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  1. Hi all, I've been trying to get all the dried-in iron gall ink out of a Parker "51" Aerometric, but it never seems to stop coming out. Background I've been using R&K ‘Salix’ iron-gall ink in the pen for the last eighteen months. I'd only ever used dish soap & tap water to clean it out, as I'd never had flow problems and the pen was in constant use, so the ink was never anything other than ‘fresh’. My mother had to go into hospital for a while this year, and while she was in (and for a short while after she'd been discharged) I was rather preoccupied and so hardly used the pen for about a month. When I came back to it, the pen still wrote ok but the ink had become noticeably darker. Once I'd used it up I decided to clean the pen out with a solution of white vinegar, then dish soap & water, then vinegar soultion again. Although the dish soap fill came out ‘clean’, the second vinegar solution fill dislodged as much old ink as the first. So I decided to keep doing vinegar soaks until no more ink came out. The Process So Far I started out by filling the pen with a solution of white vinegar, and leaving it for a day or so with occasional nib-up to nib-down rotation & longitudinal shaking to try to circulate the solution through the breather tube & sac. I would then prop the pen up on a piece of kitchen paper to enable capillary action to drain/wick the vinegar solution out through the nib. After a few weeks of this, and small amounts of old ink coming out each time, I have increased the concentration of the vinegar soultion, and have been leaving the filled pen on top of a radiator in order to use the heat to increase the speed of reaction. Old ink is still evident on the kitchen paper after each cycle of filling with vinegar solution & wicking through the nib. I can never see any colour in the pen's sac (I had a NOS one fitted to it), but there is still always some depsoited on the kitchen paper after the vinegar solution has wicked through the nib. After a couple of weeks using the radiator & the stronger vinegar solution, I am becoming rather frustrated now, and would really like to expedite the process so that I can get my "51" back into rotation. Being both a ‘restoration virgin’ AND an inveterate klutz, I feel in no way competent to disassemble the front section of the pen without fatally damaging it. So, I am thinking of buying an ultrasonic cleaner to help to get my "51" clean. After reading old threads about best practice with USCs, I am thinking of pushing the pen into a piece of thick cardboard and placing that across the USC's bath so that only the section of the pen to just in front of the clutch ring is suspended in the cleaning solution, but I still have some questions that I'd like to ask: Questions 1) As I am (I think) trying to remove layers of iron salts that have precipitated inside the pen's collector, should I actually be using a solution of white vinegar in the ultrasonic cleaner, rather than ammonia (or whatever is in the detergent that comes with the USC)? 2) Should I fill the pen's sac with the cleaning solution before placing the section inside the USC's bath, or should the sac be dry and ONLY the section that is submerged contain solution? 3) Am I right to think that I should put the pen through a USC cycle, then empty it (squeezing & wicking onto kitchen paper), then another round of USC-then-emptying, then further rounds as necessary? 4) Am I wrong about the identity of the dark blue patches that have been appearing on the kitchen paper after every vinegar soak? Are these bluish-grey patches (that are the same colour as the dye component in R&K ‘Salix’) actually patches of the salt (Silver Acetate?) that results when the sterling silver breather tube of a 1950's aerometric is exposed to vinegar? 5) Is there anything else that I need to know before I go ahead with my plan; do you have any general advice for me (apart from ‘type shorter posts already, you blethering Windbag!‘ )? Or; 6) Should I actually just ‘bite the bullet’, and take my pen's life in my hands by attempting to fully disassemble it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, M.
  2. octatonic

    How Many '51's' Is Too Many?

    Hi All- I fairly recently came back to fp's and didn't search too long (fortunately for my wallet) before I found the '51' - I wasn't even interested in vintage pens at all and then one day woke up wanting a '51'. Bruce in Ocala did an amazing job guiding me on my first one (thank you Bruce!!!), so I think the '51' kind of came to me. Now, I ONLY use the '51'(s). I first got a demi and figured that that would suit me best, and it is true. I also have a couple of standard size, but the demi feels better for me, and I am addicted to them! There I said it out loud the aero/demi is my thing! I am not a collector, but would like to someday have one in each of the demi/aero colors... So, my question is, because I am interested...and to know when I have a problem...LOL How many '51's' do you have and how many is too many? I would also be curious the number of vac or aero's and the number of standard or demi and maybe which pen is your favorite. You can certainly be less specific like: less than 10, more than 5, less than 100, more than 100 For me, my favorite is a 1948 plum demi that writes like a dream, I'd love to know what you have -Octatonic
  3. Hi Does anyone know how I can remove the coating from a sterling silver or coin silver Parker 51 cap? Thank you, Mike Krut goldennib@aol.com
  4. Jagarpether

    I Got My First Parker Pen

    Hello. Today i got my first Parker pen, a 51 vaccumatic for $25. I have got it inked up and i don't think it needs a service for the moment. It writes really smooth and it is a nice complement to my flex pens. I have read some about the 51 and i think it was a quite nice price for it. Is it possible to see on the pen what year it was made? It says Parker Made in USA on the pen and some thing beside it that i can't read. It is a brown pen with a silver cap with gold clip and a white top "pearl", it doesn't say Parker on the cap. (See pictures on the pen) /Pether
  5. Cyclopentadiene

    What's The Deal With The 51's Amber Jewel?

    Hi all, I've already got a Parker 51 which I enjoy using very much. I was looking at the amber jewel that I've seen on some of the 51s and wanted to know if the amber jewel signified anything in particular, or was it's placement purely for aesthetics? Thanks, Badger
  6. Hi all. I won an auction on Sunday and today, a lovely dark red 51 dropped through my door. The seller described 'faint marks' so, being a cynic (especially where eBay is concerned), I was expecting something the texture of sandpaper. Credit where it's due though - I've seen supposedly 'mint' pens in worse condition. The fact that it only cost me £29 makes it even sweeter! So, here are some photos. There's no date code that I can find - just a faint 'M', which I think stands for medium nib. The pen in the last picture is my UK Duofold Junior, for size comparison purposes. Thanks in advance for any help. http://i.imgur.com/VQhlnp9.jpg http://i.imgur.com/fjNqgNL.jpg http://i.imgur.com/dH6Gn9i.jpg http://i.imgur.com/TpmySZq.jpg http://i.imgur.com/3fhKSuJ.jpg http://i.imgur.com/AOvDcZM.jpg
  7. dragos.mocanu

    Serial Number On Aero P51 Sleeve?

    Hello, today I stumble upon this picture, a Parker "51" that seems to have some sort of serial number on the metal sleeve. Check it out: http://img07.olx.ro/images_mercadorro/35367415_4_1000x700_stilou-parker-sport-timp-liber-arta.jpg It looks something like 2064/4 towards the end of the sleeve. I haven't seen such markings before on a P51. And what about this certificate of authenticity? Has anyone seen any like it? http://img07.olx.ro/images_mercadorro/35367415_5_1000x700_stilou-parker-timis.jpg Thanks!
  8. Cryptos

    Mix And Match: Genetic Dilution.

    Hi folks, Something has been bugging me lately regarding Parker 51s, and to an extent Eversharp Skylines. I didn't want to make two posts so I thought I would lump it all together here, as I suspect more people will look at the Parker forum than the Eversharp... am I wrong? Anyway, what I was thinking about was the interchangeability of parts that restorers say is possible. Given that a 51 comes in a variety of colours (barrels and hoods) and a variety of caps, and of course a variety of nibs, can anyone be absolutely certain that any given 51 is actually an original pen? And, does it matter? For instance: I have a 51 with a Lustraloy cap, and another with a GF cap. The pens are different colours. What if decide that I want to swap caps on the basis of my personal aesthetic? And then, what if I were to sell one of those pens; would this affect the potential value? Please understand I am not suggesting that this is what I am going to do - I like my pens! - but the thought did occur to me anyhow. Now, imagine I have a mint condition body but the cap is all dinged up. What is to stop me finding a mint cap elsewhere, whacking it on and calling the whole thing minty? Once again, would it matter? After all the individual parts are all original. Is this an uncomfortable line of thought? The same thing applies to the Skyline. There are a variety of cap designs and body colours. I would imagine that there are combinations that were never produced as finished pens by Eversharp, and yet can be constructed by the so inclined owner. Is any of this a source of concern for you lovely guys and gals? Given that this scenario can apply to quite a few other pen varietals too? Just musin'
  9. Hi fellow FPNers, Just spotted this on our favourite auction site. Seller is claiming it to be a plum, our very own Bruce has some serious misgivings (and who better to ask, hmm?). So, throwing it into the lions den... http://www.ebay.com/itm/171386763746?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
  10. Cryptos

    Something Of An Embarrassment.

    Hi FPNers. As some may know recently I had been lamenting the lack of opportunity to get my hands on a P51, and my equally poor ability to snag anything on the 'Bay. This led to alot of gnashing of teeth, rending of hair, and generally bad behaviour. Well that was then... ... a few local friends and well-wishers had furnished me with a small discretionary fund to try to assuage my thirst for a P51. I put out a few feelers and threw some bids around on our favourite auction site. Anyway, what has happened is that, rather unexpectedly, everything came to fruition all at once, when I was only expecting a 1% succes rate at best. What this means is that I have P51 special coming from Rick (over on FPGeeks), a P51 that arrived from England this morning (sourced and bought on the 'Bay), and a lovely P51 Mk1 coming from our very own Penfisher (thanks, Richard, your a top!). To my embarrassment I also received a donated P51 Demi from Pajaro today. I had completely forgotten about this one - my personal record keeping is often atrocious. I feel I must offer an apology here to Paul. It's a beautiful pen, the first P51 to ever sit in my hand, and I will use it. And I will take to heart your hopes that I may one day be able to pass on a similar favour to another new FP user. Paul also included a Duofold Slimfold in the parcel, and I am amazed by the springiness of the nib! Thanks again Paul. Your generosity is enormously appreciated in this small corner of the world. Now I want to come back to the English P51 mentioned above. I may post pictures when I get home from school to today, but here is a description. The pen is full sized, and teal coloured. The filler is an aero and has the instructions "To fill. Press ribbed bar firmly 4 times while holding pen point down. Wipe point with soft cloth". The filler has a black plastic cap. The pen body has the usual microscratches but nothing significant. The cap is gold and has lines that spread out as they move from the jewel end to the cap opening. The cap is imprinted 1/10 12CT R Gold, and although there is a little brassing on the sides of the clip there is little sign of wear elsewhere. The imprint is over the lines, although there is a cap band. The clip descends to just below half way down the cap. The jewel is a kind of green/grey pearlescent colour. The imprint on the barrel reads "Made in England 5" - the 5 looks like it should stand alone. The nib appears to be a broad - will be able to tell better once it's all cleaned and inked. The pen came in a box that had a lizard-skin effect outer, silk liner (sadly with ink spilled on it). The inside of the lid says Parker "51", and the box contains the original instructions for use. Total cost in US dollars - $61. So, until I get a picture up, identification? Good deal? Bad deal? To my very inexperienced eye, and with a bit of rummaging on the 'Web, it looks like a Mark 1 P51 from 1955 with a standard gold filled cap. Is my identification a long way off? My humblest thanks to everyone who assisted in making my little dream come true. Palm to palm. David
  11. I'm relatively new to fountain pens, and I was wondering if I could get some advice from the more experienced veterans Assuming working condition, one or two scratches or dings, no engraving, how much would you expect/be willing to pay for the following pens in good enough condition? Parker 21 Parker 45 Parker 51 Parker 61 and any other vintage Parker pens I missed
  12. CraigR

    Market For User Grade Parker 51S?

    Finally getting around to rediscovering several handfuls of user grade Parker 51s. Some aeros, vacs and a few specials. 1940s and up. I have had them stored for a few years and now have time and energy to work with them. Is there much of a market for selling these on line? For the most part, they are fully functional - just needing some cleaning and restoring to good condition. Nicks and scratches yes, but good writers if I recall correctly. Just wondering if it is worthwhile to get them ready to sell. Any input will be appreciated. /Craig
  13. The Airmail pen company in Mumbai, India is more famous for their ED filled pens (called as "regular" pens). They also make some piston filled pens like the 51, 52, 69 and 77. FPN has some reviews of the 69 piston etc... I will be showing the 51 and a new model called the 77PD (Piston with design cap). The Airmail 51: The 51 is the flat top variant of the Airmail piston filler pen. It is not very popular locally due to the perceived fragility of a self filler. I managed to get these four examples after convincing the dealer to let go of his samples that he had preserved from a lot he sold years ago. The pens are shown along with the grey Airmail 52 which has rounded edges and a very different clip etc... http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn307/hari-b/Airmail51Piston/IMG_8982.jpg http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn307/hari-b/Airmail51Piston/IMG_8983.jpg The 51 has a textured gripping section (probably to aid students): http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn307/hari-b/Airmail51Piston/IMG_8984.jpg The cap tops: http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn307/hari-b/Airmail51Piston/IMG_8985.jpg The knobs: http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn307/hari-b/Airmail51Piston/IMG_8986.jpg The Airmail 77PD: Piston pen with Guilloche on cap: These pens are inspired from the Monterosa pens from the 60s-70s. http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn307/hari-b/Airmail51Piston/IMG_8988.jpg http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn307/hari-b/Airmail51Piston/IMG_8989.jpg The hooded Steel GP nibs: http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn307/hari-b/Airmail51Piston/IMG_8990.jpg Cheers! Hari
  14. WayTooManyHobbies

    The "what Did I Just Buy Game?"

    So, I was browsing the 'bay last night, as sometimes happens while winding down for the evening. The pen in the following pictures, identified as a vintage Parker, popped up. While the photo quality is poor, it looks like a "51" demi to me. Would anyone else like to hazard a guess before it arrives?
  15. Hello, I have a very simple question: What should the length of a Parker "51" Vac Breather tube be? The one I have in my pen (standard size "51" Vac) right now is about 28mm long, with only about 15mm sticking out of the end of the collector. The pen takes about 1.2 mL of ink, which is slightly low in my opinion (considering this is a "51" Vac). I guess a longer tube would allow for a better ink fill, but how long should that be, in order for it not to touch with the rubber diaphragm when the later is extended? Thank you! Regards, Dragoş Edit: Also, where can I get this sort of tubing in Europe? Preferably at a low cost (it's just a plastic tube after all!)
  16. doctor28

    An Interesting Parker 51

    Hello all, I am new on this forum, yet I have something to show you. Quite recently I got my hands on Parker 51 black with rolled gold cap, packed in the original box. It looks new, not actually restored, but unused. There would be nothing unusual about this particular example, where it not for the Lions Club logo on the clip and a number "1/10" engraved on the edge of tle cap. See pictures I've attached for details. Now what would I like to know: is there anyone who could be helpful of obtaining traces of this pen's history? Maybe it was made for an auction? Or maybe the other nine were lost? Sounds interesting eitherways and I couldn't find any info online.
  17. Hello guys, I've seen on a website a beautiful Parker 51 insignia manufactured in England with pretty good condition and I was about to place the order. The only question I've got is that the pen comes with a single-tone clutch ring (white-metal). I suppose an insignia/signet should come with a double-tone clutch ring with gold-plated middle recess, is that correct? Please give some advices on this one! Thanks a lot!
  18. icardoth

    Leong Feng 695

    Leong Feng 695: Another Parker 51 clone First Impressions (2/5)The pen arrived with no box. Just a small transparent bag inside a bubble envelope. Not particularly interesting. Appearance (3/5)The Leong Feng 695 is another Parker 51 chinese clone, and it’s very similar indeed. It’s well built, with good materials and excellent finish with no sharp edges. Some people may find it somewhat boring, but if you like the Parker 51 appearance you will like this pen. I bought mine in a greenish-gray color, exactly the same as one Parker 51 Special I own. There was no choice of colors at the time of buying it. Design/Size/Weight (4/5)Pen length is 14.30 cm (5” 5/8), a little longer than the original 51. Its weight is 16.40 g, while the 51 is heavier with 21.32 g in the standard version and 18.60 g in the Special. Plastic is good enough, and the stainless steel cap is not as nice as in the 51 but much better than other clones like the Hero 616. The cap is friction fit; the thin clutch ring between section and barrel is useless as the cap clutch is supported by the section itself. The clip is very similar to the Parker, and there is a pattern of 4 lines and a space all around the cap. I never post my pens while writing, and the balance is very good. The Leong Feng 695 is very comfortable to write with, and you can use it for hours with no harm. Nib (4/5)The nib is stainless steel, firm and fine, but there is a “before and after” about it. The nib was really ugly out of the bag: Scratchy, dry, toothy... But after some time aligning the tines and smoothing it with Micromesh, now the nib is a real pleasure. Smooth, no skips, excellent flow and it always starts as it should. Filling System (4/5)The filling system is aerometric. As with many chinese pens the sac protector is not glued and can be removed if needed. However I was able to fill the pen properly without detaching it. Cost and Value (4/5)I’ve paid USD 8.99 for the pen and another USD 13 for shipping with tracking number. While more expensive than other chinese P51 clones, I’ve found the Leong Feng better quality, so I’m very happy with this purchase. Conclusion (21/30)Obviously it’s not a Parker 51. But the Leong Feng 693 is by far the best “51” clone I’ve tried. A great pen for daily use. http://i939.photobucket.com/albums/ad236/icardoth/Leong%20Feng/PB300001_LeongFeng_zps07773173.jpg http://i939.photobucket.com/albums/ad236/icardoth/Leong%20Feng/PB300021_LeongFeng_zps1e34e22d.jpg http://i939.photobucket.com/albums/ad236/icardoth/Leong%20Feng/PB300010_LeongFeng_zpsfdb3f81b.jpg http://i939.photobucket.com/albums/ad236/icardoth/Leong%20Feng/PB300011_LeongFeng_zps4749bae0.jpg http://i939.photobucket.com/albums/ad236/icardoth/Leong%20Feng/PB300003_LeongFeng_zps4c41a5ec.jpg http://i939.photobucket.com/albums/ad236/icardoth/Leong%20Feng/PB300002_LeongFeng_zpseaa8918a.jpg
  19. Hi all, I've been wondering about the Hero 616. Does anyone know if the feed/collector system is the same for the 616 as that on the Parker 51? Just curious is all... Thanks, Badger
  20. Truman P.

    Parker 51 Hood Too Tight

    After having just bought my first Parker 51 (Aerometric), I noticed flow issues from the second I first used it. After a thorough cleaning, I realized that the flow problem had to do with the hood of the pen closing the tines of the nib. Does anyone know of a good way to make the hood fit less tightly? (Preferably without having to apply heat) Thanks in advance!
  21. http://www.ebay.com/itm/151102304538?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 Here is a listing for a Parker Vacumatic set in a Parker 51 box. How about some bidding to help the seller get a fair price for her/his set? Those who like Parker Vacumatics should be interested in the fountain pen and matching pencil, and those who like Parker 51' s should be interested in the box. The listing ends in a little over three (3) hours from now.
  22. Well, I was down in Bellingham for the Seattle Pen Club meeting this past weekend and tried a few 51s and 21s and decided to give it another shot, since I quite liked them. I didn't get on with the last 51 I had but I think part of that was that the nib was drier and finer than I would've liked. So, I went ahead and snagged myself this red 21 (last series judging by the clip) with a medium nib off eBay: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/261067430896?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 I'm excited about trying it again, particularly since I got one with a medium nib when the fines seem to be much more common. Wish me luck.
  23. twotrees

    My Parker 51

    10 pictures
  24. longhandwriter

    Parker 51 English Aerometric Nib Tipping Code

    I am just servicing a Parker 51 English made Aerometric and found it to have a broken ( as usual ) silver breather tube and a 1950, dated, nib. The unusual thing about it was that the nib was stamped B.P. in the bottom left hand corner. I'm guessing that this is the nib's tipping material code just like RU - PL but does anyone know what it stands for. I can't find any reference anywhere
  25. Inkysloth

    Parker 51 Accountants Nib

    Hi all, I really like fine nibs, so I'd love to have an extra-fine nib on my 51. Are "accountants" nibs extra fine? Does anyone either have one going spare that they'd sell / exchange for a medium-to-broad, or know where I could find one? Best wishes Robin

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