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  1. THRobinson

    Noodler's Ahab Question

    Still hoping to get a Konrad when I see stock appear, in the meanwhile I bought an Ahab clear flex nibbed pen to see if I like the flex or not. Cleaned it when I got it, put it back together and only needed to adjust the nib once and seems to flow just fine, though wish it was more broader of a tip. Otherwise I am liking the flex more than just a standard nib. Too bad not easy to find... I'd love to test this pen with a broad flex or even a 1.1. Anyways... one thing I'm not liking is the piston. It fills with ink, as well as the stem (part you push/pull to get the ink). I tried the pen wit
  2. I gave my boss a Waterman Commando last Christmas, and he likes to sketch with it. Then his mom gave him an MB 149 that belonged to his grandfather. Honestly, I'm happy for him. Really. So today I let him try my Joseph Daluz Ahab, which is crazy-flexible. A totally evil thing to do to a man who really doesn't have time to hang out on ebay.
  3. shawng

    Ahab Eye Dropper

    I've had a Noodler's ahab for the last couple months, and I've loved every part of it. Converted to an eyedropper the Ahab can hold 6mL of ink!!! and I've tried to do this a couple times, with little success. Every time I think I've successfully done it, to either one of my ahabs, it suffers from severe burping and and leaking from the feed, and often ending up with a cap filled with ink. Is there anyway to alleviate this problem? Thanks
  4. Note: I changed my story a bit in light of new evidence that Noodler's pens aren't made in America like I assumed. You know what they say about assuming... It's no secret that Nathan Tardif, mastermind behind Noodler's pens and inks, is a patriot. In fact, I have an idea that the Henry Repeating Arms Company may have actually stolen Nathan's original idea for a company slogan some years ago; "It will be made in America, or it won't be made at all." His videos often contain heavy political underto... Oh who am I kidding. They're not undertones. He just comes right out and says it. Even his i
  5. ChickenScratch

    How To Fix The Piston On My Ahab

    Recently my Noodler's Ahab fountain pen developed a leak, and I found out it's because the piston piece is not screwed tightly onto the part of the barrel that holds the nib and feed. When I try to screw it on tightly, the piston piece just skips over the spot on the screw thread where it's supposed to stop and just keeps on turning. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? There is an O-ring at this junction, so would changing that out or adding more O-rings help keep a tight seal?
  6. So I've recently heard that normal noodler pens (made from vegetal resin) have the tendency to disintegrate with expose to ink or water. I personally love all noodler products, and own a bunch and would be pretty concerned if this was tue. That being said is there any validity to these claims?
  7. I recently spent a few hours working on my good ole' ebonite Noodlers Konrad. I hadn't used this pen for quite a while and wanted to spice things up a bit. The changes I made (and highly recommend) are as follows: 1) the "easy my flex" mod, were you grind a portion off the sides of the nib as seen in the picture. 2) I doubled the depth/width of the feed channel, which managed to eliminate almost all railroading except on very aggressive downstrokes. and 3) I reground the tip to an XXXF needlepoint. I don't know how to measure the actual degree of fineness I achieved with this grind, but
  8. purlbeforeswine

    Flex Nibs - More Flexible Over Time?

    Do flexible pen nibs become more flexible over time? For instance, leather shoes tend to be stiff at first but will become more supple and stretch a bit with wear. Does this go for flex nibs (ie: the more you use the pen, the more flexible the nib becomes).
  9. sudobash

    Nibs For Noodler Ahab Pen

    Hi all, Quick question from a beginner looking at purchasing a first fountain pen. What are some good nibs I could get for the Noodler Ahab pen. I am not intimidated by the flex nib (I am toying with some Hunt 101 nibs for dip pens right now), but I do want to try some other nibs out too for some variety and to experiment. So what are some good, moderately priced (college student on a budget here) nibs I could try? Also, how can I tell which nibs are compatible with the Ahab? Just looking at the descriptions I can't seem to tell. Thanks!
  10. Hi all, Just getting back into pens and would love to give a stub nib a try, so was hoping some of you could recommend an inexpensive nib I could swap into my Ahab. I saw Goulet is selling some for $15, was hoping there was something cheaper available by now. Also, am I right in assuming the 1.1 is like a fine and the 1.5 a medium, at least on the broad part? Thanks much, GBB
  11. Hello, this is my first post. Anywho, I think I might have found the perfect feed placement on an Ahab. Out of the box, it barely wrote at all. Tons of skipping. But after adjusting the feed and putting it a little lower, it was perfect. Here's a picture of writing before adjusting the feed and after, excuse my bad handwriting: http://i62.tinypic.com/27y8x2a.jpg Here's a picture of writing and playing with the flex after adjusting the feed. There's still some railroading when pushing the Ahab to its limits though: http://i61.tinypic.com/wmgv12.jpg Here's a writing comparison
  12. To followers of Ahab threads, Over the past two days, I have turned two unusable dogs into excellent writers. Because I did three things, I can't say that all three are essential, but two of the three definitely are. However, it has raised a question I would love to kick around with you. Here is what I did, which all came from advice from Drone and Brian Goulet: 1. Cleaned the channel with the BACK, not the blade, of an Exacto knife. 2. Cleaned the entire feed with a grease cutting dish soap (blue Dawn). 3. Heat set the nib (thanks to Brian Goulet for his excellent how-to video). 4. Tested
  13. You can really cut an Ahab feed in two ways: 1. Chip away some of the fin wall to make the channel wider, or: 2. Cut the fins that do not open into the center channel so that they do reach the center channel. I have a supply of feeds to experiment on coming soon. I'm curious if folks have more success with approach #1, #2, or combining both ways. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this already well-hashed topic. I've read loads of posts including SamCapote's detailed Opening Up Fin Vents, but SamCapote seems to focus only on #1, which is more difficult to do than #2, so I dared to op
  14. Miss Cooley

    Hello From North Carolina

    Well here I am - a true sign that I'm a goner is when I join a forum. I am new to fps. I love to draw and have discovered that lovely inks are available to fp users. My mom sent me an old AW Classic Impressions that writes beautifully with the old ink cartridge that came with it, but it's ugly as hell. A splotchy black and green body. Somehow a gaudy Jinhao 3000 Tiger ended up on my Amazon wish list and my sister sent it to me. Writes like a dream. It glides on the paper without a sound - I really like that. But it is encased in metal and very heavy. Slightly difficult to hold. An
  15. Tom Traubert

    Bizarre Ahab Problem

    So, I've had my Ahab for a good few months, got it all tuned and set up nicely and I've been having fun with it. I hadn't used it for a week or so until today, but it started almost straight away. I thought I'd check out how much ink was left, so I unscrewed the barrel and it took the plunger unit with it! Luckily I had it nib up, so I contained most of the ink. Turns out the threads on the plunger unit are stripped. Any suggestions?
  16. I am a student who likes italic handwriting. I have an Ahab. Does anyone have any experience with Nemosine 0.8 nibs? Apparently they fit in Ahabs (http://goo.gl/aFMZ8K) --- can someone check this? College ruled paper is about 7.1 mm. Would a 0.8 italic be too wide or bleedy on this paper? I'm looking for a density about like this: http://goo.gl/EH3IXK.
  17. I received a Noodler's Ahab for Christmas and it writes beautifully. It did from the moment I inked it up. However, I don't get as much flex out of it as I expected. I find that when I really push it, it tends to railroad. Is this something that will improve with use? I get no dry starts or skipping when I'm not flexing so I don't think the nib is bad at all. Maybe I just need practice...? I tried to search for others topics about the Ahab but there were just too many threads to weed through so I apologize if this topic has been beaten to death.
  18. So there I was. I'd loaned my Ahab to a Martian who needed directions to the White House. He/she/they(?) sneezed, and the Noodlers flex nib dissolved. My pen was out of action! Interplanetary Crisis! Noodler's doesn't sell replacement flex nibs, at least not yet. I had a Noodler's regular fountain pen nib, free gift when I bought my pen. Taking my trusty Dremel, I set out to modify the regular nib to make it into a flex. Fortunately for the Solar System, it worked. In case you ever find yourself in a similar boat, here's what I did. 1) Extend slot of regular nib with Dremel cutoff wheel. 2)
  19. So, here's the deal--I have been using fountain pens for about 4 months now and love everything about the ones I have ....except the EF's I bought for school. Breakdown: Lamy Safari EF (enjoy)TWSBI Mini EF/1.1 (too stiff-don't enjoy/too broad for everyday writing)Noodler's Ahab w/Flex nib & w/Noodler's $2 Fine non-flex nib (Love/ too dry and stiff)I thought I'd love the EF's as a student, but have come to find all but the Lamy EF too uncomfortably thin for my writing style; they give me the sensation of "writing with a nail". However, I LOVE the wet, springy feel and ink saturation of writ
  20. Here's a quick sample. Ink is Noodler's Polar Blue.
  21. Hello All, I'm in the mood for a purchase...it's -15 F here Minneapolis and I need a little something. Nothing over the top, just a treat. I stumbled upon a lessor know brand, THINK - they have a some very eye-catching designs but not a lot is know. Most feedback is good. We're talking less than $40 here. Then again I don't own an Ahab or a Konrad yet (we all know about what those cost)... I can even get an extra nib, in the event Flex just isn't my cup of tea. So there it is... an unknown - THINK or the much-discussed Ahab and Konrad. Thoughts? Here's the THINK model I was consid
  22. iRabb

    Ahab Outer O-Ring

    My brand-new Ahab did what I have been reading about: the outer O-ring either came broken or broke as soon as I screwed the top back on the pen. I replace it with a ¼ inch ring (3/8x1/4x1/16) which fit in place, but was too thick for the top to screw back on the body. In looking at the pen, it seems to me that this outer O-ring, the one that goes around the top of the wider section of body threads, is really unnecessary unless you use this pen as an eyedropper. I'm going to use the piston fill, so I wonder: do I really need that o-ring at all? If I do, does anyone know what size I need? Ev
  23. Folks, I know I am new to this forum, but understand that I have used a fountain pen almost exclusively for thirty years. I just never considered it a hobby, which I now do. I had a Parker that would not write no matter how many times I sent it back to Parker, and various Crosses until I got the Townsend that has been my workhorse pen for as long as I can remember. You may have read the post(s) concerning my rough start with the Ahab. It came with a torn outer o-ring. Today, I replaced that o-ring, and as you can do with the Ahab's friction fit nib and feed system, I adjusted it a bit. I'm
  24. GMYoussef

    Ahab Vs. Nib Creeper?

    Hello everybody, I'm new here so I apologize if this isn't the ideal location for this thread. Anyways, I've been contemplating getting a flex pen lately, and most people tend to recommend noodlers pens. Since they're in my price range, and most people tend to like them, i decided they'd be the best inexpensive flex pens to look into; one problem however, im not sure whether to go for the slightly controversial ahab, or the even more inexpensive yet older nib creeper. I was hoping that maybe somebody who has experience with both of them could chip in as to the pros and cons to both, which one
  25. TSherbs

    Leaking Ahab!

    No matter how far in I seat the feed, I can't get my Ahab to stop draining ink into the cap after a few hours, and this happens whether I am holding it or not (the issue is not heat-related). I have been very careful to clean and align the nib and feed properly in the section, and the feed does have a breather hole and does come with a breather tube which I have been using. Any advice on how to get this pen to stop draining? Thank you! ps: my two Konrads have never had this problem, but this is my first Ahab.

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