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  1. Hi Everyone Recently my Mom gave me her USA made Parker 51 Aerometric fountain and Jotter ballpoint pen set with 270-M case. It was given to her new as a gift by my Dad before they were married in 1956. He had purchased it while serving in the USAF in England. I recall the fountain pen from my youth but it hasn't worked for as long as I can remember. When I got the set last week, I immediately started learning about the fountain pen. Soon found it was an standard Aerometric pen in Burgundy. While the pen is not dated, it was likely produced in 1955/56 since the Jotter ballpoint was introduced in 1955 (or so I understand, some sources say 1954 for the Jotter). The 12k gold filled cap is in good shape with no dents or major scratches and has the "Made in USA" impression. Unfortunately the pen was found in two pieces. Someone had apparently gotten too aggressive taking the barrel off. The section (or connector/coupler) was broken at the hood opening. Dried ink had clogged most of the pen including the barrel threads. After a lot of reading and watching YouTube videos, I was able to get it disassembled with water and cleaned up. The gold nib and other parts are in great condition. The stainless steel sac cage states "press 4 times". Getting the remaining piece of section out of the hood was a challenge. I used hot water to heat up the hood treads and pressed the point of a pick partially into the broken end. It took a few cycles and some patience but I was able to get the piece to back out without damage to the hood or feeder. Can't say this technique is good all the time but it did work. An O-ring came out with the section piece and the hood has the recess for the O-ring. The plastic feeder tube measures about 31 mm from where it enters the feeder. Hopefully I'll find a replacement section from a parts pen or other source. It looks exactly like the sold out part on David Nishimura web site. Mine measures 29mm without the sac and has 5 fine threads on the feeder end and 6 fine threads on the sac end. http://www.vintagepens.com/images/cat/parts/6704.jpg Looking to have some fun and own a few more of these great writing instruments. Cheers Rich
  2. Aeliascent

    Are Blue Diamond P-51S Worth More?

    I plan to never sell my Parker 51, nor purchase another for that matter, but I've been wondering how much it's worth. Are blue diamond Parker 51s worth more than later ones without the blue diamond. Correct me if I'm wrong, but most P51 Vacumatics have the blue diamond. The cap is gold filled, with a tiny, almost unperceivable dent, and the pen is completely restored. All the parts were cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner, and the diaphragm is new. All other parts are original. It's from the 4th Quarter of 1945. Thanks guys!!
  3. Hi everyone, this is my first post. So I just recieved a Parker 51 that I'm in thenprocess of restoring. The first thing I did was to make it fulky functional, and now it works great. However, there is a gauge in the seam between the barrel and the blind cap. It's not that deep, and it blends in but it still bugs me. Anyone have any ideas on how I can fix it? Preferably using common household items? Would black nail polish, then a layer of car wax work? Thanks folks! This is my first vintage pen and I love it! It's almost sentient compared to my Lamy 2000.
  4. We still have available a great selection of the latest Retro 51 Tornado Poppers! Dinosauria - Retail $35 Bouquet - Retail $35 Surfin - Retail $49 Breakaway (Soccer) - Retail $37 Be sure to check our our website for more!!
  5. drop_m

    Parker 51 Clogged With India Ink

    I've found a Parker 51 in a eBay pen lot and seems to be clogged of what it seems to be india ink. It's in really good conditions and i want to restore, it.. some advices on how to proceed?
  6. Has anybody tried to fabricate, with or without a 3d printer, any parts? especially Parker 51 vacumatic blind cap parts? esp on the Mark 1? I have a Blue 51 Mark 1 (vacumatic with the plastic plunger and all-plastic blind cap) that I think is a a demi because it was short, but the diameter is the same so i don't think it matters. I do not care if the color is the same (not like pink or a bad looking color though) or if it is even the same shape since it isn't a very intriguing or necessary shape anyways. The bottom lip has a chip that is about 90-120 degrees around the bottom but not deep, so it doesn't affect usability but is clearly visible by as breaking the continuity/seam and as a kinda "hole" in the side. I'm thinking it might be hard to 3d print usable threads, but I think the following things could be done. 1. Print something that vaguely resembles the cap and have an inset with the threads in another material like homemade casein (milk protein plastic), modeling clay, sugru (moldable silicone that stays set once cured), or a Thermoplastic like InstaMorph (plastic that can be reshaped as well as finished in several ways) 2. Have the whole thing one of the materials listed and hand shape it or even better make a mold of the current cap. 3. Have it 3d printed or one of the materials listed and fugure out a way to have it attached another way than threading. I haver some ideas but not really sure of the best way. I am thinking like some sort of small locking or snap mechanism or like locking friction threads. If anything I could have like a friction-fit end cap with "arms" that run down the pen a little, and if the whole thing or at least the "arms" are made of the silicone sugru it would almost definitely grip if it is what I imagine and double as a roll-stop as I don't usually post even when the pen is short. As long as it works, and doesn't cost much more than an actual blind cap or I can sell another to offset the cost I am probably going to make my own blind cap for at least the experience/fun/challenge/new techniques so if you are interested contact me.
  7. Does anyone know exactly when this set is from? One is a fountain pen, the other a pencil. I haven't seen this exact set anywhere. Was hoping someone could ID it for me.
  8. I have just got a beautiful English aerometric Parker 51 from 1965, but when I flushed out the dry old ink the press-four-times filler slowly started letting out water at the opening where one pushes. I assume that the pli sack has gone loose and either has to be replaced or re-glued with shellac - which leaves me with some questions: 1) How do I get the filler out? (It certainly is not easy to get it out and I don't want to use to much force.) Is it correct that it is not screwed in? Does it help putting it in warm water? 2) Any advice on what size of pli sack I should get will be appreciated, as will any advice on what brand of shellac to use and any details with regard to the procedure in general. I have looked all over FPN but I have found very little on the subject, so if you are experienced in these matters please give me as much advice as possible. Best regards Ursus
  9. Johnniejuk

    Help ! 51 Vacumatic Barrel Black

    Help ! Disassembling my Parker 51 double Jewel in black , and managed to crack the barrel . Does anyone possibly have a spare barrel . The one I have is marketd *6* so I assume 1946 . I may try to fill the crack , it's along the barrel and is about 2 " , although I don't hold out much hope , and would love to get it working again . Devastated !! What an idiot !! I'm sure there must be plenty of spare parts out there ? U.K. Based here .
  10. octatonic

    Double Jewel...

    So I guess it's a '51' Double Jewel if there is one jewel in the pen and one jewel in the pencil........ http://www.ebay.com/itm/PARKER-51-FOUNTAIN-PEN-PENCIL-SET-270-MAROON-RED-CHROME-DOUBLE-JEWEL-W-CASE-/262318440406?hash=item3d1365bfd6:g:dnoAAOSwYlJW2LoB
  11. bsenn

    Parker 51 Connector Versions

    As I understand it there are the following 51 aero connectors (for full size Mark I pens): 1) Threaded shroud, no O-ring groove. 2) Slip fit shroud, no O-ring groove, no shoulder for barrel recess. 3) Slip fit shroud, O-ring groove, no shoulder for barrel recess. 4) Slip fit shroud, O-ring groove, shoulder for barrel recess. Did I miss any? Is it correct that I can: - Use an o-ring hood on a non-o-ring connector (without an o-ring of course)? - Use a recessed barrel on a non-recessed connector? If so, can I use Connector #2 to replace #2, #3, and #4 ? How about using #2 to replace #1? Can I press fit a threaded shroud onto connector #2? Maybe sand down the diameter of the connector a little first? Thanks, Brian
  12. octatonic

    Parker '51' Aerometric Color Poll

    Hi All- I got to thinking the other night (while trying to fall asleep) what was my least favorite '51' Aero color and thought it would be interesting to see what all of you thought... so, which is your least favorite?
  13. octatonic

    It Seems To Be Raining Plums

    It seems to be raining Plums At this rate, their status might have to be demoted from uncommon to somewhat uncommon... kind of like when Pluto got demoted... Not sure if this one is actually plum http://www.ebay.com/itm/PLUM-PARKER-51-FOUNTAIN-PEN-/271939397274?hash=item3f50d9e69a but these are: http://www.ebay.com/itm/PARKER-51-AEROMETRIC-SET-FP-PENCIL-CODE-DATE-8-PLUM-RARE-TO-FIND-COLOR-/371397688304?hash=item567906fbf0 and: http://www.ebay.com/itm/PARKER-51-AEROMETRIC-CODE-DATE-8-PLUM-RARE-TO-FIND-COLOR-COLLECTIBLE-VALUE-/351465843223?hash=item51d4ff2a17 (seller does note that the pencil is not plum)
  14. octatonic

    '51' Aerometric Pencil Cap Question

    Hi All- some time ago I fell in love with the Parker '51' Aerometric demi and now have a ...few I recently discovered that I really like the Aerometric pencils as well. I have a few and recently got a burgundy one. The band on the caps of all the others I have is a thin band, but this one has a wide band. I looked on here and on the web and can't seem to find any info on this. Just wondering, was it a choice at the time, or is it a particular year(s)? Thanks for any help!!!
  15. Alexcat

    Where To Get A Parker 51 Cap?

    Can anyone point me in the direction of where(in the UK, and online)Imcan buy a Psrker 51 cap? Thanks Alex
  16. Can anyone tell me the name of this pen? Any and all info would be appreciated (color, model, etc.). Thanks!
  17. Ernelid

    Parker 51 - Mixed Piece?

    Hi. I'm just starting out my collection of parker pens and I have aquired my very first Parker 51. When I got it and looked it over I saw that the cap says "Made in USA" and the barrel says "Made in England". My question is if there were any 51:s that had their caps made in the us and their bodys in the UK or if this pen is put together from two different pens. Does anyone have any ideas? /Mattias
  18. Hi all. Thought I'd post my fledgling Parker collection - it's mostly vintage(ish) with a few new ones that I've found at a good price. I'm looking to complete the set of UK Duofolds in blue - I can't get enough of them. I've also included a scan of the paper so you can see why I love Quink blue black, red and green so much. Anyway, sorry not sorry for the self indulgent post! http://i.imgur.com/e5EYPX4.jpg
  19. Hello! At least I got a little time write. A couple of weeks ago I was looking after my first P51 and thanks to farmdogfan now I am a happy owner of this magnificent pen! The pen is a MKI aerometric with beautiful black body and lustraloy cap, there are no date marks but it has the basket clutch spring, and the black plastic ended converter so it is one of the early aerometrics (please correct me if this is not true). I have to admit that I really hated this design before (bad lasting memories from childhood using P51 fakes at school) and I was a bit afraid. And I never really liked the idea of a hooded nib……BUT when I saw mine that beautifully proportioned shiny black barrel, the heavy cap that feels machined, that somebody really worked on it. And that solid clutch ring that divides the pen compositionally it is perfect, it just gives the necessary amount of detail to the pen body without being just a "decorative" element. If you divide the length of the visible barrel when capped with the golden ratio number 1,618 it gives the length of the cap (I observed this on more Parker pens) and these were just the looks. Now to get to the tactile review. It just feels perfect for my hands, it is like a highly polished gem, jewel it does not feel at all like "plastic". The thickness is also extremely comfortable for writing in comparison the P75 seems a bit too thin for me. At 20grams the pen may seem light but not that light to feel cheap. Its a wonderful piece of architecture! Behind that streamlined body hides the technology, you know from the beginning that its an old pen but feels modern. It resembles pure elegance, professionalism in this minimalist design. I started to like this idea very much, that the nib is hidden, that only I know (from my colleagues) that there is a nice gold nib, most of them don't even recognise it being a fountain pen. It is like the pen reveals her secrets only for the user. As for the writing performance its smooth, wet, holds a lot of ink. I use it as a daily user because I'm afraid that my P75 is too flashy in many situations. Also as a comparison many compare it to the P51 Mustang but for me it is much more like the Mallard Steam Locomotive, as far as I know the most elegant and fastest steam engine. Some pictures of my P51: Have a nice day!
  20. Jay Bar

    Parker 51 Stained Ink Collector

    If all you had on hand was some basic cleaners and such at home what would you recommend to remove the stain from a clear plastic ink collector of a Parker 51? I got everything spotless but the ink collector and I would prefer that it be clear again before I reassemble it. Suggestions?
  21. Hi all, I was lucky enough to be able to buy my ‘Grail’ pen - an aerometric "51" - on an auction site a couple of years ago. As it was my ‘Grail’, I decided to spend some extra money to get its (worn-out) nib replaced and to get a NOS pli-glass sac put in it too. I like being able to see how much/little ink I have left. Once I got it back from the restorer I was very happy with it. I wanted to keep the pen as ‘minty’ as possible for as long as possible, so I read-up about staining issues here, and have therefore never put any red ink, or brown ink, or purple ink into it. For about a year, I ran it solely on a diet of R&K "Salix" blue-black, without any problems at all. But then I thought "what the heck, I'll try some other inks in this thing". Not wishing to take any ‘rash’ decisions, or ‘extreme’ risks, the first other ink I put in my "51" was the famously benign - the easy-to-clean-out, and ‘washable’ - Waterman ‘Serenity Blue’. The ink performed absolutely beautifully in the pen, but when I cleaned it out, to my utter amazement, I noticed that my very first fill of it had slightly stained the pen's pli-glass sac I tried cleaning my "51" out with lots of flushes of tap water. Then I tried soaking & flushing with dish-soap, and finally I tried ammonia solution. None of these worked. The sac retained a slight stain of blue dye I was astonished that, of all ink, WSB had stained the sac of my pen. [i don't think that it was a problem with my particular bottle of WSB, because the ink hasn't stained any of the converters that I've put it through, or the clear body of the Pelikan M205 that I have also used it in.] I sighed, and I resolved to go back to using only "Salix" in it, which at least wouldn't stain the sac any further. To my delight, the next fill of "Salix" actually cleaned the dye out of the pli-glass sac. It was back to being totally clear, and free from stains The point of my regaling you with this story is not to calumniate WSB (which has never given me any problems in any other pen). Nor, indeed, is it to sing the praises of "Salix". I've posted this in order to ask those of you who have more experience than me for your recommendations for ink that I can ‘safely’ use in my "51". i.e. ink that you have used in your aerometric "51"s without it staining the pli-glass sac. Of course, if there is a consensus that the ‘price’ of having a sac that will stay pliant and functional for at least the rest of my life is that almost ALL inks will stain it, and that I should therefore quit worrying about keeping it completely clear and just get on with using the pen with whatever ink I have a hankerin' for, that's fine too My thanks to you in advance, M.
  22. I would like to dip my toe into the realm of restoration/repair....just for me, hobby, not to make any money: I'm very fond of the 51, and wondered how good - or not - a subject it would be? Any opinions very gratefully received Alex PS am posting this on the repair forum - hope its ok to do that
  23. octatonic

    My P '51' (Demi/aero) Rainbow

    My P- '51' Demi/Aero rainbow! (sorry for the bad photography)
  24. Lanep

    Youth Fountain Pen Problem

    Hi everyone, I have a Chinese copy of the Parker 51 called Youth. It has a sentimental value for me, and I've been using it for a few years, but about a month ago I ran out of ink (which was old and started to smell). I bought new ink today, but unfortunately, the sack (where the vacuum is) is now under pressure. It's like that because the pen is probably clogged (combine not writing for a month or so + old ink), so now when I try to vacuum new ink, it doesn't suck it in. How do I fix this? The pen is identical to this one in the pictures attached.
  25. ARVA

    I'm Looking For A 51...

    Even though the design does not attract me but I was impressed by the reviews and many many topics here about the 51. I was surprised how rugged it is. I saw that many of you have tons of these pens. I searched trough ebay, but I only found nice looking ones. I do not want to spend that much on a pen that does not appeal to me like the 75, however I'm curious about trying it and test it. I would like to find a 51 (the standard one, not demi or special) aero / vac does not matter, barrel full of scratches, bite marks, scars (but not broken) cap full of dings and dents, steel/octanium nib (gold would be expensive I think). The only thing is to be functional and to have all the parts (the cap jewel could be missing, I guess) I think you get the idea, I'm looking for a functional but beaten 51 that I can carry with me even in the forest without fearing of scratching, dropping… and paying too much for it. If have a pen like this that does not have much value and you don't really care about but it works please tell me. Or at least can you tell me how much could such a pen cost? Thank you! Have a nice day!

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