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  1. The 71 is a family of large pens from the Airmail pen company of Mumbai, India. The pen is more or less semi streamlined with conical ends. From L-R:71JBRCC, 71JB, 71JT, 71J Nomenclature: J: Jumbo T: Transparent hand turned barrel B: Block with etched design cap band. Solid Colors. RCC: Regular+C/C filling. Being a jumbo sized pen, it lends itself to a variety of nib upgrades. L-R:M200 threaded in, Esterbrook Renew point threaded in, stock nib: Indian no 8, Bock 250 friction fit over NN feed, Conklin Bock Friction fit over e
  2. The Airmail/ WALITY 69EB is probably the only ebonite model produced today by the Airmail pen co. Bought when they were released, two colors were available. Green ripple and Brown ripple and probably an Olive ripple too but I dont remember too well. In its stock configuration, it is fitted with a steel F nib of the Indian no 8 size (28mm over a 6.35mm feed) and is ED filled. The 69 series models have very little space inside the inner cap ( EB has around 18.5mm only) so it is sometimes difficult for the novice to install third party nibs which are typically 35mm long and thence ha
  3. Hi everyone, I'm a new registered member on the forum, although I have been reading anonymously for quite some time now. After searching high and low for years, I thought I'd ask if anyone here has been able to find the blue or white Elco Atlantic Clipper airmail paper (writing pad) lately? I know it is (sadly!) not produced any longer, and my stock has run out. If someone has seen this in a store, or has "overstock" they are willing to sell, I would be more than grateful to hear from you. Alternatively, if you know of another similar paper (unruled, thin and silky "airmail" paper, pref
  4. hari317

    Airmail 58C

    Sharing some pics of my 58C. This is a students model and immensely popular in interior Maharashtra. Perhaps more popular than the bigger 71J. A Schmidt upgrade made the pen even more sweet. Compared to the 71J. Decided to post this since not many people know about this model. Cheers Hari
  5. Maybe a year ago, I embarked on a journey to learn various finishing techniques for fountain pens owing to the fact that many of the Indian pens I own, weren't that well finished. Lathe marks, inconsistent polishing etc. Fast forward to now, I have worked on many of my pens and also on many friends's pens. I can now take a poorly finished pen to a mirror like polished pen and this is extremely satisfying on an ebonite pen. Over time, I also learnt how to do a baakul (rough tree like) brushed finish found on many black ebonite pens from India. Today, I present one of those pens on which I've
  6. My favorite pen made in India is the Airmail 67T. I plan on collecting more Airmail/Wality pens. I have noticed in my research that the names of the pens contain a letter code. The question is, what to the letters stand for? So far this is what I have been able to determine: A = AcrylicB = Bold (?)C = ?E = EboniteJ = JumboL = LongM = MediumP = PistonS = ?T = Transparent Any corrections or additions would be welcome. For example. Not sure if I have the "B" code correct. What would the word bold refer to in a fountain pen?In any case, thanks in advance for any assistance.
  7. A few weeks ago I picked up an Airmail/Wality 69eb, marketed as the Airmail Ebo from Fountain Pen Revolution, because I needed some silicone grease and because I wanted to take advantage of FPR's 20 percent off sale. I only paid 16 dollars for this pen, and I have really enjoyed it. It has been a great workhorse these last couple of weeks and has earned a spot amongst my favorites. I really enjoy the pen's styling. Its cigar shape and ebonite body give the pen a vintage feel. Indian pens, specifically the handmade ebonite eyedroppers, have always invoked nostalgia. This pen is no di
  8. Dip n Scratch

    Airmail Pen Dimensions

    Has anyone here got examples of Airmail 55, 70 and 90? I was just wondering about the diameter of the section on each pen and which size nib they use. I was wondering if the 55 is a compact pen for a small hand. I have not encountered the 70 or 90 and was hoping that they had the #5 or 5.5 nib. Well, you know how variable Wality nibs can be. Sometimes a nib swap is the better solution.
  9. Wality or Airmail is a brand that is most popular and well known brand from India among fountain pen users. However this model 67T, I have seen is not seen or discussed much. Most of the FP users are more concerned with the more popular 69T or 71JT and similar (ie. bigger) variants. Well, I must admit that I had bought these FPs over a year back. Used it for few days and I felt the nib was not up to the mark and then it went to closet. The more springy and smoother wality nibs - the dual tones are of bigger size and dont fit in this 67T FP. So the nib out of box may seem a let down. But
  10. I recently got an Airmail Ebo pen from Fountain Pen Revolution (Ebonite eyedropper for 20 bucks? how could I resist?) and the pen seems to built pretty well for it's price. However, I'm having quite a number of issues with ink flow and severe ink starvation. Initially, the pen flows really well and wet when first inked (I think because the feed is primed), but as soon as I've written about a paragraph or so, it starts writing faintly, begins skipping, and then stops writing entirely. Beyond this, when I put a finger over the slit and breather hole, there is no ink that comes off it, whereas mo
  11. Dip n Scratch

    Airmail 69A

    I bought this pen just exactly a week ago. That's right one week from the order to the delivery. From India. I hope this bodes well for the two other Wality pens from the same seller. After photographing it for you I inked it with some KWZ IG Aztec Gold. I took the usual precaution of a very light smear of Silicone grease on the thread of the section. It is now standing nib down in a pot while the ink works its way down the feeder. The Wality nib does not have the greatest reputation. I have had one Wality nib where the tines were way out of alignment, but this one is OK. Quick writing samp
  12. Quick Review - Wality 71JT Wality 71JT is a gorgeous pen with a solid build, the pen is a bit top heavy but the balance improves once the pen is inked. The only major flaw that I see, is the nib; Don't get me wrong, it's not a particularly unpleasant nib, the nib is rather smooth with little (audible) feedback HOWEVER the nib is extremely rigid and "resists" movement, I would have perhaps liked this nib on a small Camlin pen BUT the 71JT is no small pen, the girthy section and a (relatively) heavy body, together make this nib a major flaw, this is one of the few nibs that make my terrible ha
  13. Hello everyone, We all remembers our first fountain pen we started writing with. We have always cherished that pen and the company. For me, Airmail has been and will always be close to my heart. From school days to 2012 have been loyal to Airmail. However, when I misplaced them in 2012 it broke my heart. Since then searched a lot for them. Always thought the company might have closed. However , a month back noticed that Airmail has started selling the pens on Amazon.in It was a surprise and ordered couple of 70 and & 71JT. Each costing about 350/- INR which seemed very resonable.
  14. BlkWhiteFilmPix

    World Letter Writing Day

    Bonjour - Barb Marshall of WriteWhileUCan posted that September 1 is World Letter Writing Day. The founder would like to receive letters from different countries. http://www.ritewhileucan.com/september-1st-world-letter-writing-day/ Merci, et bon journée!
  15. 5umedh

    Airmail 58C

    Sometimes you have some pens just because they bring on pure nostalgia. This one is one of those for me. A pen by Airmail. Rather any pen by Airmail. We, 90’s kids of India, and also the kids before, grew up using this brand during our school days at least ones. Airmail Pen Company was established in 1951. Since then, they have been manufacturing some awesome pens, especially fountain pens. They are based in Mumbai, India. This review is about one of their offerings, Model 58C. I hope you will enjoy reading it. First Glance I personally don’t like huge pens. There are some exceptions of cour
  16. I thought I would start a little thread on the Airmail 69t. This is a pen from India, and is my first foray into that particular area of manufacture. I have had it for a day or so, and filled it with Robert Oster Crimson ink after unpacking and cleaning it. This is an eyedropper, and mine is a demonstrator with a clear body. So far I am very pleased with the performance of this pen. It has a nice heft, and does post (this is important for me, as I tend to lose caps). My purpose for this pen was as a cheap note taking pen for class. I can say that it fills the bill admirably on the price
  17. Hi, I saw a gorgeous photo of the Airmail/Wality 58SL. I also saw that it was being sold cheap on FPR. Very tempting! And the nib and feed are interchangeable with my Jaipur (which is pretty good, compared to a Wality in my Ranga) However, the gold components are gold-plated. Would anyone have a 58SL (or similar) and would like to comment on how the plating on the clip and the cap band has held-up with use? I know we can't expect a lot given how affordable the pen is, but I'm thinking of whether I should settle on the 58C (silver) even if I like its looks less, if those lesser looks will s
  18. mehandiratta

    Pen Review : Wality 70 Am

    Walitys or Airmail are one of the most sought after Indian fountain pen manufacturers. Both brands are manufactured by AIRMAIL PEN COMPANY based out of Mumbai, India. And they have a good lineup of fountain pen and most of them are Eyedroppers and few of them are Piston fillers. My previous review of the two other Wality Pens I have reviewed are as follows: Wality 52 PD Wality 69 A The pen that I am reviewing or we will be discussing about is one of the sleeker version of the Wality/Airmail pens and is named as WALITY 70AM or AIRMAIL 70AM. (A = Acrylic and M = Medium). DESIGN & BUILT:
  19. Finally managed to visit the Wality factory in Mumbai and bought two demonstrator pens - the 69T and the 71JT
  20. mehandiratta

    Pen Review - Wality 71 Jt

    The review is simultaneously posted on my blog which is the detailed review with handwritten sample. LINK Wality 71 JT – Close up Wality or Airmail are one of the most sought after Indian fountain pen manufacturers. Both brands are manufactured by AIRMAIL PEN COMPANY based out of Mumbai, India. And they have a good lineup of fountain pen and most of them are Eyedroppers and few of them are Piston fillers. My previous review of the two other Wality Pens I have reviewed are as follows: Wality 52 PD Wality 69 A Wality 70 AM Wality Pens are generally not easily available in northern part of I
  21. Dear FPNers and Fountain Pen tinkerers. I have something to show you today. As they say, an empty mind is the house of devil. And apparently, I believe in it! I cannot sit idle for more than 30 minutes unless the situation demands it. I am always looking for opportunities to learn something new. As it happened this morning. I was free and needed something to do. I thought about the options i had and remembered the spare Wality nibs lying around in the drawer. Waiting for a home. I had been seeing a lot of flex nibs in action on the internet and always wanted to try modifying one of my ow
  22. The pen I am reviewing today and actually using for quite long is Wality 52 PD. And this is my every day carry (edc) pen. Th detailed review of same with the handwritten samples and size comparison can be found on my blog here. Wality 52 PD This is actually the second Wality pen I bought after Wality 69 A, because i liked the way 69 A wrote. Wality pens are manufactured by Airmail Pen Company based out of Mumbai, India. Like 90% of my pens this pen also was procured from ASAPENS also. It is also available at Fountain Pen Revolution albeit at Higher price. Design
  23. Most stationary stores or pen stores in Bangalore do not seem to stock "Indian" FPs (they seem to sell a fair amount of Jinhao, Baoer, Pilot, Hero, etc.), I decided to check a few stores in Avenue Road today. It was quite unfortunate, as the stores that I was pointed to were shut today (I hope they were only having a really long lunch break and hadn't closed the stores!). When I did press a few storekeepers (only those which were manned by the gray haired men), they pulled out a few dusty boxes of the Click Ebonites and the Click demonstrators. My aim was to pick up a few ebonites or acrylic
  24. Hello everyone. I am a young fountain pen user from Mumbai, India, and this is my first post. Being in Mumbai, my first encounter was with the Airmail pen company, already well documented here, especially by Hari317. Their factory is my second home-I am there every week, looking at how stuff is made and going through all the pens they have. Although I now know everyone there, I am closest to Mr. Nirmal, who humbly tells me he knows less than half of what his brother does! Very often, we talk for hours over 'chaai'. Recently, while we were discussing Deccan pens, he removed a very old box of
  25. crappyhandwriting16

    Replacement Nibs For Indian Pens

    I plan on buying pens from fountain pen revolution soon for the second semester. I know that some of the nibs will be scratchy. I know they can be fixed by smoothing but I don't have the time. I plan on buying FPR nibs. The problem is that I don't know what size nib to get. The pens I am looking are nib sizes are : Airmail 90 Camlin 47

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