew what it was and grabbed it in case the rightful owner were to return. I know it's not as expensive as the fountain pen, but I'm sure someone is missing it, as it is a nice ballpoint. If you can name the doctor's office, DM me and we can arrange a way to return it. If you know who lost it, please put them in contact with me.
  7. Is there available and if so where can I buy them , a refill for the Pelikan 355 Ballpoint from the late 1950's . Got one with a 400NN set and can't abide anything that does not work and this refill is dry and unmarked . This refill is skinny and has a small ring to stop on the spring . Any help will be greatly appreciated . Eddie
  8. I've been looking for ballpoint refill alternatives for cross click. Is there any refill made by any other brand that fits cross click without any modifications or spacers?
  9. JETSTREAM & easyFLOW In my pursuit for a perfect ballpoint refill I’ve came across with these 2 brands: JETSTREAM & easyFLOW. Why ballpoints? Because sometimes you need something else then a fountain pen to write on different surface: like napkins, fabric, wood, skin, you never know when or where. So I have narrow down my options for these hybrid ballpoint refills. Both write smooth, dark lines and both have water-proof and sun fade-proof characteristics. uni-ball JETSTREAM was developed in 2003, it’s an evolution of their gel refill “Signo 207”. Can be found in medium or fine strokes, also the main refills can be adapted to replace gel refills like Pilot G2 or European standard roller-ball refills. The blue refills are actually blue, quit dark lines, black is almost true black. SCHMIDT® easyFLOW 9000 was introduced later, in July 2007. Their main characteristic is based on Parker style refill (large capacity refill size G2 as per the standard DIN EN ISO 12757), making them ready available for many ballpoints producers, without any modification. The blue refill is more on the purple side, but still a vivid colour, black is a bit much darker then JETSTREAM. Also easyFLOW smudge a bit more than JETSTREAM. Somewhere back in 2014 I had to use a pen to write a polite note for a car parked illegally on our parking lot at work (a standard A4 printed polite note where you need to write registration number, date and time). And I used a Parker Big Red roller ball. Big mistake, with a bit of rain all my writing was washed out, completely! The car’s owner comes down to check what was with that note on his car and all my writing was gone. That was the point to search for a better ballpoint refill with water-proof characteristics, smooth writing, fast drying and vivid colours. After a lot of research I bought my first two hybrid ballpoint refills: easyFLOW 9000 in blue and black. After a while I have found JETSTREAM to be as good as easyFLOW 9000, but for different pen body, like roller-balls or Energel, other than Parker style. That being said I run a test to prove water-proof and sun exposure fading test of these two refill brands. For this test I have used some common refills along with my 2 favourites. I have used normal paper and glossy paper (from a magazine). One normal paper and one glossy paper it was washed through heavy water after 2 minutes of writing have dry. Everything was exposed in a closed shed with windows, where the sun can reach for about 3-4 hours daily, when not cloudy. Also there is high humidity on our little island, temperatures varying from 25˚ summer to 8˚ winter times. Refills in test: Schmidt easyFlow 9000 blue Schmidt easyFlow 9000 black Uni-ball Jetstream 1.0 blue Uni-ball Jetstream 1.0 black Uni-ball Jetstream sport blue Uni-ball Jetstream 0.7 black Pentel Energel 0.7 blue Pentel Energel 0.7 black Schneider Topball 0.5 black Inoxcrom gel M black Fisher Space M black Faber-Castell B black Parker M black Parker Quinkflow M blue Parker M blue Lamy M66 black Senator M blue Zebra F-series blue Pilot G2 0.5 black Pilot G2 0.7 black After this test I will stick with easyFLOW and Jetstream as my main refills for ballpoints. Also Inoxcrom gel refill and Lamy are really good, recommend them. A big surprise is Parker Quinkflow failing so hard. The test was run in my condition, feel free not to accept my observations. Also if you click on the pictures you can download them from Flickr and enlarge them to see some close ups. Except on single photo, the rest are scanned. Starting test June and July 2016 Normal Paper running water, June 2016 Normal paper, photo, not scan, July 2016 Glossy paper, July 2016 Ending test December 2016 Normal Paper running water Normal paper Glossy paper running water Glossy paper
  10. Save half of the Monteverde Mountains of the World in either fountain or ballpoint pens. Choose from 4 colors. Monteverde Mountains of the World Ballpoint PensRetail: $65.00Sale: $32.50 Monteverde Mountains of the World Fountain Pens Retail: $85.00Sale: $42.50
  11. This weekend save 50% the Monteverde Impressa in Blue. Choose from fountain, roller or ballpoint Monteverde Impressa Ballpoint PensRetail: $40.00Sale: $20.00 Monteverde Impressa Rollerball PensRetail: $45.00Sale: $22.50 Monteverde Impressa Fountain PensRetail: $55.00Sale: $27.50
  12. penzel_washinkton

    Huge Sale Of Pens

    Hi all, Just stumbled upon this on Reddit and I wondered if this has been posted previously. So basically an owner of a stationery store passed away and the children of the owners decided to sell the remaining stock of the store. Please see the full description on the reddit post and apologies if there are misinterpretation in my part: https://www.reddit.com/r/Pen_Swap/comments/9jkvg6/wts_over_400_luxury_pens_a1/?sort=new There are interesting pens including Viscontis, Deltas , Parkers etc. The seller claims that the sale in average is about 30% in a mint condition. I would not be buying anything although I am very tempted by the Deltas, the shipping here would not be economical for me so I thought it would be more useful for the users here.
  13. Hi All I'm new to this forum and would very much appreciate if you could help me to obtain any details about this vintage Waterman Ideal ballpoint pen that has been given to me by my father in law amongst many other pens when he was clearing out his house prior to sale. Info: (1) Appears to be a limited edition, the number of the pen is 829 of 2000(2) it shows Waterman 'Ideal' on the card and case.(3) Most likely purchased in the 80s. My father in law is Japanese but lived in France on business in the 80s. There is a chance that the pen was purchased in Japan. (4) The pen is of solid weight, it weights exactly 40g. Please could anyone help me to specify the model, year, what materials it's made out of and anything special about the pen? I've spent a lot of time on google, ebay and other websites and couldn't the same pen.I'm thinking of using this pen on the assumption that it is worth anything up to £150, but if it will turn up that the pen is ultra rare and highly valuable I may reconsider this. I can provide more pictures if required. Many thanks Jay https://8cfvua.bl.files.1drv.com/y4m8Mmb7o0UKAmD1h2jBL36eWFP8zTrdIjXsYyoVmPWNUqOcqSqHp4TuQpcH2o371TWmTcjQWwSgRba87odRizuIyj2sP-dttO_FtkjPzeaZ2EBYKApJm6EHoyr-BT2bOTAwGgtof2geAtb1fpl38l_Xjga-qDlNKv_xfkdd-CuqJiLpQbJuQLEHbsqL04GqZS7lPWI4151Yw5B5foB3QLjSg?width=2592&height=1944&cropmode=none https://8cc6ra.bl.files.1drv.com/y4mEZURCs4o3tuE3xahUFlCvXRNOBz0UXTK6darsKNpAQdPf9af2XpXeBE0tfWLhbhi4Evb2WqDzPQQu6hEbWh5umQrKy7UtuwOEWFJshKsXaF2O6uFHInJhmFF-Bf2nAaQ94CMaNjApTKhUSWh5WPhs44rxBgFOFa75v3CVhkn4H013Uq8ZhliaQxeTk-nZIX0x4nAl5X9qjyxxyZWZ16k5w?width=2592&height=1944&cropmode=none https://8cczqq.bl.files.1drv.com/y4m_gExCSJ1VXkMB664nAiwogdm42gVavT_3Q3J2g_e_l3D610ePooW3_LrkU0eKNmqbfiOhOOq5n26TyiExITHO72RNiZAwvBrASG3xU8CigEbqR4SVc0Ot6PqHHi1wbM2BV7P8yIjLswecA459-gRM1vN6r8Yl6ZE7HYeH5GkVZ-geTYB6OcryzsHOUKn5wTsHB_XOMt1R-YssuLlgn3TEA?width=2592&height=1944&cropmode=none https://8ceyia.bl.files.1drv.com/y4mukT0RyvrZ4SKvkyAmZbkYaBflZfUlHisVTXZc0uMeZSM-pZsSJn9F1NOZGnp80jdeP5njoKoEOwfizgVR9NhqThyki7bi14MY9vwDCpfWvDAmfG2QJD3h9UzWRS5MuR-QHuZDRF8qJdDkqkkFse98TS9YcQ-Nf153CaMVzozdW5v6wGjZHpVFAsgStuTEJwJCG1MpNF9fimDb1MY2WTIXQ?width=2592&height=1944&cropmode=none https://dses0w.bl.files.1drv.com/y4mqgZhq6Uq0tpUFBeQDBoW685wCyFz55uJwq0WoMVgVkit1H_AS3L2XiYkzqDvk1_GJKFgJ4K5vPeBdYXp-WP9O1dj0fTCRFJn9vGAAofHgmU-fodihRDKu7ca-WmuOrtlseuCbJBhpX8Pu1d8xmMBSke8iMC2fcVro4xCnw7hLtx0PFJiflkAHoSjLG2rUT049WYZ5fML4uR9obDsvwvgMQ?width=2592&height=1944&cropmode=none https://etwl1a.bl.files.1drv.com/y4mO7XZSBxEzW2Ka-XdipdEqMqO1CFG96WUMeQPkmztrK3x6qSdqWXwg7qSO9YSO8R0UyfhJsZwDpp526j8D3H47BtBFjcIMmWbvsBKoU2NoingJuqRlU45kAMiUaPe88_Gofk4mG88bIzHukLCQvPv3-rOmew-heoqywKafHRBuwkF_fMMYVIKmGNQTOY7qQg2ir8CGj-S98G0tmDV0W3pEw?width=2592&height=1944&cropmode=none https://etydga.bl.files.1drv.com/y4mAW_3Yv2ntERQLu-RhNoSb56x63fc50G8xglMmConRNX-jSFyC9ADLJh6HbJ8fkZwh6Ss6cg_y6UKlXehHyrVyFHnM2lepaWTy0hO3GFyU6SYaqkDzQHDubYkTLTevwTnvVth_2OhZ-qm7mkuXGraa5EH8sL8mpiZCxxu172jidj2yLClcPl4xmYuhTgjRhwpLMJaYFeNqZvrtW5xJU7rLQ?width=923&height=1231&cropmode=none https://etxudg.bl.files.1drv.com/y4mxaxsVPn8cEKUzMCr6KtZcKR1VehpAhntgSoJb3BkTP66WGS7Vx8ZtHZ1T909NTdd30h85giS4yQfuC2JVxUzzTtalmAX39XFh04RxjRcZvtvFY7pWB1tJkWWgomtOppxfrCiwXrsKk_KPIRRdIC4sl2C8DtUaNT2FzR5Lec4GA8L8NTjRHkvOPdP8EV4p4vWEp4tB7Ww1JGH5CTx8dA1Ig?width=640&height=853&cropmode=none https://etwxrg.bl.files.1drv.com/y4mbxBmLNkK1anSmO-SNcWTHV6_cV7H2YmcMXTWP2UjSb_qbd9sKU_z31BHRTqRTRn9gGAgSPoGdzxik-Q7PkROCTAfU-llbf9BprLi9WXKWbWcueltLJEb5vm8nGGabGUMmElCGoKLdx8njwJdC-WB3UKPIAGILIDd7aZ_fa4MqgEqMD37TOuhCcuRy3W1XxQ2SkBQIdnSv17QQKdZa9fRGA?width=828&height=1103&cropmode=none https://8cdwlq.bl.files.1drv.com/y4mSw2-X5h55xJNCRmitSlcM_GvVbrRlYqF5fYNX49-4eS9B4qalDcn2QaG-sSzgbwR7sGNy0SHDyFw9owABNdTg8mZvhFGrwbhqh93_99tNjeDZBtu_JDSIaHurJDYNPy_gXNCXZnZzGBpdt0k07l7QXYmcqvWLlC2-apayhNxNfq-Cy--_btBBc2vZFDJnWK72Sy9pkSgV2EHPp9gJY4IZQ?width=923&height=1231&cropmode=none
  14. Hi, I'm hoping someone here might be able to help. I love the Uni Jetstream 0.38 refill, but I don't love the pen bodies available from Uni. I've so far been able to use the Jetstream refill in a Lamy Tipo without problems (no modifications needed) and recently got myself a Lamy Swift, thinking I could likewise just drop the refill in and go, as both Swift and Tipo use the Lamy M66 rollerball refill. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. The refill fits in the barrel, but the knock doesn't engage. So far, I've tried covering the hole at the back of the Jetstream refill with a bit of rubber, and likewise putting a bit of rubber around the barrel at the level where the M66 narrows, as the Jetstream is thinner there. Neither of these, alone or in combination, have worked, and I'm out of ideas. Anyone have any advice?
  15. I am trying to find out what type of ballpoint refill this is. All I have is a photo; nobody at the store knew what type of refill it is. I'd like to see if there is a decent brand of refill available that can substitute for this yucky one that comes with the pen. I'd like some color variety, too, if that is possible. I'm attaching the photo; I've never done this before on this site, so I hope it works. Thanks to anyone who can help!
  16. I am a new member and thank you for letting me join the group. I would like to ask for an opinion of a Sheaffer ballpoint demo model. The second picture is similar to the pen I have at home. It is not a picture of my pen it is a picture I obtained off Google. My pen is in the first picture on it's own. I have done some more research and I believe it to be very early Sheaffer demo. any comments would be appreciated Thank you Maurice Burns
  17. Hi Everyone, I'm new to FPN and pen collecting in general. I am particularly interested in ballpoint pens... I'm a full-time student and I do most of my work in ballpoint. I have a few pens that I've bought used, and I want to know what you think are the best ballpoints you have purchased/used. These can be at any price point and a pen can be your favorite for any reason. My favorite pen (by far) is my Classique Montblanc Meiserstuck, followed by a few designer pens (Tiffany and Givenchy). I have a Waterman Maestro and a Waterman Phileas that I really like. And on the lower end of the price scale I still think Cross makes handsome, dependable, and inexpensive ballpoints. What are your favorites? Any ideas for my next pen?
  18. Hello everyone, a friend of mine thinks about a Visconti Ballpoint pen because. The Divinas and van Goghs are the pens which are on the shortlist. Maybe also a MB Rouge er Noir but this is another topic. Is anybody here who writes with a Visconti BP and can talk about writing experiences? Which refills do you take and would you recommend a Visconti BP or would you say that my friend should better look for other brands? Thanks in advance! Kind regards
  19. Hello everyone, I have a new Montegrappa Passione ballpoint that I could use some help with. This is a twist actuated ballpoint. When the ink cartridge is retracted, there is a bit of play in the action before there starts to be resistance. As it wiggles, I can feel a small pop right before the cartridge starts to extend. There is still play in the cap/rear of the pen when the ink cartridge is extended also, though not as severe. Is this something inherent to twist ballpoints or should it be tight with no play? Is there anything I can do to tighten up the cap and remove the play? Link to a video showing the pen: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mcnUDXafUqO8mUg3USzKSSrcGMzjHPC6 Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Kyle
  20. These inks will be part of the fade test. Here are the current inks compared. http://www.sheismylawyer.com/2018-Ink/2018-05/slides/2018-05-03_Ink_1.jpg Much to my surprise, you can see some bleed through. http://www.sheismylawyer.com/2018-Ink/2018-05/slides/2018-05-03_Ink_2.jpg
  21. Napostrophe

    Montblanc Meisterstuck 146 Set Value?

    Hello. I recently got my hands on a complete Meisterstuck 146 set (Fountain pen, rollerball, ballpoint, and mechanical pencil, all black with gold trim) and was wondering: about how much is the whole set worth? They've all been used before but are in nearly mint condition (though the boxes for the ballpoint and mechanical pencil are missing). Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!
  22. Hello. I recently got my hands on a complete Meisterstuck 146 set (Fountain pen, rollerball, ballpoint, and mechanical pencil, all black with gold trim) and was wondering: about how much is the whole set worth? They've all been used before but are in nearly mint condition (though the boxes for the ballpoint and mechanical pencil are missing). Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!
  23. What ball point do you use for long writing sessions? I do not feel comfortable using my lovely jotters so I have found the Faber Castell 2011. The grip is absolutely convenient for the task of writing two or three hours so …I am going to by the same as a mechanical pencil too. https://global.rakuten.com/en/store/e-office/item/grip2011bp/ https://global.rakuten.com/en/store/auc-youstyle/item/fc131253/
  24. Hey, guys I just recently joined this forum. So far it has been helpful with answering my questions and doing research about pens (I own a few 149s), and quite honestly this site has made me an addict I recently picked up a Montblanc M Ultra Black ballpoint but quite honestly don't like how the ink looks. Do any of you know if there is another sort of refill I can use with better ink? (make it look more of a gel type of ink, if possible) I tried some other inks but the damn thing is stubborn and won't close. So any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance -James
  25. This Meisterstuck LeGrand is on sale again at Jet.com. https://jet.com/product/Montblanc-Meisterstuck-Platinum-Line-LeGrand-Ballpoint-Pen-7569/e8d07d64146f49f580353d74357ec6df The sale price is $279.99 and with promo code "TRIPLE15" you get an additional 15% off (but it maxes at a $30 discount) for a final price of $249.99. Jet.com's products are fulfilled by Jet or other companies. When I ordered the pen a couple weeks ago, it was sent to me from JacobTime.com. I researched both companies, and felt safe enough to purchase a grey market pen from them. Jet.com has a thirty-day return policy as well, so it gives you time to check out the merchandise and decide if you want to keep it. JacobTime also had good online reviews as well as a good BBB standing in New York. I have a question out on the forum to verify some of the details of the pen and packaging I received, but I am fairly certain it is an authentic pen. At 48% off the MSRP, I was willing to pay to check it knowing I can still return it. Hope this helps someone else get a great deal too if you're in the market for a grey MB. I just tried the pricing again at 12:30 AM Pacific on 8/10/16 and it is still valid. I have no affiliation with Jet.com or JacobTime.com or Montblanc!

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